Crisis in Darfur: How should US respond to it?
A talk show televised by CNN on September 21, 2008.

Former Secretaries of the States. Collin Powell, Madeleine Albright and three others.

Issues: Genocide in Darfur – Should the US intervene.

China is selling weapons to the government of Sudan, in turn the Sudanese government is using the “Chinese” weapons to “kill” the anti-government/rebels, leading to a genocide in the matter of five years. (This was also one of the reasons why they and the human rights organizations like RTI and RSF wanted other nations to boycott the Beijing Olympics.)

The show ends with most of them agreeing that the US should do something about Darfur crisis.


Surprisingly, the real reasons of the conflict in Darfur were not discussed even once during the whole show.

A classic example of how mainstream media limits the issue of discussion, how it narrows the range of discourse; how mainstream media successfully engages people in a so called “active debate” but always manages to limit the discourse within that “range”.

The participants constantly belabored about “genocide”, “human rights” and “crisis” – they even debated, sometimes putting opposing opinions. But never once did they talk about the reasons of the conflict.

This phenomenon has been explained best by the renowned media critic – Noam Chomsky:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”
Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

They indulged in a highly active discussion – critical and analytical. Freedom of Expression. Right to Information. Set the agenda. Everything seemed highly democratic. But through out the whole period, they did not even address the other side.. the real side.. the “real reality”.

All done with purpose.


The reason of conflict in Darfur is the same one as is in Iraq, Georgia, Nigeria and Bolivia. It’s very simple to understand.

It’s the OIL. *

And everything else is just a sham show of biblical proportion. They don’t care about the people dying over there. They never have.

Darfur is special because the Sudanese government decided to do business with the Chinese government instead of the US. China buys oil from Sudan and pays back by supplying weapons. The US government is simply pissed that it has not been able to control Darfur’s oil – and to add insult to injury – it is miserably aggravated that Sudan is buying weapons from its archenemy China.

As a result, the US blames China for the genocide because it’s the Chinese weapons that are killing the rebels in Sudan. They show images/visuals of tanks rovering on the Sudanese streets and they declare – “Those tanks are definitely Chinese made.”


Weapons don’t kill.

Sudan could have bought the weapons – guns, ammunitions, bombs, tanks – from the so called neutral countries – Sweden or Norway or the US itself. There would still be insurgency and violence and genocide in Darfur.

Do they want to prove – that Chinese Tanks can kill more people than the Swedish Tanks? That Chinese ammunitions are more fatal than Norwegian’s? That American guns don’t kill people? **

How amusing!

Do the “majority” of general Americans know this? Or, do they even care about this?

CNN and other mainstream US media will keep on saying there’s genocide in Darfur and that the US should intervene to keep the world safer from human rights violators. The clever one (Obama/McCain) will pledge the Americans “to end this injustice in Darfur in the name of God” and probably win the November’s Presidential election too.

Awaiting for the world-class charade on the mainstream media of the greatest country of the world!


* WE WANT YOUR OIL – Asian Dub Foundation

Smart bomb with more brains than the President
Blipping and bleeping as they target residents
Of market squares and hospital wards
King rat is safe in the wings of the hawk

A secret never to be told always to be sold
Digging out the Black gold
We want your oil

Petro junkies must be fed
Going Barefoot in the head
It’s S.U.V’s with warheads
We want your oil

Tearing up formalities there is no neutrality
Welcome to reality
We want your oil

Ignore treates line by line
Litte countries fall behind
The lunatics will lead the blind
We want your oil

** Quite interestingly, they have in fact, belittled the Chinese guns. Watch the Batman movie “Dark Knight”.


3 Responses to WE WANT YOUR OIL

  1. S says:

    Neither do Americans care nor are they aware. The only crisis they know about the so called ‘world’ (in their own terms) is the wall-street fiasco that most possibly will come in a form of tax-pay. Its all one big farce. From American media to american politics. Where 90 percent of the news is all American and they very conveniently label it as World news with Charles Gibson. Desperate Republicans stand some Alaskan mom on the podium to help add zing to their dieing campaign. and Americans gladly take it as a big addition that has teh potential to ‘change’ their set of world.
    They don’t even know whats happening in their own backyard. Why would they give a fk to the outside world. and that too some third world African country. They simply don’t care. And in this beautiful world they have the American media have quite skillfully managed to create this American bucket of some sort. where the onyl agenda that exists is American agenda, the only issue that matters is American issue, the only people that matter is the American people. Amidst all this- they don’t give a fk if they are hurting someone else. They don’t care who elseses are diein in Iraq. They don’t even care if the no. of civilians deaths are increasing because of them or because of the taliban.

    They only care when their issues are glorified, and most of the housewives begin to care when Oprah starts making a big deal about it on her syndicated show. Like as if she’s a messiah of some sort. and if they just lisented to her- their problems would get solved in a jiffy. So its all about America and only Americans and man do they take pride in it or what.
    Alas, if only they could easily ignore Russia and China though.

    And now why am I making a big deal about it anyway. When clearly Nepal has its own set of problems but ultimately who cares. nobody.

  2. S says:

    **I was talking about Afganistan- when I used the term Taliban.

  3. My comment’s not related to your post, but Mr. Chomsky was murdered by Foucault. I like both, though.


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