Nepali Tyam, Gazzab Cha!

Even though the parliament secretariat’s statement said that the “oath-swearing in” ceremony for the members of the Constituent Assembly will begin at 1.00 PM at Birendra International Convention Center, New Baneshwor today, it’s already 2.30 PM and half of the hall is still empty.

Sadhai Nepali Tyam.

There’s one saying – “Casting nai jhuur bhaye pachi, filim ke ramro hola ra?”

Sadhai Nepali Tyam.

If this is the prelude to the historic Constituent Assembly, imagine the real picture for the coming two years. It would be a celestial miracle if these CA members could finish drafting the new constitution for Nepal in 24 months.


7 Responses to Nepali Tyam, Gazzab Cha!

  1. Sabina says:

    khai ke bhanne, nepali tyam ko barema. Ani Nepali baniko pani ta tyahi hal cha. 3 days holidays to celebrate the announcement of Republic… Haven’t nepali and the very loyal nepalese politicians, civil servants enough holidays already? Oh yes, bhatta khaneko lagi hola holiday diyera, assembly basna lageko. Hare rajniti!!!!!!!

    Ani tyastai, beer ra raksiko pani ta byapar bridhhi garnu paryo hoina ra? Good thoughts on behalf of business.

  2. aAkaR says:

    anyways,………. जय नेपाल ! जय गणतन्त्र !! 🙂

  3. Bj says:

    Jaba samma yo desh ma chauri pareko anuhaar bhayeko budho netaharu khattama hndaina… we.. at least i’m not sure of really nice new nepal

  4. wordleech says:

    Why not just Photocopy the constitution of some countries like the US or the UK. May be Denmark remix it a little and BAM…there you go.

  5. ShutUp says:

    Seemingly easy but NOT a practical idea.

  6. leology says:

    Question remains..Do we have any other precious choices other than awaiting the outcomes? I mean what do we have in our hands about what we can do about these damn dunderheads.

  7. pranjal says:

    sachika gazzab nai cha..haha…ani bro what do you think about the ongoing “next president” nautanki?? I think you should post an article about that too

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