Things change. And, things do not change.

The kingdom of Nepal is now Democratic Republic of Nepal. Change, yeah. We might get another change, as the Maoists leaders in their central committee meeting were demanding for “People’s Republic of Nepal”.

It’s not the same CHANGE Barak Obama is dreaming about or John McCain preaching about. But it’s a change nonetheless.


New Kumari of Kathmandu Matina Shakya

New Kumari of Kathmandu Matina Shakya

We also had a change of Kumari. So long Rubina Shakya. Three-year-old Matina Shakya will now be presiding inside the Kumari-ghar, Basantapur Kathmandu. So much for the tradition and culture. Something do not change… need not change.. may not change.

The anti-religious Maoists want to keep on alert. They do not want to provoke the Newars of the valley, twice in a row. They must have realized it when their voting pool went against them during the Indra-jatra Fiasco. So keep alert. They do not want to jeopardize their future “sure-shot” voting pool by abolishing the Living Goddesses.

The Goddesses are here to stay. The only change we will see is the face, until the next menstruation, until the Goddess is tainted, sinned, doomed! Some ten years to go. People would no longer then worship her. Neither would they touch her feet with devotion. Goddess. Tainted. Sinned. Doomed.

It was heart wrecking seeing Rubina cry.


We did not perform any ritualistic “sacrifice” of goats this Dashain. That’s a change. Slaughtering goats at home has always been messy. Bloody messy. And the faces of the goats.

I just hate the haunting apparition of the goats. The screams. It may not be like the one Clarice Starling used to hear but at least for now, yeah I love the silence of the goats.

It’s not like I am turning into a vegetarian. I believe – if you have to eat, you have to kill – animals or plants. Yes, you have to murder plants too. There’s no option (unless you want to be extremely ascetic and live on fallen leaves and fruits – rishi-muni style).

Besides, I enjoy eating meat. I just don’t want to hear the screams.

So, another change.


And, it was kind of weird not having around a Hindu King offering “tika, jamaraa and blessings” during this Dashain. Mr. Dr. President doing the job this time. Next year, we might have a Muslim president. That would be fun.

Gyanu uncle and Komal aunty, nevertheless, did offer “tika, jamaraa and blessings” to his loyal subjects at their son’s residence. Reportedly, the queue of Uncle supporters was regally longer than the one at Mr. Dr. President’s house.



And things do not change.

Budget Minister Bhattarai talks about radical and progressive transformation of the economy of the country in two years. In his own words – “transformation at the rate of a jumping frog”. (Later, Dr. Bhattarai corrected his statement by saying it was Kangaroo’s rate he really meant.) And he is cocksure about donors and capitalist nations bestowing their $$benevolence$$ that would cover the half of the projected budget. Dincha dincha, sure dincha ni hamlai, desh bikash garchu bhanda dinai parcha ni – Dr Babu had assured the people.

PM Glare’s China visit resulted in around 3 million US dollars. Let’s see if Budget Minister’s America visit exceeds the Glare’s triumph. Or he returns rat-faced.


How about some remarkably interesting change – a wedding without “Suhaag Raat”.

64-year-old Charles Sobhraj a.k.a. the Bikini Killer a.k.a. the Serpent locked his fang with 20-year-old Bengali-Nepali Nihita Biswas inside the Central Jail. While rest of the Nepali celebrated the 10th day of Dashain, the extraordinary couple reportedly got married inside the jail premises.

May be some day the Serpent would write another autobiography about his epic love story. How they traded kisses through the steel bars. May be he would curse the jail staffers for not allowing them their “conjugal visits” privilege.

Où est des droits de l’homme. Je ne peux pas baiser ma femme. Je ne peux pas baiser ma femme.

“Hold on Nihitu baby, we will have honeymoon in France!”
“Awwwww Charlu my Serpu, how cute.”


Oh darn! The Electricity Adda is once again set on changing the “load shedding schedule” soon. Darn, we are gonna have to wait for 10 freaking long years before commrade Budget Minister delivers us his 10,000 Mega Watt electrishity.

I think I got “changofuckingphobia” right now. Darn this change.



  1. sunzoje says:

    kudos…for wind of change. but i didn’t see any change in your flickr account. also, some frequent change is necessary in your blog posting

  2. S says:

    Who cares when we can play the change game and so easily fool people. And if people seriously don’t mind being easily pursuaded. Who gives a fk. Must say, I loved the choices of words Bhattrai used – hisclaim to transform the economy at the rate of Kangroo’s jump. I find it strange that after all the mishappenings- politicians still manage to use the same old ghisya pitya lines. WHo are they trying to fool please…yeah ofcourse the naive, poor Nepali population …its not like we’re trying to solve the world’s greatest puzzle here. As for the x-kumari being a crybaby- one day she would be thankful to her menstruation cycle- that got her out of that almost a jail-like environment. and a wedding without Suhaag raaat. I think in Newari community- the weddings do go without the Suhaag raats. Or at least I don’t think thats a part of the wedding ritual if I am not mistaken…so either I am correct or for sure nobody in my family bothered to enlighten me about this case. Its not my business to question a 20 year old (who’s technically an adult and can take decisions on her own). Someone Who would go for 64-year-old man that too a criminal..or should I say a so called intelligent criminal. But come to think of it- that woman needs to get a life. There’s more to life than just marrying an old criminal in the nam eof fame or in the name of ficticious love…or french visa… whatever she was after. Well what can I say we are the worst creation of mother Earth. So I guess the real change is only possible once the human beings are wiped out from the face of the Earth. Now what would be awesome- another evolution!!

  3. ShutUp says:

    The “Suhaag Raat” I was talking about was the one of Nihitu and Charlu.

  4. S says:

    That’s what I was saying- the wedding happened between Sobhraj and his woman but went without SUhaag raat. If thats what you meant- At least thats what I understood. Although when you used the phrase ‘locked his fang’ that could have multiple meanings. But forget it – its none of my business what they did or didn’t. Suhaag-raat-change is the least of my concern. As for the rest – I liked the way you laid it out.

  5. ShutUp says:

    Pardon me, I thought you were relating “suhaagraat” with Kumari issue. Sorry for that.

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