Gandhipath and Prachandapath

April 5, 2008

Prachanda’s speeches are usually entertaining – with a healthy mix of childish whining and day dreaming, based on rather quixotic scenario for his future. With not more than a week for the constituent assembly elections, there he goes, one more time at the same old Open Theater, roaring like a lion. His posture as imposing as ever – he radiates, literally blurring the grim looking images of Stalin and Mao on the background flex.

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Nepal – the Richest Country in TWO decades

February 17, 2008

There he goes again – he wants to be the president. That’s okay.


(Pic: Dipesh)

But the Nepali media should stop this glorious bullshit by not constantly covering one man’s perversion. The media should respond by stating that this is a “Constituent Assembly” election NOT a presidential or parliamentary election. And, he wants to reign forever. Two decades!

This offends me, being a Nepali.

Child Soldiers and Cadres

February 11, 2008

They had/have child soldiers in their People’s Liberation Army.

Child Cadres

(Pic Source)

They also have child cadres in their Young Communist League.

Child Cadres Child Cadres

Child Cadres Child Cadres

(During a recent protest organized by the Maoists youth wing Young Communist League in Kathmandu against the police raids at YCL offices on February 05, 2008. Pictures by: Bhabin Lawati/NPA)

Here’s a news article published on the Kathmandu Post on the YCL and it’s budget.

Warning: Acute Diarrhea

February 11, 2008

If you eat momo before it is steamed well, you will have to face the wrath of Lord Momo – in this case, acute diarrhea. You have to be patience, go through certain steps and with the blessing of Lord Momo, only will you then start eating and relish forever.

Dhyaauuu.. (or call it a nice burp) is very essential.

Look. Wall paintings. Banners. Flex boards.

Our dear leader Prachanda is trying to eat momo even before the meat is being minced!

“Red Salute to the First President of the New Nepal”.

Here’s how I have understood:

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Buddha + Jung Bahadur = President

February 7, 2008


Interview with Maoists Chairman Prachanda

Q. Earlier you used to talk about making Girjababu the founder president, but lately there are talks about you yourself becoming the president. What is the truth?

Prachanda: We are not talking about becoming the president before the constituent assembly. It is still true that Girijababu will be the president if the country is declared a republic before the CA polls. We don’t have any problem with that. As far as the decisions of our central committee and the recently concluded national assembly, Republic Nepal’s first president should be our party chairman.
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