Did he surprise himself ?

May 7, 2011

Who would’ve thought he’d bail out with almost a decade left to go, left to die ! He must have had surprised himself.
Anyways, you’re dead !


I mean… She is Rekha Thapa

February 6, 2011

… the photos remained in my hard disk for almost six months. I never thought I would be posting them, but SHARING is fun. It just so happened that yours truly’s girlfriend somehow was present during the shooting of Rekha Thapa’s one of the movies. Knowing that how big a fan I am of Rekha Thapa, she (who really can’t stand even a slightest mention of Rekha Thapa) took some photos for me ! How sweet !!!

I mean, well.. umm.. yeah.. Rekha Thapa, I mean.. she is so !!!

The Wait

February 1, 2011

The Wait!

But of course, religion is business. Probably, the concept of business evolved simultaneously with the origin of religion. Just like in any other business, there are big dogs and small dogs, cunning dogs and brainless dogs.

And, sadly, these are like waiting dogs type. They can never be the “mul-purohit” or “guru pujari” of the temple they work at. I just wonder, do these “street pundits” ever dream about becoming the mul-purohit of the Pashupatinath temple? The biggest dog in the business.

I think they do. I think they resent the fact that some Indian national is holding the biggest post in their business and they curse and they spit and they curse and they go on about waiting on that corner of the temple.

[Photo taken at: Dakchinkali Temple. And, OK, I have to admit. The photo lies. Some 10 or so people swarmed onto these guys right after I took the picture.]


July 29, 2009

It’s pitch black dark on the road. Must be because of the power cut. The head light of my bike has been dimmer for some months now. Can’t see clearly what’s ahead. It is around 8 in this cold winter evening and my stomach makes horrible gurgles. I haven’t eaten for several hours. No lunch break.

I am about to turn left to the main street. I see a cop, frantically gesturing me to stop. He’s carrying a little stick – points towards me. He yells on the top of his lungs, “oii bike, stop it over, right there”.

Oii bike, huh. That’s the way they speak to the commoners. Oii cycle, oii bike, oii black shirt, oii white pant. Oii taxi. Oii kukkur. Cops. Pigs.

I’m annoyed. With calmness I inquire –
“What’s the matter, police dai?”
Fuck, I “Police dai” him.

“Didn’t I say to stop the bike immediately?”

 “Yes you did. And I did comply. What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you see? It is a Sawaari”.


The main street, which leads out to the big entrance of Singha Durbar, has been emptied out. I now see, on both sides of the street, there are blue-shirts every 10 meters or so apart. Some big fuss. Blue-shits.

The lone statue of Prithivi Narayan Shah must have heard me and scoffed. Oii bike. Police dai.

Oh yeah, I remember. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has just landed Kathmandu on his special jet. And he is to attend a dinner with the prime minister in Singha Durbar.

Hunger creeps in.

The blue-shirt is just doing what he has been told to do. But, Oii bike, seems rude and insulting to me. I am merely a bike. A thing. His voice – still echoing in my head. Oii bike. Cops treat shit. I hate pigs.

I look around and see a couple of cart-vendors. They too are waiting for Mr Ban. That pig must have said “oii gaadaa”.

“Hello, how much longer do we have to wait here?” I ask.
“Don’t know. 5. 10. 15 minutes.”

I know it’s the Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s “sawaari” coming but I just want to get home asap and eat like a pig.

The cop paces around. Loiters. Lurks. His stick dangling on his right hand. There’s no sign of any revolving light yet. No siren. No sign of long line of shiny black cars.
Only hunger.

Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone Though

June 17, 2009

School's Out Maoists In

A union of school teachers, affiliated to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists), demonstrated a highly “innovative” style of protest a few days ago in Saptari.

They brought all the students of a local primary school at Kalyanpur of the district to the highway and had them sit across the road, spread their books and study while blocking transportation movement.

Innovative, indeed – not that the Maoists had not used students during their political rallies (and child soldiers in their armed guerilla).

Photo: Rajesh Jha/Saptari

Nepali People Don’t Smile Anymore

January 21, 2009

Just being a total lazyass as days roll by. Here’s a copy/paste from Facebook page.

MF: Nepali people don’t really smile to each other any more !

RS: Smile gareko pani dekhidaina batti gayera ani kina garnu paryo ta? (One can’t even see others smile because of the power cut, what’s the point in smiling?)

MF: hahaha hahaha.. atti hasayo yaar.

BS: I agree. Almost like everyone has turned into stone.

MF: Sachi ho kya. People are so cold these days. I know this saying is clichéd but it’s as if people have to “pay to smile back”. People have all these mixed expression of “distrust + hostility + suspicion + even amazement” when you greet them with a smile.
Bank tellers, security guards, Traffic Police at the stop light, random people I meet at work, girls (yeah of course), Shopkeepers, random people I trip shoulders with while walking…. the list goes on. They don’t smile back at all.

LR: I’ve seen many faces back home and abroad.. and I must point out that majority of Neps are the worst people I’ve seen. We have nothing to give…but we act as if we got all the riches in the world. EGO – a major problem. And while everyone else is developing with time.. our clocks are running backwards.. we boast for no reason.. we fight for no reason.. we argue for no reason and we claim respect for no reason. And while India is constantly raping our history, we stand helpless with a big attitude on our proud faces. People just don’t realize that our PRIDE is no longer in existence.

BTS: That’s not true…exceptions are there and that’s me me me !!!

SCA: Here I am to smile at your face. Cool down, man.

MF: Hahaha… dhanyabaad


December 26, 2008

Yes, we have the reincarnations of Ram and Sita in our jungle. (As seen on Sagarmatha TV report.)

After Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s reincarnation as the Buddha, we now have a couple doing their “jungle lila” in Chatara of Sunsari district, claiming to have taken over by divine souls of Ram and Sita.

Forget the republic or people’s republic and all the political bullshit. At this rate, Nepal should be declared the Land of Reincarnations.

In no time, we will have Lord Shiva and Parvati doing their “lila” in the jungles. And to supreme delight of Hare Krishna followers, Bishnu and Krishna are likely to follow the hoard of reincarnated gods trying to cleanse the sinners and save the humanity. Jesus F. Christ too, after so notoriously eluding during the End of Days and millennium, should start planning to appear in the jungles. Dude, it’s already a time for your “second coming”, isn’t it? So, you don’t want to miss out because this has been a very hot season for reincarnations. (I am really not sure about Allah though.)

This couple of Ram and Sita, however, may not spur on as large a fan-following as our Buddha Boy managed to do. Reason – mainly because of their looks! (Sorry, no photos yet) They are simply not up to the par. You see, we have had the perfect pictures of the gods (ie, wall posters of gods) since time immemorial.

Gautam Buddha, as gentle, smiling, ever forgiving with shaven head and wrapped up in white linen, a messenger of peace, meditating underneath the tree. Our Buddha Boy does seem to carry the same presence and aura of Gautam Buddha, except for his long hairs. The long hair is there to give Buddha a retro look, to appeal the modern mass. That’s quite understandable, isn’t it?

As far as, Ram and Sita are concerned, they have been depicted as a lovely couple of Arun Gobil and Deepika. Thanks to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan on television, Hindus, especially of the Indian sub continent, have envisioned Ram as a very handsome guy with radiating countenance; while Sita as an angel with seducing eyes like of deer.

Thus it is going to be really hard for this reincarnated Ram and Sita, because of their unappealing and uncharismatic looks, to assure the people that they have the souls of the gods. A very costly glitch in the marketing department, indeed! Bad for business!! Poor Ram and Sita, they can’t even beat our Din Bandhu Pokharel in good looks. So they must plan for another gimmick.

(Suggestion for Jesus F Christ reincarnation: you need to be white skinned, have long hair with a white ring stuck behind the head, have beard and a face of a loser – like the vocalist of a crappy melodic metal band.)

Their gimmick is that the earth, they claim, will be completely destroyed in the next four years and three months or so. Seen in their dreams, the Kali Yug will come to an end and the Satya Yug will start. All the sinners will be completely wiped out and their asses will be eternally toasted in Hell, while the pious ones will go to Heaven – miraculously.

Classic threat and temptation gimmick – which is also the foundation of most of the popular religions! Their last resort – the life-after-death, the heaven and hell, one scary apocalyptic vision! Religious people really believe in this shit too.

The reward-punishment scare tactic really does work on people’s dumb frightened programmed mind.

Hindus, Christians, Muslims, followers of these major religions, all believe in the concept of heaven and hell. Even the Islamist suicide bombers believe in a heaven, where 72 virgin angles await each one of them as a reward for their heroic Jihad.

So getting back to the agenda at hand, for our Ram and Sita too, there will be a fan-following. No doubts. However, there’s still a little bit of a catch here. For this new religious bullshit to be successful, we are curiously anticipating the reincarnation of Raavan too.

Oh, how I love religion!