The Wait

The Wait!

But of course, religion is business. Probably, the concept of business evolved simultaneously with the origin of religion. Just like in any other business, there are big dogs and small dogs, cunning dogs and brainless dogs.

And, sadly, these are like waiting dogs type. They can never be the “mul-purohit” or “guru pujari” of the temple they work at. I just wonder, do these “street pundits” ever dream about becoming the mul-purohit of the Pashupatinath temple? The biggest dog in the business.

I think they do. I think they resent the fact that some Indian national is holding the biggest post in their business and they curse and they spit and they curse and they go on about waiting on that corner of the temple.

[Photo taken at: Dakchinkali Temple. And, OK, I have to admit. The photo lies. Some 10 or so people swarmed onto these guys right after I took the picture.]


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