Nepali Film Posters III

GHAAYAL (action version)


GHAAYAL (romantic version)


Rekha Thapa’s KISMAT


And this one is the most precious one. This poster must be over 10 years old. Incomparable and invincible, Rajesh Hamal, ready with karate chops! Dhiren Shakya in suspenders, Gauri Malla in white and Neer Shah, probably the tyrannical “sahu ji” in a village.

Bhisma Pratigya

And, for the love of dog, when will Nepali films not have this sort of pose/hero/dressup?

Nepali Film


18 Responses to Nepali Film Posters III

  1. She.Devil says:

    have patience …

  2. tenzin says:

    hey nepali poster are very disgrace full for the country the designer has to idea…. he is a dum..nepali poster are fucked up

  3. S says:

    Super dramatic- but I guess if the audience htey are catering to are not complaining – why should we.

  4. saroj babu says:

    i like nepali film but it has not a good story.

  5. badmas says:

    कहिल्यै प्रगती नगर्ने भयो नेपाली चलचित्रले

    रिक्सावाला र खलासीकै भएर रह्यो ।

    कवाडीहरुको जमघट नै भयो ।

  6. Nepal kahile develop hune hooooo says:

    nepali posters and films are still in their 70s and 80s era.
    they look so very absurd and misfit in this generation.
    koi cha sochne ani badaline??????
    bollywood ko nakal na nagarana
    let us be original
    for gods sake

  7. renuka says:

    nepali movies are realy good.i love nepali movies soo much.and i want to become a flimstar like rekha thapa
    hey, rekha can u help me?

  8. renuka says:

    hey badmas temile k prageti gareko cha ra nepali movies le prageti garena bhanchau

  9. Anillina says:

    nooo no
    These Nepali movies carry the same story same thing alwayzzzzzzz.

  10. damber says:

    hallo iam abinash from usa i like to make the actor and i donot no how to make the ha plz tell me

  11. damber says:

    and i love all actor ha

  12. puja(from U.S.A) says:

    hi i love nepali movie………..
    because nepali is my language……….

  13. Roy says:

    Screw you Nepali Actors, Fuck you Nepali Movies. Jati ghatiya Nepali Moviesko Actor huncha tyo bhanda ajha ghatiya filmo ko story, direction, screenplay, choreography, everything.ajha posters ta jhan babba, k sochcha yaar yiniharu. 5th gradeko bachhale tyo bhanda ramro design nikalcha hola…jhan I heard yeutale ta dhoti haruko film posterma Nepali hero haruko tauko milayera chapeko re…GOD Help them…They are goin Nuts. They dnt knw wat they are doin

  14. Riwaj says:

    Nepali movies are like action replays…they always showcase the same things, with the same set of actors, the same movie posters, the same dressups…and what not!
    Things have changed now, and it’s not the 20th century…We would love to watch our movies, but when they start to look a bit more realistic! (and I really hate the 3 times replay of every ‘special’ scene!)…
    well, hope for a change soon!

  15. puran mahat says:


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