Each year, beauty contests, especially Miss Nepal Beauty Contest have to face protests and slurs of irate women activists and traditionalists, because these contests have been left “misunderstood” by the organizers and promoters.

Understand this people, this is just pure business. Beauty competitions, in reality, are incredible marketing strategy. What these competitions primarily do is cream out the best “talented” pretty girls and manufacture them into a sell-able entity into the world of advertisement, entertainment, and glamour. The organizers and sponsors are only looking for those girls who can propel the product value in the market and increase the sale. And this is a global phenomenon in this consumerist-modern world driven by mass media.

That is the crux of the matter. The organizers, nonetheless, have been shaping and painting distorted pictures calling these competitions as the platform to explore talents, to develop personality or to polish leadership. Blah blah bhah. These are all cover-ups.

Miss Nepal 2007

Miss Nepal 2007

The girls who compete in the beauty competitions know these all too. They don’t look that stupid not knowing what they are up for – they surely can figure out if they are being exploited. Have we ever seen any grumpy faced ladies in the competitions yet?

If the organizers and sponsors present this truth clearly, half of the nay sayers would already turn supportive. They must say – this is not a “talent” competition; this is a “beauty” competition for business promotion. This is not a science quiz competition, nor a sports competition, nor a poem competition.

The organizers should discreetly delete “Nepal” from the title and re-name the competitions as “Miss Advertisement” and have further sub-categories like “Miss Hoarding Board”, “Miss Shampoo”, “Miss Tooth Brush”, “Miss Skin” or “Miss Long Legs”. Problem solved!

The competing ladies too, should quit making BIG statements like they would develop the nation or they would contribute to the society or they are fighting for women emancipation. Cut all the crap and why not just say, they want to be famous. They want to be on television, music videos and glamour websites and become “goodwill ambassador”. (What the hell is that anyways?) They want to adorn hoarding boards in the streets. And yeah, if the career in “media” does not prove fruitful, they want to exploit the limelight into opening up doors of opportunities and excel in their other desired careers – like for instance, working in top INGOs and NGOs.

Pursuit of happiness – that’s it. Listen up women activists, there’s nothing wrong if some girls get clever and make their way to lavish careers, is there?

However, the women activists are also the half of the problem. They gather up in their little groups and shout and demonstrate only when the “beauty” contest called “Miss Nepal” is nearing. They are also indignant that the contest does not represent the girls from all the classes/society of the whole nation, and the competing girls are sexually and physically exploited by the organizers, and that “Miss Nepal” brings western vulgar culture into the country.

Well, their point of view seems to be genuine, however they really don’t sound convincing at all. How can a single competition represent every single girl from all the class/race/community of the country? This is the 15th time, the organizers are holding this annual event and never once have anyone heard any complains of “sexual harassments and exploitations”.

And, is Miss Nepal the sole contributor to bringing western vulgarity into our society? Look at the music videos of Nepali Hip-hoppers and Remake Artists (I refuse calling them Remix artists – but that’s a different story) with girls – who seem perfectly happy with their self-portrayal of majestic sluts. Our women activists seem to enjoy that, don’t they?

What more, some women Constituent Assembly members and women activists met with the newly crowned Prime Minister of Republic Nepal – Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” and demanded the government banish the Miss Nepal contest. See:

What a racket!

If there are problems, just like these women activists see it, should not they be working through out the year trying to find real solutions rather than just making an opportunistic move and stirring up some heat to gain some free publicity?

Like I said, these women activists, super drenched in their righteousness, ARE half of the problem themselves.

Anyways, I would completely enjoy watching the upcoming beauty contest. (Not that I really “enjoy” the telecast of the show itself, which is usually a cheap second rate ripped off version of international beauty contests with some chunks of Nepali-ness thrown in here and there – with the girls trying to look relaxed and cool with their weird catwalks and make ups… shit, you know what, I really hate the presentation.) It would be interesting to see which one of the “crowned talents” would replace the former “queens” on the television, magazine covers, hoarding boards (especially, the one at Thapathali Chowk), fashion ramps, music videos, ATM booths, oil-packets …… after some months.



  1. Sadina says:

    most of wht ur sayin is true! i have felt the same a lot of times as well.. the way they try to portray the miss nepal contest is not at al what it is.. why ask irrelevant questions like.. if u were the prime minister.. what would u do for ur country?.. coz that situation is highly unlikely… i wudnt assume that even one gal in those contests would be interested in politics in the first place… nyways.. like u said.. its actually miss advertisement.. who wud luk gud wid pretty clothes on the oil packets ahahah.. or besides the cars or the motorbikes.. and stufs!!

  2. आकार says:

    मलाई कुनै आपत्ति छैन, यहाँ अरु भयंकर खराब कामहरुहुँदा कोही बोल्ने हैनन्, मात्र एउटा सानो कुरो लाई लिएर ठूलो पहाड बनाउन खोज्छन् । सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिता को विरोध गर्नुपर्ने कारण देख्दिन, व्यावसायिक संस्था ले आयोजना गरेकोले, उसैले सुन्दरीलाई कन्ट्र्याक्ट मा राख्नु के नै हुन्छ र ? यदि यो महिलामाथि को शोषण लाग्छ अनि हुन्छ भने यस्तै किसिम का घटना त सँधै घटिरहेको हुन्छ ।
    जस्तो कि, कुनै कलाकार हरु नै कन्ट्र्याक्ट मा हुन्छन्, विभिन्न छात्रवृति मा पनि यस्तै हुन्छ, कुनै संस्थाले पढाइदिन्छ भने पछि उसैले हायर पनि गर्छ, यस्तै-यस्तै धेरै कुरा छन् । विरोध गर्न पाउने आफ्नो अधिकार होला, तर सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिता मा पनि केही हदसम्म ट्यालेन्ट भएका, कुनै एउटा गुण भएका हुन्छन् भने किन विरोध गर्ने ?
    उफ्, तर अहिले त ब्यान्ड नै गरिएको छ । यो लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र मुलुक का लागि नसुहाने कुरा हो ।

  3. ShutUp says:

    Is it “banned” indefinitely? That would be a terrible thing. It’s against anyone’s basic human rights.

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