Said Journalism

Some of the “lead” of news on Nepali print media on November 10, 2008.


Minister for Law, Justice and Constituent Assembly Affairs, Dev Prasad Gurung has said it is the government’s policy to make the Judiciary independent, accessible and transparent.
(Program: Constituent Assembly session)

Former Prime Minister and leader of Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba has said his party has taken seriously the relief distribution and rehabilitation activities for people affected by floods, inundation and landslides in far-west region.
(Program: Public meeting at Phulbari, while visiting the area affected by flood)

Minister for Industry Asta Laxmi Shakya has said agreements with British and American organizations were made for the exploration of petroleum products in various 10 sites of Tarai.
(Program: Constituent Assembly session)

Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives Jayaprakash Prasad Gupta has said no government has ever given priority to the agriculture though it is the backbone of national economy.
(Program: Constituent Assembly session)

Minister for Industry, Ashtalaxmi Shakya has said an industry-friendly policy is to be brought for reviving the sick industries and creating conducive environment for setting up new industries.
(Program: Inauguration of a Seminar)

Minister for Physical Planning and Works, Bijaya Kumar Ghachchhadar has said resolving issues of urban development is challenging task.
(Program: Fourth Session of World Urban Forum held in Nanjing, China)

Refuting the allegation that the government media houses have been used on the side of particular party, Minister for Information and Communications, Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said he did not exert any pressure on them.
(Program: Constituent Assembly session)

Senior media persons today said that Nepali press at present should be centered on the institutionalization of democratic republic and promotion of nationality, and advocate for the new constitution.
(Program: Interaction – Media and Role of Press at Present Context)

Minister for Water Resources, Bishnu Poudel has said the government remains firm to achieve its national commitment to produce additional 10 thousand megawatt electricity in next 10 years.
(Program: Constituent Assembly session)

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Hisila Yemi has said activities carried out by people of Syangja for internal tourism promotion show their efforts to rise above partisan interest.
(Program: National River and Kali Gandaki Rafting Festival, Syangja)

Former Prime Minister and President of Nepali Congress, Girija Prasad Koirala has said constitution-writing task should not be overshadowed under disputes on army adjustment.
(Program: Unveiling statue of Late Ganeshman Singh)


SAID JOURNALISM, the exclusive facade of Journalism in Nepal – immortalized by unmatchable REPORTING trend for years and years.



  1. Kam agarne tara complain garne matra says:

    Something we also SAID long time ago, Nepalese news always has SOMEBODY SAYING SOMETHING IMPORTANT RUBBISH BUT NEVER TELLING ANYTHING DONE OR DOING”. Suppose we have to live with that all our life.

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