Nepali People Don’t Smile Anymore

Just being a total lazyass as days roll by. Here’s a copy/paste from Facebook page.

MF: Nepali people don’t really smile to each other any more !

RS: Smile gareko pani dekhidaina batti gayera ani kina garnu paryo ta? (One can’t even see others smile because of the power cut, what’s the point in smiling?)

MF: hahaha hahaha.. atti hasayo yaar.

BS: I agree. Almost like everyone has turned into stone.

MF: Sachi ho kya. People are so cold these days. I know this saying is clichéd but it’s as if people have to “pay to smile back”. People have all these mixed expression of “distrust + hostility + suspicion + even amazement” when you greet them with a smile.
Bank tellers, security guards, Traffic Police at the stop light, random people I meet at work, girls (yeah of course), Shopkeepers, random people I trip shoulders with while walking…. the list goes on. They don’t smile back at all.

LR: I’ve seen many faces back home and abroad.. and I must point out that majority of Neps are the worst people I’ve seen. We have nothing to give…but we act as if we got all the riches in the world. EGO – a major problem. And while everyone else is developing with time.. our clocks are running backwards.. we boast for no reason.. we fight for no reason.. we argue for no reason and we claim respect for no reason. And while India is constantly raping our history, we stand helpless with a big attitude on our proud faces. People just don’t realize that our PRIDE is no longer in existence.

BTS: That’s not true…exceptions are there and that’s me me me !!!

SCA: Here I am to smile at your face. Cool down, man.

MF: Hahaha… dhanyabaad


2 Responses to Nepali People Don’t Smile Anymore

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    i have added you to my blogroll , hope you do the same , cheers

  2. bindu says:

    man you got scammed (I’m talking about the comment) .. that is spam..I get about 50 such messages everyday on my blog… They are really generic (apply to all blogs, all posts) and generally contain a URL to an unrelated site with a name that is not a name…

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