Ethnic Federal States – WTF

November 19, 2011

I don’t hold a good grasp on the concept of “federalism”,
but to enforce federalism into the nation on the basis of ethnicity – I say that’s a load of crap.

I am a Newar and look at the size of Newa-State they (the Supreme Maoist party) have proposed. It’s tiny, way too tiny compared to other proposed states.

Prashanta Jha seems to be optimistic about it, though. And, the proposed 14 states (14 fucking states in a country this small a size).

May be the ethnic, indigenous Newar people of the Kathmandu valley deserves this Nepali people deserve this!


If you were…

November 15, 2011

…thinking of watching these movies, DON’T !

When will Nepali movies (and their promo posters) stop sucking !

Why the freaking hell not !

November 14, 2011

Thesis x Thesis x Thesis
Just for Rs 7500
M.A. (English/Economics/Sociology/R.D./Population/Nepali/etc)
M.Ed. and M.B.S. as well

I mean why the hell not, if you can get a thesis done for just Rs 7500.

I took this photo while I was walking around Bagbazaar area, which is famous (rather notorious) for millions of coaching/tuition/study abroad centers. It was pasted right in front of the gates of Padma Kanya College. How fitting !

Nepal’s education system under Tribhuwan University is roughly like this:

Bachelor’s in Arts – 3 years
One exam at the end of each year (First year, Second year and Final year)
You just get registered on one of the TU affiliated colleges, preferably Tri Chandra, Padma Kanya, Min Bhawan, etcs.
Your attendance does not count, which means, you don’t need to show up to the classes.
Attend the yearly exam each year.
Apply for transcripts and certificates (which might be a lengthy process).

Master’s in Arts – 2 years
Join a TU affiliated college.
Submit your thesis proposal somewhere around the second half of the second year.
Forget about it because you have 5 YEARS to do few research and submit the thesis.

Here’s the thing that’s called – pain in the ass. Since most of these students (so called students) need to graduate the masters degrees just for certificates (why, it’s a long story.. may be later*) – the effort you need to put on for the thesis is a pure burden. Literature reviews, at least a solid research with loads of questionnaires, surveys, focused interviews and data collection, tabulation, presentation. Hypothesis. Conclusion. This certainly takes time – 6 months, may be a year, may be two. What a pain in the ass.

Long story cut short:

This guy has probably figured a way out for all the trouble these MA students have to go through. And he’s here to extend his sincere help. He is probably a teacher or a lecturer or a professor. And he needs quick bucks. Well, if you need a ready-made thesis (obviously with some modifications required to make it look like an original research), just dial this guy up. Do him a favour, Do YOURSELF a favour.

In many government offices, it has been found that employees usually submit fake certificates to join the office. Fake documents include SLC/Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees certificates forged from Indian colleges and universities, mostly from Bihar area.