Because it’s FUN


General Strikes, Bandha and Hadtaal might be pain in the ass for some, but for those out on the streets creating havoc and terror, its pure unadulterated fun.

When one has to think about the options for recreation and entertainment for the youth of Nepal, ummm.. there are slim to none. Sports? No one plays football any more, for instance. There are no football grounds. The one inside the Dashrath Stadium is for novelty games – for a match between the comedians and musicians. WTF. WTF

Movies? What movies! No one really bothers going to cinema halls anymore. Rajesh Hamal has lost his charm. (Did he ever have any?) The new movies have Hindi titles. Buland. Balwaan. Hami Tin Bhai. Kismat. Kumari and Jai Nepal? Fuck, it’s 300 Rs.

Education? We have teachers turned into goons, vandalizing schools, beating up bus drivers and threatening students. Reading is no fun no more.

Music and musicians have degraded. Dance Restaurants are closed. We can’t go to the Casinos. The country’s only recreational park – Bhrikuti Mandap is in superb shambles.

Chanting political slogans. No fun.
Singing national anthem. No fun.
Poem. Shit.
Walking in rallies. No fun.
Getting jobs. What?
Silent protest. No fun.
Fast-till-death. Staying hungry. Out of question.

Thus, come any strikes, bandha and hadtaal – the youths rejoice, for these are the mere moments to be rejoiced about. These are divine.

In absolute lawlessness, we rejoice. There’s no rule of game. There’s only one principle.


Power to the youth!


Pics: AP


6 Responses to Because it’s FUN

  1. sunzoje says:

    political instability = economic Crisis = unemployment = bandha, hadtal = political instability…look it’s the full circle!!!

  2. S says:

    lol..Dashrath stadium is only utilized for the match between comedians and musicians. now thats what I call keeping the spirit of sports alive! And I thought so too 300 bucks is a freaking load of money..that too to watch some crappy movie! so dance bars are closed for real like forever?..I’m sure Thamelians are at least relieved about it. Although it could be only for a short while. I was sensing Bam Dev G is at least thinking about shifting such bars in some appropriate places. Away from residential area may be. If they don’t open up- how on earth would policemen earn the bad money. and I’m sure its also a direct hit to our highly chastisized tourism sector! yikes!…to even rely on govt to govern the state is a mistake!!…until that really happens…we shall enjoy destroying!..damn…I should have studied law…or may be its not too late either.

  3. S says:

    Oh one more thing- so whats up with this minister of peace and reconstruction?..what has be done to maintain peace in the first place. Nepali politics and its naataks!

  4. Amod says:

    lol!! “finding jobs; what??” that was funny!! and ur article does make banda and hadtal pure unadulterated fun! 😛 keep it up!

  5. barshaa says:

    very very accurate write up, u did the calculation very intelligently. It is indeed a fun thing in Nepal , vandalizatione n destruction. Seems like nobody cares, what the hell !!

  6. barshaa says:

    very very accurate write up, u did the calculation very intelligently. It is indeed a fun thing in Nepal , vandalizatione n destruction. what eh heck if nobody seems to care

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