“God bless you all and God bless America”

Do Atheists and Agnostics and Muslims and Buddhists and Voodoos and Jews, do these vote in America?

Now that the Hindus in Orrisa, India have “either burned or damaged at least 2,400 buildings, including Christian prayer houses and schools”, will Bush/Chenny come after the Hindus? What would Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin do about it? Oh shit, Hindus. Terrorists.

But, India does not have OIL!

So the Christians in Orissa can go out in hiding. Expendable. Disposable. NON-issue.

And, damn you all. It’s “Koshi” not “Kosi”. And, don’t say “Koji” either. Ignorants. Arrogants.

After EYE-raq and EYE-ran and Mult-EYE and AntEYE – I thought they would say KosEYE. This time they got it right, though.

ChrEYEst! It’s KOSHI !!!


If you did not know:Every time I hear some “khaire” pronounce Gorkha as “Gurkha”, I laugh my brown ass at their hypocrisy. Same effect happens whey they say Eye-raq and Eyeran.

The Sapta Koshi River breached it’s embankment and flooded into mainly four VDCs of the eastern Sunsari district. Over 40,000 people got displaced. It is even abysmal in the Bihar state of India. The state media reports over half a million people displaced and over 70 people dead.

And in Kandhmal district, Orissa state of India, communal violence flared between Hindus and Christians after a Hindu leader was killed. Now, it’s chaos over there. Arson, looting, retribution and violence!

Some Pics from AFP:

A Christian girl collecting belongings from her burnt home!

A Christian girl collecting belongings from her burnt home!

Christians for Peace, Orissa

Christians for Peace... and

Eye For an Eye

Eye For an Eye... Hindus for blood!


3 Responses to EYE FOR AN EYE

  1. wordleech says:

    just another strong reason for me not to believe in GOD. And why do u think poor ass Indians in the state of orrisa turned in Christianity? Poverty might be a commendable answer. But i hate how knowledge fuels hatred in us , how u have a prejudice and i know u have buddy and i dun say it wrong. just because u have a clarity of mind to know fron wrong to right you have hate and anger but a person with lack of that knowledge acts upon that hatred …just like in orrisa…may be i do not make sense but i hope my message gets through .
    just follow my blog as i intend to embark upon this issue in my next blog.

  2. ShutUp says:

    You are right. I have a strong prejudice and complete disbelief against any organized religion – Hinduism Hare-Krishna-ism Christianity Islam Buddhism Communism – anything organized and controlled.

    Will check your blog. Put it up asap.

  3. S says:

    EYe-raq, Eye-taly ..Eye-ran…well kahires and their own set of pronunciations…alhough i enjoy it whenever they emphasis on hte eyes. at least I get to relish my own private smirk-moments.

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