Yes, he IS overrated


You can’t get more un-original than this, can you?

Kalpana was killed. Ohh maah gaad!! The first word that popped in my mind was “Momento”.

Googled a bit on this one and found out this claim: “the filmmaker and the cast, claim that this Hindi film isn’t an exact ‘remake’. The film surely has nothing to do with Memento.”

The killer, the murder, the head injury, the anterograde amnesia (short term memory loss), the tattoos – nothing to do with Momento?

Dhoti-bastards. The only thing that has nothing do with Momento is the overhyped overrated Aamir Khan dude with his bulked up midget body. And most probably, the “sooo” obvious Bollywood scripts.

Yes, it can’t be Momento. It should not be Momento. It must be anything but Momento.



6 Responses to Yes, he IS overrated

  1. S says:

    You seem to have the key to all the right words. I’m sure even Amir would agree with it- bulked up midget body!!!..bang on!..Momento was awesome…honestly can’t wait to watch the hindi version too ragardless of what they say. For all the masalaas tehy put in- you have to give bollywood a bit of credit!…and who said- we watch bollywood movies- cause we want to make sense of it all…we watch them…because we want to make fun of them…gives you a different high altogether!

  2. ShutUp says:

    Chris Nolan has never really disappointed me yet. I just admire his works.

    And, yes I watch bollywood movies for the same reasons you watch them. Plus, I am a big fan of Govinda and Mithun and their “bad” movies. Masala waa masala!! Govinda movie anytime anywhere.

  3. She.Devil says:

    why wastin’ ur agony on such a cheap stuffs …dhoti mv …

  4. ShutUp says:

    “wastin’ one’s agony”

    Wow. Never heard of anyone using such phrase before.

  5. badmas says:

    यो कुन film को remake हो भनेर खोज्दै हो भने,

    It’s a remake or lets say replica of a tamil movie with the same TITLE.

  6. bindu says:

    Well, I watched Memento recently (and yes it is Memento… not Momento) and frankly speaking, did not like it as much as I liked Ghajini….

    Well, Ghajini is not the best of movies I’ve watched, but I think Memento was rather overrated… After Ghajini was released, I heard a lot of stuff about the “original” movie that it was copied from and how good it was compared to overrated Ghajini… but it apparently isn’t.. IMHO…

    And yeah, apart from the Hindi touch and emotional moments, they have copied almost everything…

    Why I didn’t like Memento is why I don’t like Karthik Calling Karthik … The former portrays that the person, who had short term memory and realizes it, decides to commit another murder.. which really needs Hajmola… the latter shows how the guy with multiple psychological disorders including Schizophrenia could so easily cope with it…. another Hajmola please..

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