November 13, 2008

There have been around 15000 deaths during the Maoist insurgency. There are hundreds of families we don’t know about how they died. Why Ramhari’s murder is this big an issue! Why a single incident of Ramhari Shrestha murder case is this important?

Well, somewhere sometime, this rampant regime of impunity has to end. Why not with Ramhari’s case! Why not now!

Ramhari Shrestha was not murdered during the insurgency. It was on May this year. The election of the Constituent Assembly was already over. He was murdered in one of the Maoists camps when the Maoists themselves were in the interim government. The UNMIN supposedly had/has a constant vigilance on the Maoists camps and cantonments. It happened right under the UNMIN’s watchful arse. That’s why this case is special.

The commission formed to investigate into Ramhari’s murder confirmed the involvement of three of the Maoists’ army commanders in his death. The Supreme Court ordered the three suspects be brought to justice. The Maoists tops said the three had been suspended from their People’s Liberation Army but never did try to hand them over to the police.

That was then.

Everyone, including the media, had almost forgotten Ramhari’s incident until reports started coming into the media about Minister for Defense Ram Bahadur Thapa “Baadal” meeting with one of the major suspect – Kali Bahadur Kham Magar a.k.a. Bibidh – at a public function in Chitawan.

Of course Maoist leader Baadal vehemently denied the news. If Baadal has lied in the parliament, he sure has the guts to act up. It’s no big deal some how.

The big deal is – the current Home Minister knows where the prime suspect is hiding. Is he even hiding? What our honorable Home Minister Bamdev Gautam insists is that “he wants to apprehend the suspect” but “there are technical constraints and the Police does not have the reach everywhere and everytime”.

That’s Bamdev’s extreme helplessness or absolute lameness. Whatever the reality is, he is too busy kissing Maoist ass. It’s just a complete mockery.

Sometimes Bamdev displays his supremacy, for instance, by wiping out the street vendors from the streets and thoroughfares of Kathmandu without any prior notice or alternative. Or when he roars with utmost confidence that “cyber cafes are the major centers of crimes and he will meticulously strike them down one by one”; and when he claims so arrogantly during public programs and inaugurations that he is unlike other Home Minister and is going to curb the criminal activities and bring the crime rates down significantly within the three months of his tenure, he seems to be in the command of the country’s police force and the criminals seem to be wetting their pants.

With just a little technical glitch.

Should he nab Bibidh? Yes.
Must he nab Bibidh? Yes, he has to protect his reputation.
Does he want to nab Bididh? May be.
Will he nab Bibidh? NO. He simply does not want to spoil his nice little productive profitable camaraderie with the Maoists.

Should the Maoists make it easier by handing Bibidh over to the police? Yes. If they are smart enough!
Will they make it easier by handing Bibidh to the police? No.
They best slit the guy’s throat, chop him up and pack him up in a ricebag and throw the bag down the river.

Case dismissed.



September 22, 2008

Crisis in Darfur: How should US respond to it?
A talk show televised by CNN on September 21, 2008.

Former Secretaries of the States. Collin Powell, Madeleine Albright and three others.

Issues: Genocide in Darfur – Should the US intervene.

China is selling weapons to the government of Sudan, in turn the Sudanese government is using the “Chinese” weapons to “kill” the anti-government/rebels, leading to a genocide in the matter of five years. (This was also one of the reasons why they and the human rights organizations like RTI and RSF wanted other nations to boycott the Beijing Olympics.)

The show ends with most of them agreeing that the US should do something about Darfur crisis.


Surprisingly, the real reasons of the conflict in Darfur were not discussed even once during the whole show.

A classic example of how mainstream media limits the issue of discussion, how it narrows the range of discourse; how mainstream media successfully engages people in a so called “active debate” but always manages to limit the discourse within that “range”.

The participants constantly belabored about “genocide”, “human rights” and “crisis” – they even debated, sometimes putting opposing opinions. But never once did they talk about the reasons of the conflict.

This phenomenon has been explained best by the renowned media critic – Noam Chomsky:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”
Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

They indulged in a highly active discussion – critical and analytical. Freedom of Expression. Right to Information. Set the agenda. Everything seemed highly democratic. But through out the whole period, they did not even address the other side.. the real side.. the “real reality”.

All done with purpose.

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Would Your Burn Candles for FREE KASHMIR

August 27, 2008

Kashmir (Photo: Internet)

As you all might already know that the people of (Indian administered) Kashmir have been demonstrating for a free Kashmir with rights of self-determination (and this is not a new movement at all). They don’t want to be “Indian Administered” anymore. And you might as well already know that the Indian police force have been battering the demonstrators – several have been killed, several “separatist leaders” have been jailed. Curfew has also been imposed in the valley for several days to curb any demonstrations.

Now I’m wondering! Where the fuck are the human rights organizations (along with RTI and RSF)!

The non-Tibetans and media workers that have tried to raise Tibet issue and tried to humiliate China on the face of Beijing Olympics – would they support “Free Kashmir” movement and start their media campaign?

Oh, we are talking about “Muslim” people here – not some Dalai Lama and his so called Buddhist followers. So they are the terrorists, militants and insurgents. USA? Forget it.. it won’t be interested in doing any favour to Muslim people.

Granted, there’s no human rights in China, there’s no human rights in India.. heck it’s not anywhere!

And, I really don’t care/know about the real “political” issue between India and Pakistan. I am only interested in seeing if all these AP, AFP, CNN, BBC, RTI, RSF and rights activists who blatantly legitimized the “Free Tibet” issue over Olympics, do the same for “Free Kashmir” movement.

India is not hosting any Olympic games – however, if it did, would these humanitarians and rights activists obstruct the Torch relay? Would they say – “Stop Olympics, Kashmiri are dying”? And would, some of you who burnt candles on Facebook for Free Tibet (how freaking amusing!), would you do the same for Free Kashmir?

I wish good for Kashmiri people – whatever their fate may be. I wish the same for others too.

But these so called human rights activists and so called “free media” – they just disgust me! Thukkaaa !


Olympic Cuffs

Olympic Cuffs

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin seen through a protest banner showing handcuffs arranged like the Olympic Rings by the organization ‘Reporters without Borders’ during a demonstration to protest against Chinese human rights policy on Friday Aug. 8 2008. People from different organizations attend the protest during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. (Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Misuse of fund – Not a new story

March 3, 2008

Amnesty International Nepal

Question: Will China ever give a damn about some Amnesty International in Nepal protesting about its system of capital punishment?
Answer: NO.

Question: Will the gathering amassed by the Amnesty International Nepal at the Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu – with colourful banners and placards – ever make China think about its policy? Will China now consider reformation of their current ruling system which, as the media has reported, violates human rights?
Answer: NO.

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Child Soldiers and Cadres

February 11, 2008

They had/have child soldiers in their People’s Liberation Army.

Child Cadres

(Pic Source)

They also have child cadres in their Young Communist League.

Child Cadres Child Cadres

Child Cadres Child Cadres

(During a recent protest organized by the Maoists youth wing Young Communist League in Kathmandu against the police raids at YCL offices on February 05, 2008. Pictures by: Bhabin Lawati/NPA)

Here’s a news article published on the Kathmandu Post on the YCL and it’s budget.