Jogi, Jesus and Constituent Assembly Elections

March 23, 2008

Our door bell rings.

“Her’ta bahira ko ho”. My mom asks me to look who’s at the gate. “Aama, jogi ho.”

Jogi-s these days normally do not wail “Aloooook Niranjan” – they push the bell button.

“Ek kachaura chaamal lagera dey na ta.”

So I take a bowl of rice from the kitchen and go downstairs, see the Jogi standing with his right foot inside the gate. He seems to be in a bit of hurry. I pour the rice into his “jhola”, he says – “ali kati paisa pani diye babu ko kalyaan hunthyo.”

“Huh, tapai lai chaamal le hudaina?” He says he wants to buy cigarette. Ye lau, kasto rag hanya bihana bihanai – jogi ko pani demand!

Politely, I say to him that next time I will give him Rs. 5. He goes away to the next house, not forgetting the blessing he owes me – babu ko jai hoos, babu ko jai hoos.

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Vikashananda opts for a Knock Out

March 14, 2008

Prachanda and Vikashananda

(Maoist chairman Prachanda and Vikashananda during the inauguration program of a new building of Manokranti Matrix in Godawari. March 9, 2008)

I have never played Boxing – but I can imagine how a boxer might feel like when, out of a sudden and out of a freaking blue – you receive a sucker punch that knocks you out cold for good.

THIS was the “sucker punch” move (almost) perfectly executed by Vikashananda on the Nepali media. Wait, plan and execute. Ingenious!

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Manokranti = Bare Ass Propaganda

February 25, 2008

(I am writing this with extreme respect for meditation and yoga)

Last week, some lucky people of Kathmandu witnessed a glorious farce in front of the Gorkhapatra Corporation, New Road where a bunch of Manokranti followers stripped naked and protested against the Nepali media for not publishing news about their numerous – what they claimed as – “incredible feats”.

They were holding placards written “Stop Yellow Journalism”, “where is the news about world cycle tour”, “where is the news about underground meditation”, “where is the news about walking on the fire”, “where is the news about 12 hours continuous speech”, “where is the news of Manokrantiversity” and also demanded “National acknowledgement/approval for Manokranti Philosophy” among others.

I do not care who this character “Dr. Yogi Vikashananda” is – nor do I care what his “vision”, “teaching” and “philosophy” are. I have nothing against his personal life and activities. He is entitled to his freedom of speech, opinion and pursuit. I do not care what his definition of “manokranti” (translation = revolution of self) is, nor do I care what they do inside their Manokranti Matrix Gurukul.

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