It’s Getting Better

Buddha Boy

Oh excellent!

Our Buddha Boy Bamjan is now ready and armed with “vajra” and is showering blessings and gratitude to his ever-obedient followers.

They are coming in thousands. Our Buddha Boy, has said he will be attain “nirvana” and then spread peace all over the world. Rejoice you all, rejoice.

Bamjan, our savior. Give us hope. Give us peace. Give us enlightenment. The one who has not eaten for 3 years, the supreme lord of Inedia, the one who can appear and disappear in a flicker of moment, the Buddha of Kaliyuug – lead us into your path towards glory.

The one who is untouched by wind, heat, winter storm, nor rain, nor snakes, nor wild animals – give us the light, before your re-disappear into the wild.

But until you re-emerge, till then, we will worship your posters (they should be already in the printing press by this time). We will burn incense every morning and pray for you – till you attain Buddhat’tyo.

Jai hoos. Jai hoos. Jai hoos.


Pic: BG
He traveled to Ratanpur, Bara for an investigative photojournalism and he said that the whole thing appeared as a big organized farce (ekdaam ramrari gariyeko nautanki lagyo malai ta) to him.

How dare he speak such disgrace about our Buddha Boy? Lord, may you forgive this little infantile deviated soul!!


6 Responses to It’s Getting Better

  1. S says:

    despite all the whatevers…the only thing I am concerned about is his facial hair..come on!..its in vogue after all..and considering how he hasn’t been maintaining his stuff..I wonder where it all disappeared!

  2. ShutUp says:

    The facial hair once made an unholy attempt to appear on our lord’s glittering countenance, a devilish attempt to subdue his brilliance.

    Our savior, then, without any wrath or resent, uttered, “Thou shall not grow upon my skin, for others may see me as Jefus Chryst”.

    And, lo! There was facial hair no more. Praise the lord. Praise the lord.

  3. S says:

    Amen to that!

  4. ShutUp says:

    It would be awesome to know our Ivo’s perspective (and of similar followers alike) on this one.

  5. Anillina says:

    Our government failed ,he succeeded…since 2062 BS.

  6. You shoud’ve added… ‘give us CONSTITUTION, give us a STABLE GOVERNMENT’ and the list goes on… hope, peace and enlightenment ta our Buddhale lyai sakekocha…

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