Fighting Global Warming

(The Earth is really getting hotter!)

There must be some practical ways to fighting global warming.

We can,
   conserve energy, use it wisely;
   at houses, use energy-saving bulbs;
   use solar energy;
   maintain ours vehicle, keep it energy-efficient;
   ditch the habit of using plastic.

There are surely other ways too.

However, THIS sure is not a way to fight global warming.

You stupid little Miss Earth wannabe, can’t you see? You are not fighting. YOU are contributing to the global warming 🙂


Our Maoist revolutionary women leaders/constituent assemblers/social workers must have dreaded the fact that these sort of bikini crusaders would come for the rescue and save the world! And thus, they lobbied against Miss Nepal beauty contest and eventually succeeded in stopping the show.

Alas, our own Nepali girl could have been standing right over there – bikini clad, all set for action with a hand shaped green placard – and doing such a noble job of fighting the global warming. Nepal could have another reason to be proud of, a better reason to be proud of… besides good old Gautam Buddha and gradually shedding Mount Everest. (sic)


One Response to Fighting Global Warming

  1. Deependra says:

    Interesting narration of a really important issue!

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