Would Your Burn Candles for FREE KASHMIR


Kashmir (Photo: Internet)

As you all might already know that the people of (Indian administered) Kashmir have been demonstrating for a free Kashmir with rights of self-determination (and this is not a new movement at all). They don’t want to be “Indian Administered” anymore. And you might as well already know that the Indian police force have been battering the demonstrators – several have been killed, several “separatist leaders” have been jailed. Curfew has also been imposed in the valley for several days to curb any demonstrations.

Now I’m wondering! Where the fuck are the human rights organizations (along with RTI and RSF)!

The non-Tibetans and media workers that have tried to raise Tibet issue and tried to humiliate China on the face of Beijing Olympics – would they support “Free Kashmir” movement and start their media campaign?

Oh, we are talking about “Muslim” people here – not some Dalai Lama and his so called Buddhist followers. So they are the terrorists, militants and insurgents. USA? Forget it.. it won’t be interested in doing any favour to Muslim people.

Granted, there’s no human rights in China, there’s no human rights in India.. heck it’s not anywhere!

And, I really don’t care/know about the real “political” issue between India and Pakistan. I am only interested in seeing if all these AP, AFP, CNN, BBC, RTI, RSF and rights activists who blatantly legitimized the “Free Tibet” issue over Olympics, do the same for “Free Kashmir” movement.

India is not hosting any Olympic games – however, if it did, would these humanitarians and rights activists obstruct the Torch relay? Would they say – “Stop Olympics, Kashmiri are dying”? And would, some of you who burnt candles on Facebook for Free Tibet (how freaking amusing!), would you do the same for Free Kashmir?

I wish good for Kashmiri people – whatever their fate may be. I wish the same for others too.

But these so called human rights activists and so called “free media” – they just disgust me! Thukkaaa !


Olympic Cuffs

Olympic Cuffs

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin seen through a protest banner showing handcuffs arranged like the Olympic Rings by the organization ‘Reporters without Borders’ during a demonstration to protest against Chinese human rights policy on Friday Aug. 8 2008. People from different organizations attend the protest during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. (Photo/Markus Schreiber)


8 Responses to Would Your Burn Candles for FREE KASHMIR

  1. K says:

    That’s the tragedy I call Kashmir! When we speak of our pain, it is called propaganda; when an Indians tries to understand our pain, he is an anti-National. We are Kashmiris, not worth more than the scum of this earth but our land, well that’s priceless!

  2. BasantG says:

    why do you need free Kashmir? I condemn the force used by Indian government. They must give rights to Kashmir people. But never support free Kashmir.
    NO free Kashmir
    NO free Tibet
    NO free Madhesh

    • raja says:

      Basant G,
      Why you wanted free india from British ?

    • raja says:

      there is a resolution in the UN for the pebliscit and there were promises from Indian leader for the pebliscit. What do you think of them ?

      Dont you think that everything above should be hounored as it has been over 60yrs and costed over a 100 000 lives and you hear the barbarian treatment of its residents by the so called Indian Jawans. A very recent case of Shopian where two teenage girls were raped, murdered and these so called Indian Security Forces tried to cover up. Where is your logic, your conscience ?

      Kashmir will be free. If India is wise it will let it go free, the sooner the better, else it will find itself what recently a chinese defence analyst predicted for India. Jai Justice , Jai Peace.

  3. ShutUp says:

    A question just popped into my mind – what if Dalai Lama was some Muslim leader (like those Uyghur people in Xinjiang province), would the USA dollor-support Tibetans?

    And what about Abkhajia and South Ossetia – the two breakaway provinces of Georgia, both have been autonomous since the USSR split and now want to be free states. Why support Free Tibet and why denounce Free Abkhajia and Free South Ossetia!

  4. KashmiriVoice says:

    we kashmiris need our freedom from india now
    we are tired of our families being murdered infront of our eyes, our women raped in from of us, our children being kidnapped before our eyes.
    WE WANT FREEDOM FROM INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S says:

    I can understand why you’re binding four -five different issues altogether. And I know this whole damn free media thing is just one big fiasco.. and the hlah blahs… Still- here’s my point: CHina had been preparing for the Olympics for the past ten years. So it was Tibetans’ strategy to protest right around this time- to get attention.
    So as far as this media going gung ho over Tibet thingy- entirely boiled out of Chinese olympic- Nowadays China is no less than the US SO regardless of the no. of deaths or any big/small evetns taking place- Tibet became a part of all that – as it all sprung out China technically. and Thats what media went after. That’s why I think it was quite clever of Tibertan’s to execute or escalate the protest worldwide- exactly that time around. So I think you can forgive Media on this case, despite their shortcommings.

    Hence from human rights perspective I can understand- these issues coming together. Or else its not fair to mix it up with kashmiri thingy. Kashmir issue is again poles apart. And my gosh–as far as those Ossetian and Abkhazians are concerned- Who cares about those small places- and why would media seriously give a damn. cause who on earth would want to know whatever the hell they are going through. Even if some journalist bring in such issues- for sure editors would most probably go-where the hell is the news worthy element. I’m no journalist- but as a regular person …am not sure if I would be interested at all myself. But I like being aware of things – so I might give a bit of a heed. Honestly though, when I heard of Kosovo as the self-proclaimed independent nation, the least I could do was laugh at it. I seriously found it funny. Cause obviously- for the outside world- they are not an independent state. But uniharuko Dukhaa Uniharu le maatra bujhchha.

    Dude- lets face the reailty- its only sex that sells. I know – you might know this more than I do. still keep writing.- must say- I love what you write. At least there’s someone who thinks (somewhat) like me.

    P.S: There was a candle-burning session on Facebook for Free Tibet!- ..interesting..I wasn;t aware of it. Although I am wondering more about – how did that happen- digitally or for real!. See!!..look at me- I don’t even care about free Tibet. Its what they do that excite me more. and thats the reality.

  6. ShutUp says:

    There used to be one Facebook Application where you could choose to Burn Candles for Free Tibet. I used to get a lot of invitations for that one.. but no more.

    Some guys/girls on my contact list did burn some candles and I used to laugh my butts off.

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