Communist Police and Communist Backed Goons

Imagine a country where both the criminals and the police are working for the ruling party of the government. That’s New Nepal.

Nepali people getting what they deserve best – getting slapped with the true nature of communism right on their (our) face!


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8 Responses to Communist Police and Communist Backed Goons

  1. आकार says:

    प्रहरी ले बल प्रयोग गर्नु बिलकुल गलत हो !
    तर पनि—————–
    निशेधित क्षेत्र भनेर घोषणा भै’सकेको जान्दा जान्दै, माइतिघर मण्डला मा सभा जुलुस गर्ने हो त ???

    पत्रकारहरु पनि किन यति सारो मिचाहा भएका होलान् ? हिमाल मिडिया माथि आक्रमण हुनु अत्यन्तै निन्दनिय छ, यसको जति नै भत्स्रना गरेपनि कम नै हुन्छ । यसको विरुद्ध सभा, जुलुस अनि विरोध कार्यक्रम एकदम जायज छ ।

    तर निशेधित क्षेत्र मै किन, कार्यक्रम गर्नुपर्‍यो ??? के प्रशासन सँग निहुँ खोजेको हो ??? या के हो ?? अन्यथा, सबैलाई सुसुचित गराउनु पर्नेले आफैँ, नियम को उल्लघंन गर्ने ??? नियम को उल्लघंनगर्ने छुट त कसैलाई छैन होला ?

    अरुले जंगली प्रवृति देखाएपनि, कानुन नमानेपनि, आफू जान्ने बुझ्ने ले त कानुन को परिपालना गरौँ । प्रहरीले जे गरे एक दम ठिक गरे । निहुँ नै खोजेर, निशेधित क्षेत्रमा गएपछि ठिकै त गरे ।

    के एउटा समस्या पर्नेलाई जे गर्ने पनि छुट हुन्छ र ??

    स्मरणिय रहोस्, यसअघि नै माइतिघर क्षेत्रलाई जुलुस, धर्ना, आमसभा, विरोध कार्यक्रम आदि निषेधित क्षेत्र तोकिएको थियो ।

  2. ShutUp says:

    Nishedith chetra?

    Just yesterday, the so called Dalit Students were protesting over there demanding increase in quotas for MBBS… there was no batons charged to anyone!

    And, what is this “prashasan” ??? Is there any “prashasan” at all? Free , Just and Unbiased “prashasan” bhaye po arkai kura.. kaha cha free, just and unbiased prashasan??

    If you think “the police beating them because they were protesting at the restricted place” is justifiable.. then I think we are living in a separate planet.

  3. Bibek Paudel says:

    You know what, I see this act of Prachanda government declaring Maaitighar as a “nishedhit kshetra” as one with suspicious motive. He is also talking of banning bandhas and other forms of opposition. Now, wasn’t it he and his party in the first place who shouted their throats out saying that to demonstrate and to oppose is a “basic fundamental right” ?? C’mon !


  4. ShutUp says:

    That shows the party’s hypocrisy and their real intentions.

    And it beats me, why declare “Maitghar Mandala” as a protest-free zone.. when just a hundred meters away, students of Thapathali Campus can create havoc on the public streets, burn tyres and vandalize vehicles.. why not declare colleges and schools and areas surrounding a protest-free area and take actions against the students/hooligans?

    I have not seen any police personnel beating up any student for burning tyre or smashing windshields of vehicles.. unless the student throws brick slabs to the police.

    Which is more violent: protests with just screams and banners or the ones students do by burning tyres and destroying properties?

    And, why declare that small square of land a protest restricted area? It’s a big fucking joke. And when the government, which is basiclly the Maoists, does this sort of move, it’s even pathetic.. because Maoists are also the ones who came to the government through protest. Or as we all know, through armed insurgency, by killing people, by blowing up infrastructures.

    This leads to the main point: is it now wrong, that if any other group takes arms and walks the path of insurgency just like the Maoists did? If they can claim their insurgency as “gaurabshali and maahaan jana udhya”, can’t others claim the same!

    Are they now so foul-proof and taintless that no one can protest against them?

    First the Mandala, next they might declare Kathmandu Valley as a restricted area – what next.. we will cross Thankot or Dhulikhel and stage demonstration over there?

  5. ShutUp says:

    And, to answer Aakar’s question:
    के प्रशासन सँग निहुँ खोजेको हो ???

    Protest MEANS you are against the administration.. so fuck with whatever the administration says! If you were happy with the administration, you would not do any protests, would you?

  6. Bibek Paudel says:

    Agreed. Besides, Maitighar Mandala has a significant place in Nepal’s history as one where many important, civilized and powerful protest programs have been held in the past. Banning protest in such a place is very outrageous !


  7. Bj says:

    I was there too in the protest. The police tried to stop the protest way before they reached the mandala. The protest got raged after people tried to use force. Ramji dahal of Federation of Nepalese Journalist was injured. I wished to charge back, but i had camera in my hand, so i just stayed taking photos.

    Next day we protested in front of Singhadurbar, south gate. A sit in protest. but police backed down there. that was also the restricted area.

    the only demand of the journalists is arrest those who attacked on himal media. And the government does nothing even the persons behind that is identified. so, wat is right break the barrier and protest for the right or the government, who just sits in and barge into journalists????

  8. wordleech says:

    Marry Christmas..hope Jesus comes back in Nepal this time. Hope the new Buddha kid can do something about this. I really do want to say something logical and serious but really, whats the point?

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