“Lip-Sync” for Career

February 18, 2008

Say No to Track Singers

(The top ten contestants of Nepali Tara 2 performing, dancing and lip-sync-ing at the Public High School, Dharan on September 2007. Photo by Bijay Gajmer.)

“Lip-Sync” for Career
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February 1, 2008


Girija Prasad Koirala: I tell you, listen to me, I tell you. The chicken should not have crossed the road, but it did. If it came to this side, I would fulfill all its demands. It’s not late to come back.

Prachanda: I think it did not like my theory of “Janga Bahadur and Buddha”. It will regret it though. This chicken will not escape the cantonment.

Madhav K. Nepal: This is a great plot against us. Now we are sandwiched between these two bulls. Chicken, come back here, come back!

YCL: We could not prevent the chicken from crossing the road but we will not let “red sandal wood” do the same.

Sujata Koirala: It’s simple, because the Narayanhiti Palace is on the other side of the road.

Bhusan Dahal: I am concerned with only KAAG crossing the road, not chicken.

Prashant Tamang: No, no. I did not cross the road!

India: Bird flu hai bhai, let it cross the border towards Nepal.

Ramdev Baba: I could imagine it did not like performing Anuloom-bilom but why it did not want to grow its hair back, beats me!

Nepal Police: Ma*chik** le bhakku lathi-charge bhete pachi jadai na ta mu**chicken.

Umes: Baal ho, I like Buff momo, chicken momo sucks.

(Interpretations at your own risk. This Chicken-Crossing-Road project is not complete, may be you guys can suggest some more.)