Strip, Rip and Burn – I

Royal Flag

Mocking the very consciousness of Republican, the royal monarchist flag is fluttering in Narayanhiti palace. That blood-smeared flag is a symbol of atrocities and oppression. That is a symbol of dynasty-ism, caste-ism, discrimination, division, darkness and superstition. That is a symbol of suppression, slavery, slaughter and plunder.

Hence, on May 28, when the republic is declared from the International Convention Center, that flag should be stripped down, ripped apart and burnt.

The question remains – will the true steps to institutionalize the ubiquitous feeling of republican begin on May 28?

By: Khagendra Sangraula
(Translated from the NayaPatrika – Monday May 26,2008.)


2 Responses to Strip, Rip and Burn – I

  1. pranjal says:

    FUCK the NC, UML and any other political parties who decided to grant the king the aristocratic Nagarjuna palace an to the utter dismay of the Nepali republicans, 75 security forces including 25 Army personnels.

    “The king has been transformed into a Naagarik.” FUCK THAT!

    Do the normal citizen get any sort of security? 75 army ta parako kura ho.

  2. ShutUp says:

    Hang on.. wait.. have patience..


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