Stripped, Ripped and Burnt – II

Well, not exactly – the Shah-dynasty flag was not stripped ripped or burnt. Nevertheless, the flag was indeed pulled down – quietly and swiftly. The Nepali national flag, now, proudly flutters instead, as the new wave of Democratic Republic of Nepal gently blows all over the Narayanhiti Palace.

15 days is what he has. There’s no time for repent, there’s no time for reminiscence, “I should have done this – I should have done that”. No, there’s no time for atonement and there’s no time for ablution. “Ex-King” Gyanendra Shah should be starting to pack up and vacate the palace right about now. He should be happy that there’s no bloodshed or exile.

And then a public statement would be nice too –

“Hamra Sarkaar Le, yesh Narayanhiti Durbar Chodney Nirnaya Gari Bak’seka Chau”
(sic, hehe)

People want the Narayanhiti Palace be turned into a national museum, wouldn’t that be nice? It would be quite thrilling to take a “tour de Palais“.

The tour – through the chambers reeking corruption, conspiracy, slavery, atrocities; through the shady rooms where royal ghosts remain trapped, their voices subdued; through the blood stained corridors; through the lavish halls that are testimony of opulence, glorious greed and majestic indulgence of monarchs.

Yes, the tour would be thrilling.


Nepalnews: Finally, national flag flies at Narayanhiti


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