Seto Sari – Rato Gadi

April 29, 2008

Khagendra Sangraula
(File photo: Khagendra Sangraula)

Date: April 28
Location: Garden of Dreams
Occassion: A friend’s wedding reception party

“Ma jasto 50 kg ko fistey bahun le kaha dhaalna sakcha ra Bidhya Bhandari lai? Malai kina yesto na chahiney dosh lagako hola?” (How can a mere 50 kg, thin and feeble Bahun like me topple Bidhya Bhandari?)

Said Khagendra Sangraula, with a smirk – may be even deriding the negativism lashed on to him lately in media because of his rather infamous article(1) on Bidya Bhandari, the widow of late Madan Bhandari (CPN UML leader).

Bidyadevi Bhandari

(Bidyadevi Bhandari during her door to door election campaign in Kathmandu)

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Tea, Snacks, Radio Nepal, Whisky and Coke

February 15, 2008

Radio Nepal

Any meeting or interaction with politicians presiding and speaking – is quite an entertainment. You get to see “up close and personal” the beloved leaders and it startles one’s mind into thinking -“these are the ones who will lead our nation into peace and prosperity”. One might even feel extremely blessed to be able to breathe the oxygen the leaders are breathing.

The place was the meeting hall of Radio Nepal. The occasion was the 6th anniversary of Federation of Nepalese Journalists’ Radio Nepal chapter. The program was about the “constituent assembly election and the role of Radio Nepal”. Present (initially) were – the speaker of the interim parliament – Subash Nemwang; leader of the Nepali Congress (NC) – Prakash Saran Mahat, leader of the CPN UML – Raghu Pant, leader of Rastriya Prajanta Party (RPP)- Parashu Ram Khapung, one leader of the CPN Maoist (can’t remember the name) and some other politicians. Some 200 journalists, reporters and staffs of the Radio Nepal.

So, like I said earlier, these types of interactions turn out to be a pure entertainment. NC leader Prakash Saran Mahat was the first one to speak. He stated how his party (Nepali Congress) is always in the favour of “autonomous state media” and tried in length to describe the meaning of “autonomous”. He also illustrated (tried to) how his party has never put any political pressure on the Radio Nepal.

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