Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone Though

June 17, 2009

School's Out Maoists In

A union of school teachers, affiliated to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists), demonstrated a highly “innovative” style of protest a few days ago in Saptari.

They brought all the students of a local primary school at Kalyanpur of the district to the highway and had them sit across the road, spread their books and study while blocking transportation movement.

Innovative, indeed – not that the Maoists had not used students during their political rallies (and child soldiers in their armed guerilla).

Photo: Rajesh Jha/Saptari


Communist Police and Communist Backed Goons

December 22, 2008

Imagine a country where both the criminals and the police are working for the ruling party of the government. That’s New Nepal.

Nepali people getting what they deserve best – getting slapped with the true nature of communism right on their (our) face!


And Here

Because it’s FUN

November 21, 2008


General Strikes, Bandha and Hadtaal might be pain in the ass for some, but for those out on the streets creating havoc and terror, its pure unadulterated fun.

When one has to think about the options for recreation and entertainment for the youth of Nepal, ummm.. there are slim to none. Sports? No one plays football any more, for instance. There are no football grounds. The one inside the Dashrath Stadium is for novelty games – for a match between the comedians and musicians. WTF. WTF

Movies? What movies! No one really bothers going to cinema halls anymore. Rajesh Hamal has lost his charm. (Did he ever have any?) The new movies have Hindi titles. Buland. Balwaan. Hami Tin Bhai. Kismat. Kumari and Jai Nepal? Fuck, it’s 300 Rs.

Education? We have teachers turned into goons, vandalizing schools, beating up bus drivers and threatening students. Reading is no fun no more.

Music and musicians have degraded. Dance Restaurants are closed. We can’t go to the Casinos. The country’s only recreational park – Bhrikuti Mandap is in superb shambles.

Chanting political slogans. No fun.
Singing national anthem. No fun.
Poem. Shit.
Walking in rallies. No fun.
Getting jobs. What?
Silent protest. No fun.
Fast-till-death. Staying hungry. Out of question.

Thus, come any strikes, bandha and hadtaal – the youths rejoice, for these are the mere moments to be rejoiced about. These are divine.

In absolute lawlessness, we rejoice. There’s no rule of game. There’s only one principle.


Power to the youth!


Pics: AP


August 20, 2008

Each year, beauty contests, especially Miss Nepal Beauty Contest have to face protests and slurs of irate women activists and traditionalists, because these contests have been left “misunderstood” by the organizers and promoters.

Understand this people, this is just pure business. Beauty competitions, in reality, are incredible marketing strategy. What these competitions primarily do is cream out the best “talented” pretty girls and manufacture them into a sell-able entity into the world of advertisement, entertainment, and glamour. The organizers and sponsors are only looking for those girls who can propel the product value in the market and increase the sale. And this is a global phenomenon in this consumerist-modern world driven by mass media.

That is the crux of the matter. The organizers, nonetheless, have been shaping and painting distorted pictures calling these competitions as the platform to explore talents, to develop personality or to polish leadership. Blah blah bhah. These are all cover-ups.

Miss Nepal 2007

Miss Nepal 2007

The girls who compete in the beauty competitions know these all too. They don’t look that stupid not knowing what they are up for – they surely can figure out if they are being exploited. Have we ever seen any grumpy faced ladies in the competitions yet?

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Made My Day

August 7, 2008

Haha haha hahahahahahahaha
Haha ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA

August 7, 2008
New Delhi, India

Can’t stop laughing. It sure made my day for now.

Never Ending Atrocities

May 22, 2008

May 21, 2008. Kathmandu.

It’s a Kathmandu valley bandh today. People are shouting “Prachanda chor – desh chod”, “Laash dey ki ta Saash dey”, “Maobadi murdabad”, “Hatyaara lai faashi dey” and so on.

The reason: A Koteshwor (Kathmandu) based businessman and social worker named Ramhari Shrestha was first abducted by Maoists’ People’s Liberation Army commanders, was taken to PLA camp in Chitawan and brutally beaten to death, then his dead body was thrown into the river. A different version of the story surfaced that Shrestha had already passed away in Birtamod hospital, two days earlier the PLA notified of his death.
(For details)

Raman Shrestha, Ramhari Shrestha

[Pic 1: Raman, son of Ramhari Shrestha speaking in Ratnapark -“If one can get away with the murder of my father with 10 lakh rupees, I want to kill the killer of my father and give 10 lakh instead.”]

Family of Ramhari Shrestha

[Pic 2: From left, elder sister, mother, daughter and wife of Ramhari Shrestha – at Reporters Club]

In protest of the murder and demanding the formation of a high level commission to probe into the incident and bring the guilty ones to the doors of justice, family members, relatives of Ramhari Shrestha along with the locals of Koteshwor called a valley bandh today.

And people of the Kathmandu, it seems, supported the cause. Normal activities were significantly cut down, business and shops remained closed and transportation was almost completely halted in the capital.

May the justice prevail and may the reign of impunity be shattered. Even though, time and again, this sort of excessively optimism has only brought equally excessive disappointment; may the guilty ones get swiftly and justly punished – because NO sort of financial compensation to the Shrestha family would justify this heinous crime.


In the mean time, however, burning tyres in the streets is NOT a solution!

A common scene during demonstration: foul black clouds of suffocating smoke – erupting out from the burning rubber tyres in the middle of the roads. The stench of carbon mono oxide makes it harder to breathe for several days to come; the black dust of burnt rubber troubles any one walking or driving through the road.

This must stop!

And, vandalism of public/private properties is NOT a solution, either.

How many times had we not witnessed a “peaceful” demonstration turning into an ugly episode of devilish destructions?

Vandalism and gunda-gardi/dada-giri by sneaky opportunists, spineless revenge-seeking cowards and a bunch of lunatic demolition mob – ecstatic in senseless destruction!

This must stop.

Burning Tyre

[Pic 3: The tyres emitting hazardous smoke at New Baneswhor]

Dada giri

[Pic 4: Dada-giri]

Black Soot

Black Soot

[Pic 5,6: Street of Koteshwor later in the evening, covered with the remains of burnt tyres.]

[Pics 1, 2, 3 and 4 – by Dipesh Shrestha. Pic 5, 6 – by Shut Up]

Nepal Police Using Excessive Force – One Sided Story

April 2, 2008

It feels terrible to see innocent people getting beaten, battered and dragged on the streets. Yes, it was not a pleasant scene, police trying to subdue the wailing chants of “Free Tibet” and “Long Live Dalai Lama”, nor was it enjoyable seeing Tibetan refugees getting thrashed and slammed into the police van.

My deepest sympathies for refugees!

However, lately the media all around the world has been blaming Nepal government and Nepal police for using excessive force in handling the Tibetan refugees during their “peaceful” demonstrations in the streets of Kathmandu.

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