Ethnic Federal States – WTF

I don’t hold a good grasp on the concept of “federalism”,
but to enforce federalism into the nation on the basis of ethnicity – I say that’s a load of crap.

I am a Newar and look at the size of Newa-State they (the Supreme Maoist party) have proposed. It’s tiny, way too tiny compared to other proposed states.

Prashanta Jha seems to be optimistic about it, though. And, the proposed 14 states (14 fucking states in a country this small a size).

May be the ethnic, indigenous Newar people of the Kathmandu valley deserves this Nepali people deserve this!


3 Responses to Ethnic Federal States – WTF

  1. same here, newar and totally confused and frustrated at how federalism, and so many states going to work for a country this tiny! and totally ashamed of how newa: banda kartas behaved at mangalbazar – pulchok strech yesterday!

  2. rita says:

    can i ask if that is a bad thing? all bad? not least of good?

    • Moth Shut Up says:

      Federal states based on “ethnicity” definitely is a bad thing. The politicians should have a vision of progress not of a regress. Ethnicity is a pretty outdated mentality, and sticking with it will only dumb us down.

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