Awesome Glare Returns

PM Puspa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda"

PM Puspa Kamal Dahal

Pic: Dipsh]

Journalist: There’s a lot of criticism about your taking family members during this visit to US.
PM: It’s totally wrong. I have not taken anyone else which are not affiliated with the party. My wife is a party member of CPN Maoist. My son is also an important party member. Besides, my son now works as a “Computer Technician” at the Prime Minister’s office in Singh Durbar. How can anyone claim such non-sense?

Journalist: How did you find the USA?
PM: I did not find anything significantly different in the USA. Look at us, we have come so far ahead now, but the USA is still stuck where it was.

Journalist: What did you do in Germany?
PM: I feel very lucky to visit the birthplace of “the greatest person of this 1000 years – Karl Marx”. Karl Marx is said to have the “biggest brain” of all – I’m not saying this because he was a Communist – but the world intelligentsia too, support this claim. I became really “emotional” at his birthplace, to be able to go to the house where he grew up, to the room where he stayed.

Actual responses during a press meet at the Tribhuvan International Airport, upon the Prime Minister’s arrival from New York on September 30, 2008.

Detail: Nepalnews


13 Responses to Awesome Glare Returns

  1. wordleech says:

    Of course his wife is an important member of the party who’s gonna cook dal bhat on his trip and of course his son is that computer whiz he needs on his tour to handle his email accounts.

    Best of all we here in America had no clue our new prime minister was visiting. Media gave a shit about it i guess. I do flip through world affairs page of the Dallas morning news every morning but no sign of Prachanda what so ever. Was it a political visit or a private vacation?

    It already looks like he has the syndromes of being another classic Nepali prime minister.

  2. ShutUp says:

    La bro.. kasto ryag hanya?

    It was a sort of a political visit since he addressed at the United Nations’ 63rd General Assembly in New York.

    His daughter and daughter-in-law were also with him in this historic visit.

  3. S says:

    ‘we’ here in America had no clue!. Such statement coming out from someone who claims to keep track of ‘world affairs’ with the help of some random local newspaper – is quite ironic don’t you think!. Please lets stop generalizing here!
    Or did you mean Latin America…where the fierce one haven’t had the oppurtunity to visit the places yet.

  4. ShutUp says:


    Second in Command to Awesome Glare – Minister for Money Bhattarai Babu is right now in the USA to attend some World Bank meeting.

    Dashai lagya cha cabinet member haru lai.

  5. S says:

    dashain ta thaha bhayena..but global credit crunch chai laagya chha. and I believe its one of the reasons why BRB is here.

    oh and while reading Prachanda’s reaction on the difference between America and Nepal. It reminded me of Hisila Yami’s speech once – before the election. She was claiming that Nepal is far ahead of America- just because of the fact that in America- there’s only one woman fighting for president’s position. Where as in Nepal’s case there are more than 10 (I forgot the exact statistic she gave). And thats a sign that we are progressing far ahead.

    I thought that was the crapiest analysis ever. Was she talking for real!!…and who the hell was she trying to impress. And since when did quantity weighed more than the quality. (Lets not go into majority vs minority game though).. but seriously, get real!
    America might not have changed politically, but look at where we are. We haven’t even begun the process yet. So I couldn’t digest that premature statment.Then again haamro desh maa jun jogi aayeni kaanai chireko bahenko jastai. Why should these bunch be any different..anyway. Still having said that- these people better be different. We shall wait and watch.

  6. ShutUp says:


    Another P.S.

    + A delegation of 15 members of the Constituent Assembly are right now in an observation tour of Germany and Switzerland.
    + Constituent Assembly chariman Subash Nemwang is in Geneva.
    + Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav is in South Korea after his USA visit.

    Dashain laagya hoina ta leader haru lai?

  7. S says:

    According to the reliable sources Prachanda didn’t at all get the time to visit the US.
    He was strictly herer for the UN thingy. so don’t know abt that. I would love to know how much money is spent on the foreign visits. and what ‘exactly’ are they still doing. I can understand cabinet members esp the foreign minister visitng and trying to build the political relationship. But whats the point of CA members paying a visit? i don’t get it. Eitehr I am way too dumb or I just don’t understand how Nepali politics work. So yeah in your own words- Dashain sahit bhaye bharko sabai chaad parba laagya chha. ANi kohi napaayera…haamrai politicians haru lai maatra laagchha. And when it comes to poor Nepalese- even when there’s a landslide- nobody cares.

  8. ShutUp says:

    I really don’t know the exact amount spent during such foreign visits (no one is supposed to know these stuff I guess) but according to a source at the foreign ministry, the members of such visit groups do get hefty daily allowances.

    During PM Glare’s US visit.. he received,”reportedly” around $350 per day and the rest of the delegation got $200 each per day.

    Before the US visit, one of my journalist friends who was in the PM’s delegation to India visit said he received $120 per day as an allowance. PM’s allowance must have been higher, he said.

  9. S says:

    Must say, I am not surprised that these issues are kept confidential. But in this so called new reoublic Nepal- isn’t this against the democracy?. We’re not asking for secret national security related info its just simple expense report. Granted – as the political leaders of the country- you are probably entitled to spend a bit of money and not act cheap- since you’re not just a regular common man.(But then- its the regular man that makes a politician). The fact of the matter is – you are not a British queen who needs to be treated royally (who’s also rich enough to spend it-poor british people) or where everyone can easily recognize you. Although – if you’re in Amrica, thats probably worst. They may have never even seen or heard about you. So you can afford to be anonymous.
    I am guessing they won’t need to spend even a penny considering – perhaps a numerous receptions are taking place everyday. A free meal ticket right there. Even while attending meetings- perhaps the host may provide free lunch or even dinner if extends late. The only expenses they would have to bear is the hotel bills. Anotehr fact of hte matter is – they are after all the leaders of the third world country. Its a fact- third world countries can’t spend much. Or they just don’t have enough. There’s a possibility- the delegates are living with their relatives or some cheap hotel to save money. So the bottomline- $200 per day is a freaking load of money for Nepalese delegates or for the ministers themselves. I am sure they are trying to save as much as possible inorder to put some in their own bank account.

    ANother example- Just because you’re one those supposed leaders doesn’t necessarily mean the money you spend defines your status. (Not trying to endorse Obama here- but just an example)- Whenever Omaba visits- states to states- as much as possible he tries to live with a host family. This helps cut the expenses from his election campaign. Now here’s the man that people can learn from. He carries his own luggage- oh yes- there’s no so called right-hand man holding the umbrella for him all through. Now here’s the man with wisdom. Here’s the man that not just rich Americans but also our politicians can learn from. If you or your nation can’t afford it- you cant afford it. It’s as simple as that.

  10. ShutUp says:

    And, there was a news about Prachanda buying a 1.5 lakh Rs bed just before he and his family shifted to Baluwataar. When I told this to my mom, she was like – “huh, should not he be buying beds for those maoists-combatants in the cantontments who are sleeping under tattered tents?”

    Yestai ho. Jana Ganatantra ko wokaalaat garne haru ko taal pani dekhi haaliyo.

    Sex Pistols le “God Save the Queen” bhanthyo.. aba yaha chai “Someone Save Us” bhannu pari sakyo.

  11. Panic says:

    on a lighter note, i think the picture is freaking hilarious.

  12. ShutUp says:

    ^ Hahaha.
    He sure looks dimunitive.. sort of Danny Devitto. Tyo koot 2 months ma fit huncha teshlai.. tight nai huncha hola.

  13. Anish says:

    No one can win Prachanda in making non-sensense claims. At least GPA used to say the same thigs agian and again even after losing his mind. But Prachanda’s claims are always contradictory with his own.

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