Baker Museum: He Slept on Pillow of Leopard Skin

Police recover huge cache of illegal artifacts hoarded by American explorer

Nepal Police on Friday said it confiscated vast range of illegally possessed ancient idols, artifacts and woodcrafts of archaeological importance including skins and bones of endangered wildlife from the rented apartments of an American national and famous explorer Ian Baker in the capital city.

Interestingly Ian Baker, 41, who has been reportedly staying in the country since many years, is a world-renowned explorer, novelist and a contributor for the National Geographic and several other magazines.

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More on Ian Baker

According to a press released by Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu on May 23, 2008 – the police have confiscated over 100 different items of such rare artifacts, hides and bones from two of the houses Baker rented in Naxal and Baluwataar.

Here are some pictures of “Ian Baker Museum”, taken by Dipesh Shrestha.

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum


12 Responses to Baker Museum: He Slept on Pillow of Leopard Skin

  1. rainforestrobin says:

    Wow, what an amazing news story. I was blown away that he hoarded that much stuff illegally. He sounds like a very weird person that he slept on a leopard skin pillow. Not that the leopard skin is bad, that doesn’t bother me as leopards are beautiful and should remain alive…. but that he was THAT obsessed with all this stuff and hoarded it illegally and tried to steal it from a country that was not his.

  2. ShutUp says:

    More news coming in the media – although unconfirmed – that some high ranking police officials used to visit him in his flats and that his legal counselor from New York has made contact with those officials to subdue the case and that Baker is willing to pay any amount of money to get “his” stuffs back.

  3. wordleech says:

    Dude Why does stuff like this get swept under the rug. This immigrant ..(I feel good saying that) to our country steals shit that belongs to us comes here makes money and calls people like us leechers who are willing to work and make our money. someone needs to mail national geography magazine , seriously. This guy needs to be locked up.

  4. nepal says:

    National Geographic Society
    1145 17th Street N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20036-4688

    this is the mailing adress. you should let them know or they might know abt it.

  5. Satan says:

    Nice work Umes Dai…
    Stumbled upon it when i was surfing ktmROCKS…
    i always knew u had a thing for taking pictures n journalism…
    Jholay dai..

  6. finn says:

    does anyone know what’s happened to this case? Has Baker returned to Nepal?

  7. ShutUp says:

    Baker has not returned to Nepal. The last I heard, Nepal Police has registered a case against Baker, but without him being present, the case can’t really proceed can it?

    I know it’s fucking hilarious to even imagine but still the question remains – will the USA extradite Baker to Nepal so that he can be indicted here and sent to Nepali prison?

  8. chris bennett says:

    I agree with everyone here that the big cats should be protected, no question. There are all kinds of people in the world that have strange habits and this man seems to be one of them. However, I do believe we need to stop setting sentence on people before they are tried. Sometimes what read in papers and other news sources are wrong about their facts. As a follow-up…I would like to see people that kill the cats taken to justice also. I know the argument that if people like him did not purchase the items no one would kill them, two wrongs do not make a right. With all due respect, I am on the side of the big cats being protected but not at the expense of justice for all.

  9. Skyler says:

    are you all retarded? have you searched for any articles written about the case from another point of view?

    if you are Nepali, you should know how corrupt the police are. second, Ian Baker NEVER tried to take anything out of Nepal. and when you rent old apartments in nice areas, they frequently have artifacts already in the house. not to mention, it is easy to walk on the street and buy most of the items in the markets. who are they selling to? unless aliens are shopping there, only foreigners and Nepali people! Baker is not of of the fly-by-night foreign collectors buying things and taking stuff out of the country. he has been in Nepal since 1977!!!! Baker never made any attempt to hide the items he purchased. he writes about this stuff! he isnt attempting to create his own museum! he is a well-known Buddhist scholar and half of the things have been given to him by lamas and monks for spiritual purposes! he preserves Nepal better than most of you!

  10. The topic is quite trendy on the Internet at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

  11. David Abbot says:

    I really doubt that Baker ever did anything like what he has been accused of. More likely, the Chinese- who hate him for promoting the cause of Tibetan freedom- framed him. It certainly would not be the first time the Chinese government framed an innocent man: every since the invaded Tibet they have been imprisoning, torturing, and murdering innocent Tibetan people whose only “crime” is saying that they think Tibetans should rule Tibet. And Chinese prisons are packed full of prisoners whose only crime was saying they want the Chinese government to stop the pollution that is killing and sickening millions of innocent Chinese people, or saying that they- the Chinese people- would like some say in how they are governed rather than being governed at gunpoint. Anyone who has read Ian Baker’s books will not believe the lies the Nepalese police are telling about him.

  12. says:

    Yes,Ian baker is nice man,he really care about Nepal,but all this animals skins and othere things is gift from Nepalis people, I guess,Lhamu

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