Gautam The Smartass

Bamdev Gautam

Laydies and Gents, I give you the news straight from the RSS News Service.

DPM Music Festival

Kathmandu, Nov. 5: Deputy Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam has expressed confidence that the folk culture of our country could be preserved for a long as she is enrich with multi castes, languages and cultures.

While inaugurating a four-day international folk music festival that kicked off in the capital today to mark the centenary of Nepali Music Recording and 25 years of the inception of Music Nepal, Deputy Prime Minister Gautam said the folk music is no longer in existence in the developed countries but Nepal is still rich in folk music no matter how it has sluggish economic development.

At the program, the organizing committee of the International Folk Music Festival informed that the artists from Norway, South Africa, Malawi, Palestine, Indian, including Nepal will present their folk music in Patan and Kathmandu on the occasion.

The title of the news had me, honestly. To my utter surprise, “DPM Music Festival” was not the title of the music festival. RSS ko ta na kura garum!

As you read further, we are delighted by our DPM Bam the Dev the Gautam’s credentials, a remarkable expertise on world folk music.

Gautam the Dev the Bam also hits the nail right on its head with supreme irrelevancy when he states: development in Nepal is sluggish but it is rich in folk music.

Add it to the list.
One more epic reason for us Nepali people to be proud of.


One Response to Gautam The Smartass

  1. S says:

    You just made my day…indeed…one more reason to walk around with head high! So what even if we are the citizens of the third world country- At least when it comes to farce-o-meter….aren’t we soaring high- and mann…I’m proud of it!

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