Would Your Burn Candles for FREE KASHMIR

August 27, 2008

Kashmir (Photo: Internet)

As you all might already know that the people of (Indian administered) Kashmir have been demonstrating for a free Kashmir with rights of self-determination (and this is not a new movement at all). They don’t want to be “Indian Administered” anymore. And you might as well already know that the Indian police force have been battering the demonstrators – several have been killed, several “separatist leaders” have been jailed. Curfew has also been imposed in the valley for several days to curb any demonstrations.

Now I’m wondering! Where the fuck are the human rights organizations (along with RTI and RSF)!

The non-Tibetans and media workers that have tried to raise Tibet issue and tried to humiliate China on the face of Beijing Olympics – would they support “Free Kashmir” movement and start their media campaign?

Oh, we are talking about “Muslim” people here – not some Dalai Lama and his so called Buddhist followers. So they are the terrorists, militants and insurgents. USA? Forget it.. it won’t be interested in doing any favour to Muslim people.

Granted, there’s no human rights in China, there’s no human rights in India.. heck it’s not anywhere!

And, I really don’t care/know about the real “political” issue between India and Pakistan. I am only interested in seeing if all these AP, AFP, CNN, BBC, RTI, RSF and rights activists who blatantly legitimized the “Free Tibet” issue over Olympics, do the same for “Free Kashmir” movement.

India is not hosting any Olympic games – however, if it did, would these humanitarians and rights activists obstruct the Torch relay? Would they say – “Stop Olympics, Kashmiri are dying”? And would, some of you who burnt candles on Facebook for Free Tibet (how freaking amusing!), would you do the same for Free Kashmir?

I wish good for Kashmiri people – whatever their fate may be. I wish the same for others too.

But these so called human rights activists and so called “free media” – they just disgust me! Thukkaaa !


Olympic Cuffs

Olympic Cuffs

The Chinese Embassy in Berlin seen through a protest banner showing handcuffs arranged like the Olympic Rings by the organization ‘Reporters without Borders’ during a demonstration to protest against Chinese human rights policy on Friday Aug. 8 2008. People from different organizations attend the protest during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. (Photo/Markus Schreiber)


A New Animal Farm – A New Nepal

August 24, 2008
The Pigs

The Pigs

Part I

Even though the book Animal Farm (by George Orwell, 1946) had been laying on the table for time immemorial, I never had the urge to pick it up until recently. I had listened to “Animals’ album by Pink Floyd (released, 1977) for countless times and knew that it was a conceptual album heavily inspired by Orwell’s Animal Farm. (It’s a great music, by the way.) Even then, I had never thought about reading the book yet.

Some say, better late than never. And, eventually, I read the book – on one sitting! And, it has been a great revelation… sort of Biblical revelation!

In a style of a fable, the book tells the story of the fall of the Tsar Autocracy and rise of Communism in Soviet Russia during the period of early to the mid 1990s. Orwell uses specific animals to represent the rulers, Communist leaders and the working class people – as pigs (wily, corrupt and tyrannical leaders), attack-dogs (brute force, military), sheep (general people – blind followers) and horses (the working class which rarely raises any question).

The book – in simple and fable-style, illustrates the story of the rise of the Socialism (as formulated by Karl Mark or Lenin), the seeming prosperity through struggle of working class people always aspiring for better future and then the acute failure of Socialism as the ruling class (Communist party leaders) becomes power-hungry, corrupted and despotic.

However, I find the book as not just a satire on the Communism and the Soviet Russia. It was/is a satire against all the despotic totalitarian regimes – communism or capitalism – with rigid institutional structure and class stratification of elite, rich and poor. And, ultimately, the book illustrates about how “power” always corrupts and how “greed” inevitably prevails any altruism (socialism, humanity, communism, anything).

With a little knowledge on the overall background of Soviet history under the rule of Communist party (which stared after October Revolution in 1917), the theme, characters, symbols (the Windmill, in particular) and plot of the book becomes starkly clearer. (Read the book, if you haven’t already!)

And … significantly relevant to the present day Nepal, now that we have Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) heading the government and professing their version of socialism.

Part II

You be the judge of what is going to happen here in Nepal – what you will be hearing, seeing, bearing and living through the coming two years (and probably more) of CPN Maoist’s governance in the “Federal Democratic Republic” of Nepal. Something always remains to be seen but we can assume of “harder” and “darker” days ahead with our own Nepali Napoleons, Snowballs and Squealers taking the reigns of the country’s future.

I hope I am wrong.


August 20, 2008

Each year, beauty contests, especially Miss Nepal Beauty Contest have to face protests and slurs of irate women activists and traditionalists, because these contests have been left “misunderstood” by the organizers and promoters.

Understand this people, this is just pure business. Beauty competitions, in reality, are incredible marketing strategy. What these competitions primarily do is cream out the best “talented” pretty girls and manufacture them into a sell-able entity into the world of advertisement, entertainment, and glamour. The organizers and sponsors are only looking for those girls who can propel the product value in the market and increase the sale. And this is a global phenomenon in this consumerist-modern world driven by mass media.

That is the crux of the matter. The organizers, nonetheless, have been shaping and painting distorted pictures calling these competitions as the platform to explore talents, to develop personality or to polish leadership. Blah blah bhah. These are all cover-ups.

Miss Nepal 2007

Miss Nepal 2007

The girls who compete in the beauty competitions know these all too. They don’t look that stupid not knowing what they are up for – they surely can figure out if they are being exploited. Have we ever seen any grumpy faced ladies in the competitions yet?

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August 10, 2008


There is a private secondary school right next to our house. It is not a big or popular school. The building it has and the infrastructure around the school suggest the school is not doing very well financially.

At around 9:45 in the morning, the students and teachers gather on the little playground inside the premises. They sing Nepali national anthem and a particular teacher usually gives some sort of morning preaching (over a microphone) about the need for students to be punctual in the school, about wearing their school dresses clean and stuffs like that. Sometimes they have students reading poem (in English) or make a speech about national hero from the history (in English).

Today, I just wanted to listen keenly what exactly he (the teacher) talks about in front of the assembly of the students. So I peeked out from my window and started looking at the assembly. I am shocked and a little bit amused by what I heard.

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Made My Day

August 7, 2008

Haha haha hahahahahahahaha
Haha ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA

August 7, 2008
New Delhi, India

Can’t stop laughing. It sure made my day for now.