I write on this blog to entertain myself. I don’t care about what anyone else has to say.

And, there are random rants, whinings and commentaries about Nepal’s politics, society, religion – full of personal and extremely biased opinions. The truth is, I don’t care if you don’t agree with my opinion, blow me.. but if you do, I might invite you over for a dinner !

Photos Credits and Citations mentioned, unless used from the Internet.

Thanks and no thanks !


22 Responses to About

  1. Ujjwal says:

    “No one needs to know. The one who needs to, knows already ”

    That’s interesting!

  2. Nello says:

    Hi, I’m the indonapoletano.wordpress.com. Thanks for your visite to myblog. I’m an Italian Journalist linving in India and covering news also from Nepal, a country that I visited several time and that I love. Keep in touch.

  3. ... dai says:

    Email should be done as bcc, I dont like to expose my email as u notified in the case of change of address!

  4. katluvr says:

    hi, i really like your writing and especially about issues in nepal, i was there twice and miss kathmandu a lot. can i have your email to ask you some questions? mine is katluvr55@gmail.com

  5. hajurba says:

    hi there,

    may be we can exchange links of our blog in our blogs.


  6. hajurba says:

    sincere thanx for linking our blog.
    we have done the same.

    on the othe hand, your blog has been ranked the most prestigious referrer for our blog, we thank again for that.

    best wishes for this dashain.


  7. Bibek Paudel says:

    Hi there,
    I blog at bibekpaudel.wordpress.com
    Please have a look and tell me if we could exchange links.

    Thank you,

  8. Bj says:

    i would be looking forward to see a post in ‘sarkari gadi ko jivan’ from you

  9. eskeem says:

    nepali films r so disgusting
    its the example of creepilary in the industry of entertainment
    infact nepali films r not entertain the audience but it is able to extertain the mood of nepali audiences.

  10. Anya says:


    Cool blog. I have a blog called Dal Bhat Tarkari, mostly photos, videos, news, and rants about Nepal.

    Check it out http://www.anyavaverko.com/blog and blogroll me if you like.


    oh and i checked out all your photos on flickr…some really nice ones.

  11. Wonderful blog & Posts.

  12. B. Chhetri says:

    Dear Mr .word press (sorry I dont know ur name as u publish annonymously) .ur writings n comments are simply brilliant but now a days i cannot see any updates when will u be back ????????…

    Yours sincerely

    B Chhetri

  13. B. Chhetri says:

    ur writings and commentry are incomparible simply elecrifying plz keep it up n dont forget to update la

  14. Anya says:


    You have no email posted here so just gonna have to contact you via comments…

    We at Sattya Media Arts Collective (www.sattya.org) are doing a blogging workshop in March-April in Kathmandu. I was looking up Nepali blogs (bleak scene, but I know yours from while back) just to see if any blogger would want to stop by and talk about their blog and experience.

    You seem to be a bit incognito so maybe you don’t want to, but thought I’d mention it. Its nothing formal, just a laid back workshop. Email me if you are into it.

    BTW, i’m the one who blogs at http://www.dalbahttarkari.com. Thanks for having me on your blogroll.


  15. Chitij Karki says:

    Hi there….

    I have just sat for my SLC exams and while awaiting for my results I have started a blog – http://krantikarki.wordpress.com/.

    Please do take a minute or two to visit my blog and inform me if we can exchange links. Also, I wish to become a qualified blogger like you.

    Chitij Karki

  16. suvexa says:

    nice one. i love your post in “ram and sita” what an insight! 🙂 keep posting. you just earned a reader.

    manage sometimes to check my log out too. http://latenightthought.wordpress.com/.

  17. Prashant Shilakar says:

    this guy seems to give a fuck about virtually everything out there, don’t seem to appreciate anything, says everytime “I don’t care” for everything that’s happening or have happened, what does he think of himself, a hippi? Makes fun of everything possibly he has heard of or knows, wtf, what whiner loser ass motherfucker

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