There have been around 15000 deaths during the Maoist insurgency. There are hundreds of families we don’t know about how they died. Why Ramhari’s murder is this big an issue! Why a single incident of Ramhari Shrestha murder case is this important?

Well, somewhere sometime, this rampant regime of impunity has to end. Why not with Ramhari’s case! Why not now!

Ramhari Shrestha was not murdered during the insurgency. It was on May this year. The election of the Constituent Assembly was already over. He was murdered in one of the Maoists camps when the Maoists themselves were in the interim government. The UNMIN supposedly had/has a constant vigilance on the Maoists camps and cantonments. It happened right under the UNMIN’s watchful arse. That’s why this case is special.

The commission formed to investigate into Ramhari’s murder confirmed the involvement of three of the Maoists’ army commanders in his death. The Supreme Court ordered the three suspects be brought to justice. The Maoists tops said the three had been suspended from their People’s Liberation Army but never did try to hand them over to the police.

That was then.

Everyone, including the media, had almost forgotten Ramhari’s incident until reports started coming into the media about Minister for Defense Ram Bahadur Thapa “Baadal” meeting with one of the major suspect – Kali Bahadur Kham Magar a.k.a. Bibidh – at a public function in Chitawan.

Of course Maoist leader Baadal vehemently denied the news. If Baadal has lied in the parliament, he sure has the guts to act up. It’s no big deal some how.

The big deal is – the current Home Minister knows where the prime suspect is hiding. Is he even hiding? What our honorable Home Minister Bamdev Gautam insists is that “he wants to apprehend the suspect” but “there are technical constraints and the Police does not have the reach everywhere and everytime”.

That’s Bamdev’s extreme helplessness or absolute lameness. Whatever the reality is, he is too busy kissing Maoist ass. It’s just a complete mockery.

Sometimes Bamdev displays his supremacy, for instance, by wiping out the street vendors from the streets and thoroughfares of Kathmandu without any prior notice or alternative. Or when he roars with utmost confidence that “cyber cafes are the major centers of crimes and he will meticulously strike them down one by one”; and when he claims so arrogantly during public programs and inaugurations that he is unlike other Home Minister and is going to curb the criminal activities and bring the crime rates down significantly within the three months of his tenure, he seems to be in the command of the country’s police force and the criminals seem to be wetting their pants.

With just a little technical glitch.

Should he nab Bibidh? Yes.
Must he nab Bibidh? Yes, he has to protect his reputation.
Does he want to nab Bididh? May be.
Will he nab Bibidh? NO. He simply does not want to spoil his nice little productive profitable camaraderie with the Maoists.

Should the Maoists make it easier by handing Bibidh over to the police? Yes. If they are smart enough!
Will they make it easier by handing Bibidh to the police? No.
They best slit the guy’s throat, chop him up and pack him up in a ricebag and throw the bag down the river.

Case dismissed.



  1. S says:

    …annd…thats how they roll!…this is the only real analysis as in the real one! that will never come out of their mouth. or ever will be written down on a paper…But don’t we all know already! just being a home minsiter means hapazardly giving orders – anybody could be one. For god’ssake I am tired of asking the same questions again and again..but damn these people..will never ever get tired of doing the same deeds over and over again. why the politicians of Nepal are such a big asses…why can’t they analyse, figure out the consequences and then take action. Also be ready to face the repurcussions and manage the outcomes. Is it too much to ask to use their freaking brain?? or do they even have one I doubt it!. This really is a sheer dissapointment. Aren’t they even ashamed of their incapabilities!!..If wiping out the so called bad influences in the society would really do the trick. Whats hte really point of having a govt in the first freakikjsdghk place??….SO fine this guy – shuts down the night clubs, or dance bar or whatevers…does this seriously mean people are NOt gonna go!!..Does he really think that this is the way to ‘clean’ the society. what about the people who depend on such professions in the fist place. I mean come on! seriously!!– hello!!…doesn’t he know there’s a word called freaking regulations…what is the freaking point of being a home minister…when all that this guy is doing is just try to utilize the bandage without even fixing the wound…I really don’t get it. After having gone through so much- it is just so appalling to be witnessing all this once again…why are thesepeople even their to run the country. I just don’t get it.
    I used to hate it when people said- all these politicians need to be murdered and thats the only to free our country. Come to think of it- may be it is the only way out. But I would still hate to resort to the idea of killing people. God..thats all I need right now….a place to let my anger out..haha..and just silently enjoy this moment of catharcism..

  2. ShutUp says:

    Breathe breathe.. it’s no good being this angry about this shit.

  3. S says:

    oou.. was I seriously mad at Bam Dev Gautam or was it someone lse who almost got me killed!….lol..wasting my energy on something that’s not even worth talkin about. oh yes..we soooo need to learn the art of forgiving!

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