Child Soldiers and Cadres

February 11, 2008

They had/have child soldiers in their People’s Liberation Army.

Child Cadres

(Pic Source)

They also have child cadres in their Young Communist League.

Child Cadres Child Cadres

Child Cadres Child Cadres

(During a recent protest organized by the Maoists youth wing Young Communist League in Kathmandu against the police raids at YCL offices on February 05, 2008. Pictures by: Bhabin Lawati/NPA)

Here’s a news article published on the Kathmandu Post on the YCL and it’s budget.


Gender Equality re?

December 22, 2007

There a girl in my class. Nice looking, classy, probably from a good family background (when we mean “good background” we most definitely assume the family to be rich). She is a feminist. She talks about women power and equality. I am usually impressed with the way she presents herself, presents her issues. She is good.

In the other hand, I am also a believer of equality. There’s nothing in the world a woman can’t do that a man has done. Women are even better than men in so many unthinkable matters. I admire women and girls who stand up for themselves and speak out against any intolerable male-act.

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