Not our demand


Source: Nepali Times

Interview with Dolma Chomo in Nepal, 11 May

The Nepal-Tibet Solidarity Forum has been coordinating the Tibetan protests in Kathmandu. Dolma Chomo, the leader of the forum, is also a member of the Tibetan government in exile.

What is the movement’s main aim?
Let me make this clear to everyone. Contrary to what’s being said in the media, we are not leading a separatist movement. We are not saying that Tibet should not be a part of China. We know that more than 90 percent of Tibetans are happy being part of China. Our protests are against some of the policies that the Chinese government has in Tibet. We will protest until our demands have been met.

But in Kathmandu you hear “free Tibet” everywhere. There was even an attempt to burn the Chinese flag.
We are not calling for a Free Tibet. Yes, during our movement, some incensed groups may have raised that demand, and some unintended incidents have also taken place. But the police and government have flared up the peaceful movement with their violent suppression of it. Even amongst ourselves, there are people who hold different views. But our fight, as a movement, is for an autonomous Tibet.

How interesting!

One simple word will do the work – FREAKING LIARS!

Free Tibet

Free Tibet

Free Tibet

Who’s agenda is “Free Tibet” in reality ? Does it not become clearer than this? When the Tibetans themselves claim that “Free Tibet” is not their agenda, why the hell others are making it theirs?

I know a lot of people (Nepali, Bideshi, Bloggers, Friends) who keep “Free Tibet” in their MSN signature, wear Tshirts, write blogs, burn “Free Tibet” candles in Facebook(what?) – what a waste!


5 Responses to Not our demand

  1. suraz says:

    I am not sure, but can’t it be that this is a Chinese puppet organization?

    I have talked to a lot of Tibetans, and they couldn’t agree less with her. Free Tibet can also imply Autonomous Tibet, if free is taken to be a verb.

  2. ShutUp says:

    Why not make it clear then!

    Implication and allusions don’t mean nothing just like waving “Nepali” flags while shouting “Freeeee Tibeeeeet”.

  3. Safal says:

    Sorry, but couldn’t get your point here.

  4. ShutUp says:

    Set the agenda “clear” and “practical” – that’s all. And they should know that waving Nepali flag won’t change Nepal’s stance of “One China Policy”.

    Just adding into the context:

    It’s getting funnier thesedays during the demonstrations. Yesterday, one of the Tibetan refugees tried spitting on two of the UN officials but missed them and actually the spit landed on Reuter’s photographer’s face. That was funny. Those UN girls were “hotties” by the way.

    Some even forgot the slogans and chants and as the police dragged the protesting refugees into the vans, the police were saying, jokingly, “lau aja ko lagi salary paki halyo ni timi haru ko aba chup chap van bhitra chira” to those refugees.

    I asked one of my photojournalist friends – why the fuck are you still taking photographes, it’s become rather so fucking boring and obvious now, isn’t it? And he said – “dollors, my friend, dollors”.

    He works for AFP and photoes like these are selling like hot momo in AFP, AP and Reuters. I’m happy that he said he would give us a huge treat once he gets his paycheck from AFP this month.

    I’m thinking about eating Tibetan Momo for a change (but Newari “hariyo parda” momo rules.)

  5. Sam says:

    First of all, we, the tibetans seek for Autonomy because from what we’ve seen of brutal Chinese Government, Complete freedom is almost out of question. Secondly, not every tibetan has one kind of thought, some want total freedom and some call for middle way path (Autonomy) and Thirdly, i don’t get why Nepalese army or whatever u call them are taking physical action to a peaceful demonstration? are they nuts or either being paid for by the Chinese Government? It rather seems obvious that they are. Finally, DO NOT take these as a joke because u’re lucky u never got to know the feeling of being no one and i pray that it will never happen to you but u just never know.

    p.s: u, the photographer and nepalese army are all one sort of people. All u care for is money. try putting urself in our shoes and u’ll know the deal.

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