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November 6, 2008

Parmananda Jha Effigy

Our vice president has opened his mouth this time and he has seriously pissed the two ruling parties of the coalition government.

The one responsible for streets full of burnt tyres and effigies all over the country for taking oath in Hindi, has now heated up the political tussle ground by mouthing “the special committee formed for the integration of Maoist combatants” as un-constitutional and self-decision of the two major parties, Maoist and UML.

No wonder, the Maoists are pissed, and so are the tail wagging comedians of UML.

They want to take action against Vice President Parmananda Jha for what they claim as “putting remarks beyond one’s jurisdiction”.

That in other words, according to them, VP PJ needs to shut his mouth up (or anyone else for that matter) and never remark what the government (two parties) is doing.

With his role limited to sitting at his vice-presidential office cleaning any new layers of dust that sediments on his table, brooding and wondering what the first ever vice president of the Democratic Republic of Nepal ought to be doing – our VP must have become inspired somehow. Even though it sounds “palin stupid”, he must have mustered some courage and with determination, he spoke out and questioned the legitimacy of the special committee.

“This committee is fucking unconstitutional.”

Sedition. The joint mechanism of Maoist and UML have now suggested Prime Minster Awesome to seek explanation from VP Jha for his outrageous “anti-government” remark.

Note that, it’s not the government or the cabinet that is suggesting dear Mr Prime Minister to take action against the VP; it’s the two-party joint mechanism. And again, this joint mechanism was reportedly formed to improve the relationship between the two communist parties – Maoist and UML.

They might even impeach poor old vice president and boot him out of his office for sedition.

Thus, the show continues.

Each day, there are newer issues and newer farce. They had promised – ” the process of drafting the new constitution will surely start right after the Tihar festival.” Tihar is gone. The obnoxious smell of “malta-bara” has vanished. The “makha-mali” flower too has gradually withered.

The swift visit by ever-happy looking UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was like those TV commercials of pan-masala that you no longer remember. Only the bitter after taste of pan-masala lingers – an on-your-face bitching by Girija Prashad Koirala with Secretary General, condemning the recent fawning of UNMIN to the CPN Maoist.

No one speaks of drafting Constitution anymore. The CA has not even convened after the Tihar. The elected “Gang of 601” is too busy doing nothing except getting monthly salary and allowances.

The constitution, the army integration, the revolution, the change, the development. Peace, oh, peace. Our country, motherland.

Hyaaaaa…. fuck this melodrama shit.
Let’s hear some news about VP Jha getting his Hindi-swearing ass scalded by the government.


Post Post Script:
As of today, November 09, 2008 – Home Minister Bam the Dev has stated “except for the Supreme Court, no one is allowed to make any remark on the special committe formed for the maoist combatant integration”.


La Badhai Cha

November 5, 2008

Barack Obama

Change is good.
History made.
Badhai cha, Mr President.


September 10, 2008

… of Mr Ten Percent into Mr President.

It’s amazing, how both look so dashingly happy!

NO to Commies

April 10, 2008

The previous doubts lingering in my head got all cleared out as soon as I got my hands on the ballot papers. I decided – No to Commies!

The voting went smoothly, without any disruptions or interventions in our voting center this time – rather uneventful one. The last time we had election (during King Gyanendra’s short regime), a fight had broke out between god knows which two groups, ended up with several guys sustaining knife-stabs and sword strikes.

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Nepal – the Richest Country in TWO decades

February 17, 2008

There he goes again – he wants to be the president. That’s okay.


(Pic: Dipesh)

But the Nepali media should stop this glorious bullshit by not constantly covering one man’s perversion. The media should respond by stating that this is a “Constituent Assembly” election NOT a presidential or parliamentary election. And, he wants to reign forever. Two decades!

This offends me, being a Nepali.

Warning: Acute Diarrhea

February 11, 2008

If you eat momo before it is steamed well, you will have to face the wrath of Lord Momo – in this case, acute diarrhea. You have to be patience, go through certain steps and with the blessing of Lord Momo, only will you then start eating and relish forever.

Dhyaauuu.. (or call it a nice burp) is very essential.

Look. Wall paintings. Banners. Flex boards.

Our dear leader Prachanda is trying to eat momo even before the meat is being minced!

“Red Salute to the First President of the New Nepal”.

Here’s how I have understood:

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Buddha + Jung Bahadur = President

February 7, 2008


Interview with Maoists Chairman Prachanda

Q. Earlier you used to talk about making Girjababu the founder president, but lately there are talks about you yourself becoming the president. What is the truth?

Prachanda: We are not talking about becoming the president before the constituent assembly. It is still true that Girijababu will be the president if the country is declared a republic before the CA polls. We don’t have any problem with that. As far as the decisions of our central committee and the recently concluded national assembly, Republic Nepal’s first president should be our party chairman.
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