Sometimes, Females need to SHUT UP

Sarita Giri. She recently got elected as the chairperson of Nepal Sadbhawana Party in the party’s recent general convention. She is obviously pumped up. Sarita Giri. She is also a member of the Constituent Assembly. More reason to be pumped up.

Some months ago, she was involved in a bitter absurd row with former Minister of Supplies Shyam Sundar Gupta over the legitimacy of Gupta’s NSP membership. She also accused Gupta of kidnapping the party founder Anandidevi (it was her late husband, in fact) and hiding her some where in India so as to take the reigns of the party.

Well, that issue seems to have settled for good now. Settled internally. We will never know what actually happened. The truth is, Nepali media did not feel the need to follow trail and dig up the reality.

Anyways, Sarita Giri has a big mouth. And she opens her big mouth, one time too many.

On October 29, one day after the coalition government formed a special committee for the integration and rehabilitation of Maoist militants, Ms. Giri has “protested the lack of women’s representative in the five-member special committee formed by the cabinet”.

Like I said. Big freaking mouth. Her mouth.

Issuing a press release, our Ms. Giri has made a stern demand with Prime Minister Awesome Glare Dahal and other concerned to include “at least two women in the five-member committee” as per the letters and spirit of the peace agreement and interim constitution.

The special committee was not formed to disregard the “gender-equality” stance expressed in the interim constitution (already amended for the fifth time).

The committee has five members: two representing Maoist party, one representing Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, one representing UML and one representing Nepali Congress party.

The big question is – without Nepali Congress appointing its representative on the committee; will it be able to do what it was set for to do? As of today, NC senior leader Ram Chandra Paudel has ruled out any possibility of joining the committee. (We never know what happens tomorrow, leaves can turn any direction.)

Our lady Big Mouth could have demanded for participation of her NSP leaders on the committee. She could have been a bit less selfish and suggested for the participation of other smaller parties as well in the committee. After all, this “integration” is the most cruicial hurdle of the Peace Process.

Too bad, she demanded “two women be in the committee”. I would have said three. Threesome is always better than twosome.

(Applause Applause)

(Pic courtesy of: Dipsh)


10 Responses to Sometimes, Females need to SHUT UP

  1. S says:

    Let me try playing devil’s advocate here (just an assumption)- what if she is fighting for this because she believes integration isa part of peace building process (although who’s denying the fact – this could be a disaster in the making) Plus, its a proven fact (they say)- incorporating female species help create harmony specifically in sensitive matters like this (hte pics posted say otherwise). so that could be her point. At the end of the day yeah-..they are just another politicians anyway. either way both Nepali female and male politicians need to shut up – peoplessss its time to listen more – talk less.

    but mann..whatever bit of biaseness that I was building towards this-everything instantly cooled off seeing the last picture. I’m laughing my boobs out- Guess this is what they call making a proper conversation in nepali politics. Kudos to the photographer. The scene is no less thatna spicy hot dhoti serial’s dramatic moment- caputred!!…I can so totally picture the lightning bolt serving the purpose of ‘dewaar’ between the two.

  2. Bibek Paudel says:

    “I would have said three. Threesome is always better than twosome.”

    Funny enough 🙂

  3. ShutUp says:

    We need good politicians, good female politicians, “mother” politicians.

    I too think the committee would be more sincere and effective if there were some women in it.

    Coming that from Sarita Giri’s big mouth, I thought she must have had the “Sarah Palin” effect on her too. But, having a big mouth does not necessarily mean anyone would listen to her, especially in a country like this.

  4. S says:

    haha Sarah Palin effect….well the first thing- Giri is not as hot as her. Unless she too decides to hire a stylist. Giri doesnt seem to have qualms about opening her mouth. Thats not always the case with Palin. Her first strategy is to avoid speaking to media.
    If she did hold that effect- not sure if she would have problem convincing ‘men’ with that flirtatious air.

    and I agree with you- who can deny hte fact that perhaps she’s just another politician. with just a face of a woman. But brings nothing new to the table.

  5. Gitangi says:

    This has to be the strangest blog entry I have read in a while. It is not only ignorant but misogynist too.
    First of all, Nepal is a country where the literacy rate of women is almost half of that of men and only half of the percentage of women compared to men make it to secondary school. Now, when Nepal is on the path of progressive politics, it is more essential than ever to see women in decision making positions to inspire and assure girls of Nepal about their rights being highlighted and protected.
    I am disgusted by the sexism in this entry!

  6. ShutUp says:

    Thankyou. Ignorant. Mysogynist. Sexist. Allright. Your definitions don’t match up with mine anyway, so I don’t want to argue over what you or others think about this entry.

    But what the heck is so “strangest blog entry” about this one?

  7. S says:

    haha…are people seriously crazy to think that blogs are not supposed to be biased opinion?..and clearly theres a difference between criticizing Nepali politics (even if that involvs women) and being a sexist.

  8. ShutUp says:

    hahahaha.. tehi ta. If I lambasted say, Girija Prasad Koirala and titled the entry as Males need to Shutup – would people call me Malegynist (I couldn’t find the male version of the word Mysogynist) and Sexist?

  9. giri says:

    dont care what your article says…but you better start moderating your comments.

  10. giri says:

    mr shrestha! i am must add.

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