America INVADES Nepal

George Bush

Program: BBC Nepal’s Sajha Sawal on Kantipur TV

Venue: At a ground in front of the premises of Shakti Khor, Division 3, Chitawan.
Participants: Maoist leader Barsa Man Pun “Ananta” and Nepali Congress leader (forgot the name) with some 20-30 Maoist PLA combatants, some NC party workers and general people.

Issue: The Integration of Maoist Combatants into the National Army

The moderator asks one of the female Maoist combatants.

Q: Why do you think Nepal needs any army at all?
A: To protect the country from all sorts of invasion.

Q: Who is going to invade Nepal?
A: America. The imperialist America. Just turn the pages of history, you will realize America has always been invading the countries that are not in line with America’s imperialism and capitalism.

Q: Do you really think America will invade Nepal?
A: Yes it can.

The concept of “America invading Nepal” sounds really far-fetched, funny, scary, ridiculous, childish, inevitable…

America indeed has a history of invading countries, toppling democracies, administering puppet governments. It has a history of lying to its own people while ordering bombings, inquests and genocides, all sorts of atrocities – to protect its “national interest”.

Thus, with people like this particular army general – who thinks any non-western human life is expendable – is still in abundance in America, you never know what’s next after Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Oriental does not put the same high price on life as a Westerner. Life is plentiful, life is cheap in the Orient. The philosophy of life in the Orient expresses that life is not important.” – General William Westmoreland (Vietnam War)
Source: Hearts and Mind (1974)

Nevertheless, the concept of America invading Nepal sounds equally unrealistic and bone chilling at the same time.

The combatant’s “apocalyptic” vision is really admirable, though. Well tought by the Maoists.

Highly Recommended:
Hearts and Mind (Documentary on Vietnam War, 1974)
War on Democracy (Documentary on American Invasion on Latin American Nations, by John PIlger)


6 Responses to America INVADES Nepal

  1. S says:

    As I started reading not surprisingly I was finding things funny…and inside I was going -somebody give these people lessons on international studies! However, as I reached the end- SOmewhere I wanted to feel sorry for these people, who probably don’t even have the slightest clue as to why they’re even there. Or perhaps they are well aware of the fact – why the Maoists took advantage of their poverty, illeteracy and turned them against their own nation. Nonethelss I can only imagine being in their shoes but will never be able to comprehend where they stand. and I totally respect their integrity. …guess its one of those tragic ironies that you have to witness everyday as the citizen of the third world country. You very well know the things going wrong- but still not being able to do much about it. its sad.

    Although in reality the chances of America invading Nepal is slim to none. But I agree…if Nepal at all has anythign that might raise their interest level..they would have no problem going to that extent either if they can’t get their hands on it easily. ANd until it doesn’t happen. This idea can only sound ridiculous.

  2. red says:

    So, they feel that strengthening Nepali Army they will fight off America if it invades Nepal.

    “Just turn the pages of history, you will realize America has always been invading the countries that are not in line with America’s imperialism and capitalism.” – So wouldn’t it be a better option to be in line with America’s policies rather than go against their policies and try prepare for a new blitzkrieg with a worthless weapons. haha.

  3. ShutUp says:

    Oh, I have to write about this part of the program too.

    This Nepali Congress leader then says, “Let’s forget America. What if India or China invades Nepal? Nepal won’t be able to resist even if the whole population is turned into Army. So it’s useless to have more national army and keep them in camps and cantonments and all the while increasing the burden on Nepali Tax payers.”

    Which sounded realistic and practicle, but was cut short by Ananta (and all round applause) when he said – “Teso bhaye pahile nai ghuda teki diney? That’s a Defeatist moral you have. Everyone should be in high alert everytime fearing of any invasion in the future.”

    What Ananta basically meant was that the army (the army after the integration of Maoist combatants and Nepal Army) should anticipate for future invasion, while getting paid and eating and sleeping and playing “kawaz” in the camps.

  4. S says:

    what a crap we don’t know- who would miserably lose the battle. although we do have a solution to this probelm- building a secret nulcear power plant in Nepal! yeh!!…happily stepping away from one crisis to another!!

  5. red says:

    I guess like in 1984, we need to have enemies like Eastasia and Eurasia (hope i am correct with these names), and therefore be ready for battles.

  6. KUMAR says:

    and there was this incidence, though I do not personally believe in the popular correlation, there was the presence of a group of US marine personnel in Nepal at the time of assination of King Birendra. I personally believe it to be just a coincidence but who knows …..

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