I am a Newar. Born Newar. Raised in the heart of Patan. Living in the city of Newars.

The fact that “Newa Pride” has never appealed to me has nothing to do with how much I dislike Newari people in general. (Confession: I even seriously lack Nepali Pride. I wonder, what that is supposed to mean.)

The issue here is Nepal Sambat calendar and Newari New Year 1129. The government has now recognized Nepal Sambat calendar as the national calendar and has also declared Shankhadhar Shakhwa as the national icon, the one who supposedly started Nepal Sambat calendar around 800 AD. History has it; this Shakwa dude magically absolved the people of Kathmandu of a terrible debt and gave them freedom. And to mark his benevolent work, Shakwa himself is said to have started Nepal Sambat calendar.

Now, with the recognition of NS and its New Year day, we will officially have three separate “new year” days in single year. Bikram Sambat, Nepal Sambat and Lohsar.  There’s also the English New Year.

Moreover, the government has also decided to form a task force on finding ways to incorporate the Nepal Sambat into “practical use” in daily activities.

President Doctor Sahib, himself lauded the government’s decision. This will keep intact, the national integrity and cultural harmony, he stated. Prime Minister Intense too said, the government will always step up its effort in preserving and conserving Nepal’s unique cultural identities. Former PM Koirala Babu speeded to Bhaktapur early morning and offered garland on the statue of Shakhwa dude. General Secretary of UML, Jhalanath Khanal did not miss out the moment either. He praised highly of the current coalition government, of which his party is proudly part of, for making a decision to recognize Nepal Sambat.

For once, I want to be optimistic and say, yeah – this sort of recognition of a cultural identity will surely maintain peace and harmony in the country.

There’s Bahun Pride, Chettri Pride, Maithili Pride, Madhesi Pride, Yadav Pride, Thakur Pride. There’s Buddhist Pride. There’s Muslim Pride and Convert-Christian Pride too. Lots of Pride.

I really want to be optimistic. But I don’t know how, all these pride will remain peaceful and harmonious.

And, what I don’t understand is, why form a government task force (with cultural experts, historians and astrologers) and try to incorporate or rather enforce the Nepal Sambat into the present use!

Do we seriously need yet another calendar?

And how come, all of a sudden, PM Intense sees the need to preserve “unique cultural identity”. His party members are the ones who started chopping off “sacred and holy” cows and eating them. (Though, I am not against that.)

Newar people of the Kathmandu valley celebrated the New Year 1129 – with enthusiasm, passion and pride. There were rallies, there were processions, there were singing and dancing, there were drunken frenzy, there were chants, and there was madness in the streets.

Newa Bhawana Jindabad! Long live, Newa Pride. Fuck it.


19 Responses to Newa Pride NAAKU PRIDE

  1. S says:

    First things first- You literally brought sexy back using the ‘N’ word haha….

    and I second everything you said. BTW, do they still use the same slogan during the new year that says-Us the Newars will only be newar but nothing else (I hope I phrased it correctly). I thought that line always gave a bit of racist vibe! anddd..we are just all too familiar with why politicians go about boot-licking!

    Although I do take pride in being a Newar the heritage we have- but not to the extent where they can easily take advantage of my feelings just in the name of newar pride. hmm..guess that comes under obsession not exactly pride.

  2. ShutUp says:

    You too a Newar! Let’s have momo and chyang sometimes – for the sake of Newa bonding. Hahahaha.

    I thought I would be seriously pissing Newars off. What is worse is this so called pride is turning into an ugly form of dada-giri.

    Nepal Sambat New Year should be limited to celebration once a year.. but trying to impose another calendar into use.. that’s palin stupid (pun intended).

  3. आकार says:

    नेपाल संवत लाई यतिसारो उचाल्नुपर्ने जरुरी देख्दिन । यहाँ धेरै जातजाति छन् अनि इतिहास का कुरा निकालेर अहिले निहुँ खोज्नु, औचित्यहिन छ । निहुँ नै खोज्ने हो भने त, पृथ्विनारायण शाहले भक्तपुर, ललितपुर, कान्तिपुर कब्जा गरे रे! अब हामी अहिले निहँ खोजेर सालिक भत्काउनु, अनि अरुले गरेको काम का कारण उनलाई दोष किन लगाउनु ???
    विक्म सँवत नै ठिक छ, ईस्वि सवत सँग सबैकाम गरिरहेको बेला, अर्को संवत चलनचल्तिमा ल्याउनु केही फाइदा छैन ।

  4. davinci says:

    As Prachanda puts it, this is the first gift of the new government to the people of Nepal.

    Yet another thing we can boast about when we talk to foreigners. Thanks comrade.

  5. ShutUp says:

    “yet another thing we can boast about when we talk to foreigners”

    Yeah right.

  6. S says:

    come on brother ‘tho’ bhanana not chyaang!!! Along with momo and tho we could also have chwwelaa, kachilaa…chataamaris and everything. That too in a very typical newaa bhatti..haha Then we can bitch about the world as pseudo-intellectuals and still pretend to be the wisest one around. That would be awesome!!

    And damn!!- we are beginning to add Sarah Palin almost everywhere. which makes me think- thatt if McCain/Palin lose this election. that would most probably lead to a disappearance of Palin from teh face of the American politics. and we won’t have anybody to make jokes about. That would be sooo heartbreaking!
    So since I’m not American- and I don’t really care much about America- somewhere the evil side of me wants McCain to win and keep this Palin spirit alive.

    P.S: Thanks for acknowledging my contribution. It makes me feel like I am curing the world-hunger and eradicating cancer from the face of the earth. Meaning – makes me feel very very important. which again is vital to keep my self-esteem high. SO brother – keep it coming! haha…

  7. ShutUp says:

    I know a bhatti.. pretty decent one.. you up for it, bro? After getting drunk, we might even start singing “newa bhawana bulunda yana.. na nana nana na..”

    About who wins the American election – it’s not a concern for me either. Their third world country policies will remain same who ever wins and it’s sure as hell not gonna change for Nepal either.

  8. S says:

    I like your version of Newa national anthem. We might as well sit together and compose this song for our community. If some hardcore extreme Newa chauvinist is going through this comment thread. That person would most probably be cursing both of us. ..anyway the first thing, I am not bro. I fall into the category of sister, woman or girl or whatever you guys call it. and yep I’m very much up for your offer. The only down side is I’m miles away from home at the moment. However, the good part: am going to be officially back for good (as in very very good) next year…if it at all comforts you ;).

    So if you don’t mind- I can include an appointment with you in my calendar right away for next year!. It’s a long way but trust me brother – its worth a wait ha-ha

  9. Anish says:

    Neither did I know whether to welcome this decision or not. I mean, what benefit its gonna give to the people of Nepal. I feel they could have done other things for the Benifit of cultural richness of Newar People.

    I wanted to wrte so much about this topic. But couldn’t do any better than you. Ha ha. Cheers.

  10. dai says:

    Well, Why do we need country?
    We live on earth.

    These all are done for some kinda political benefits and we will never understand that.

  11. Mr Ram says:

    To all the people who says Nepal Sambat has no Practicle use just answer one question. Which calender do you use to celebrate birthday in your family. AD or Bikram Sambat ?? of course not. Most of us use Tithi. Well Nepal Sambat is based on tithi. So next time your birthday come think about this.

  12. ShutUp says:

    That’s a personal choice after all. There are some who even celebrate on all the three.. AD, BS, or tithi. It’s not a problem at all.

    That does not mean a government has to kiss Newar community’s ass and declare Nepal Sambat as a national calender? It just adds more ugliness to the “newa fucking pride”. And mind you, this is coming from a Newar.

  13. No mo fucking pride of Newaars,Baahun (Din Vari Down), Vote (Sabai Loote),Chhetri….bla bla….

    No more distinguish particularly Cast-wise.
    I strongly request all of us to STOP debating abt. this Post.

  14. kto says:

    damn shutup your the best seriously.
    i too am against all this extremist communal stuffs going in nepal, especially the madhesis and limbus, and of course the newars. just chill everybody go against the fucking indians instead, who’ve almost reached butwal by now. the terai is soon in the verge of being invaded gradually. and the fucking kathmandu newars are not helping.
    this coming from a newar.

  15. nepzie says:

    Long live Nepal !!!

  16. bindu says:

    Yet another Newari new year. While I am all for preserving cultural values, I am not in favor of bringing them up and using them as political agendas. I don’t mind (nor do I care) people celebrating their festivals in their own ways, and if rest of us get holidays for it, nice and fine. I even go forward and wish them happy festival if I have frens celebrating. But I am more in favor of cutting all these crappy religious holidays and merging them into Winter and Summer vacations. That’d be great.

    And we certainly don’t need yet another calender. I’d love to see Bikram Sambat eliminated and International calender used instead so that we don’t need to remember 2 separate dates to keep up with schedule.

    This is coming from a Brahmin who is ashamed of having ancestors who misused their knowledge to abuse the rest in the name of caste.

  17. Anillina says:

    Ji na newa kha.Its been almost ten years I am hearing same slogan”Newa jhi Newa he jui”,Nepal Sambat Rastriya Sambat”and same motorcycle rally which did no effect in converting it as national calender,nor the appeal have made serious impact in politicians,besides those some temporary discussions in the board.

    Being a Newar,Ya I am very proud of the cultural varieties we have but at the same time I dont want to separate other caste from us as microscopically we all are the same.But as far as Nepal Sambat is concerned ,It is based on lunar circulation and religiously it is significant than other calenders.So newars have more festivals than any other people…”Bahun bigriyo moj le Newar bigriyo bhoj le”.So I rationally believe that if this calender is taken as main calender of Nepal then there will be more religiously addict people in Nepal who spend their time in not other than celebrations.

    But this calender is really funny in comparison with the other two BS and ADs,as there will be 24 months in a calender,and some time we can have same date in two days.So we might get two days holiday in same date.But I cannot say with confidence that it will bring some positive change in the country.

    But as having immense faith in religion(than science of course),So what I wish is give some years trial to this calender,for at least 5 years, if some subtle positive meaning is hidden in it comparing with other twos then why not we accept it?But I wish there was a trial first.

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