Shree Tin Maharaj Baburam

August 4, 2012

Gaijatra in Kirtipur.

“Mahamahim Bhittey Rastrapati of Nepal” is what cracked me up !


Junior Prachanda and Blow-up Doll, eh !

July 16, 2012

Cartoon extracted from The Reporter Weekly (July 16, 2012)

KATHMANDU, JUL 09 – The Standing Committee (SC) of the UCPN (Maoist) has sacked Prakash Dahal, son of party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, from the Newa State Committee.

According to party spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma, Dahal junior was relieved of all responsibilities after serious questions were raised over his alleged relationship with Bina Magar, President of Maoist-aligned All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary at Sarswoti Campus.

The party decided to take disciplinary action against Dahal, who has gone out of contact for the past four days, Sharma informed. The party has also initiated an investigation into the matter.

Prakash and Mina were together during their Everest expedition a few weeks ago. There were reports that the two fell in love during the expedition. After getting divorced from his first wife, Prakash has a son from his second wife.

Dance Baby Dance – A Drama in Three Acts

November 29, 2008


Act 1: Maoist Central Committee Meeting

The central committee meeting ended inconclusively.

Party chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” and party’s ideologue Mohan Baidhya “Kiran” had presented two separate political proposals to determine the party’s future direction. Prachanda proposed a “Transitional Democratic Republic” model; Kiran proposed a radical “People’s Republic through Revolt” model*.

After days of meeting, the committee members could not resolve on which proposal to endorse. They are to have a discussion of the issue in the party’s general assembly, scheduled for some time next year.

At least that’s what people have been told.

Though, there’s a seeming “rift” among the Maoist central members – one for Prachanda+Baburam, another for Kiran+Gajurel. However, it was not that hard to comprehend that the rift is all but well designed propaganda, with media acting like a complete jerk.

Nepali Congress – it almost rejoiced on the news of the “rift” in the Maoist party. Opportunist, yet completely gullible!

Act 2: Maoists Cadres’ National Convention

Divided into 21 groups, some 1200 Maoist cadres got all set to discuss and finalize one of the two proposals.

Kiran’s proposal of declaring People’s Republic through a Revolt – appealed to those hard-ass-liners, radicals and extremists on the party’s frontline. Prachanda’s proposal seemed to appeal to those slightly drifting from the hardcore radicalism who had already started to grasp the idea – “you need to lick balls of the neighbors and power-nations to be in the power and when you get tired of licking balls, lick it all over again”.

So they discussed. For two days.

In the meantime, the “rift” was highlighted with jubilation in media. It was, they said, inevitable! The party is on the shameful brink of disintegration.

The designers must have had a good laugh.

Act 3: People’s Federal Democratic National Republic**

In an extraordinary turn of events, the party convention endorses Prachanda’s proposal. After five days of discussion, which had the whole nation gawking with full attention, the party cadres and central committee members agree to follow Prachanda’s proposal as the party’s future direction.

Baburam Bhattarai, thutey junga musaardai, said that the party is disintegration-proof and it will initiate its people centric work from the government, parliament and street. (What’s stopping you.. do it… please do it. Shut up and do it.)

After making everyone dance to their tune for five continuous days, the top heads ended the convention with a revolutionary exclamation mark – everyone one of them danced on the stage***.

Nothing is so delightful than a successful drama – a well executed and directed farce in three acts.

* The concept seems as ridiculous as the first ever wall president of Republic of Nepal – Prachanda. Kiran should be out of his mind. His proposal: People’s Republic through Revolt? Revolt – what revolt! His party is in the government, for Hanumaan’s sake! Has any one heard of any government revolting against itself? Revolt – for whom? for what? Ruling party revolting against what?

It beats me with its profound idiocy. The concept is palin stupid. Period.

** Somehow, it’s going to be hard for kids remembering our country’s name:
PFDNR of Nepal.


Bamu Kissing Prachu’s Arse

November 12, 2008

Bamu Prachu

… and Prachu blushing over it – “Let go Bamu, there are women around”.

Bamu Prachu

Time changes.
Politics changes.
Politicians don’t.

(Pic Dipsh)

Koirala Babu in Deusi Mood

October 26, 2008
Inspecting the flood-hit regions and meeting with the flood victims in eastern districts of Sunsari and Saptari, Sunday morning, Koirala also hit at what he called as government's failure to properly rehabilitate the victims of Koshi inundation.

Inspecting the flood-hit regions and meeting with the flood victims in eastern districts of Sunsari and Saptari, Sunday morning October 26, 2008, Koirala also hit at what he called as government's failure to properly rehabilitate the victims of the Koshi inundation.

Tihar, the festival of lights has started from today. Some like Tihar for lights, some for fire crackers, some for langur-burza, and some for Deusi-Bhailo.

Deusi for guys. Bhailo for girls. But it’s be both way for some years now.

It used to be fun when we were kids. Not anymore though. However, our Koirala Bajey does not seem to have lost any ounce of interest for Deusi-Bhailo. Revitalized, reinvigorated, re-energized, Koirala Babu claims:

  Hey, listen up listen up Koshi victims
  Deusi re,
  Why are you so sad?
  Deusi re,
  Listen up listen up people,
  Deusi re,
  Don’t you worry people,
  Deusi re,
  Maoist won’t help you
  Deusi re,
  Maoist CAN’T help you
  Deusi re,
  I will ask for the money
  Hurry Hurry
  Don’t you worry people,
  Deusi re,
  I will talk to India
  Arey waa, arey waa
  I will talk to America
  Yo, Yo
  Come daughter, sing with me
  Deusi re,
  Listen up people, listen up
  Deusi re,
  Don’t you worry a bit.
  Deusi re.

Prachanda Babu must already be ready with his own version of Deusi. Seems like this year’s Tihar is going to be fun.

Maoists’ Ass in the Sling

October 19, 2008

“Why the hell these Maobadi are so fidgety after returning from America?”

My colleague is furious today. We usually talk about computer, photography, girls, momo and simple stuffs. Rarely do we indulge in politics and politicians. But today, he is furious.

“Why do they want Nepali Congress so desperately to join the government? Why do they feel their asses in the sling with Nepali Congress in the opposition?”

Normally, I would have tried to respond to his queries and share my opinions. Today, I just want to listen to him. He is almost double the age than I am. He is a good guy. Ingenuous. Good hearted. Smiling. Jovial while having conversation. A friend. A father. Hardworking. Responsible. Wise.

He is also a bit skeptical and not so optimistic about the new government, led by the CPN Maoist.

“The so called revolutionary budget, it has not been even endorsed by the Constituent Assembly yet. Muji haru, what are they (CA members) doing all these months? Getting fat like pig on 40 thousand worth check every month?”

Oh, this must have really ticked him off today. I simply nod my head side ways. “Tehi ta bhanya”.

I am really not sure whether the budget proposal drafted by Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has been passed through the Legislature Parliament (presently, the CA is also the Legislature Parliament in our case). But, yeah the 601 CA members must be having fun all along. No work. Yes salary. Total fun. And now that the Indian government has donated buses to transport the CA members to and fro the CA Building (the BICC), there should be nothing except fun.

A glass of milk tea ordered from the canteen is resting magnificently on his table. It’s getting colder; his indignation, the otherwise. Cold tea, however, is not bothering him right now.

“Who is going to trust these Maobadi? America still lists Maoist as terrorist. World Bank and donor nations have been hurling money to Nepal only because of such sorry-ass state the country is in. And they will keep on doing that to some extent – no matter which party leads the government. Out of pity, out of compulsion – not out of generosity. But how the heck Baburam imagined foreign donation and financial assistances to cover almost half of his revolutionary budget?”

I admit that it’s not possible. His tirade continues.

“And now they are changing the name of the party. What the heck for? What sort of revolutionary farce is this now? Donations as expected not coming? Why so shaky after the US visit? Why do they need Nepali Congress in the coalition now?”

Khoi khoi. That’s a lot of questions whose answers I am really unclear about. Everything just remains to be seen. Just wait and see.

“They say their ultimate goal is People’s Republic and they start their people centric campaign by treating the street-vendors like lowlife criminals.”

He bursts out into short faint laughter. Sardonic. Acerbic. “Be prepared for a glorious nation of the People’s Republic of Nepal”.

His tea, by this time, is almost cold.


October 14, 2008

Things change. And, things do not change.

The kingdom of Nepal is now Democratic Republic of Nepal. Change, yeah. We might get another change, as the Maoists leaders in their central committee meeting were demanding for “People’s Republic of Nepal”.

It’s not the same CHANGE Barak Obama is dreaming about or John McCain preaching about. But it’s a change nonetheless.


New Kumari of Kathmandu Matina Shakya

New Kumari of Kathmandu Matina Shakya

We also had a change of Kumari. So long Rubina Shakya. Three-year-old Matina Shakya will now be presiding inside the Kumari-ghar, Basantapur Kathmandu. So much for the tradition and culture. Something do not change… need not change.. may not change.

The anti-religious Maoists want to keep on alert. They do not want to provoke the Newars of the valley, twice in a row. They must have realized it when their voting pool went against them during the Indra-jatra Fiasco. So keep alert. They do not want to jeopardize their future “sure-shot” voting pool by abolishing the Living Goddesses.

The Goddesses are here to stay. The only change we will see is the face, until the next menstruation, until the Goddess is tainted, sinned, doomed! Some ten years to go. People would no longer then worship her. Neither would they touch her feet with devotion. Goddess. Tainted. Sinned. Doomed.

It was heart wrecking seeing Rubina cry.


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