Maoists’ Ass in the Sling

“Why the hell these Maobadi are so fidgety after returning from America?”

My colleague is furious today. We usually talk about computer, photography, girls, momo and simple stuffs. Rarely do we indulge in politics and politicians. But today, he is furious.

“Why do they want Nepali Congress so desperately to join the government? Why do they feel their asses in the sling with Nepali Congress in the opposition?”

Normally, I would have tried to respond to his queries and share my opinions. Today, I just want to listen to him. He is almost double the age than I am. He is a good guy. Ingenuous. Good hearted. Smiling. Jovial while having conversation. A friend. A father. Hardworking. Responsible. Wise.

He is also a bit skeptical and not so optimistic about the new government, led by the CPN Maoist.

“The so called revolutionary budget, it has not been even endorsed by the Constituent Assembly yet. Muji haru, what are they (CA members) doing all these months? Getting fat like pig on 40 thousand worth check every month?”

Oh, this must have really ticked him off today. I simply nod my head side ways. “Tehi ta bhanya”.

I am really not sure whether the budget proposal drafted by Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has been passed through the Legislature Parliament (presently, the CA is also the Legislature Parliament in our case). But, yeah the 601 CA members must be having fun all along. No work. Yes salary. Total fun. And now that the Indian government has donated buses to transport the CA members to and fro the CA Building (the BICC), there should be nothing except fun.

A glass of milk tea ordered from the canteen is resting magnificently on his table. It’s getting colder; his indignation, the otherwise. Cold tea, however, is not bothering him right now.

“Who is going to trust these Maobadi? America still lists Maoist as terrorist. World Bank and donor nations have been hurling money to Nepal only because of such sorry-ass state the country is in. And they will keep on doing that to some extent – no matter which party leads the government. Out of pity, out of compulsion – not out of generosity. But how the heck Baburam imagined foreign donation and financial assistances to cover almost half of his revolutionary budget?”

I admit that it’s not possible. His tirade continues.

“And now they are changing the name of the party. What the heck for? What sort of revolutionary farce is this now? Donations as expected not coming? Why so shaky after the US visit? Why do they need Nepali Congress in the coalition now?”

Khoi khoi. That’s a lot of questions whose answers I am really unclear about. Everything just remains to be seen. Just wait and see.

“They say their ultimate goal is People’s Republic and they start their people centric campaign by treating the street-vendors like lowlife criminals.”

He bursts out into short faint laughter. Sardonic. Acerbic. “Be prepared for a glorious nation of the People’s Republic of Nepal”.

His tea, by this time, is almost cold.


4 Responses to Maoists’ Ass in the Sling

  1. S says:

    Nice!!.so are you a Nepali journalist? Quick question- if you are: except for few people like you (may be) does Nepali journalism still suck like it always did?

    and CA members receive Rs 40 thousand check every month, is it per individual or all members together. 40 thousand divided among the members sounds reasonable for doing nothing. If its 40 thousand per individual that is INSANE. wou racking money for just sitting on their butt everyday. Isn’t it awesome!!

    ohh..and talking about our CA – I read this news about women CA members not being able to compete against their male counterparts. I think its awesome a woman coming from a village that probably we’ve never heard of and now getting an oppurtunity to voice her opinion her side of hte story. But if the reality is, they are participating just for the heck of it. Constantly being intimidated by the male members- how would the whole thing work- I also heard theres some group who’s trying to empower these women. But I don’t get it. The party leaderrs touting about the equal representation in the CA. and apparently there probably is, but where’s the voice that needs to be heard.

    And getting down to business—I was wondering too about this internal conflict. Baburam clearly states- their ultimate goal is communism. and then there’s Prachanda forwarding the proposal to change the party name. One day saying – one thing the another day something else. Personally I don’t care what they do with their party name or the ideology they ultimately follow – as long as they are doing whats supposed to be done. Huna ta I would be a fool to expect an overnight change. But if general people themselves don’t become suspicious of this- don’t know who would be. Considering how media in our country sucks big big big time! Seriously- give me one unbias publication house that I could literally rely on.

    poor us…at the end of the day regardless of who the hell is running the country.. we’ll always be known as the the shameless begging bowl. If the freaking donations really helped progess – it would had made Nepal a long time ago. So why are we still resorting to all this…Oh and yes…I can totally imagine the recent America visitors still high on American dream or whatever they witnessed in the US. When Prachanda said meeting George Bush was his most memorable moment. I kinda found it funny. Bush dude was getting swarmed with their bail out controversy- without even properly attending the UN stuff back then. Bush probably had no clue who the hell he was dealing with while meeting Prachanda. and Prachanda on the other hand goign absolutely gung ho over the idea of shaking hands with Bush. May be I am underestimating the leaders of my own country. But then- what have they done so far to not underestimate anyway.

  2. ShutUp says:

    Actually, when all the allowances and bhatta satta are added, it’s almost 50,000 Rs per CA member.

    They also get allowance for 100 liters of petrol/diesel per month. Telephone, Rent, Cloth, etc etc.

    So in total it’s around 50,000 multiplied by 601 every month. Around 30 million Rupees every month.

    They have already spent six months (that’s 180 million Rupees) yawning, surrounding rostrum, skipping.. doing nothing.

  3. drdivas says:

    really interesting style. anyway, shoudn’t we allow the Maoists prove themselves in “reconstruction” works as well?

  4. ShutUp says:

    They ARE getting the chance to prove it, aren’t they? – unless the present coalition government tumbles down, as predicted by GP Koirala, in three months or so.

    It’s just a matter of time, when their “tea” starts cooling down and people get bored with their pseudo-jingoistic public oration at the Reporters Club.

    Awaiting for total “masala-daar” farce to unflod as the present cabinet is set to be “expanded”.

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