Attack of Hare Krishna Goons

Hare-krishna Goons

Hare Krishna Goons

Hare Krishna goons (these were Russians) selling Bhagavad-Gita and other booklets at Chhata-Chowk in Dharan. Wednesday May 07, 2008.
(Pic contributed by dear Bijay Gajmer)

I like to call them goons because just like any follower of any organized religious sects – be it Hindu, Christian, Buddhism or any other – they are all religious chauvinists trying to SELL heaven.

Here’s a link. (I do not completely agree with some points there.)

Hare Krishna is the most distinguishable cult of the Seventies thanks to the obligatory shaved head and pigtails of male members, chanting and singing and dancing in the big Western cities with saffron robes to the music of cymbals, drums and harmoniums… and collecting money!… receiving donations for the Gita, and door-to door selling of their magazine “Back to the Godhead”.

They use the “pigtails” to be plucked up by Krishna when he rescues them at the time of the deliverance of the world… however, they use “wigs” for the many money-making schemes: charities, asking money for the poor, orphans, Vietnam widows, against drugs… working in big sports, pop concerts, selling car stickers and badges, without permission, of course!…

But after 100 million Gitas distributed, plus 500,000 monthly periodicals of “Back to Godhead”, the “innocence” of those flower-power days is gone… no more contributions now!
A famous contributor was the Beatle George Harrison (dead now).
Founded in 1966, by His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuda, born in Calcutta, India, as Abhay Charan De. He came to New York with $8 in his pocket, and 11 years later, in 1977, he died of heart failure, after setting up a multi-million-dollar business empire with 40 temples and 3,000 followers in the USA alone.

Today, they claim a membership of 2 million, but the Center Roger Ikor of Paris puts it at 15,000 devotees worldwide.

The headquarters are now at 3764 Watseka Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA.

With all of this going on, still about 15,000 devotees try to obtain “Krishna Consciousness”, using 3 methods:
…1- Obeying a Guru, who is like god for them.
…2- Live a very austere life: They sleep 6 hours on a hard floor, no alcohol, no meat, no fish, no conversation unrelated to Krishna. They give up all possessions. If anyone tries to talk with them out of Krishna, he is of Satan. Live in celibacy until marriage, and then they can have sex only after repeating the mantra for 5 hours.
…3- Chant the mantra for at least 5 hours daily, pray the Gita, receive indoctrination, and hard work!.

Seems like these guys do manage to sell heaven (in the meantime, lots of those frigging books and publications). And that thing about “pigtail” is very interesting – “to be plucked into heaven”. Hahaha.

Shut up you freaking hippies.


371 Responses to Attack of Hare Krishna Goons

  1. radhapriya says:

    Perhaps before you make statements like those above you should do a little more research to understand the people you are talking about. Having followed the Hare Krishna lifestyle myself for the past 5 years I can tell you most of what you describe as the “norms” or the standard practices for Hare Krishnas are wrong. Even a quick search on Wikipedia will tell you that, what to speak if you were to actually go to our official websites like or Don’t get me wrong I’m open to honest, constructive criticism but, at least be informed about whats really going on first.

    • bindu says:

      An Open Religious person.. date: May 2008.. I’m sure you’ve become an atheist now.

      • kumar says:

        everyone are not like you bindu, an ignorant fool… you donot seem to have any rational thinking and simply leading an animalistic kind of life..

      • bindu says:

        Yes, I’m leading an animalistic life, like most sober people.

        Try alcohol instead of religion, it helps you get high only when you want to.

      • Babblu says:

        You are a verry stupid Person Kumar.. You are an unquestioning idiot and a fool, and I am glad the rest of the hinduism is not like your CULT

      • Kumar says:

        you dont have any knowledge regarding Hare Krishna. you better keep quiet. its no different from rest of hinduism. it just speaks about vedas, upanishads, bhagavad gita, bhagavatham,,, as it is..

    • Fatimo says:

      I agree with radhapriya they don´t shave their heads to be saved by any one, And it has become a fashion to criticize any spitiual movement, do you think it is smart being atheist or having a very weak spiritual life. Do you think it will make you happy?

  2. ShutUp says:

    Don’t get me wrong either, I don’t believe you lots.

    • Utpal says:

      Dear Mr Shutup,
      You have the right name although I am not sure how you got it. You seem to enjoy flaunting your ignorance about spiritual beliefs in this public domain, which is quite obnoxious. You also seem to be a big rascal in that you are not open and stuck to your bigoted views. You are wasting your time here. Like the devotees chant the name of Krishna, you better chant your own name and SHUT UP!! hahaha

    • kumar says:

      it doesnt matter if you are a guy or a girl(which i dont believe) or an hijda.. you are an utter fool.. i wouldnt have bothered if you had written an article on some terrorist group who are really doing harm to mankind .. you dont seem to have the guts to write about them coz you may be done for the very next moment. so you write article on simple mild people like the Hare Krishna’s and show off your shitty ego..

      SHAME ON YOU.. you should be ashamed of yourselve like what kind of hellish nature you have aquired.. still there’s time for you dude.. do change yourself at the earliest..

      • ShutUp says:

        RELIGION IS A TERRORISM ! Those terrorist groups have also been driven by some form of religion. They kill people with guns and bombs.. you guys kill people with pretence, false prophecies and promises !!! You are no better than any goddamn terrorist. Suck on that !!

  3. kailash108 says:

    CHANT: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare: AND BE HAPPY

    and remember Krishna loves you even if you don’t love him…

    The main teachings i’ve been taught is
    1: To be more tolerant than a tree (a tree continues to provide shelter and fruit even as it’s being cut down).
    2: To consider oneself to be lower than a blade of grass (ie: don’t get all puffed up thinking you know it all).
    3: To always be prepared to offer all respect to others.

    Surely these aren’t evil scary attributes to try to cultivate are they?

    • bindu says:

      Oh.. That sucker loves me even if I don’t love him.. WOW.. thats good.. coz I fukin hate him…

      and BTW,
      1. one guy at our village died because a tree fell upon him… maybe coz the guy peed on the root… so I guess Krishna fights back sometimes…

      2. Yeah one other guy tried that.. but he licked some bullshit in the process.

      3. So you’ll respect me even if I treat you like crap, won’t you?? Thats great.. I love this religion.. Please everybody follow this religion.. it’ll make my life a lot easier…

      • Das says:

        there is nothing much to speak with these kind of persons.

        for readers go through the below link

        there is no point in preaching them coz-

      • bindu says:

        The problem is that I read your bullshit stuff all the time.. so as to find flaws and mock at you. And it ain’t so difficult if you ask me.. since everything it is based upon is flawed.

        “This confidential knowledge may never be explained to those who are not austere, or devoted, or engaged in devotional service, nor to one who is envious of Me.”
        “Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, I perpetually cast into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species of life.”

        =>These only imply utter bullshit. If you join hare krishna and tell everyone of them that you don’t actually feel what you must be feeling, you are a sinner or a person of low self or are demonic. Now you have no choice to tell others that you do believe in that shit… and eventually, you start to think all of that is true.

      • Das says:

        i pity your ignorance

      • ShutUp says:

        hahaha.. fuckin’ hilarious !!!

      • bindu says:

        Thanks for pitying my ignorance. You can’t imagine how much I pity yours.

  4. ShutUp says:

    What if I don’t want to be loved by your Krishna (or Jesus or Ram or Sai Baba or whatever)? That’s a violation of my basic human rights!

    Besides, I am tolerant, loving caring and respectful – without having to have “tuppi” or pigtail on my head or without having to believe any divine bullshit.

    You want proof of me being loving caring and respectful:
    If you meet me, I will surely offer you a plate of Everest Mo:mo and a can of Tuborg beer.

    • kumar says:

      i ll amswer to you..
      “what if i dont want to be loved by your krishna(or Jesus or Ram…..)……..”
      Ans: if you dont want to be loved He wont love you. you will be thrown into the abyss of the darkest region of material existance..

      “That’s a voilation of my basic human rights”
      Ans: humans are just like a tiny drop of water when compared to God who is never ending ocean. You are going against Him voilating His rules.. how can you expect any mercy..?

      “besides im tolerant, loving caring and respectful- without having to have “tuppi” or pigtal on my head or without having to believe any divine bullshit”
      Ans: You may be tolerant, loving caring to the people whom you care.. but you seriously seem to lack knowledge when it comes to purpose of life.. seriously dude..
      Having pigtail is just a mark of renounciation. a renounciation from material desires of this world for a higher benifit. The higher benifit is pure love of Godhead.
      You call it divine bullshit coz you donot want to make any efforts in knowing the right thing and enjoying your ignorance..

      “you want proof for me being loving caring and respectful: If you meet me, i will surely offer you a plate of Everest Mo:mo and a can of Tubrg beer.”
      Ans: you are doing no good. meat eating and intoxication is sinful.

      Got it you shutup???

      • ShutUp says:

        “what if i dont want to be loved by your krishna(or Jesus or Ram…..)……..”
        Ans: if you dont want to be loved He wont love you. you will be thrown into the abyss of the darkest region of material existance..

        Answer: I meant leave me alone you religious bigots. If I get into abyss, I’m sure I have the will to crawl out of it.. I’m not a whiner !

        “That’s a voilation of my basic human rights”
        Ans: humans are just like a tiny drop of water when compared to God who is never ending ocean. You are going against Him voilating His rules.. how can you expect any mercy..?

        Answer: Your threat tactics don’t work with me, nor with anyone with a little speck of reasoning. Leave those threats to poor naive people who you can manipulate.

        “besides im tolerant, loving caring and respectful- without having to have “tuppi” or pigtal on my head or without having to believe any divine bullshit”
        Ans: You may be tolerant, loving caring to the people whom you care.. but you seriously seem to lack knowledge when it comes to purpose of life.. seriously dude..

        Answer: I don’t give a fuck about purpose of life. Who the fuck are you to tell me that I lack knowledge, don’t give me bullshit as if you have already known that knowledge. You are just as clueless as anyone else.

        “you want proof for me being loving caring and respectful: If you meet me, i will surely offer you a plate of Everest Mo:mo and a can of Tubrg beer.”
        Ans: you are doing no good. meat eating and intoxication is sinful.

        Answer: humans, some time in the history, were infact meat-eating animals, until the rise of civilization and until they figured out ways of agriculture. so it’s purely human instinct to eat meat. so fuck you, i will eat meat.

      • Pishposh says:

        You shut up, is all that you can say. Religion is all a crock of shit, I’ve been through it all, christain, Initiated Brahmin/Sanyasi and have went through the brutal knowledge of crap. i had waisted over 40 years as a Prabhupada follower and have thrown away the real years of my personal life that I can never get back. But I became very wealthy from it all as the former GBC leader and I am glad that I could liberate them from that burden called money. I can do what ever I need to do to regain my self as a person. Ignorance is just an exciuse that these morons use to get what they want, is total control and power. they preach about lust envy anger and greed and they also practice it all fully. When they sit and preach against sex, they are thinking of when they are done talking they will go and masterbate or have sex with anyone willing. So, HK! you shut the fuck up asshole, I know all too well about it, I’ve been there since 1968. Fuck off.

      • kumar says:

        mr. pishposh no one will believe ur words. no point in talking to you

    • >>>>sssss>>> says:

      tere jaisa ghatiya jaanvar dhundne se bhi nai milega bastard..tu jo alive hai na saale wo kiski wajah se hai?tune kya khud ko khud hi paida kia hai?tera heart bhi tune banaya hai? uullu ke patthe teri+++##$$$_

  5. Ahankara says:

    Divine bullshit huh? Let’s see how you behave when the messengers of death come and snatch the living shit out of you!!!


    Whether you believe in God or not the fact remains that He is the Supreme. It’s quite simple actually, even a person like you can understand it, think about the sun, sometimes the clouds appear to cover the sun, but does it mean that the sun does not exists? Think about it hard enough; your clouded consciousness cannot stop thinking about jerking off or screwing some piece of meat and therefore you are defensive and offensive against religions. But this little attitude of yours is only a defense mechanism which allows you to continue your lifestyle without having panic attacks (or some other disorder) due to the realization that your lifestyle actually leads nowhere.

    God bless you my brother.

    • bindu says:

      Isn’t that fucker (Krishna) supposed to love me even if I mistakenly happen to lead a slightly bad lifestyle (i’m innocent)…. which one of the 33 crore God is supposed to decide what happens in my life (who’s the bhagya bidhata?? that freak made me write this to annoy your Krishna.. maybe Krishna stole that suckers Makkhan or Wife.. don’t remember)… he’s the one who should be fuckin punished if at all… not me..

    • Das says:

      Its high time you realise the truth and surrender.. Otherwise ….. what to tell you.. well its for your own sake.. take my good advice.. be a devotee. you will get all the answers for your questions and you will personally experience the truths as you progress in spiritual life.. just that you need to start. just like if you want to learn swimming you need to dive in water. you cant sit on the shore and keep commenting and speculating..

      • bindu says:

        I realize that if I don’t follow your God and surrender, I’ll land in Hell of your definition where I will be tortured. But I also heard that if I follow your religion and not accept Jesus, I’ll go to their hell. I’ve also heard about Allah and their hell. Don’t tell me yours is right and theirs is wrong.

        I’ve met Hare Krishna people of all ages and still am an atheist for the same reason I’m not a drug addict after having met so many serious drug abusers of all ages.

      • das says:

        all religions are true and same but the knowledge about god revealed in each religion is different.
        in quran only the rules and regulations to live in this world are given. bible mentions a little more about god and soul, heaven and hell etc. but the vedas give the complete truth about both material and spiritual universe.
        allah, christ and krishna refers to same God.
        they are not different.

    • Pishposh says:

      Divine is made up by humans just like everything else on this planet. Humans seem to have the biggest problem and low self esteem. I have the highest self esteem and regards for me and others follow. I won’t listen to fools telling me who they think god is, I don’t fucken care about your bullshit god made in you fucken image. You and the rest of the bullshit religioners that hold up your books that mean absolutely nothing, BIG FAT GOOSE EGG that’s that it is. Boogida boogida.

  6. ShutUp says:

    “Whether you believe in God or not the fact remains that He is the Supreme..”

    I thought it was SHE… and probably a super hottie.

    • kumar says:

      God is not limited by anything.. He can take any form male or female with unimaginable beauty.. But there will only be true love without any perversion..

      • bindu says:

        s/he’s a transexual?

      • kumar says:

        God is neither male nor female nor trans sexual. god is transcendental. but in comparision with the living entities God is the Adi Purusa or The Supreme Male. everybody else is a female in comparision with God. he is the supreme enjoyer and the living entities are the enjoyed. this is the description from the vedas.

    • grgsazan says:

      What Feminist has arose a debate is regarding God is why is that God be named as HE . why not she? They’ve criticised that everything that is good or supreme is given to male. Like God also HE.

  7. She.Devil says:

    bro yo place chhata chowk hoina its Bhanu chowk, beside the ghantaghar…hope u wont get mad!! heheh

  8. vins says:

    u say ur a person with tolerance, caring attitude and respect. pls can anyone actually see even a trace of those qualities in u. dont bullshit man. ur very behaviour is repulsive to say the least. the kind of hatred that u show towards someone taking the lords name shows the kind of personality u actually are. pls take a walk. im not a hare krishna follower but i can definitely distinguish demons from the angels and i have no doubt to say that u belong to the most devilish society. pls if u cannot do something constructive atleast dont indulge in destructive stuff like the kind ur currently indulging in.

    • bindu says:

      I think we have every right to speak against shitthy philosophies when we know that they are doing this for money looting our poor people showing false hopes of after death and what not…

  9. prem says:

    Who are you to deny God? Even the scientist like Openhiemer (who invented Nuclear Bomb) quoted Vishnu as He comes as Death when he saw the explosion..

    Read what Einsten said “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.”

    Who are you? Nothing. If you can’t see God now, you will see him at the end as Death.

  10. ShutUp says:

    This is getting funnier. Keep ’em coming.

  11. remo says:

    Shutup! Please shutup your mouth.

  12. adgadanabadgadwhocares says:

    for the lovers of krishna do you really need to react to this coment ?
    pls leave this poor tolerant caring humble and respectful yet angry upset and deeply hurt self inflicted sorry soul alone please keep your bhakti and all your attention to the lotus feet of you beloved lord.
    my friend can deny god fine so what yet he is worthy of being loved by all isnt it and even he denys god he is not denying his self and all know who is true self of all. so pls for gods sake dont try to make any point .

    let him search his true self. once he will find it he will know that none is evil none is gr8 all are one and part and parcel of same self true self.

    • bindu says:

      Yes.. he’ll even drop to your feet and ask for forgiveness… he’ll probably even shove your dick to make up for what he has said.. so just fuck off…

      • kumar says:

        bindu will know wen the time tests him and shoves his own dick into his ass and fuck him till his ass bleeds like ruptured hemorroids. then only some wisdom may come out of his shitty head

  13. jpt... says:

    angry upset and deeply hurt.. and self inflicted??? ya and please tell me that Krishna came and told you that?? … that would be just the perfect statement to close that “oh i love krishna so much poem” there… just shut up!!

  14. Hari says:

    Okay, more or less everything you posted on your blog is false. I mean everything. The hair thing is what Jews beleive. That whole article you quoted is fictionalised.

    Please do at least a 5 minute googling before saying such ridiculous things.

    Seriously, just delete the whole post. as far as writing an article goes, it’s as if you’ve dug a hole and called it a house.

  15. ShutUp says:

    ^Mr. Hari

    The photos, they don’t lie. As far as the link and citation goes.. it’s not my problem.

    I am speaking my mind. I don’t need to prove you or anyone else what I think and believe in or don’t believe in.

    Unlike you guys, who somehow resort to proving, sweet-talking, dream-talking, luring and what not – I do not need to prove to anyone else. Why the “need” to prove true or false?

    And, believe me, you guys do not need to save me. Just save yourself.

  16. davinci says:

    Though you seem link an atheist, and I’m an agnostic (who’d bet that God exists), I agree with things you’ve said. Oh, btw, I am not sure if these people are the ones so desperately marketing heaven. There’re a lot of religious organizations that have been doing that in a scale unmatched by these guys I think. Also, people like them, who might have sincerely feel that that’s the truth, are tolerable, not those who claim themselves to be Gods or the enlightened ones.

  17. ivo says:

    and when the meet and beer end where will you take shelter, do you know what is the difference between them and Krishna , you must not told us who to save and who not, what is wrong whith having pig tail, is it bad to be a hare Krishna?

    • bindu says:

      Yes.. meat and beer taste great..

      I haven’t tasted Krishna’s dick…. You tell…

      • kumar says:

        bindu sounds like a girls name but looking at the vulgar language i can definately say its some guy, unless its some slut.

      • bindu says:

        You are definitely insulting guys by saying associating all the vulgar language that there is to them exclusively. I know many guys who are not vulgar at all and know several girls who are.

        Also, writing vulgar language would not fit the definition of a slut.

  18. ShutUp says:

    Q: and when the meet and beer end where will you take shelter
    A: “meet and beer” are for eating/drinking not for sheltering

    Q: do you know what is the difference between them and Krishna
    A: umm.. who and who?

    Q: you must not told us who to save and who not
    A: OK. You make the decisions?

    Q: what is wrong whith having pig tail?
    A: Nothing. Read for the reason.

    Q: is it bad to be a hare Krishna?
    A: You can be whatever you want to be.

  19. ivo says:

    shut up the comments are not coming any more -devotees of Krishna seem to lost interest on your case. See the thing is that you are not you, this present body and mind. You are soul indestructible and eternal part and parcel of krishna. And krishna is dearmost friend to every one. and he wants us in material world to awaken for our real identiti again becouse inthis place that is purposefully created by him cannot be achieved happynes.Krishna is communist- rest assure- and if you come to know Him again He is not bad man.And anyway everything is His energy – living entities and inert nature .But outside of the huje material galaxies lies the vast spiritual sky in which material world is but a small cloud. Spiritual time runs on a different principle and I can aassure you that perfect Krishna conscious comunism is existing there without beginning. So thats why Trust Shrila Prabhupada He Knows what he speaks in His books. I put my whole life following him and can assure you -it worthed.otherwiceyou will put your energy in establishing comunizm here in this world-but since evrything in this world is bearing the deffewct of inperfection in the form of illusion that is separate from Krishna, while at the same time it is not- you will finally not be satisfied by serving ilusory purpose and suffere .SoThis is the poin of Hare Krishna people-Bhaktiivedanta Swami simply wants to distribute this knolege for happiness of all.Now of course a big deal of misunderstanding is going on everywhere in the world on the basis of illusion and misleading conscious or unconscious. And thats why I submit to you my oun result of investigation – is that this teacher Bhaktivedanta Swami is nice and you can learn the truth from him.And for comunism- you in Indiya and Himalayas dont know enithing abot it I”m from Bulgaria and my father and Grantfather are comunists -giving their full life for it in prison ,helping partizans back in 1944, Father spent whole life working as high inteligence service offiser teaching Politeconomy to cadets in academy. And what is the resolt of it- the resolt is that I”m so happy that I was born during comunism that I want to personally whith my oun hands and with a notverysharp knife cut the throats of Marx Lennin, Stalinend all other future communist leaders who will lie to the citizens that communizm will make them happy . Becouse iit”s a very big and nice lie. Fortunately I’ not have to do it myself becouse they killed each other .finaly Comrade Berriya killed the Grat Hero Stallin.Or if you want I can tell you how comerciall communists killed thous who really belived in the nice idea becouse the latter have been an obstacle to them in steling the money from people. Or if you want you can hear from me how now Bulgaria is no more comunist but the children of leading comunist become nice capitalist with the money their father steal from the people , and they still run comunist party masked as socialist. What you think that your komuniist partyi will bw different – if you are big beliver you will be killed by the more mercantile membrs of the partii, if you are mercantile you will kill the idealists- and thats all – it’s written history.And thows russian man in the picture they know this – thei lived this – and what are you you stay there in Himalayas breathing fresh air and becouse life seems little misfortunate you think that BIGYOU will save the world.
    Of cours capitalism is no better nor hedonism.Everything fails without krishna.
    this i know.

    • bindu says:

      I didn’t finish it.. but it contained some Communism, Krishna and how you got into a threesome.. or did I skip this and imagined something else??

  20. ShutUp says:

    By the time anyone finishes up reading what you posted, I can go downstairs, get on my bike, go to Basantapur and eat 2 plates of Momo at the newly open Kastamandup Momo Shop – then go to a near by Soda-shop and drink two big glasses of Lemon Soda (with extra Lemon) and then belch out huge burps of Soda and come back home.

    • sandesh says:

      actually it is an offence to instruct a faithless person about the glories of holy name of the lord. so mr.shut up there is no point in arguing with you. but krishna is so merciful that even if you speak out his name by abusing him, you will still be benifitted coz such is the potency of the holy name. perhaps in your next birth lord will give you the opportunity to understand him better.

      • bindu says:

        Wow. than I’d rather enjoy some drinks and lots of meat in this life..

        Do you get to sleep with a better looking hottie in the next life?? or lifetime supply of beer in the next life for following him in this?? If not, I ain’t interested.. Even if it is the case, I’d rather have one bird at hand (which I’m gonna cook real well) than 2 in the bush… (read: I’d rather enjoy this life than to start over in the next, which does not exist)

  21. ivo says:

    now selling is simply becouse people are used to byu nise things so to attract their attention to something waluable it is nice they want to spend money anyway – so why not for nice books. But otherwice you take thiss exellent knowlege free of any charge inthe net:
    and many other

  22. ivo says:

    lemon soda is nice

  23. ShutUp says:

    Oh wow, now you are down to blatantly shamless advertisment of your religion!

    Finally, the real you.

  24. ivo says:

    than go to krishna adn tell Him- Krishna I know perfectly clear that you dont exist and stil the stupid religions of the world proceed to invade the butyifull Nepal without knowing that it is mine home we are very nice Nepali young people with high sens of rigthchiousness and we know how to fight the evill things and help the poor people- and he will help you – he allready helped you to forget Him in Such way that you get angry immideately when you hear of Him.

    • bindu says:

      what the fuck, listen to yourself.. You want ShutUp to go tell Krishna that he knows he doesn’t exist?? I know you guyz are out of your minds.. but this was very weak of you.. you should have kept that a secret…

      • >>>>sssss>>> says:

        u fucking asshole..peopl lik u only goes to hell…krishna is d creater destroyer and maker of all d universes…dont u dare 2 say anythin bad about him….go n fuck your mother dats wot people lik “u” belive in..rascal.

  25. Ivo says:

    Excuse me ..I gone too fare.. i red artikle also about femely guru. and i se that your couse is right- against inherytary brahmanism… the qualification is quality no birth.this twisted caste system is not good.. . and many Achariass fought against it… the people are stupid they hide behind religion to do nonsence.. but dont blame Krishna… or real devotees.. this is like blaming the cow that somebodyelse had put poison in milk. good luck

  26. ShutUp says:

    Define Krishna. Define “real devotees”.

    How can you say that someone is not a real devotee just because they don’t want to “appease” Krishna? If a Muslim guy sincerely and truly believes in Allah and is a real devotee of Allah – how will you convince him of following your Krishna?

    And more importantly, what’s the difference between you and other real devotee of their own religion?

  27. ivo says:

    no difference, just stupid people take religion to make further destinktion between themselves and others . otherwice jessus said go everywhere and tell all this information about god and jessus is mentioned in Bhavishya uttara purana as Isa and the story of two himalian yogis Adhama and Havyavati is also told there. I.m now in Tel Aviv and here people still call Eva Hava, but in the west it has become Eva. The same with Allah. There is no need to change from Allah to krishna Provided the real purpouse of religion is served. And this is To remember God always And finaly He will give intelligence from the Heart. He is in The Heart of The Heart Of each and every one of us and can assure you that he dont love me more than you. He is Hearing your every thouth and when it so happens that you deside to turn your thouths toward him he will answer you in such a way that you will know. So there is no different religions – it’s one- To Love God and return Home. Just like in Different univercities 2+2 cannot be other than 4 Krishna establishes , sends different teachers- but stupid people , very much like to make enmiti vith others and use this- not Your god – MY GOG _ NONsense – like this – infortunate history. So I agree with you about Jagannath Pury. All the world actually is on fire due to this bewilderment.
    Krishna -meanse Allatraktive- 6 opulences- Fame Buty Rich Power Renounced intelligens- In supreme inexostible degre – this is standrd- if you meet HIM- He is the ONE_ Nobodi can Compare with Him. HIndu,s abandoned krishna thinking He is one of the Gods But He is Deva Deva GOd of Gods- Milion Unlimited Names- ALlah …… MY language i say Slance inglish Sun- object is the same.

  28. ShutUp says:

    I admire your persistence but I truly sympathize your lack of self judgment and self belief.

    Finally, I want to rephrase this nice little saying a little bit and say:

    “Is Krishna willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.

    Is Krishna able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.

    Is Krishna both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?

    Is Krishna neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”

    (Originally by Epicurus)

    If “Krishna” wants every one “To love and return home”, why can’t he just make it happen?
    What is the “Deva Deva God of Gods” waiting for?
    Oh God with Million Unlimited Names – please do it already, lest our Momo be over-boiled!

  29. ivo says:

    You will find the same and more Sckotland filosofer david hum 17** year. But as you will often will find Shrila Prabhupada say if you listen to His lectures : Krishna is not doing evil you are doing! we are not robots to him but dear friends. he is not stupid to want to have the company of robots. So becouse we are small He fulfills all our desires. and if we are stupid enough to want to live in material world- he let us- not wanting but we insyst – so to learn the lesson- he lets us. And we want to explore here becouse at one point we think ” Can be a plase where I will be Krishna? Cose in Vaikuntha everithing is Conscious of Him. And …. Material – thiss world is such plase. Come here and try along others with the same ambition to compete to become FIRST above anyone ,.So how is it possible…. No Possible. Everything is Krishnas Every energy , material You yourself. But if you insyst on acting on fullish ideya pleace….So this World is cold Fenomenal – every weard thing is Possible Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati says : This World is not For jentlemen. Still Krishna is Maintaining it in order for curious to learn the lesson . But just as you now receive information- He is giving again and again information about the real world annd the means Guruparampar- toreturn there. There everything is allright-here never.So as Shrila Prabhupada says :…” One Can easilly see that thins here are not very sane”You wanted to come – now you have information how to go out – act upon it. Make your mind – and- back home- leave the crazy ones to playtill they get the meaning – or if you want to help them be a Hare Krishna Goon – Suply information to them and save themthis is not easy – becouse sometimes they HATE to hear the trhruth.Othervice for MahaVishnu the whole existence of material universes is one breath time in a sacond he can Cut doun the energy Suply for nutshouse and it will Vaanish But newer and newer Inquisitive persons want to come and exploit here and the get bewildered and forgetfull.Materiall world is complicate machine – Low of Carma – Since you decline living inGoloka – Krishnas Planet- where everything is runned by Love- then come here and try to live on your oun endevor. thats all-Still less than 10 % of innumerable living entitties want to live here. Material worlg is not popular plase among experianced sittizens of spiritual world- they observ it as something as garbage place .For Krishna there is No reason to try to make Material world Nice place Becouse Nice place exists and is never Subject to destruction. We are from there . And it is our birthrigt to return there. But it cannot happen without our desiring to do so. You want to return. Krishna waiths for you.

  30. Milly says:

    See, this is what I dislike about this organisation. I was in central London three months ago, and a few Hare Krishna people were outside preaching. And I could see people walking past who didn’t like it. I know their intentions were good (for them), but if preaching to non-believers causes tension then it is better not to do it at all. Only preach to those who asked to be preached at. No point making everyone listen to all these drums and chanting down Oxford Street.

    • bindu says:

      Exactly Milly. One of the problems I face with religion. There is a Church in front of where I stay currently and they barely let me work in peace on Saturdays (yes Saturdays here, Sundays in other countries).. Also, people in this place have Hindu Purans almost all the time.. which is also very disturbing.
      Why can’t they keep the bullshit to themselves?

  31. S says:

    There are very rare instances when you get to enjoy comments more than the write-ups. and damn this sure does fall into that category. and man…I thought this thing was just a fad back in the 60s or 70s. and now they have a headquarter!!!…how interesting! …gosh…these people seriously need to get a life!

    haha..the supreme power , Goddess- a supper hottie… absolutely relished your imagination there!

  32. IVO says:

    SHRILA PRABHUPADA….So everything is there, but we don’t accept. Under designation, we are fighting, that’s all. Under designation, under ignorance, we are fighting. We are forgetting Krsna. Therefore our miserable condition, bhaya, fearfulness. Bhayam dvitiyabhinivesatah isad apetasya viparyayo ‘smrtih. Viparyayo ‘smrtih means just opposite understanding. Everything belongs to God. Isavasyam idam sarvam [Iso mantra 1]. That’s a fact. But I am thinking, “It is my land.” Aham mameti [SB 5.5.8]. Janasya moho ‘yam aham mameti. Nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to Krsna. If we accept Krsna, the center, and we work under His direction, as it is said in the Bhagavad-gita, our life is successful, our whole program is peaceful. All tranquility, everything is there.

    Thank you very much. Hare Krsna. (end)

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.16 — Bombay, December 25, 1974

    • bindu says:

      Yes I understand that if I give up everything, I will have nothing to fear about. But I will also have “nothing” and that bothers me. How will I pay for beer and sekuwa (meat)??

  33. KUMAR says:

    I absolutely agree with S … this is where you enjoy the comments more than the write-ups …

  34. ivo says:

    Answers According to the Vedic Version:


    Complaint: There Is No God

    Kindly stop all this drama of God. He is nowhere. I am now realizing that there is no God. This all is a kind of business made up by fake gurus. Kindly stop making a fool of the people. Let the people live nice lives. Don’t scare them by telling them that if you do good karma the reward will be accordingly be given. Religion and fake stories of God make people superstitious and cowardly.

    Let them be free from all these made up stories about Krishna because there is no God and no such thing as karma. You should only live and let others live peaceful lives. If you will not reply to my mail, that means that you are a hypocrite and my enlightenment about God is right.

    Sangita Marwah


    Answer: It’s Time for You to Open Your Eyes

    You are like the owl who keeps his eyes closed and declares that there is no sun. It’s time for you to open your eyes.

    God means the source of all existence. Your argument that there is no God is baseless and illogical because nowhere do we have an experience of something come out of nothing. Do you have any experience of something coming out of nothing? No, you do not. If you examine any object, you will see that it comes from something and that the something from which it comes also comes from something. So if you trace back, back, back to that something which does not come from something, you have arrived at the original something, the source of all existence or God.

    Your ranting and raving that there is no God is mere foolishness. God has given you the free will to accept Him or deny Him. So if you choose to deny Him, it by His grace that you are allowed to do.

    You are also denying the existence of the law of karma, but yet you are still being forced by the stringent laws of nature to accept the pious and impious reactions for all of your activities. You may stick your head in the sand like an ostrich trying to deny the existence of God and karma, but when the predator of death comes to kill you, you will be powerless to protect yourself. Those who have taken shelter of the Lord are delivered from the clutches of death into that abode where life is eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss.

    If you prefer temporality, illusion, and misery over eternity, knowledge, and bliss, that is your prerogative. But those who have awakened their dormant God consciousness prefer living in a higher class neighborhood in the association of the Supreme Person and great liberated souls, His eternal associates.

    Sankarshan Das Adhikari

    • bindu says:

      First you start with “you have every right to deny God” and then finish it with “but if you don’t, you will have no-where to go after-life”… That is blackmail, not freedom.

      Maybe yes, experience of something cannot come from nothing.. and it most probably came from the fear and uncertainty in life.

  35. ShutUp says:

    “So if you trace back, back, back to that something which does not come from something, you have arrived at the original something, the source of all existence or God”

    So how did God origin in the first place?
    Ans: From another God.

    And how did this “another God” existed?
    Ans: From another another God.

    And what is the origin of this another another God?
    Ans: Fuck off.. listen to me. You must believe in God.

    You see, I don’t get tired of questioning.

    “so when the predator of death comes to kill you, you will be powerless to protect yourself”

    Waahoo.. you do like to scare people, don’t you? Death, Eternal Damnation, Hellfire. It’s a very good weapon though. It has worked all these years.

    But, no one is denying death. Death is just as true as birth and life does ceases one day. I’m not afraid of that. Only fools feel powerless and cry and wimper and piss on their boots when guys like you threaten them with “death” or “hell” or “illusion” or “misery”.

    “His eternal associates”

    But, can I choose to live in a higher class neighborhood in the association of the Supreme Woman.. and her eternal associates? That would be fun.. umm blissful or let’s say.. eternally blissful.

    And, this time, please don’t make me wait for over half a month if she is available or not.

  36. S says:

    Thi sis funny. Just a few days ago I had a near death experience. and exactly at that point of time. I was thinking about anything BUt the predator of death…haha…seriously..when you are caught completely unaware….you don’t even get
    to think! and this has got to be!! the insanest line ever ‘God consciousness prefer living in a higher class neighborgood..’ haha…so that means God doesn’t reside in the poor class neighborhood …and Shut up I liked what you said – trust me just like you if that supreme person was a hot guy himself..I would love to be in his company as well with a prospect of eternal blisfulness..that would be awesome!
    and yeah..I wouldn’t mind waiting at all for whoever that guy is to let me know about his availability!

  37. ivo says:

    HE has whatever you can imagine, becouse he is the very source of your imagination and everything else. He is listening to you all the time. We are giving information. our business is not to scare or not to scare. If inf. is scarywhat to do? To stop giving it?If dead is scary-lets talk about it when it comes- othervice-we are talking imagination.religion is not kind of faith- it can change- religion means esential quality.if you take heat from fire- this is not fire anymore. Like this. living entities esential quality is service – if they refuse to serve god- they serve their own desires or other living entities- but information we give is that their real freedom and happyness is wholeheartyedly lovingly serv Krishna. becouse krishna is absolutely free when you are tottaly dependent on Him you are also tottaly this make sense?Othervise you can explore everywhere in Krishnas creation – as you are doing now. Are you tottaly free and happy- answer you know.Krishna Has a particular Femail form named Mohinimurti. You can learn about her in 8 canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam, byu it From Hare krishna Devotees.I’m now in Mayapur near Calcuta . Excuse me if i ofended you somehow.

  38. ShutUp says:

    Somehow your rhetoric is not working really well to “scare” me off!

    Since you have mentioned Krishna has a “femail” side too – I am curious to know your and your religion’s stance on “gay, lesbian, shemale and eunuch”.

  39. S says:

    I swear this is getting funnier by the day. If I were some late night talk show producer..
    I would have no qualms about hiring you guys to fill in the post of the writers. After all even the general people deserve to hear this and laugh out in very very loud!

  40. queer says:

    ShutUp, you can try dying or rather think of it. Then you will know the need of God. Mortals try to be God. Sadly, not even a tiny portion they can be like God. They dominate (countries, people, nature, thoughts/ideas) rather then surrender. A typical characteristic of a fool.

    A fool can’t be convinced, he needs faith.
    Faith comes from believing in miracles. Go google miracles. Then watch Matrix. Dullheads sometimes can’t understand Matrix.

    But, sad is the fact of the faithless. I know its tough to get a little of that faith. I pity myself too… We are blind.

    • bindu says:

      Those who believe in miracles do not understand Maths or Science. So tell me who the fool is. Watch this:

      and this:

      And you are saying wannabe-Gods dominate instead of surrender.. does God actually surrender in front of me??

  41. ShutUp says:

    Why should your god be my god?

    I have complete faith that your god is not my god, I believe in miracle, but your miracle is not my miracle.

    Why should I think and believe just the way you do?

  42. Will says:

    do u acknowledge that god does exist?

  43. SR says:

    Wow, this is really hilarious. I didn’t read all, hare krishna ke kati dherai justify gareko, but I really enjoyed the sequence. Nice way of recharging yourself, getting a laugh, when you are stuck with your assignment, frustrated, have to deliver within the coming 10 hours, haven’t reached half of the assignment and is lacking ideas.

    Now the question to the Hare Krishnas, how will this god save my ass? (If they claim that my filling the assignment with crap and shit and meeting the deadline ANYWAY and passing it also ANYWAY with just passed mark is a miracle, then …………………….)

  44. bubfowkes says:

    Krishna will save you. But, leave the preaching alone for a bit yeah? It fries peoples brains out and they end up resenting god more than loving him. I mean by all means do Hari Nam and all that and distribute prasadam, but still, if people don’t want to hear about Krishna, and they state it explicitly, do not force them. I’m a Buddhist that studied the hare krishna religion. you either want to follow the path or you don’t. This guy clearly don’t, so why bother him? Krishna for you people is strong, so Krishna will eventually prove him wrong. Just be thankful he came across it this life. Even the enemies of Krishna achieve some liberation, so just be happy.

  45. ShutUp says:

    awwwwww.. that broke my heart

  46. TalkaLot says:

    Someone who calls him/herself “Shutup” goes a long way to describe a personal attitude. I think that if one wants to condensate in the shortest statement possible all major dogmas of dictatorship, oppression philosophies, nazi thinking or even mafia behavior one can easily do that by the two words “shut up”. As it goes, those who order so to others never think this statement it is best applied to themselves. It is a question of style. And brains. But what can you ask from someone that thinks others should just shut up? Dictators and pushy guys usually have one thing in common: their self esteem sucks. So they go about bulling the weak and the meek. If you think you know all about life and death, God and happiness and you are very smart and clever then become a preacher, open your own church and go on TV. You’ll tell everyone what God wants and how things are in truth. You’ll get people to listen to you and they will adore you. That way, you’ll eventually become happy and satisfied. But how will you finance all that? Oh, I forgot, you are smart and clever and you’ll find a way to raise money in such a clean and pure way no one else has ever thought possible. Everyone will be so impressed and probably even God Himself will come to compliment you. Mind that when He shows up I reckon you’ll need to try extra hard to hide that old envy you have for Him: He’s a powerful guy, you know and you better not mess around with Him. Just a piece of free advice, bro.
    By the way, why don’t you switch nick to something that may suit you better, like maybe TalkLess? Or even ThinkMore? ArseHoole I think would be just perfect, but then again someone may consider it Lex Iulia Maiestatis, high treason, so after all ShutUp it is just right for you.

  47. In Short says:

    aba last ma kei napaera nick name ma pani comment garna thalecha!! ….. Hariii Sharanam!! …. lol.. now i’ve become an expert regarding where to use that phrase!! …

    … i loved the article.. i double loved the comments.. ..however.. dont think u shud use such a bad word as “arsehole” …. u will be in Krishna’s bad book… soo.. what was it? .. oh yes… “and when the meet and beer end.. where will you take sheltar?”.. Krishna will shake his lil finger at u and tut at u for being a bad boy/gal…

  48. Peter says:

    Interesting article, but i do not consider it total true and it is even arogant in some way.

    The most bothering sentance for me inside aticele is:

    Founded in 1966, by His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuda, born in Calcutta, India, as Abhay Charan De. He came to New York with $8 in his pocket, and 11 years later, in 1977, he died of heart failure, after setting up a multi-million-dollar business empire with 40 temples and 3,000 followers in the USA alone */
    Even if i look from totaly material/atheistic look i do not agree with that.

    It is writen in such bad ugly unrespectfull materialistic way(it is making me sick) as he only cares obout money and followers.

    I dont belive that. Why woud a man in his old age living all live in his own enviroment want to come to USA just to earn paper. He was a wery smart man, wery educated and a gentelman, who folowed his belive adn, maybe he was right and we are all wrong who knows. Either way he deserves respect. When he vas younger he was a pharmacist… He was maried and had children(i think), he had his life almoust over, and he was not money posesive. I strongy disagree that his motivation was money and folowers.

    The core of my problem and many other obout KRISHNA and other religions is are they product from our heads or are they realy true absolute.

    It is true that money and power are importend and some are adicted with it, but it is not core problem.

    Many religions are speaking nonecence like cristinity and others in same type. Like that God created us 6000 year ago and so on…. When i hear statment like that i know that interpretation/religion is false and if i found one false/stupid/ilogical thing than religion is false.

    But HARE KRISHNA is perfect i didnt find any mistake all is logical and that is sometimes pain for me becouse i trie to find error in it but it acualy doesnt have it. BAHAGAVATGITA is perfect, and BHAGAVATAM… it is very hard to understand them corectly. They are not crap talk but actualy wery wery acurete books and they make a lot of sence.

    It is a very just fair and nice system VEDIC system.
    If most of the people will folow the lows in BHG and BHT this world will pe paradise even if they do not belive in god.

    But the core problem is: is it true? Or it is yust a creation of a very smart man.

    Do we rely live forever or this is yust ilusion and now is the only chance to do somthing for our advancmet in life.
    Becouse if i let myself to religion and forget that i am living in a heavy hard enviromet and that i will die tomorow if i do not do somthing today to prevent death.

    If ve folow religion we deny atempt to improve medicine and science in that way specialy bioenginerig and compuer science. If ve folow hrishna we do not nead them krishna will take care for us and that is very dangerous.

    Maybe some that we will wind out that there is no god by science and create out imortallty by cracking out DNA or we will wind out that god realy exist and we can yoin him(that will be bether option).

    My greatest fears and i thing i am not alone, that religions are only in literature and out heads but the world out there is realy cruel and we must survive and nobody is going to save us from above.

    Sory from my english, and have a good live and i hope i am wrong and that krishna realy exist.


  49. don says:

    …while [the undefinable] God is real krishna is a fiction and iskcon is a joke – i used to be a hare krishna…i know very well.

  50. amar says:

    if truth is something that works ….then why not try whether what the hare krishnas say is true or not before judging it works or it does not work…..if its the hare krishnas job to preach its your job whether you like to take it or not…but i guess judging them why they preach should not be your concern if you do not like it……well and if you wish to tell people that hare krishnas are fools then you should put yourself in the shoes of the people who became hare krishnas and see if you will become one or not….what may have worked for many people may work for the other guy as well….provided you need a salvation in your life..when you find that everything in your life hammers you in your knees ….well at any rate the information you provided to justify the harekrishnas are bad are not concrete….well you see when you start defending to a larger group you need to be more clear about the information you have taken pains to collect or whether you have done it at all…and by the only fools talk that something works or doesnt work when they themselves do not open up their hearts and hands to see and feel whether something really works or not…..and anybody who has been without a neutral attitude with a harekrishna person can feel that …ah heres a good guy……whether its because of his claims of gods existence or not…..well try out and then you may comment again …lets then see what you have got to comment ……some truths work for everyone because there cannot be a higher truth than that……….apart from eating your momo and drinking soda lemon… not life worth living more towards the love of an ant as equal as a love for your fellowbeing …..try to read the truths in the bhagvad gita …and then you shall believe in them regardless of whether you need to believe in a god or not…..You shall understand that there are more truths to life hidden in those holy scriptures than you can ever wait to experience or know just by living…well you may go on living as you wish but try to realise that you should not regret later on in your life that you could have lived far better way…..

  51. amar says:

    and the beauty of krishna conciousness is that you may take only as much as you are like……we never force anybody ….and if the mercy of the kirtans on the street and the chanting of holy names offends somebody…..maybe its only because its new to the masses and we never ask you not to critise us…..we are open to critism ………..ask us anything you want………..but the very concept of kirtans is having chanting in congregations in every village in this world and on every street……….well and it is not without sweat and toil that we do it……..its what we believe in …..and why do you ask us not to chant on the streets…..

  52. Roman says:

    As an answer to the Epicurus riddle:

    Krishna is both willing and able. Originally, you were with Him in eternal bliss. But you wanted to imitate Him, be a ruler like Him, so he let you down to Earth. And now you have to chant and lead a pure life if you want to go back.

    Well, that’s what Prabhupada taught anyway =)

    • bindu says:

      He sent me to this fuckin place?? But why the fuck didn’t he let me know what I did so I can properly make up for it.

      • kumar says:

        bindu, have you heard of a book called bhagavad gita? in this book he has explained in detail why he sent you to this place? what mistake you had done.. how can you get out from here and never come back again and everything.

      • bindu says:

        I’ve read it (the one by Swami Sadashiva Tirtha most throughly) and it is utter bullshit like most other religious books.

      • kumar says:

        bindu, thats the biggest mistake you have done by reading bhagavad gita from un authorised writers. you should have read the bhagavad gita as it is written by srila prabhupad the founder of iskcon.
        so many people in the west are today followers of iskcon because they got the knowledge from right authority that is in the line of disciplic succession.

  53. Iksvaku das says:

    November 17: lets return to a very simple point – you are not shut up- you are some other person, nepali sitizen with addres name ,relatives. But even this identity is not your true identity.But you are fully absorbed in “seeing” it as your “true” identity. Thats where all the confusion comes from.
    religion is not my it’s Krishnas.Religion means reestablishing connection.To reestablish our onesidedly lost connection with Krishna we must consciously desire to be reestated in our original eternal identity as a servant of krishna.we have a heart and that heart also has a heart- this is Krishna.Servise to Krishna comprices more than 90% of the original energy of the eternal living entity. When the living entity is more and more forgetfull of krishna this energy of devotional service more and more diminishes and one becomes more and more mizerable and tottaly delusioned . in such a state living entity cannot even distinguish between Krishna himself and falsely religious people who think that God is ordersupplier of their nessesities of life. Now the fact is that Krishna suplies everything for everyone, becouse without Him everyone is just a helpless kittie.But at one point living entity becomes so delusioned that he hates God Himself.So we must make discussion more precise. You are against God or you are against some people who pose as religious- but do it for profit without true sentiment and dedication and honesty.
    we are about Krishna and say that He is not cheater but true friend of everyone. and also we are against cheaters who use the name of God to promote their egoistic ideas. We admire you sir that you at least say honestly that by your opinion Krishna does not exist. this initial honesty, although in your case mixed with atheistic wiev, is the initial point of religionbecouse without such simple honesty further progres in understanding the real truth about the world is impossible. And we on our part can say that we wiev such honest but ateistic people as more valuable members of society than thouse who pose as religious but in the name of “religion” create havoc in society and in this way induce in common people dissatisfaction with the religion and make them prone to atheistic wievs.
    However finaly everyone by good fortune must try very carefully to understand the truth about Krishna from His real representative and prepare himself to return in our original home Back to Godhead where we will be participating in supreme blissfull existence and where love and not fear is central driving force. Love for Krishna , and His love for each and everyone of us.
    In this connection ” about lesbians etc.: Material world is called the driving force is fear.fear that I will not get as much happyness as I desire but as krishna says in bhagavad gita .. All the planets in the material World From Brahmaloka where the lifespan of the inhabitants is 311 trilion eartly years down to the lowest hellish planet – all are pleces of misery , wherein birth and dead take place. So due to intense misery that the living entities experience in material world they aquire wery twisted way of thinking resulting in wery degraded desires and fenomenal forms.There is no such thing as man dating man etc. but on the principle of golden mountine- you have seen gold and you have seen mountain- in a dream you combine them and you dream of golden mountain. In a similar waythouse who are very wretched and envious are trown again and again in demoniac forms of life in which they exibit all unnatural tendencies and desires acumulated during countless lifetimes of suffering in material world . So as you see we dont even try to frighten you with hell. Krishna tells you that you are allready in hell- material world. and one of the simptoms is that you dont even recognize this . Pig does not recognize that humans pity him- he is happy eating stool.
    In the spiritual world original Adi-rasa exists between Krishna and Radha- and they exchange kisses hugs and dance – sometimes all night – but the process of twisted mundane sex is conspicious there by its absence. So all forms of mundane sex are based on this artificial process of gratifying the genitalls.people struggle hard withe dillemma sex or love.Sex can be used in the process of reviving our original state of consciousness -Krishna consciousness- which is the underlying reality behind the world as we see it now. and the way to do this is to have normal family and rase your children giving them spiritual culture and enlightenment. Not that this is compulsory- but if you cannot see life without sex – this is one safe way to have it.

    So in conclusion material world means to see things as not connected to Krishna. Since everything has its origin in krishna seeing it in a way that makes it look as not connected with krishna is simply madness. and lesbians etc are sheer examples of extreem forms of madness. but so called “normal people are also mad if they think that things are not connected with Krishna.No0 matter how degraded one can be he can save himself if he turns his attention to Krishna, Becouse krishna is Supremely pure and purifies everything that comes in contact with him. And no matter how “normal one can be – if he does not recognize Krishna- he is only sure to become more and more mad. but finaly when one again turns to Krishna – he can be rescued immediately by all madnes- even with this first step in self realisation- that you are not this body. The body is symply a mashine of material energy which you use to explore the phenomenal world. becouse by our spiritual nature we are pleasureseekers by nature, when we falsely identyfye with the body , we try to derive unlimited pleasure out of it. this is so becouse in the association of Krishna happiness is everincreasing- and in the depths of our consciousness we sence that happyness is our birthright. BUT!!!!!- material world is a world of limited resource. Static.and all unhappyness and confusion comes from this simple thing – entities seeking dinamic everincreasing happynes – try to find it in a static world with everdecreasing resourse. Which brings great fear uponeveryone. and in this atmosphere of fear and unsatisfaction- every phenomena becomes possible- gay[in one movie one man was descrybing something and said….: when I was young gay ment happy], so this is another feature of mat. world – this is the world of names only-and furthermore people cannot stand to see themselves as not normal- this means i’m mad – but instead trying to rectify it – I try to twist the law in such a way that my madness becomes- not madness. so how are peace and happyness possible in such environment .

    The only solution is to return in our long lost original state of consciousness- Krishna consciousness.

  54. ShutUp says:

    What makes you think people, other than you, are disillusioned? I’m pretty sure, you are. So wake up !!

  55. Iksvaku das says:

    Shut up be sencere- you like very much these foreigners distributing books about Krishna downtown Nepal.

  56. Iksvaku das says:

    I’m trying to wake up,, it seems that I start to see some light, but am not fully awake yet. and beware becouse when I will be fully wake up Ill come in nepal arest you and make you sell Hare krishna Books all day and all Night.

  57. Iksvaku das says:

    What makes us think people who do not follow Krishna are illusioned is the statements of Krishna Himself in such scriptures as Bhagavad Gita As It IS , Srimad Bhagavatam,

    And many spiritual teachers as Srila Vyasadeva , Narada , Asita Devala, Manu, Bhishma Shukadeva, Prahlad Maharaja Yamaraja, Ambarisha Maharaja, and in modern day Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Six Goswamis of Wrindavana – namely Sri Rupa Goswami , his elder brother Sri Sanatana Goswami, Srila GopalaBhatta Goswami, Sri Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami , Sri raghunatha das Goswami and Sri Jiva Goswami , an also their Followers in Sri Guru Parampara- Vishvanath Chakravarti, Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami, Gourakishora dasa Babaji- the spiritual master of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami – who brought Krishna Consciousness to American shore in 1965 and founded Hare Krishna in 1966 there.His disciple is our spiritual master His Grace Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari at

    Now where the confusion comes about – it comes from the freedom- to choose authoritu you trust. I choose to trust such persons- becouse for many years I studied their character and their books- and I’m satisfied to follow such a liders.

    Befor that when I was following my parrents as a child- as every child . Father was and is atheist. so for me atheism and trust in empirical sciensce were natural back ground to the extent that I dont remember actualu to have this dilemma to be teist or atheist – in our home atheism was so natural that other possibillity hardly existed.

    so in this way i can understand atheistic people their feelings, and beliefes in life. In the same time i can tell them[ if they ask me] whAT a great difference it makes when you finaly understand and accept that the universe is not just a vast desert sprung out of nowhere but has order behind it . And this order is so Sublime and satisfiying that the momo and beer look just as mear hellish suffering compared to it. Now about lemon Juise if You offer to krishna – than you can also enjoy it – it will be already Krishna Prasadam – mersy – completely transcendental.

    Confusion in atheistik people arises when they hear that Krishna is great – that it will finish their own greatness- But actually only when you connect with Krishna you can become really great and return in the transcendental World- otherwice you reman here in the miserable material World – which -although Krishna creation- is symply a place of suffering where repeated birth and dead takes place.

    now in my life initially I met the book Lord of the rings The Hobbit which gave me some idea of cosmik creation being something more than simple chemistry- as atheists try to wiev the world. than in one particularly heavy moment of life i realised that no matter what you do you cant escape- one particular ocupation – evryone is forever servent- and the confusion here in material world comes out of the many illusioned persons that think 2 completely wrong things: 1.that they can become masters- which is wrong becouse in evry moment you are controlled by the material nature being her creation- and he is owned by Krishna , and 2.: even if you concuer the world- you will still remain in it as a servant of your own plans and dreams.

    So realising that no matter what you do you reain servant- in family youserv the family members, in the country – other people- in your work – the company- so this position of servent is inescapable.
    In itself it is so easy to see so hard to notice that i waqnder how was i atall been able to realize this.

    Onse having understand this I adopted an Idea that at least I want to be the servant of the one person that is supreme over evrything – and then I find the books about Krishna .
    that is all – and that’s how I know that i’m right and you are wrong. This is not personal ambition to overshown you by proving by false propaganda that you are false – when you are right- no just becouse it so happened that I found somehow the right formula- I see how you strugle still with wrong formulas – you think are right- but I know by my personal experience thet this formulas are all useless.

    The difficulty comunicating this to you is coming from the factthat you have for some reason or other complete trust in your wrong formulas.
    You in fact see things in completely the oposite way. You think that krishna is not existing and I just find some relifef of hard life in believing in some supreme being.

    I can decide to accept your point of wiev- but there is nothing much to accept- becouse I will end up accepting wievpoint of a person who is not able to know even the basic facts of his own existence, and yet somehow dares to give opinion on topics that are so much out of the reach of his perception but in the same time is so proudly and arrogantly – completely confidently gives advicess-on universe and on the existence of Krishna. even if we adopt empiric methods [which in itsel are onli subordinate knowledge aquireing method] still we must admitt 50:50 % possibillity. Some modern cheaters going under the name of famous scientist in todays world want to impose such paradigm and bery the whole contemporary science under it. fortunately this das not mean that all modern scientists are stupid. Sciensce means 50:50% chance is for everything out of the reach of solid proofs – not to imagine some complex of theories and without oroof to pass it under the name of so called “science”.

    and 2.

  58. Iksvaku das says:

    tad idaḿ bhagavān rājann
    eka ātmātmanāḿ sva-dṛk
    antaro ‘nantaro bhāti
    paśya taḿ māyayorudhā

    tat — therefore; idam — this manifestation; bhagavān — the Personality of Godhead; rājan — O King; ekaḥ — one without a second; ātmā — the Supersoul; ātmanām — by His energies; sva-dṛk — qualitatively like Him; antaraḥ — without; anantaraḥ — within and by Himself; bhāti — so manifests; paśya — look; tam — unto Him only; māyayā — by manifestations of different energies; urudhā — appears to be many.

    Therefore, O King, you should look to the Supreme Lord only, who is one without a second and who manifests Himself by different energies and is both within and without.

    The Supreme Lord Personality of Godhead is one without a second, but He manifests Himself by different energies because He is by nature blissful. The living beings are also manifestations of His marginal energy, qualitatively one with the Lord, and there are innumerable living beings both within and without the external and internal energies of the Lord. Since the spiritual world is a manifestation of the Lord’s internal energy, the living beings within that internal potency are qualitatively one with the Lord without contamination from the external potency. Although qualitatively one with the Lord, the living being, due to contamination of the material world, is pervertedly manifested, and therefore he experiences so-called happiness and distress in the material world. Such experiences are all ephemeral and do not affect the spirit soul. The perception of such ephemeral happiness and distress is due only to the forgetfulness of his qualities, which are equal to the Lord’s. There is, however, a regular current from the Lord Himself, from within and without, by which to rectify the fallen condition of the living being. From within He corrects the desiring living beings as localized Paramātmā, and from without He corrects by His manifestations, the spiritual master and the revealed scriptures. One should look unto the Lord; one should not be disturbed by the so-called manifestations of happiness or distress, but he should try to cooperate with the Lord in His outward activities for correcting the fallen souls. By His order only, one should become a spiritual master and cooperate with the Lord. One should not become a spiritual master for one’s personal benefit, for some material gain or as an avenue of business or occupation for earning livelihood. Bona fide spiritual masters who look unto the Supreme Lord to cooperate with Him are actually qualitatively one with the Lord, and the forgetful ones are perverted reflections only. Yudhiṣṭhira Mahārāja is advised by Nārada, therefore, not to be disturbed by the affairs of so-called happiness and distress, but to look only unto the Lord to execute the mission for which the Lord has descended. That was his prime duty.
    Copyright © The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
    His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, Founder Ācārya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

    Canto 1: Creation Chapter 13: Dhṛtarāṣṭra Quits Home
    Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.13.49

    so ‘yam adya mahārāja
    bhagavān bhūta-bhāvanaḥ
    kāla-rūpo ‘vatīrṇo ‘syām
    abhāvāya sura-dviṣām

    saḥ — that Supreme Lord; ayam — the Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa; adya — at present; mahārāja — O King; bhagavān — the Personality of Godhead; bhūta-bhāvanaḥ — the creator or the father of everything created; kāla-rūpaḥ — in the disguise of all-devouring time; avatīrṇaḥ — descended; asyām — upon the world; abhāvāya — for eliminating; sura-dviṣām — those who are against the will of the Lord.

    That Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, in the guise of all-devouring time [kāla-rūpa] has now descended on earth to eliminate the envious from the world.

    There are two classes of human beings, namely the envious and the obedient. Since the Supreme Lord is one and the father of all living beings, the envious living beings are also His sons, but they are known as the asuras. But the living beings who are obedient to the supreme father are called devatās, or demigods, because they are not contaminated by the material conception of life. Not only are the asuras envious of the Lord in even denying the existence of the Lord, but they are also envious of all other living beings. The predominance of asuras in the world is occasionally rectified by the Lord when He eliminates them from the world and establishes a rule of devatās like the Pāṇḍavas. His designation as kāla in disguise is significant. He is not at all dangerous, but He is the transcendental form of eternity, knowledge and bliss. For the devotees His factual form is disclosed, and for the nondevotees He appears like kāla-rūpa, which is causal form. This causal form of the Lord is not at all pleasing to the asuras, and therefore they think of the Lord as formless in order to feel secure that they will not be vanquished by the Lord.
    Copyright © The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
    His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, Founder Ācārya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

  59. Anillina says:

    Iksvaku das,
    Sorry,I am too confused about your words,i really didnt understand your looooong praching.Could you simply answer my these question in one sentence.
    What is God?
    Who is Krishna?
    Why are these Russian here in Nepal,what is their msgg?
    What is your Business?

  60. Iksvaku das says:

    God is origin of everything in existence.
    Krishna is His foremost out of unlimited number of names-means the allatractive One.
    The message is that our state original state of full happiness and ever increasing bliss is being servants of Krishna. the russians try to teach the nepali people how to live in full happiness.
    my bussiness is becouse I also have in my life the goal tobe servant of krishna, since I’m convinced that this is the only way to happiness, and tell everyone else who happend to forget this . so I was curious why shut up hates the russians. and what he thinks about Krishna.

  61. Anillina says:

    No No.Krishna is only attracted among women and we boy simply ignore him before so many great names like Gautama The Buddha.Buddhas teaching are the real and is way of full happiness.Have you practised Vippassana Meditation, then you will know how blind is your happiness.Only BOKAs are followers of Krishna because they are hungry of women like Krishnaa was.

    And your statement is here proof:

    “When i will be fully wake up Ill come in Nepal arest you and make you sell Hare Krishna Books all day and all night.”

    Were you happy at this instant?You are carrying gross sensation at this moment and how could you say you practise Bhagwat Gita,You are making fun of yourself…True Religious People dont react upon others’ comment no matter how bad they are.

    Buddhas say,”If som1 scolds you then answer him just giving smile,dont react”

    And we dont hate Russians by the way,we hate false religious person.You better teach Krishna in your country.Or Shall we come there to sell our Buddha teaching?

    (BOKA means he-goat)

  62. Iksvaku das says:

    there is no my country your country or this religion or that religion religion is one to love god . god s name is Krishna. Lord Buddha is Form of lord krishna with specific function.
    Just as those who enjoy women on the pretext of being krishna followers- people started to eat meat on the pretext that they are offering it in yagya to Lord Vishnu- that is false religion- just to save the poor animals -Lord Buddha came and all togather defied the authority of the Vedas.

    I understand and appreciate that you hate false religious persons. For that reason you must kindli consider that you also have some wrong moments in your understanding. 1 Krishna and thouse who misinterpred teaching of Krishna- have nothing in common. another words – you hate false religion people but you dont fail to fall their victim. Without considering their bad example you must seek for the genuin teaching of krishna – and I guarantee you that there is nothing false. you can find it from the russian devotees distributing the books of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami or you can find it in or my spiritual master
    I have nothing against you nepali people or Shut Up – our host.In fact I”m thankfull of you giving place for this disscussion. And I”m glad that you take active position – trying to find the reason in life.
    this is just my way to say things- making challenge.
    But otherwice my aim is only to give inf about krishna to whomever hapend to be interested.
    I’m actually thankfull to you about your inquisitiveness- becouse most of the population in the world is neglectin that main feature of human form- search for the Siurce of all existence.
    False religious people are simply victims of their oun stupidity. You must help them to stop bein false, but first you must start yoursels with proper education in the science of the Supreme person.
    Although you cannot hear Him- be sure that He hears you perfectly in every moment.
    If you dont trust me or the sources Icite as refference., then atleast try in the depths of your heart to pray to Lord Buddha orKrishna-They are the same person- Pray to Lord Buddha in the manner that : Dear Lord Buddha pleace help me to Find the True religious path, and the truth about You and Krishna, Help me be Your sencere servant eternaly.
    Lord Buddha will happyly then give you some intelligence in the heart and you will than gradually become to understand what is what in thw world .
    I visited WBengal last year and there I met some friends fromyour country .In general people allover the world are nice – but also they are grosly misguided in their understanding of life.
    So of course caste brahmanism, fals religiositu, misrepresentin of Krishna as sexmonger- and so many other forms of material confusion – are not the way that can lead the people to happyness. But the way of happiness exists as far as my experience is concerned, and further more it is established by authorities of spotless reputation.And shure enough this is the way to Krishna.
    You can make further advancement if you meditate on the Hare Krishna Mahamantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare- This name of Krishna is Krishna Himsels and meditating on Him audibli pronouncing this mantra or singing it in the company of other devotees will bring you unlimited happyness.
    I have no specific purpouse preching in nepal, and but also I have no reason to not prech there- my goal is to tell everyone about Krishna.
    And this about Se4lling Books for krishna in nepal- of course this is very niceif they are the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. The books are same as people – there false people and genuine devotees and Books that have title that they are about Krishna but they are fake. So one must beg Lord Buddha for intelligence how to find real devotees and associate with them and find rea Krishna Books and read them with pleasure. So one thing is to find real Books but not like them , the other thing is to not pay attentino to false books – so you must consider the matter very intelligently.
    I write in this blog becouse I see that Shut up is sencere seeker and cannot stand falsity.This qualities are good.But now both you and he must further you knowledge of Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna. Lord Buddha Will happily Give you intelligence to understand everything from within your heart if you pray sencerelyto Him to be His true follower.Since the mission of The Lord is always the same- To teach Love of God – He Has many Forms – But when he comes the mission is the same. Krishna is the origin of All -All life allNature and And All His other forms . So there is no difference in purpouse between Lord Budha and Lord Krishna – But since you are accustomed to pray to lord Buddha – Than pray to Him. If you Pray sencerely to become His true servant wthout any tinge of selfish interest I can guarantee you that both Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna will be very satisfied with you and you will spend your life from there on in perfect harmony and happiness. That is the simple formula of happiness.

  63. Iksvaku das says:

    there is no need me coming to nepal to force you to read and sell The books about krishna- ance you realise how wonderfull are those books- you will not stop reading them- you will start to live in the pages of thouse books. And you will want to sell them 24/7.
    thats why I get angry seeing shut up moking thouse people that try to give you the most sublime happiness giving you the Books of Prabhupad.
    Its different things to hate falsiti, and to falsly acuse what is actually nice.
    Pleace kindli consider the difference between the two.and choose wisely.
    Thats all.
    I stop writing here if it so happens that you some day discover that what I say is true – you can write me to

    • bindu says:

      Why do you assume that we have not read your freakin’ books? We have and found them to be pure non-sense compared to “The Origin of Species”, “What Is Life? by Erwin Schrödinger”, “The Selfish Gene”, “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”, “Relativity: The Special and General Theory”, “The Cosmic Connection”, “A Brief History of Time”… have you read them? any one of them??

      • kumar says:

        hey bindu, how did you develop so much faith in stephen hawkings and other scientists that you have started believing everything what they have written to be true?
        have you personally seen them doing the research work or have you conducted research yourself and cross verified those experiments?
        how is it that you believe them to be true and say the sciptures to be false?

      • bindu says:

        I did not develop “faith” in them. I just read them and they make a lot more sense, are a lot more consistent with what is observable and repeatable and don’t threaten me that if I don’t follow what they write, I’ll burn in some imaginary place after death.

        I don’t believe that what they have written is true, I don’t need to.

        And yes, I have conducted research on some if not all and verified they are true.

        Scriptures have utter bullshit most of the time and most scientific books have facts.

  64. Anillina says:

    i have sent you email.Ikshvakudas

  65. dakkar says:

    ive been around iskon for 14 years living outside of a temple and i can tell you some of the points you have are valid some are not.they do sell bumper stickers with sexual and drug inuendo at coincerts and they do misrepresent themselves as humanitarian workers but this is a small minority of devotees-if you can call them that-most devotees would be sickened by this.mainlly these devotees that travel the concerts are from alachua florida and most came from wheeling west virginia where this kind of coruption was the norm-just hit every car before they can and tell people who they are they really hate this but beware you could end up getting jumped

  66. Jake says:

    I must leave a reply to this… I am passionate about hinduism. The first and foremost thing about HINDUISM is that it is one of the only major religions that does not believe in converting other people. Keep in mind that it is also the oldest living religion.
    In the Gita, it is stated that the supreme is equal to all.
    If Hinduism did believe in converting others, Buddha would still be a hindu, sikhs would still be hindus, jains would also be hindus… making hinduism THE leading religion of the world.
    Before making any comments, perhaps you should at least attempt to read the Gita to know that while all religions believe in only their gods, the Gita promotes all religions that is synonymous to love, and that Krishna mentions at the end that there is no such thing as ‘holy’ and you may destroy all scriptures as long as you have learnt what needs to be learnt.
    Hare Krishna!

    • bindu says:

      “and that Krishna mentions at the end that there is no such thing as ‘holy’ and you may destroy all scriptures as long as you have learnt what needs to be learnt.”

      Thats exactly what we are trying to do. We have learnt almost everything and can do almost everything we need. So lets destroy the fuckin’ religion.

  67. H.G Bhakta K. Sanathanan says:

    Think as what ever you want to think with your mind and soul. But keep that to your head till dead you are. If you can’t respect other with your words then respect them with your silence. To all i just would like to say keep away from the barking dog. HDG Srila Prabhupada ones say, “if you jump into the mud with the pigs, to fight with them, only the pigs will benefit it, the only thing you get is stain and mud… keep away from such rascal”. Hare Krishna!

  68. ShutUp says:

    Wow.. I’ve been away for some weeks and the egos of “devotees” have swamped in the form of replies.

    Your blind eyes and clouded visions – the point of this whole topic was – “religion is a shithole”.. any religion.. every religion.

  69. Rajdeep says:

    fuckin christian prick lol
    keep worshiping your blacksmith jesus

  70. […] have also invaded a post on my other blog. I laugh […]

  71. Rajan Shrestha says:

    I know all the answers,you mortal human beings….i just got enlightened.

    I am God.

    Krishna is a friend of mine who just got married to this french girl.His parents changed their religion to Christ Consciousness some time back for economic benefits.We call him Johny.He played flute in my band some time back till we kicked him outta it because he wasn’t getting the groove right.

    Prabhu-Pada sounds like it means God-Fart….it should be changed to Prabhu, Padnus.,,please,padnus na.

    Hare Krishna was the name of a hashish center that use to be in the 70’s Freak Street….it’s not a movement but just a pot-shop.
    It’s replaced by Krishna Dai’s MO:MO: Pasal which is my regular hangout.

    I religiously love momos.

    Not to forget the point number one, I AM GOD.

    …and I am not Russian…my friend, Promina is but she is no god…I AM.

  72. sanjay says:

    please dont make such comments on hare krishna people. even i was an athiest previously. but after i came into contact with the devotees and read books of Prabhupad all my doubts were cleared. they tell you with full reasoning as to what is the importance of spiritual life. im a doctor in india. just like if you ask me any information related to a disease i can explain you clearly its symptoms, signs and the pathophysiology with evidence from authoritative medical books, in the same way if you approach iskcon devotees and ask any of your doubts, let it be with an intention of arguing also, still they can explain you clearly about the need to practice spiritual life, love of godhead, getting liberated from birth and death cycle and going back to krishna’s abode, with evidence from authoritative sources of vedic literature. you are not aware of any of those. so you are speaking like this. once you clearly understand all these aspects you will really change your mind and be a follower of hare krishna. there is no doubt.. see, we all are simply suffering in this material world thinking that we are this body and the ultimate source of enjoyment is sense gratification. but it is wrong. we are not these bodies, we are spirit souls, body is just a covering just like we cover ourselves with a dress. once the dress becomes old we throw it and wear a new dress. in the same way once the body becomes old the soul passes into a different body. and according to the karma made in this life the next life is decided. if a person is very sinful he may get lower forms of life like animals, birds or beasts. those who have done a little bit of progress in understanding god they may be saved and may get ahuman life again to continue their spiritual life and attain self realisation. human life is meant for self realisation.. animals have four basic needs. eating, sleeping, mating, defending. even a human being does the same thing but in a more sophesticated way. a dog may eat roadside food and may mate roadside. man may eat in a fivestar hotel and may have sex in a posh bedroom. but there is no difference. even a dog enjoys its way equally to that of man. then what is the difference between man and a dog. difference is that man has got intelligence, a capacity to enquire into higher aspects of life.. who am i? where did i come from? where will i go after death? who is god? what is my relation with him? why i cannot see god now? why people are suffering here? is there a way to get out of here and go to a place where there is full of bliss and only enjoyment? yes, there is a perfect answer for all these questions, which leaves you no doubts.. and this is answered in BHAVAD GITA and all the vedic literatures.. so i recommend you to please attend classes conducted by iskcon and read the spiritual books published by them. just try for a change. there is no harm. if you feel still dissatisfied after doing so you can continue with your own philosophy. me as your friend suggesting you this because previously even i was like you. but now i changed. even you will be definitely benefited by this.. there is no doubt. it is a path towards attaining ultimate goal of human life and moving towards bliss.. i can give u 100% assurance.. if you have any querries you can ask.. i will as your friend answer you.. hare krishna..

  73. sandesh says:

    athestic people are just like demons. hiranyakashipu was a powerful atheist king who claimed himself as god and asked people to worship him. when he saw his son worshipping krishna, he became so angry that he asked his son where is your god? his son prahlad repied god is everywhere. hiranyakashipu asked is he present in this pillar? son replied yes. hiranyakashipu immediately shattered the pillar into pieces and out of the pillar came lord narasimha, a man with a lion head, and he tore apart hiranyakashipu into 2 pieces. so lord will come just to kill these foolish third class athestic demons and to save his devotees.

  74. ShutUp says:

    Wow.. I am really amazed with your divine intellect ! What a loser!!

    Hiranyakashipu – that’s just a pure myth but if you are gonna believe that, I got no problem.. but fuck, what’s wrong with your intellect ??

    Ok, History lesson 101 for you:

    Most of the wars and demolitions this world has seen came from the hands of “religious” people.. those “theist”.

    Do you need examples? Ok I will give you a recent one.. George Bush and George Bush II.. both are proud Christians, pure theist.. how come they commit such heinous war crimes, killing thousands of innocent lives.

    Where the hell was your Krishna when Christians slaughtered Muslim children, women and innocent people? Where was your Krishna when Christian Americans bombed Vietnam? Where was your Krishna when those Muslim Jihaadist bombed innocent people all over the world? Did they deserve to die because they don’t follow your religion?

    What about Gautam Buddha? He was the only true atheist in the history of mankind! Can you give me any examples of Buddha acting like a demon or killing people or slaughtering the ones who did not worship him?

  75. sandesh kini says:

    ok friend i will answer each of your questions. please do read this patiently. you say that the story of hiranyakashipu is a pure myth. but you believe that all the wars which took place in history to be true. you have neither witnessed those wars nor you have seen lord killing hiranyakashipu. but you have strong faith over your history lessons and you believe all that is true, because your teacher has told you its true. but you have no faith on the holy scriptures which mention that hiranyakashipu had existed and was killed for his demonic nature. and all the gurus confirm that the scriptures are true. i agree that nowadays most of the fights are occuring in the name of religion. this is because all those people who proudly say that they are theist have no knowledge about the purpose behind religion. they do not know the purpose why all of us are born in this world. what are we to accomplish here? what is our aim here? those theist are simply fighting saying my religion is superior, my god is superior, my country is superior. lord krishna has got nothing to do with americans bombing vietnam or terrorists killing innocent people. lord krishna is the supreme father of all living beings and we all are his children. the father does not like his children suffering here. we children are suffering here due to our ignorance and foolishness. we have forgotten our eternal relationship with our father and we are fighting here among ourselves. lord krishna is very eager to get back his lost children. and how to go back to our father, that has been explained very clearly by lord krishna in the bhagavad gita. gautama budha was an incarnation of krishna and this is confirmed in the vedas. budha was an atheist but there was a purpose behind it. during budha’s time lot of animal killing and other cruelty was going on. people had misinterpreted the vedas and they were quoting the vedas for all their acts saying its given in the vedas that animal killing is allowed etc etc. so gautama budha inorder to stop all these misinterpretations, totally denied the vedas. finally you should know that the existence of god is not just a belief or myth but its a concrete reality. your heart is continuosly beating, your blood is flowing in the veins, gigantic planets are rotating around the sun. all these are happening not by mere chance but there is a supreme controller behind everything.

  76. ShutUp says:

    If, I quote your statement here:

    “lord krishna has got nothing to do with americans bombing vietnam or terrorists killing innocent people.”

    what gives you any right to say:

    “lord krishna is the supreme father of all living beings and we all are his children.”

    And, if:

    “the father does not like his children suffering here.”

    what’s stopping him to change relieve the suffering of the people.

    And, you say:

    “during budha’s time lot of animal killing and other cruelty was going on.”

    this is happening in any era of history – past or present and this will happen in future as well.

  77. sandesh says:

    lord krishna says in the bhagavad gita chapter14 verse 4- it should be understood that all species of life, O son of kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that im the seed giving father. this confirms that krishna is the father of all living beings. now why doesnt krishna come and stop war and terrorism? srila prabhupada has explained all these in his books. suppose you are a rich man’s son and you have left your home, forgetting your father’s property, home and happiness because you wanted to go out and enjoy on your own. the father says- son please dont go. you will suffer. but you ll say- no i want to go out and enjoy independently. father says- alright. you may go. and then you get lost somewhere outside with no money and shelter and you totally forget your father. now somebody reminds you that you are the son of a very rich man. there is no need for you to suffer here. if you go back to your father, then all your problems are solved at once. the father is very eager to see you back. our condition is exactly similar to this. we wanted to enjoy independently forgetting our relationship with our father. lord krishna doesnt want to interfere with the little independence which you have. so he said- alright. you may go and enjoy. and that is the reason why we have come to this world which is like a prison house and we are suffering here. in this world you can not expect any peace. war and terrorism will keep continuing no matter what peace formulas you invent. in a society where there is no god consciousness there cannot be any peace. our main concern should be- how i can get out of all these sufferings of birth, death, disease, old age, terrorism, natural calamities etc etc. the answer is- if we re establish our lost relationship with our eternal father lord krishna who is all rich and powerful, then all our problem is solved. we no more have to take birth in this world of suffering but we can enjoy eternally with our father.

    • bindu says:

      We’ll I’d rather enjoy eternity with infinite number of women and infinite type of drinks. What will I do for eternity with father??

      • kumar says:

        hey bindu i thought you were a girl. now dont tell me you are a lesbian. or is it that you also underwent a sex change operation like shut up?

      • ShutUp says:

        hahahaha.. so called devotee of Krishna.. demeaning others and acting like a bitch. Fucking two-face hypocrit !! kumar is a bitch !!!

      • bindu says:

        No, I’m not a girl. I’m a transexual, bisexual with sexual organs cut off and eaten by myself. Why do you care?

  78. Vinajudai says:

    My “God” Moth You have really made a lot of “peacefull” people upset. Keep on rocking!

  79. Sanjay says:

    Its nothing rocking about that ignorant person Mr.Vinajudai. We have nothing to loose whether those atheistic people believe in God or not. We are writing it for the sake of those people who are inquistive in the matters of spirituality and are reading this article. If that Mr.Shutup really agrees for a fair debate its 100% guaranteed that he has to accept defeat because we have got perfect answers for whatever question he or any of the atheist asks..

    • Vinajudai says:

      There are no “perfect” answers to anything and least of all when it comes to philosophy and religion. But since you are so sure that you have all the answers, please explain me why you are not able to convince the rest of the world that your philosophy is right and everything else therefore is wrong (that everything else is wrong actually is the direct consequence of you claiming to have all the right answers). We live in a world where some of the biggest religions do nothing but harm those that do not believe as they do and whose leading members all have a one-eyed belief that they have all the right answers.
      Anyone who dares going against this belief is rocking and Moth is one of them!

  80. Sanjay says:

    Yes people who fight in the name of religion be it Hindus or Muslims or Christians have mere fanatism about their religion. They misinterpret the teachings and simply fight against each other. All religions are correct. All religions lead to the same supreme Lord. No religion instructs people to fight against each other and harm others. But its peoples misinterpretation. Such people really dont follow what is given in their religion. They simply want to create commotion in this world saying our religion is superior. They know nothing about what the religion really tries to convey to the world. Hare Krishna people just try to impart people the sublime knowledge of Vedic literature which is present since time immemorial. Vedas donot pertain to any religion. It is the knowlege bestowed by the Lord to the entire mankind. people may have an impression that Vedas are of Hindu religion. But its wrong. The term Hindu came simply because of the fact that the inhabitants resided on the banks of river “sindhu”. There is no mentoin of any religion in Vedas. It has got nothing to do with religion. Vedas contain the most perfect and supreme knowledge about God, his creation, the material and spiritual universe, the laws of karma, the purpose of human life, the knowledge to transcendent the laws of nature and to escape from the miseries of this material world and return back to Godhead. Veas are not “man-made”. In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says “Im the creator of the Vedas and im the knower of the Vedas” Lord also says ” I shall now declare unto you this knowledge both phenomenal & noumenal, by knowing which there shall remain nothing further to be known”. Thus the Lord is imparting the supreme knowledge to mankind. Different religions have penetrated into different levels of understanding God. Just like if you take the subject mathematics, in first standard a child is taught simple arithmatics. It is told that 1+1=2. But its not told to the child that 1-2=-1. Because it doesnt have the capacity to understand. But in 5th standard it will be taught about negative intigers -1,-2 etc. As you go higher up in 10th std the child is taught Trignometry, analytical mathematics etc. So what do we observe? It is the same mathematics in all the standards but the depth of knowledge imparted is different. It is the same way the depth into which different religions have penetrated about understanig spiritual knowledge is different.. Im not at all trying to tell you that the philosophy which i believe is correct and rest all is wrong. I fully agree with you that some big religions in the world at present are posing a threat to the world in the name of religion saying that only our religion is correct and harm those who donot agree or follow..

    • Vinajudai says:

      Your points only prove that there is no God!
      A God with the almighty power to create the earth, the universe and all of the inhabitants would never allow people to behave in his/her name as they do now and would never allow for any doubt about his/her true divinity.

      You also prove that the teachings of all religions origin from the same basic rites and myths. One of the virtues of mankind is the need to believe in such rites and myths. They have been interpreted (another virtue of mankind) to what we today know as different religions.

      Q.E.D. There is no God!

      Thank you for your help.

      • Sanjay says:

        We say there is no God because we cannot see Him. Dear fiend God is beyond our sense perception. We with our imperfect senses by no scientific experiment or research can find Him. We can find Him only by pure bhakti (devotion). Another point is that right now we dont have that qualification to see God. Only a pure devotee gets the qualification. Just like if you want to meet the President or King of your country can you simply go to his house and meet? No. You may have to wait for days or months together, with appointment to meet him. But what about the President’s or Kings son? He can meet his dad anytime he wants. Why? Because he is the dearest. In the same way the Lord, though he is the creator of all, considers His pure devotees as His dearest and will manifest Himself to them. Your questions are Genuine. You are not wrong in asking questions like- Why God who is the creator of all is allowing everyone to behave like this? why are there so many wars, hatred, bribe in the world? why is God not interfering? If we are His childrens why is He not coming to help us? These are the basic questions most of the people have. Even i had the same quetions before. The answer is- This material world is like a prison house. Lord says in Bhagavad Gita this material world is “Dhukhalaya ashashwatham” means it is a place full of miseries and sufferings (dhukha) and it is temporary. We all originally belonged to the spiritual abode of the Lord which is full of enjoyment, eternal bliss. But due to our desire to become the Lord ourselves we are sent to this material world. We had all comforts and unimaginable happiness there. But our desire was to become the Lord ourselves which is not possible. So we are sent to this material world which is like a prison house. Just like here if a person commits crime he will be sent to prison house, the same way we are sent here. We cannot expect any peace and harmony here because the nature of this material world itself is full of miseries which is declared by the Lord. So by whatever peace formulas we invent or whatever good deeds we do here we cannot expect anything good to happen in this world. People will fight in the name of religion, harm each other and so on. So the Lord Clearly instructs in Bhagavad Gita what are the things we should do to escape from the sufferings of this material world and come back to His spiritual abode. We are all part and parcel of the Lord. Just like each drop of water is a part and parcel of The unlimited ocean. Since Lord is supremely independent, we being part and parcel of the Lord has got a minute amount of independence and the Lord doesnot interfere with that little independence of ours. So we can do anything in this world.. Even if we are doing wrong Lord will not come and interfere with us. So our main job here is not to fight amongst ourselves. We having got a human form of life should think of how to escape from this material sufferings and go back to the place of eternal happiness.. I can tell you many more things about what is written in the Holy scriptures as to how to go back to the place of eternal happiness and be totally free from sufferings and enjoy eternal bliss if you are interested to know…..

  81. sandesh kini says:

    krishna, allah, christ different names represent the same supreme lord. just like a christian boy calls his mother as “mummy”, muslim boy calls “ammi”, hindu boy calls “ma”. different names but it represents the same loving mother, if everyone were her children. god can come in any form he likes and each form has its significance. it is natural for us to get attracted to a very beautiful person because of his/her beauty. in the same way we naturally get attracted towards a rich person, a famous person, an exteremely intelligent person. according to the vedas the supreme lord as krishna does possess all these opulences to an unlimited degree. there is no one matching krishna in his beauty, strength, richness, fame, intelligence and renunciation. brahma samhita says- kandarpa koti kamaniya vishesha shobham that means lord krishna’s beauty charms millions of cupids. the word “krishna” means “all attractive”. so the pure devotees worship this original form of god. but any religion one follows, if practised perfectly as described in their holy scriptures, the final destination is the same- all attractive supreme lord.

    • Vinajudai says:

      Your points only prove that we all origin from the same very basic biologic and physical buildng blocks – nothing else!

  82. sandesh kini says:

    vinajudai, a person should be intelligent if he has to understand the knowledge pertaining to god. otherwise even if one is a big doctor or neuro-surgeon or a scientist or engineer, if he is not intelligent he can not understand the subject matter of god. we suffer from so many diseases, old age, terrorism, natural calamities etc etc. only an intelligent person questions- why should i suffer all these? is there a way to get out of this suffering? a person who is not intelligent simply keeps suffering all these and thinks it is natural to suffer all these. Albert Einstein was intelligent enough to question why the apple fell down and why didnt it go up? but a common man would have never questioned this thinking it is natural for apple to fall down and questioning why is foolish. albert einstein believed in god. one incident which happened with albert einstein he mentions in his books. einstein had a freind who was an atheist. once einstein produced a beautiful replica of the solar system in his room and he set all the planets and sun in to motion. and he invited his friend to his house. when his friend saw the solar system he was amazed. he asked- wonderful. who created this? einstein replied- i dont know. today morning i woke up and saw it being here. may be it came here by chance. his friend replied- what nonsense? how can it come here by chance? einstein replied- if such a small solar system can not come here by chance then how can you expect our big solar system and the universe to be produced simply by chance without a creator? the existense of god is a concrete reality and a person should be intelligent enough to understand this.

  83. Vinajudai says:

    My “God”,
    What a lot of words with basically very little content. I feel that I must remind you that it is quality and not quantity which is important. All of your words brings some question up in my mind though (please don’t feel offended now – this is really mindboggling to me): Are all your words simply a matter of copy and paste or have you really written all of this yourself? In both cases I would like to know how much you really reflect on this or whether you are brainwashed. I ask this because your answers come with the same automatism, speed and bullets as a machine gun.

  84. sandesh kini says:

    im trying to explain to you in very simple terms. thats why it seems like more quantity and less quality. when you told that there is no god and we are made of physical and biologic building blocks it simply told me what is the level of your understanding on this subject matter. some times brain washing is really required because our brain is filled with so much of dirt and unwanted things. there is a proverb- we can take a horse to the water but we cannot make it drink water. similarly we can provide all the evidences for the existence of god from the scriptures, by logical thinking and various other sources but it is ultimately up to you to accept it or not.

  85. Vinajudai says:

    Quote of the day: “…some times brain washing is needed…”
    I guess this does not need any comments

    Another quote: “Similarly we can provide all the evidences … logical thinking….”
    The problem for you is (apart from liking brainwashing)that you have never been able to come up with any logical argument for the existence of God.

  86. sandesh kini says:

    well vinajudai here are some points in simple language for the existence of god. we see the painting of monalisa. our next question wll be- beautiful. who painted it? the answer is- leanardo da vinci. the painting didnot come out of the blue or by chance. there was a painter, a living man behind it. similarly we see a robot, a machine, performing wonderful tasks like surgery etc our next question is- how is robot doing it? the answer is- there is a human being behind that technology of robot, who is controlling it. a small child who has no developed intelligence thinks that the robot itself is doing everything on its own but an intelligent adult knows that there is an intelligent human being who is controlling the robot. similarly we see so many planets and stars in the sky and we know how wonderfully they rotate in their orbit. a man with a poor intelligence like a child thinks that all the planets are rotating on its own without a controller behind it but an intelligent man knows that when even a small car cannot run on its own without a living human behind it then how can such big gigantic planets run on its own without the involvement of a supreme living person behind it? this is logical thinking based on intelligence. another way of knowing it is based on scriptural injuctions. if we have to believe something then that knowledge has to come from an authoritative source. if you want to know issues related to politics then the authoritative source is the constitutional book of your country. similarly in the field of medicine there are books like harrison which is considered as authority throuhout the world. similarly in the subject matter of spirituality the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Koran are taken as the authority. and these holy scriptures speak about the existence of god and his creation. every knowledge we acquire starts with belief and faith in the authority. when we were in the school we take the teacher as authority and whatever she says we believe it to be true. when she said the first world war took place in 1912, we simply accepted it. now if we want to make a research by ourselves and find out if the first world war took place in 1912 or 1812 then we will be simply wasting our time and we may reach nowhere. simple process is to accept the authority teacher as true. similarly if we are to make a research to find out if god exists or not by sending rockets and satellites into outer space we will simply waste our time and will reach nowhere. because the scriptures clearly mentions that God cannot be percieved through our senses, that is- eyes, nose, tounge, ears, and touch. so by using our intelligence, through logical thinking and based on authoritative scriptures we can understand about the existence of God.

    • bindu says:

      OK. I know humans exist since I can practically verify them and get others to verify it. Also, I myself am a Human being. I don’t believe in Humans because there are other things that exist which work in a systematic fashion.

      The existence of a thing only proves the thing exists. It does not prove the creator exists or what the creator is like.

      If you start believing that an intelligent-looking system is a proof of existence of an intelligent creator, you will also have to accept that another intelligent creator must exist to have created that creator in the first place. And your whole concept will fail on its own.

      And no I won’t accept any old book I find unless the data is practically verifiable. There is no use of bullshit book if it fits nothing useful.

      • kumar says:

        if there is an operating system there has to be a creator behind it. just look at your own computer. did it come by chance? no. then how can this universe come by chance?
        the vedas state adi anadi govinda sarva karana karanam. that means lord krishna or govinda is the cause of all causes. he has no other cause. krishna is the creator of everything. but there is no creator behind krishna. he is eternal without begining without end.

      • bindu says:

        Since you are talking “COMPUTING” now, I’d like to mention that I am a certified computer engineer. And not only that I know that operating systems are man made, I’ve actually made a few for my clients (not really operating systems that are like the ones in your computer, but a lot smaller ones that run on embedded systems)… And yes, there had to be a creator.

        However, I am also a huge fan of Evolutionary algorithms and have actually worked on them too. These systems are actually dumb systems with just the basics (say just the universe) and they can produce intelligent objects which evolve in the given environment to suit its purpose. While developing such programs, we actually define what is good for the object and what way they should proceed in evolution so that we can get perfect type of object that will serve the purpose best. That is artificial selection. And if you know real evolution of living beings, I hope you know about “banana”.. the best example of artificial selection… original bananas were not edible.. modern tasty bananas are products of generations of artificial selection… shape, color and taste…

        If however, the selection criteria was governed by randomness in the nature, it is possible for evolution of various types of creatures as we see in this world now. Evolution is obvious, just like gravity.

      • >>>>sssss>>> says:

        jaake kaam kar apna or apni faaltu ki ovr smartness apne piche le samjha. bewkuf saala

  87. Vinajudai says:

    Mona Lisa, a robot/machine etc. – all creations of man with the use of nature science – no divinity needed apart from the divinity that is inherent each and every I N D I V I D U A L.

    I find it a bit amusing that you call the most advanced scientists for unintelligent. Maybe what you refer to as their lack of intelligence is what the rest of us refer to as their ability to think by themselves.

    That you according to a bunch of very old and dusty scriptures cannot perceive God through your normal senses is just a poor excuse for the believers to explain why there is no evidence of Gods existence.

    By the way – on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score) how far do you think you are in convincing me that there is a God?

  88. sanjay says:

    An ant lying in your room cannot by any way, by any research of its own know what idustrial developments are taking place in USA, what war is going on in middle-east, what new technologies have japaneese invented etc, because its sense perception is limited. So also we human beings if we try to find out where is God by our scientif research we will reach no where. The so called intelligent scientists have estimated that the extent of our Universe is 400 billion light years. If you ask them what is beyond that they have no answer. But the Vedas have described what is beyond that. Science says that Life originated due to fusion of micro molecules like carbon, nitrogen, amino acids etc. But extensive research was done to artificially produce life, but all in vain. Truth is that life cannot originate from matter without imbibing of consciousness through the soul. Anyway its a really vast topic to speak about. You cannot understand now because you are still at the base level where people think science is everythin and is ultimate truth, where as in reality science has more of hypothesis and assumption which keeps changing from time to time. I was a science student and im graduated in medical science. If i search extensively in medical literatutre what exactly is life? there is no proper answer. If i search where exactly is mind there is no answer. Im not the only one telling this. Even if you ask any great scientists or Doctors they will agree that there is something beyond science, which is superior to science which is controlling this nature. You may not be aware of, but there are millions of people in this world who are doing “spiritual sadhana.” Extensive researches are also going on to know what is consciousness, what is life, what is mind etc? But actually these things are clearly descibed in the Vedas.. Anyway half of the world believes in God and the other half may not believe. It is not possible to make others believe with words. Only personal experiences will make one believe. Its just a step in the ladder of evolution. Finally eveyone has to believe in God. If right now you are not believing, you might be standing in a lower step in the ladder. In this or another life at some point of time you will believe..

    • ShutUp says:


      It’s obvious that you gave up on your own instinct and on yourself. Just like so many of you people, you gave up because it’s easy.

      Giving up and not asking question and not doubting anything is easy!

      So much for being a science student and medical graduate. You just wanted an easy way out!

  89. sandesh kini says:

    well im always happy to answer you.i gave examples of mona lisa and robot just to tell you that a dead matter like a robot or a car can not act by itself unless a living person operates it. and what do you think is that living energy or DIVINITY inside us? that living energy is our true self which is called the soul. you can clearly understand this. what is the difference between a living body and a dead body? a living body has consciousness due to which the whole process of bodily functions like blood circulation, digestion, growth etc etc take place. when that consciousness goes out of the body, the body becomes dead and all the bodily functions stop. all of us are under the illusion that im this body. this whole body together constitutes me. this is my hand, this is my leg, my heart, my brain. if you start analyzing where is that “ME” or “I” concentrated in this body? am i the brain? or am i the mind? or am i the heart? or am i this whole body? if i think iam this whole body, then tomorrow if my hand gets cut in an accident or my legs get chopped off but still i will be the same “I”. i will say- my hand got cut or my leg got cut. if i were to be this whole body i should have reffered to myself as- im “ME minus one leg”. but no. my identity will be still ME or I. the bhagavad gita says- you are not this body or mind. body is just your outer covering like you wear pant and shirt. you are actually the soul within the body which exhibits consciousness. after death of this body you leave this body just like you change your old clothes and put on a new dress, similarly you get into a new body according to your past karma in the previous life. now understanding that im not this gross body but im the soul within is the first step in understanding about god. but there is a difference between understanding that im not this body and realizing im not this body. suppose you are travelling in a car. you understand that you are not the car but you are the person sitting within the car. also you will realize that you are different from the car. similarly i may understand that im not this body but im the soul within but at this point i can not realize im not this body. i will still feel im this body. the realization that im not this body comes after many many years of strict spiritual practice. and when you realize your true self you will achieve the top most happiness and you will come to know the nature of the supreme soul or paramatma or god. this is a scientific process and not just a belief. because many sages have practised this spiritual process and have come to the realization that im not this body but im the soul within exhibiting the symptom of consciuosness. this process if practised by you or me or anyone will ultimately come to the same result. and this soul which is our true self is what the divinity that is inherent in each and every INDIVIDUAL. the most intelligent scientists are called unintelligent because they have no idea about this soul. like all of us they are also under the false belief that im this body. they invent all kinds of new technology and discover so many new things but all this is used simply to make this body more and more comfortable. it is just like taking very good care of your pant and shirt but neglecting your own self. the scriptures are not old and dusty books but they are time tested. they hold true for all times. god cannot be percieved through our senses is not a poor excuse. you may know that our visual capacity is within the wavelength of 390 to 750 nano meters. similarly our hearing capacity is in the frequency of 20hertz to 20kilo hertz. we cannot see and hear beyond these. that does not mean there is no sound or vision beyond these. bats can pick up ultrasonic waves. a dog can smell what humans cant. but god is beyond any of our capacities. he cant be percieved through our senses. only through pure devotional service when you get free from all contaminations of material nature, after you have realized your true self then you automatically get that divine sense through which god reveals himself to you. this is not so easy and it takes many many lives of devotional service. my whole point of writing these detailed lengthy descriptions is not to forcibly convince you but it is for all the readers who can benifit by reading these conversations. whatever im telling you is not my inborn knowledge but it is through the authoritative scriptures and srila prabhupads books.

    • bindu says:

      Again, if you take a system to be a proof of existence of the supreme controller system, there also must exist another system that controls the supreme controller system and that till infinity…

  90. Vinajudai says:

    So I am not a car???…Wait I think I will have to start smoking some weed to realise what you are saying… wait actually I have a life, that is more interesting than your silly arguments….maybe you should get one too.


  91. Ashish says:

    Hare Krsna !
    Keep it going !

    I know you guys don’t sell heaven just distribute books which show us the path to the spiritual kingdom. To accept it or not depends on every individual. Perhaps we who don’t accept spiritual message think we our GOD ourself but the fact is we are the reverse or say total opposite …..not GOD but a DOG.

  92. Markus says:

    shut-up has an answer for every single thing. he answers from his egoic penile shaft which produces heavy amounts of sour love-snot. you cannot argue with an ignorant person.

  93. ShutUp says:

    Fucking LOL. Epic.

    But I’m not really surprised. This is how some half ass, submissive, whiny nitwit usually respond as their last triumph card – when they can’t present any practical and understandable logic, they turn into threats, abuses and silly comments like the one above.

    Hardly fucking surprising!

    “What! You don’t believe in God/Krishna?
    Oh thou shall be struck with god’s vengeance!
    Submit and accept and pray and worship !
    And Krishna will accept you, love you and relieve you off your endless cycle of hopeless life full of misery”

    What an entertainment! I love religious people. My life would be utterly boring without these people around – these hindus, these hare krishnas, these bishnus, these christians, these jews, these so called buddhists, these muslims.

  94. sandesh says:

    Mr.Shut up LETS HAVE A FRIENDLY TALK. i ll explain you clearly. everything starts with a belief or faith. and through belief you gain some knowledge. and when you practically apply that knowledge in your day to day life you begin to experience what you had initially learnt. example-when you were a small child your mom showed you a dog and told you this is a dog, it can bite you. you had no knowledge but simply you believed your mother. this belief is the first step. then you saw the picture of a dog in your text book and you read that it can bite you. now you gained the knowledge about dog. now you went near the dog and pulled its tail and it bit you. now you practically experienced the knowledge which you learnt. this story may sound funny but it is a simple example. similarly the people in the west initially had no knowlege about hare krishna. when srila prabhupad,the spiritual master, told them- plz chant hare krishna. it can give you the real happiness which you are searching all your life. those people simply believed him. then they read books like bhagavad gita through which they gained knowledge. and when they practically applied that knowledge in their day to day life they began to experience true happiness much more than what they could find in alchohol or sex. so it all began with a belief. know that everyone are searching for happiness. no one wants distress. if this hare krishna life does not give any higher happiness then why do you think that so many people in the west and through out the world have become followers of hare krishna? every one knows having sex and drinking alchohol is very pleasurable. then why do you think all those hippies during the 1970s in the west who were enjoying unlimited alchohol and sex suddenly give up all those pleasures once they came in touch with hare krishna?

    • Vinajudai says:

      Just to have all the facts on the table.
      The number of followers of Hare Krishna in Western Europe is extremely small compared to the total number of people in Western Europe. Hardly a huge success! And remember that this failure has come about in spite of an aggressive Hare Krishna missionary business with excessive use of brain washing and a huge money machine to support it. The actions of this missionary business have been so aggressive that it even leaves the actions of Christian missionaries far behind. Finally – you have got the historic facts completely wrong. The followers of Hare Krishna from approximately 1968 and some ten years ahead were excessive users of alcohol, drugs and free sex at the same time as they were so-called followers of Hare Krishna – they did not abandon anything as they started “following” Hare Krishna.
      You call for a friendly tone. For me personally, that is ok, but please don’t lie and twist facts 180 degrees. It will only damage your arguments. Remember that you are not discussing with a group of sheep, but with critically minded intelligent people.

  95. ShutUp says:


    Unfortunately, your example/explanation will only work on kids who are YET to use their sense of logic on their own.. and on people like you who seem to have something else in head for brains.

  96. sandesh says:

    every man has a good aspect and a bad aspect of his character. if you feel the hare krishnas are bad people then you are looking only at their bad aspect. but always try to appreciate the good about someone rather than focussing more on his bad part. the hare krishnas are extremely harmless people. they lead a simple peaceful life following the four regulative principles namely- no meat eating, no illicit sex, no intoxication, no gambling. they worship krishna and preach the message of bhagavad gita to the people in general. people who are intersted accept it, others reject it. hare krishna people do not force it upon you. the hare krishna people are always happy even though they have no bank balance or personal assets. on the other hand a man may become the richest person in the world with all fame but still he is always worried about his business, health, wife, children etc etc. just appreciate the good in them and try to forget their bad part.

  97. Vinajudai says:

    no meat eating, no illicit sex, no intoxication, no gambling….BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING!!!!!!

    “If God wanted us to be vegetarians, then why did he make animals out of meat?” (John Cleese)

    “A really hard laugh is like sex — one of the ultimate diversions of existence.” (Jerry Seinfeld)

    “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” (Frank Sinatra)

    “The urge to gamble is so universal and its practice so pleasurable that I assume it must be evil.” (Heywood Hale Broun)

    …all quotes by people with a strong sense of “Joie de vivre”

  98. ShutUp says:

    LOL at the Four Regulative Principles:

    1. No meat eating:

    Are you kidding me! So what are you eating? Plants? Aren’t you killing plants to satisfy your hunger? Kill animals or kill plants – a living being has to eat another living being to survive. That’s the rule of the nature. Meat eater or non-meat eaters are the same.

    [Sandesh, you said you were a science graduate. You know this fact. Plants are living being too (even a kid in nursery knows that somehow). They don’t have “red blood” but they have their own bio-chemical stuffs running in each veins, leafs and roots.]

    There is no difference. All they are doing is trying live. Unless you want to tell me, that you will live your life chewing stones and gulping down sands.

    2. No illicit sex:

    Illicit sex or sex without consent is called “raping”. I’m sure any other normal people would not indulge in illicit sex. Raping has nothing to do with religion or Krishna or god. And similarly, having sex has nothing to do with what you say. People don’t ask “Oh merciful god, could you allow us to have sex tonight?”

    3. No intoxication:

    Anything in excess will have negative results. Just like if you eat too much roti, you get constipated. You eat momo more than your belly can handle, you get diarrhea or some other stomach illness. It’s nature. It’s natural. It’s the law of nature. Maintain the balance or your are in fucking pile of shit.

    The same thing applies to intoxication. I drink a couple of beer and still joke with friends, feel happy, sleep it off and wake up happy next morning. You can try it too. It’s not a sin. Intoxication is not a sin.

    Sin originates with your thinking.. not drinking. Sin originates from your intentions.

    A monk who held a girl’s hand to help her cross the river – that’s not a sin. Sin is when you think of wanting to take advantage of the girl’s condition. What you are saying about intoxication is – hey, a monk can’t touch any virgin girl.

    What can an intoxicated man/woman do?
    Kill – rob – drive drunk – what else.

    Well, check out the facts and you will know most of the human atrocities have been done by men with clear sense of thinking, in their sane mind. Genocide, war, propaganda, bombing over innocent people, religious violence – you name it and I bet my life on it that people in clear state of mind instigate those atrocities. The leaders, the military rulers, the religious gurus, you name it. More people have been killed in the name of religion than any other reason.

    4. No Gambling:

    Yes, true.

    But when it’s something else other than money you are gambling – what about it?

    One aspect of gambling is – you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. You can’t predict. You can’t be sure of anything ahead in your life or anyone else’s life.

    Living the life is a part of the gamble. You were born without your consent. You will die without your consent (unless you want to commit suicide). And whatever happens in between is a gamble in itself. You might have little plans here and there but there’s always “unpredictable” things going on. You can’t control it. Gambling is not just about money, mister.

    You too are a gambler. You are taking a risk too. The difference is – you have made yourself completely believed that somehow Krishna will come and save you off your misery. He will somehow keep you happy and joyous.

    Isn’t that a big fucking gamble? Seems like a big gamble to me.

    SO, you people are no different than us – either you are a Hare Krishna or not. Just because you have pigtails and learned by heart all the Krishna songs and walk around with your funny looking dress and wear your 108 beads around your neck – that does not mean you are not killers, sinners or gamblers !

    Accept the fact!

  99. sandesh says:

    Mr.shut up you are not the first person to ask the above questions like- even plants have life? why kill plants? even i have asked this question to the devotees and thousands of people have asked all the above questions which you have put forward. and there are answers for that. one living being is the food for another living being. you can not eat an inanimate object like stone and survive. there is a difference between killing a plant and killing an animal. plants are in the lowest level of their consciousness but animals have more developed consciousness. so the morbidity suffered by an animal when killed is much more than that of a plant when killed. just like a 20yr old girl suffers much more if some one were to kill her than a 2month old infant. a 2 month old infant with a poor developed consciousness when killed dies without even knowing whats happening where as a 20yr old girl when killed knows everything and dies with intense suffering. nature has designed particular kind of food for each living being. there is nothing wrong in a tiger eating deer because the tiger cannot survive eating grass. similarly a cow does not go and eat flesh because the nature has designed it to eat grass. similarly the whole human anatomy is designed to digest vegetarian food and the scriptures also prescribe this.
    Mr.Shut up i know you are a very intelligent person. you have lot of questions in your mind and you are not able to get convincing answers from anyone. but let me tell you- no one excepts things blindly. no one is a fool to get brain washed easily. i have attended many classes conducted by iskcon, i have asked them several questions- why this, why that etc etc, i have read several books written by srila prabhupad like bhagavad gita, science of self realization. i have been chanting hare krishna mantra daily and i have applied the krishna conscious principles in my life. only after all these im able to speak to you regarding this matter. if i had not done all these even i would have been speaking exactly like you. im an ordinary person and with my little bit knowledge of kirishna consciousness i may not be able to give you perfect answers to convince you. but srila prabhupad, the founder of iskcon, was successful in convincing thousands of people at his time because he had the perfect knowledge.
    there is a proverb- half knowledge is a dangerous thing. so its always better to understand things clearly before criticizing someone.

    • bindu says:

      What the fuck? You are justifying killing one person over the other and still call yourself Hare Fucking Krishna?? Wow. That should earn you a place in heaven.

      What I don’t understand is if the Tiger is allowed to eat a deer which possess similar consciousness, just because he will live, why can’t we people, who have a lot better level of consciousness and existence than a chicken are not allowed to eat chicken.

      I need to eat chicken because to get the equivalent amount of protein, I’d have to gulp up a lot more beans and that will make me sick and stinky. Plus when there is chicken, I like the overall food and I feel content and happy. Plus, a chicken can serve at least 2 people at a time and in most cases more than that.

      Isn’t that enough justification for a life of a mere chicken that we raised in the first place??

  100. ShutUp says:

    For clearing up,
    Human beings, in their most primitive form, have always been primarily flesh eaters. History of mankind has it.

    So the whole humans were designed by nature to only eat and survive on “grass/plants” is a complete bogus idea. It’s made up.

    After reading your comment – I’m HORRIFIED with you and your concept.

    “just like a 20yr old girl suffers much more if some one were to kill her than a 2month old infant.”

    Killing a plant is not killing – because they don’t know if they are being murdered or not.
    Killing a baby is not killing – because they don’t suffer greater than an adult.

    Hahaha, I give up!
    Did you read that? I’ll write it again.
    I GIVE UP discussing with you.

    And, “half knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Yeah. I agree. But the difference between you and me is – I’ve kept my mind open and I will always continue my quest for knowledge. I may not have even half of half knowledge but I know I will try to understand the world my own way. Not your way. Not your guru’s way or not your faggot who made up this whole Krishna Conscience’s way. But, my own way.

    You my friend however have already thought that you have enough understanding, you know the whole world, the nature and universe and have closed your mind for other alternative explanations. You have given up, surrendered your own instinct and now become a follower.. a sheep.

    Who’s knowledge is dangerous ! Ask a five year old kid and he will certainly suffice your question.

  101. Deelip says:

    Oh My Fucking God!
    Good or bad… this is a very interesting read indeed. But this one question just hit my mind. Men only fucks, its the never seen Krishna who actually plants all the seeds(kids)? Lucky bastard.One doesn’t really need to have sex to produce another human being?

    • Jeevan says:

      Only when a person doesnt have words and knowledge to express his views clearly he resorts to abusive words. your words clearly states your poor knowledge and lack of capacity to understand things inspite of people clearly explaining the points..

  102. sandesh says:

    Mr.Shut up there are 2 ways of acquiring knowledge. one is the ascending process and another is descending process. ascending process is doing research, experiments and human analysis, formulating various theories etc etc its basically what scientists do. and also as you have said- i have a quest for knowledge and i will try to understand the world my own way. this is ascending process of acquiring knowledge. the other process is descending way. that is the knowledge which descends down from an authoritative source through a chain of discplic succession from a spiritual master to his disciples. this is descending process of acquiring knowledge.
    by ascending process it is impossible to get the perfect knowledge because we humans are so tiny creatures in this vast universe of material existence. so in order to avoid un necessary wastage of time, an intelligent person has to simply gain knowledge by descending process.
    Mr.Shut up, the only difference between you and me is i have strong faith in the scriptures like bhagavad gita and i have accepted it in my life. you do not have faith in the scriptures and you have never made an attempt to know what is written in the scriptures simply because you are not interested in it and you think you can remain always happy by living life your own way. this is the only differnce between an atheist and a theist.
    if you really want to know what is krishna consciousness all about then i recommend that you read the book-THE JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY written by srila prabhupad. otherwise you will only have mis understood knowledge about hare krishna and you will only talk bad about them. even i began with this book. why dont you for a change read this book fully? you have all your intelligence and reasoning and you dont have to accept anything blindly. i wish to tell you so many things but there is no space here. and all that i wish to tell you is there in the book THE JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY.

  103. Sanjay says:

    Mr. Shutup you say that you will try to understand the world by your own ways and experiments. how much do you think you can understand by it? can you understand what is the extent of this universe? what is beyond that? when this universe came into existance? what was there before its existance? how is this nature functioning so perfectly? like how are all the metabolisms occuring in our body so perfectly? how does organogenisis occur so perfectly when a sperm and ovum fuses? we absolutely have no control over it. yet its happening. no scientists can make a perfect machine like a human body. but it seems to us like everything is happening on its own.
    Do you think you can get answers for this by your own in your limited span of life of say even 100yrs? can any scientists by their experiments know where were we before birth? what will happen after death? It is not possible to find out all this by our limited sense perception.
    There are lot of researches going on to know all these. Many scientists believe in concept of soul by taking knowledge from the authoritative scriptures. But those who are less intelligent and think that we are just this material bodies and do not know the concept of soul and feel that life originates from matter when a sperm and ovum fuses. They will never think how does the embryo grow so perfectly into a living organism. They will think it happens by itself and without any controller, which is actually a very poor understanding. They will similarly think when the body dies everything is finished off.. So they will feel it is immterial to think when this universe came into existance or what is beyond it or who is controlling this nature and all these concepts. People will feel what have i got to do with all these things? My life is short, may be 70 or 80yrs and i should enjoy the maximum in it. It is waste of time to think of all these for which no one has answers.
    But the scriptures clearly gives in detail all the conceptas regarding this which is higher knowledge.. It cannot be understood by all the people. Only those who are really very inquisitive in this aspect and have got burning desire to know can understand something.. what is all this life about? what is the purpose of human life? is it just to be born one day, get some worldly education, strive hard to make money, marry, have kids and die off one day as if it is just some film story? what aill happen after death? where will i go?
    It is not possible to know all these by our own experiments. So first we need to develop faith in our Holy scriptures and start practising spiritual life. Slowly in the course of time the nature reveals all these truth to you. Spiritual life is also a scientific process. Its not a blind belief. You will actually experience these truths and will know your progress in the quest for knowledge.
    Human life is very precious. Scriptures mention that after millions of births in lower species of organisms we get this human form of life and it is very precious. only in human form of life there is an opportunity to enquire into the higher aspects of knowledge like the questions which i mentioned above. only in the human form of life there is an opportunity to put an end to this circulation in the cycle of birth and death and get liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Once we are liberated we go back to the spiritual abode of the Lord and we enjoy eternally there. Our original nature is “satchitananda” sat means eternal, chit means full of knowledge, ananda means full of happiness. But now due to our association with this material nature we are not able to experience this state.
    Anyway it was just to make you understand that example of killing an infant and a 20yr old girl was given. To make you understand that consciousness is less developed in an infant. Obviously both amounts to crime but the punishment for crime will be more in case of the latter. It is true that one organism is a food for other. So in Bhagavad Gita Lord asks us to have plants as food because they are at a very low level of consciousness. (Ref: Bhagavad Gita 9.26)
    Anyways it is appreciable that you have some desire to know about all these knowledge unlike many others who are not at all bothered and have never thought anything beyond their sense gratification. You may not be getting faith right now and may not be getting answers to your question. Anyways carry on with your quest for knowledge. You will acquire it some or other point of time. It is just that you have never approached the persons providing you the knowledge and you have never read those books. you are just making your own speculations about things and the Hare Krishna people witout actually being in association with them. It is just like if i want to know about you i should meet you, speak to you, spend some time with you, know your nature, interests, hobbies, life and so on. Simply if i sit in a distance and listen to some stranger commenting about you and i too start commenting on you i will be wrong. In the same way before commenting about Hare Krishna people you be in their assosiation, speak to them, spend some time with them, ask them all your questions.. ask them what is your mission? what are you trying to convey people? Ask them any sort of questions you want.. why is there so many miseries, war and destruction in this world when threre is God? you say He is all powerful, cant He do anything about it? we see so many wars and destruction have taken place in the name of religion? why is this? every religious people say their religion is superior and they try to harm others who disagree with them? what is this all about? You ask them all these questions.. only if you are convinced with the answers you can believe.. Only after knowing all these you put forward your comments.
    Mr. Mothshutup, even i was like you. Even i had the same doubts which you had.. But i approached them and sincerely tried to understand all the higher concepts. Its not a matter of one day.. needs some time.. Whenever you find some time out of your busy schedule visit the temple and try to know all these.. only if you feel convinced you can believe..

  104. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    “But extensive research was done to artificially produce life, but all in vain. ”

    –> Erm…what about cloning? People are now have the potential of making hundreds and thousands the SAME organism – fully functioning lives from a single life. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t see any krishna in this.

    And, you say Krishna just LETS people go the wrong way if they wish. But why does he let those people cause harm to other GOOD people? what’s their fault. A psychopathic maniac rapes and kills an innocent girl – why does that happen? Okay, krishna grants the liberty to the criminal to become what he likes, but WHY does he let other innocent be harmed by people like him?

    200,000 died in Haiti earthquake, only 700 died in Chile (which had much powerful quake than Haiti). Did Krishna love Chileans more than the poor Haitians? Why did he let the quake happen in the first place? Can’t he stop it (if he can create everything, surely he can). and if he doesnt want to stop it, as Epicurus said – WHY CALL HIM GOD???

    • Sanjay says:

      Mr. Pranjal Ghimire, you might be under the impression now that you might have asked some unique question and would put us in confusion. But these are all the questions even i had asked like many other thousands of people with the Hare Krishna devotees and have got perfect convincing answers. I would like to suggest you that you attend ‘Yoga for Happiness” classes conducted by Iskcon. It is for the beginers who donot have any understanding of spiritual life and God and are inquisitive to know about it. It is about 10 to 11 classes conducted mostly on sundays. They with power point projection and seminars will explain to you from the basics like who is God? where is He? why im not able to see Him? how can i see Him? who am i? and also many more classes of Food habbits, Time management, stress management etc.. Its really wonderful. I have attended all these classes. You will in the course get answers for all your questions. After you attend these classes you will be termed as FOLK student(Friends Of Lord Krishna). Then there are classes like Folk-2, Folk-4, Folk-16 etc, just like promotion into higher classes where they will provide you much more information. And in each of these classes they will recommend you to study particular books. There will be association class or Questin & answer class in a week day where the Iskcon temple Head of that particular temple answers to the students all the type of questions which they ask.. they are similar to the ones which you are asking now.. They give you perfect answers beyond any doubt. So its better for you to understand all these in that way. You are not wrong in asking these questions coz these are genuine ones but you may think there is no answer, but thing is there is 100% perfect answers for all these.
      But you need to be explained from the very basics before directly answering to your questions because when you dont know the basics it will be very difficult for us to explain you the higher concepts. And even if we explain you will just misinterpret things. It is just like if we want to explain a 1st std child Newton’s laws of Physics, Laws of Thermodynamics, Einstein’s theory of relativity etc it is not possible. It is beyond the capacity of the child to understand it. But when the child reaches the stage of 8th or 9th std it is possible to explain it coz now it knows all the basics of science and the child can understand.
      Anyways i will explain to you about cloning. Even in the case of cloning the cells can replicate and form an organism because the cell which you take for cloning has life energy in it. And only because it has that life it can replicate. It is not possible to produce an organism by taking a dead cell out of a cadaver or even out of your nails or the cells of sole of foot which have been dead and undergone cornification. And God is this life energy. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (chapter 7, verse 19) “Im the cause of all causes”. Only by His will even the cloning takes place in a perfect manner.
      See, in order to build a house each brick has to be laid down one upon the other, cement has to be put properly, iron pillars have to be implanted for support, need to water everything to prevent drying at times etc. All these works have to be done manually. It is not possible if you just bring some bricks, cement, water and put it in a place and sit quite and you expect a house to be built. But in case of cloning what are we doing? we are just getting a Living cell and implanting it in a culture media and providing all nutrients.. we are just providing the raw materials and watching and a wonderful organism is coming into existance. We have no control over the process of organogenisis or the metabolism which takes place inside the organism.. Think suppose you have took a cell for cloning, implanted it in a culture media and provided all nutrients.. what if a malformed mass of cells happen there? in the place of hands thre will be legs, in the place of head there will be abdomen, in the place of heart there will be liver or kideney, heart and brain wont be there.. what if all such things happen even after you use your intelligence and try to do cloning? do you have any control to rearrange each and every cell to form organs perfectly? do you have any control at the cellular level to prevent the DNA from sending wrong signals for organogenisis? Do you have any control over cordinating the various phases of cell division like prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase? No… we donot have control over any of these but it seems to us that the things will happen by itself in this nature.. This is called “maya” or “illusion”.. The truth is that there is a controller behind it and that is God or Krishna as He clearly claims “Im the cause of all causes”
      And to your next question Why Krishna just lets people to go wrong way? Why there will be raping and killing of an innocent girl by a maniac psychopath? Why did people die more in Hiati than Chile? I have already explained to similar kind of question asked by Mr. Vinajudai in the above comments posted on March 12, 2010, 12:59 pm. Please read it clearly and then ask your doubts if you are not convinced, for further clarifications..

  105. freako says:

    this is reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllllly gettin interesting………..
    keep it up “shut up” n others………..
    about hare krishna n other religious ppl……will u guys stop all these fuckin shit of spreadin these non-sense to illogical ppl n showing off fake enlighment n all??????????all these religious books r definately written by someone who wrote it in their own perspective (may b even modified)….does anyone have any geniune reason for those perpectives to be actual truth? n about krishna……..omg the black playboy…….married to approx 16000 ladies………we consider the playboy as god….totally absurd….if we conider good qualities of tat black playboy to be factors for considering as god than we got bunch of people in present days as well who got hell of factors to consider them as wot u guys call GOD (at least more than that black playboy) than still why haven’t we tagged them as god? and if there

  106. Vinajudai says:

    Mr. Sandesh,
    This time you have really crossed the line of what I find acceptable!
    Your remarks about the consciousness of babies indicate that all kinds of crimes that take place are more acceptable if they happen to a child than if they happen to a grown up. What kind of morbid logic is that??????? Are you really that one-track-minded and brain-washed that you even without thinking come up with this kind of argument????

    You write that the ONLY difference between you and Shutup is your faith in the scriptures. In my opinion this is a very BIG difference….He is able to ask questions and be a sceptic – you are simply “blinded by the light”!!!!!

  107. sandesh says:

    vinajudai, this is a clear example of how one can mis interpret or mis understand things. i never said killing an infant is acceptable. i said the morbidity and suffering which an infant undergoes when killed is less compared to what an adult experiences because an adult has well developed consciousness. it does not mean killing an infant is acceptable. for that matter killing any life including plants is a sin. but the sin you get by killing a plant is comparitevely lesser compared to the sin you get by killing an animal. because plants are in the lowest level of their consciuosness.
    but the devotees always offer their food first to krishna, and then they eat the remnants of food which is called prasadam. in such a case you get no sin. krishna says in the bhagavad gita chapter 9 text 26- if one offers ME with love and devotion a leaf, flower, fruit or water i will accept it. so the devotees offer to krishna pure vegetarian food and then eat the remnants. in that case you get no sin.
    just like when a soldier kills his enemies under the order of the countries government, the soldier will be rewarded. if that same soldier kills his neighbour because he has some enemity over his neighbour then the soldier will be punished.
    similarly when krishna the supreme lord says you can offer vegetarian food to me then even if you kill a plant and offer him it is not a sin. if krishna had told- if you offer me flesh, meat and egg i will accept it, then there was no sin in killing animals. but krishna never said so.
    now Mr.Shut up said primitve man used to hunt animals and eat. yes. if there is a situation where no vegetarian food is available and you can survive only by eating an animal then it is justifiable to kill an animal inorder to keep yourself alive. but in the present moment we never come across such a situation.
    Vinajudai, there are 101 ways to mis interpret things but only one way to understand things clearly.
    presently you and Mr.Shut up are not qualified to comment anything about krishna consciousness simply because you have never read any of our books. neither you have taken any interest to approach a devotee face to face and ask him questions and get the right knowledge.
    if i want to comment something about christianity then i should have read the bible fully and i should have discussed it with some church priest. without that im not eligible to comment on christianity. if i take information from a bogus man about christianity and i analyze and give my own opinion then all my comments become nonsense.
    similarly you will become qualified to comment about krishna consciousness only if you have read some of our books and you have approached a hare krishna devotee face to face and discuss with him. otherwise all your comments are simply nonsense and without the proper understanding.

    • Vinajudai says:

      As I only have limited time right now…as I have told you I have a life beyond reading your lengthy (yawn…….) copy and paste lectures, but I just have to say this:
      You really seem confused… There is no beginning and no end to your writings and they completely lack logic conclusion.
      Please read your “own” words and honestly tell me you understand what you wrote yourself (Good luck!!!).

      • Sanjay says:

        Mr. Vinajudai, this indicates your gross incapability to understand our explainations and lack of patience.. Anyone who reads the comments posted completely will clearly come to know we are putting forwards the points so clearly with logic and reasoning. Since you dont have patience to read fully you give silly excuses saying it as copy paste.
        We are in a position to speak only because we have read the books and attended classes conducted by Iskcon. Just like when a proffessor teaches students its only because he has read from books.. Its not out of the blue he is getting some knowledge to speak. You have not attended classes, not read any books, havent discssed any of these topics with the devotees & moreover havent shown any interest to know things and simply you are speaking for the sake of argument..

    • bindu says:

      So, if God had said “Its okay if you kill animals”.. its okay to kill animals right??

      So, one day I was sleeping and Lord came into my dreams and just told me that I can enjoy all kinds of food, including non-veg. I asked why and then he replied. You are more important to yourself and me than a freakin’ animal. “You have the knowledge and power to breed them as much as you need them and it would be perfectly okay if I eat them.” I told your ancestors not to do so, coz they could not breed animals as much as you need and that would cause imbalance in the nature. Things have changed now.

      He also told me that I should not kill wild animals (unless of course if I have to, to save another human life which is more important than that animal’s) and disturb the nature since that would cause imbalance in the nature.

      He also told me not to depend on old dusty holy books. He said, “those were the thing I told your ancestors who had no knowledge of evolution or current technology that you do. How could I convince them? So, I thought it would be better if they found out on their own and just to console them, I told them that I do all the complex stuff they didn’t understand at the time.”

      He also told me that this knowledge is not to be kept to myself but to also tell this to the rest of the world. That is what I am doing here.

      • bindu says:

        Ah I forgot, he also said that “people want to remember all my incarnations that I did before 2000 or so years, but why the fuck (yeah he actually used this word) have they become so dumb to not realize the fancy incarnations I made in the form of Vinci, Gallileo, Newton, Darwin, Assimov, Turing, Hawkings and so much more. I’ve written so many books too. But some people wouldn’t read it. Damn.”

        “Wasn’t I cool enough in those forms?”, he asked. I could spot a little bit of insecurity on his face and to console him I said, “God you were damn cool. But I think the dumb asses are happy with whatever BS you gave their ancestors some 2000-3500 years ago.”

        He said, “Man I tried hard to do the best back then and I am giving more these days than I have ever. But I am feeling like a complete loser now, man. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Be reborn again and again in Shitty territory?? I thought I’d given enough in India, so I went to other parts.. since all of the people are my children and I can’t treat them differently. But as it turns out, 2000 years pass so fast.”

        I consoled him by saying that I will start educating those shitheads and tell you what you think about the world now. But I also asked him not to blame me if I couldn’t fix what he had already broken. I told him that it was his fault to have given all the damn wrong information to human kind. I told him that he should have fuckin’ done better than that. He agreed and we had beer and meat and then he left.

      • kumar says:

        yes if krishna says killing animals is ok then there is no sin in killing animals . but he never said so. krishna says if one offers to me with devotion a leaf flower fruit or water i accept it. so the devotees offer him nice veg food and take the remnants.

      • bindu says:

        He also told me that you would come here and write utter bullshit and he told me to tell you “fuck off”.

  108. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    leh. maile hijo yatro comment gareko thiye, kata harayo?

  109. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    Hmm…so it took some divine swing of the divine wand to create this divine humanity. How do you explain cloning then? Human beings now have the potential to create hundreds and thousands of replica from a single being i.e. a fully functional life from another life. I don’t see Krishna in this.

    It took decades of human research to find out medicines for deadly diseases. Now our average life span is, maybe around 65 or so. It was less than 25 in the historic times. ALL these medical ‘miracles’ took centuries to be discovered and invented. People used to die a horrific death due to, say cholera. They don’t have to these days, because of some genius human being. If your Krishna loved us from the start, WHY did he let the past generations suffer? Why did he have to wait thousands of years? Actually, people still die these days. Our poor countrymen still die due to diarrhea in the rural areas. WHY DOES GOD ONLY LOVE THE RICH?

    And you say Krishna LETS us choose the wrong path if we wish to do so. Fair enough, so he lets a psychopathic rapist murderer to be so. But WHY does he let some other, say an innocent school girl suffer because of him? Why does he let him have the pleasures of rape and murder while the innocent suffer? The answer is plain simple – he doesn’t exist. Or if he does, he is not this all loving thing that you claim him to be.

    200,000 died in Haiti quake, only 700 died in Chile. Chile had 64 times more powerful quake than Haiti. Why the difference between the death tolls? If Krishna loved all, why does he let something like this happen? Did he loved the Chileans more than the Haitians? No, it’s just that the Chileans were a bit more careful – your Krishna was of no help.

    He doesn’t love YOU, ME or any other. Surely, if He was the one creating the universe, He must be the one who was responsible for the quake, at least for not stopping it. Dont tell me he cannot, He is the creator, remember? Now the conclusion, He doesnt let evil and suffering stop, because either He doesnt exist, or he doesnt want to. Either way, like Epicurus said, WHY call him god?

  110. sandesh says:

    cloning means to create a genetically identical population of cells from a single cell. now this single cell used for cloning has life in it. it is not a dead cell. life can come only from life. you can not use a dust particle and clone it to produce life. now what is this life? life comes from the soul present in that single cell and the symptom of the soul is consciousness. i can go on writing pages together on this matter but this space is not enough and i dont have free time. pranjal and freako have asked several questions and all those questions have perfect answers. and the answer is there in the book THE JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY. intersted people can read it to get clear knowledge. others can keep talking nonsense.

  111. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    Well, you mean a single cell has a soul of its own? Isn’t there supposed to be one soul and one body according to your texts? By your logic we have MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of souls in us.

    You might find this interesting as well:

    Make no mistake about me though, I find these cloning activities a bit too creepy for my liking. I haven’t understood it enough. But it does help my point that your texts are false!

  112. Sanjay says:

    Each living cell in our body is “purna” or “complete” and that another “complete” arises from this “complete”.. The soul which is a component of the “Brahman” though it has an individual identity, many souls can come into existance from that “Brahman” just like giving you an example- conider you are lighting a matchstick. with that single fire in the matchstick you can create inneumerable fire at different places and the original fire remains “complete”. so another “complete” has begun from the original “complete” . Read the following webpage
    The DNA which is preserved in frozen section has retained its protein structure and metabolic capacity and it is not denaturated. When it is impregnated into another Living cell that is Egg or the ovum, it gets the touch of “consciousness”. Consciousness is another broad term to explain. Anyways you read about it in books or internet and try to understand..

  113. sandesh says:

    there are various books for a beginer to read.
    these books written by srila prabhupad, the founder of ISKCON, gives clear knowledge for a layman having so many doubts in mind- why this? why that? etc etc. these books are available in any of the ISKCON temples worldwide.

  114. ShutUp says:

    Now we are talking! This is the part of any organized religion I love the most – “MARKETING”. They always go hand in hand.. marketing and organized religion.

    Anyways, this whole debate is getting longer and BORING and meaningless!

    I posted so many “simple” questions on a lot of my previous replies but never really got any answer from these guys. They simply kept blabbering the same obvious, without coming to a definite point. (I knew they will keep on playing with words.)

  115. sandesh says:

    NO PAIN NO GAIN. if you do not take the pains of spending your time in reading books of hare krishna, you gain no knowledge of krishna consciousness and you will simply keep talking nonsense. i have explained so many things in my previous replies but you could not understand it just because you do not have the basic knowledge of spirituality. that basic knowledge comes when you read books. reading books is a must, to gain knowledge, whether you are in school, college, research or any field.
    anyways the devotees are not into “marketing” business and they dont get even single penny if you purchase books. whatever money is got is used for krishna conscious activities and not for personal enjoyment like wine and women.

    • ShutUp says:

      “…because you do not have the basic knowledge of spirituality…”

      Spirituality is not a concrete stuff – it’s an idea, it’s an opinion and it DIFFERS. It’s an imagination, speculation.

      I can say the same to you – that you don’t have the basic knowledge of spirituality because it has been over-written and replaced with another one’s idea of spiritualism. And in the process, you have turned yourself into someone eles’ idea/concept/opinion.

      The whole idea/imagination you call “spiritual” and “mystic” and “divine” seems bogus to me.

  116. Sanjay says:

    As we have clearly explained we need to understand things from basic level before understanding higher concepts. So I REQUEST READERS to atlest approach a devotee from Iskcon and ask your doubts and clarify things, and attend “Yoga for happiness classes” conducted by Iskcon. This is absolutely free of cost. There is no fee to attend these classes. Only after that you will be in a position to put forward your comments.

    This Mr. Shutup or Mr. Vinajudai does know even “ABCD” of Krishna Consciousness and are simply speaking out of their own speculation of things.

  117. ShutUp says:

    Two words:
    Pretentious Cocksuckers !

    You used a very interesting word there – SPECULATION!

    “NO PAIN NO GAIN. if you do not take the pains of spending your time in reading books of hare krishna, you gain no knowledge of krishna consciousness and you will simply keep talking nonsense.”

    Here’s my reply:

    If you have already submitted your individuality and inner conscience to something “speculated” by so called gurus and divine souls, you miss the chance of gaining knowledge on your own, explore on your own, make mistake on your own, learn from your mistake on your own and live on your own.. and you will simply keep talking bullshit, will simply live believing in bullshit and die believing in bullshit.

    I would live and die the way I want to, not according to some primitive bullshit created by some funny looking gurus (the so called spiritual people) and not be swayed by blabbering and flabbering by their sheep submissive followers.

    There’s no need to learn ABCD of Krishna Consciousness because it’s been there in our society in one form or the other – as Hinduism, Vaisnaism, Krisha Pranamis and I don’t know how many break away cults and communities and I don’t know how many gurus and guru-nis. All preach the same stuff.. all do almost similar stuff and all talk about the same four guiding principles. Similar rituals and praying sessions too.

    And they all have their own versions of Krishna and Bishnu – and hilarious part is – they don’t agree to one another. There’s always huge rivalry among these shitheads. One cult even took it to such height of hilarity – they wear white mask around their mouth while speaking ! Looks for funnier than the pigtails !

    They are all worshiping the same god and talk about peace, love and devotion but they can’t get along with each other at all – that’s ABCD for me.

    I’m not sure if there’s any modified version after Iskcon traveled around Europe/America and came back here. Hello, this whole dumb philosophy/religion originated from here – there’s no need to read the book now written in English !

  118. sandesh says:

    Mr.Shut up, you have the least interest to actually know in truth what is krishna consciousness and you have no knowledge about this. and yet you have written so many comments. YOUR ABUSES ONLY SHOW YOUR WEAKNESS AND THE BAD PART OF YOUR CHARACTER AND LACK OF VOCABULARY TO EXPRESS YOUR ANGER AND EMOTIONS. you have proved yourself Mr.Shut up.

  119. sandesh says:

    anyways lets end our discussion here. you can follow your own path and live life the way you want. we will follow the path of krishna consciousness. you are free to comment and abuse whatever you want. GOOD BYE.

  120. ShutUp says:

    …. because Krishna himself wanted me to be this badass and make fun of you guys and make fun of your ridiculous pigtails and make fun of your stupid looking bald heads! Krishna wants me to laugh at your spirituality and chants.

    So why are you judging me, judge Krishna! He’s responsible for everything, isn’t he? He’s the one in control, not me!

    Thank you Krishna for making me this badass and making me this non-believer in you. Promise me that you’ll make me even more badass in the coming days so that I can keep pissing off your own followers. Amen.

    By the way, since you wanted me to read, here’s what I just read –


    Stories of child abuse at the society’s boarding schools in India and America began to emerge in the 1980s, with cases dating back from the mid-1970s onwards. Some of these cases later appeared in print, such as in John Hubner and Lindsay Gruson’s 1988 book Monkey on a Stick. In 1998 an official publication produced by ISKCON detailed the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children at the society’s boarding schools in both India and the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s. Later ISKCON was sued by 95 people who had attended the schools. Facing the fiscal drain likely to ensue from this legal action, the ISKCON centers involved declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This allowed them to work out a settlement of US$9.5 million, meant to compensate not only the former students who had brought the suit but also any others who had undergone abuse but had not sued.


  121. Sanjay says:

    Mr. Shutup, i ll tell you where you lack knowledge. you had told that “i will live and die the way i want to..” But thing is that you or me or anyone are eternal, we never die, nor we are born. we are existing eternally. Its only the body which dies, and not the soul. We are falsely identifing ourselves with the body and thinking that im this body and strive hard day and night to gratify our senses. But the truth is our real identity is with the soul and our main purpose of human life is to work towards getting liberated from this birth and death cycle in which we are rotating for millions of years. Hare Krishna people just try to impart this sublime knowledge to the people. They have no gain over anything, if others follow or not. They just sincerely try to help others by giving this knowledge.
    Anyways here are the references to state that we are eternal and never dying

    Mr.Shutup said “If you have already submitted your individuality and innerconscience…………. you miss the chance of gaining knowledge on your own, explore on your own, make mistake on your own, learn from your mistake on your own……”

    I have clearly explained the defects of trying to learn things on our own in my comments posted above on March 31, 2010 at 1:34pm and also in the comment posted on March 15, 2010 at 9.13am. I guess Mr. Shutup dint read it well. Anyways he says- “make mistake on our own.” Now there is absolutely no time for us to make mistakes. We have done the mistakes in each of our millions of births and deaths in this material world. (birth and death here refers to our assosciation with the material body). Now its the time for us to think wisely about all the higher concepts and work towards the way to eternal enjoyment.. Otherwise we will simply keep committing the same mistakes again and again and there is no end..

    Mr. Shutup also said that “Spirituality is not concrete stuff- its an idea, opinion, imagination, speculation”. Inorder to avoid these confusion our spiritual master, His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, Founder Acharya of ISCKCON, has presented Bhagavad Gita As It Is, that is without any speculations of own or opinions. He has directly presented the knowledge without any interpretations, as it is, as told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna, spoken 5000yrs ago. He clearly mentions about this misinterpretations, opinions etc and the difference in presenting as it is in the preface of his book. Readers just have to go through the book and read it clearly before making any comments. You can aklso read it in the internet by typing “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” in Google and reading it.

    I also suggest the readers to read this below webpage containg a very nice information given in very simple words about Who is God? How does He look like? What is the purpose of life etc..
    If there is any error in opening of the web page you can type “gitamrta” in google and read the information.

    Thats all i have to say here………….

    • ShutUp says:

      Come on dude, do you want me to do this all over!

      How the fuck did you (or your gurus) know that you have been doing this “born-live-die” circle for million years?

      How the fuck do you know that this “soul” never dies? Did you die and experienced it yourself.. or did your guru die and came back to life somehow and said..”guys, i saw my soul floating around” and everyone was like “guru ji ki jaya”.

      Even kids don’t believe that kind of shit!

      Your insignificant little brain is not capable of thinking an ounce rational and you instead term others, who differ in opinion, as someone who lacks knowledge.

      It’s a pity how people can fool oneself and still think he/she is something special !

      You are fooling no one, except yourself (and your sheep kind).

  122. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    Yo sandesh bhanne ta Nepal pheri Hindu rastra hunu parchha bhanne ma ekdam supportive hola.

  123. Sanjay says:

    shutup is moderating the comments. he dint post my last comment. this clearly indicates that he is afraid now and has accepted defeat..

    • ShutUp says:

      this is fucking funny !

      if you want, i can post my personal contact address and if you want, you can come and preach me in person and then i will shove your spirituality into your ass and send you weeping to your gurus.

  124. Sanjay says:

    Anyways what i would like to say here is in every organisation, every institution, there are both good and bad people.. Mr. Shutup only sees the bad about people. He reads some article of Iskcon saying about child abuses. He has not seen it personally, still he has a strong faith in the article that it is true.. But about the sublime knowledge which the Hare Krishna’s give he has no faith. He argues to the core saying that its all false. In both cases he has not seen anything personally. But he has strong faith on the bad part of them which is published in some magazine or whatever. Its clear.. Mr. Shutup sees only the bad in people. This indicates the type of person he is..

    • ShutUp says:

      How can an organization protected by the grace of your Krishna have evil people in it at all – isn’t that very contradictory! That was my point.

      How can your god Krishna allow some pigtail followers fuck a child in his ass in his own organization?

      Are not you a part of that crime?

  125. sanjay says:

    the ordinary flies are always in search of sore and dirt, and the honey bees are always in search of honey. people whose nature is fault finding are like these flies and devotees are like honey bees.
    Mr.Shut up if you want to be a bad ass, and make fun of hare krishnas and be a non believer of krishna, then krishna will surely grant you that freedom. krishna is sitting in your heart as the supersoul and he will fulfill your wish. and then you can enjoy the saddistic pleasure of abusing hare krishnas.
    and after your death krishna will give you the appropriate reward for all your noble deeds.

    • ShutUp says:

      The tone of submissive sheep!

      That’s the only trick you know “SCARE PEOPLE – after you die, you will burn in hell”.

      How original! Get a life, get real.

  126. Sanjay says:

    Anyways frankly, i dont wish anything bad to Mr. Shutup. I just sincerely pray to Lord Krishna to give him a proper understanding and help haim to aquire a good nature.
    Lord is all potent. A clear example is Buddha (incarnation of Lord Krishna) turning an utterly cruel person like ‘Angoolimaal’ into a great devotee. Mr. Shutup is not that bad, he is just arrogant. Anyways Lord will grant him good understanding and make him a better person at some or other point of time..

    Even i ll stop writing here henceforth. I ll just pray with the Lord for Mr. Shutup..
    Hare Krishna….

    • ShutUp says:

      Well I might be adamant on my stance but you are stupid with no brain at all!
      Live with that fact loser!

      Oh you prayed for me! How nice!! Could I know the details as well.

      Did you also talk about the duration of that pray to be valid – like when is your Krishna supposed to grant me the divine knowledge – now ? tomorrow? a week after? a month? a year? after i die?

      There has to be a reasonable deadline, don’t you think so!

      But since is he all powerful omnipotent god, the question remains – why won’t he deliver his divine knowledge to me NOW ? Why keep waiting!

      What is he waiting for?
      What the fuck is he wait for?


      Oh shit, I think I’m going blind! I can’t see.. opps I can see. Oh, there’s something happening to my balls. Never mind, it was just a scratch.

  127. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    Sanjay, stop calling Buddha an incarnation of the fictious Krishna. Stop your stupid attempts at expanding your superstitious empire.

    And why are you discriminating your god’s creations? Why the difference between flies and bees? Flies are nature’s recyclers and it’s a wonderful thing. Noting bad with that. Honey bees and the flies have the same purpose – search for food. Only difference is their nature of food. It’s YOU and your desire for Honey that makes you think Honey bees as better species than Flies. You’re calling Flies as inferior, worthless species because of YOUR perception of it.

    And Don’t act as if you’re this “I dont harm anyone” dude. You consume honey, which is not meant for you. The bees in thousands take huge amount of time and effort to create the honey for its colony. And you consume it in seconds. It’s not yours by nature. You’re stealing it from some other creature.

    Dont get me wrong, we consume honey too and we love it. But we’re not as hypocritical as you.

    And you say there are good and bad people everywhere. Tell your god to not create bad people then? Why does he let people become bad? To amuse himself? And why does he have to punish us for our deeds after death? Why not make us good in the first place? Why the hypocricy? Jaani jaani naramro kaam garna dine, dekhi dekhi crime garna dine, ani mare pachhi chahi punish garne? wah! the great judgment!

  128. Vinajudai says:

    Oh My “God”,
    I can’t hear a sound, I can’t see anything, my head is empty – it must be because of my lack of ability to understand the true meaning of life, the universe and everything. Please let me read some nonsensical books that can help me in being convinced how miserable a creature I have been, so I can change my ways, never eat an animal again, or enjoy a glass of wine (but I will of course start smoking cannabis, even though I have not done so ever before, as this helps me spiritually), dress in a silly, silly gown and shave my head in a silly, silly way and walk around with a silly, silly smile on my face while I chant “Hare Krishna” in a silly, silly voice. This way I can twist the minds of youngsters and get all their money for our noble and just cause! And if this does not happen, so let the Lord Krishna himself strike me with lightning or even better let him take my wife away from me a rape her the way he has done with so many wives of sinners before (That naughty little bugger – he fooled around – but of course only in just and noble way, without hurting anyone)…”Oh I can feel eternal happiness coming, oh my god I can’t help chanting “hare Krishna, hare, hare Krishna”……oh yes join me – please all you miserable sinners….see the light!!!

  129. ShutUp says:

    Hahaha.. Was that a Hare Krishna Wank Fest !

  130. harborrat says:

    avajānanti māṁ mūḍhā
    mānuṣīṁ tanum āśritam
    paraṁ bhāvam ajānanto
    mama bhūta-maheśvaram
    avajānanti—deride; mām—Me; mūḍhāḥ—foolish men; mānuṣīm—in a human form; tanum—body; āśritam—assuming; param—transcendental; bhāvam—nature; ajānantaḥ—not knowing; mama—Mine; bhūta—everything that be; maheśvaram—supreme proprietor.
    Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature and My supreme dominion over all that be.
    From the other explanations of the previous verses in this chapter, it is clear that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, although appearing like a human being, is not a common man. The Personality of Godhead, who conducts the creation, maintenance and annihilation of the complete cosmic manifestation, cannot be a human being. Yet there are many foolish men who consider Kṛṣṇa to be merely a powerful man and nothing more. Actually, He is the original Supreme Personality, as is confirmed in the Brahma-saṁhitā (iśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛsṇaḥ); He is the Supreme Lord.
    There are many īśvaras, controllers, and one appears greater than another. In the ordinary management of affairs in the material world, we find some official or director, and above him there is a secretary, and above him a minister, and above him a president. Each of them is a controller, but one is controlled by another. In the Brahma-saṁhitā it is said that Kṛṣṇa is the supreme controller; there are many controllers undoubtedly both in the material and spiritual world, but Kṛṣṇa is the supreme controller (īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ), and His body is sac-cid-ānanda, non-material.
    Material bodies cannot perform the wonderful acts described in previous verses. His body is eternal, blissful and full of knowledge. Although He is not a common man, the foolish deride Him and consider Him to be a man. His body is called here mānuṣīm because He is acting just like a man, a friend of Arjuna’s, a politician involved in the Battle of Kurukṣetra. In so many ways He is acting just like an ordinary man, but actually His body is sac-cid-ānanda-vigraha-eternal bliss and knowledge absolute. This is confirmed in the Vedic language also (sac-cid-ānanda-rūpāya kṛṣṇāya): “I offer my obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, who is the eternal blissful form of knowledge.” There are other descriptions in the Vedic language also. Tam ekaṁ govindam: “You are Govinda, the pleasure of the senses and the cows.” Sac-cid-ānanda-vigraham: “And Your form is transcendental, full of knowledge, bliss and eternality.”
    Despite the transcendental qualities of Lord Kṛṣṇa’s body, its full bliss and knowledge, there are many so-called scholars and commentators of Bhagavad-gītā who deride Kṛṣṇa as an ordinary man. The scholar may be born an extraordinary man due to his previous good work, but this conception of Śrī Kṛṣṇa is due to a poor fund of knowledge. Therefore he is called mūḍha, for only foolish persons consider Kṛṣṇa to be an ordinary human being because they do not know the confidential activities of the Supreme Lord and His different energies. They do not know that Kṛṣṇa’s body is a symbol of complete knowledge and bliss, that He is the proprietor of everything that be and that He can award liberation to anyone. Because they do not know that Kṛṣṇa has so many transcendental qualifications, they deride Him.
    Nor do they know that the appearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in this material world is a manifestation of His internal energy. He is the master of the material energy. As has been explained in several places (mama māyā duratyayā), He claims that the material energy, although very powerful, is under His control, and whoever surrenders unto Him can get out of the control of this material energy. If a soul surrendered to Kṛṣṇa can get out of the influence of material energy, then how can the Supreme Lord, who conducts the creation, maintenance and annihilation of the whole cosmic nature, have a material body like us? So this conception of Kṛṣṇa is complete foolishness. Foolish persons, however, cannot conceive that the Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, appearing just like an ordinary man, can be the controller of all the atoms and of the gigantic manifestation of the universal form. The biggest and the minutest are beyond their conception, so they cannot imagine that a form like that of a human being can simultaneously control the infinite and the minute. Actually although He is controlling the infinite and the finite, He is apart from all this manifestation. It is clearly stated concerning His yogam aiśvaram, His inconceivable transcendental energy, that He can control the infinite and the finite simultaneously and that He can remain aloof from them. Although the foolish cannot imagine how Kṛṣṇa, who appears just like a human being, can control the infinite and the finite, those who are pure devotees accept this, for they know that Kṛṣṇa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore they completely surrender unto Him and engage in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, devotional service of the Lord.

    • ShutUp says:

      This guy cracked me up. Once again.

      The question remains: This all powerful, omnipotent, all loving, all caring God who created everything every animal every human beings out of his love – why would also he create so called “foolish” person in the first place and let the guy “deride” him and let the guy “insult” his devotees!

      This guy – the “Supreme Personality of Godhead” must be a funny guy then. Not funny as in people would enjoy his jokes, funny as in people feel pity for this guy.

      I love his sense of humor though. Was he that bored with himself that he let this mess happen to himself and his unfaltering gang of devotees!

      Why wouldn’t he do something about it!

    • Vinajudai says:

      So I am stupid if I don’t think that Krishna is nothing else than an ordinary man and that the verses are nothing more than tell-tales and funny stories???????

      FUCK YOU!!!!
      How DARE you patronize me like that?????
      How DARE you neglect my right to have the opinion that I want to have????
      Yes – you pompous bastard you made me really, really angry….IDIOT!!!!

  131. Das says:

    The following Conversation took place in Los Angeles, June 23, 1975 between Srila Prabhupada and Dr. John Mize that clearly explains we can fall down from Goloka/Vaikuntha at anytime.

    Dr. John Mize – “Did all the souls that were in the spiritual sky fall out of the spiritual sky at once or at different times, or are there any souls that are always good, they’re not foolish, they don’t fall down?”

    Srila Prabhupada – “No, there are… Majority, 90%, they are always good. They never fall down”.

    Dr. John Mize – “So we’re among the 10%.

    Srila Prabhupada – “Yes. Or less than that. In the material, whole material world all the living entities they are… Just like in the prison house, there are some population, but they are not majority. The majority of the population, they are outside the prison house. Similarly, majority of living being, part and parcel of God, they are in the spiritual world. Only a few fall down”.

    Dr. John Mize – “Does Krishna know ahead of time that a soul is going to be foolish and fall?”

    Srila Prabhupada – “Krishna? Yes, Krishna may know because He is omniscient”.

    Dr. John Mize – “Are more souls falling all the time?”

    Srila Prabhupada – “Not all the time. But there is the tendency of fall down, not for all, but because there is independence… Everyone does not like to misuse their independence. The same example:

    Just like a government constructing a city and constructs also prison house because the government knows that somebody will be criminal. So their shelter must be also constructed.

    It is very easy to understand. Not that cent percent population will be criminal, but government knows that some of them will be. Otherwise why they construct prison house also? One may say, “Where is the criminal? You are constructing…” Government knows, there will be criminal. So if the ordinary government can know, why God cannot know? Because there is tendency”.

    Dr. John Mize – “The origin of that tendency is…?”

    Srila Prabhupada – “Yes”.

    Dr. John Mize – “From where does that tendency come?”

    Srila Prabhupada – “Tendency means the independence. So everyone can know that independence means one can use it properly, one can misuse it. That is independence. If you make it one way only, that you cannot become fall down, that is not independence. That is force. Therefore Krishna says, yathecchasi tatha kuru. “Now you do whatever you like.”

    Devotee – “Because Krishna is independent, therefore the part and parcels…”

    Srila Prabhupada – “Yes. Part and parcel must have a little portion of independence. Qualitatively, part and parcel means… Just like you take a drop of water from the sea. The, all the chemical composition is there in the drop. So Krishna is fully independent. So we living entities we are drop. Still, the independence quality is there in minute quantity”. (Los Angeles, June 23, 1975)

    Srila Prabhupada – “There is a dormant attitude for forgetting Krsna and creating an atmosphere for enjoying independently. Just like at the edge of the beach, sometimes the water covers, sometimes there is dry sand, coming and going. Our position is like that, sometimes covered, sometimes free, just like at the edge of the tide. As soon as we forget, immediately the illusion is there. Just like as soon as we sleep, dream is there.” (Letter to Madhudvisa in 1972)

    Srila Prabhupada – “Because you are son of God—God has got independence, full independence, almighty—therefore you have acquired the quality of your father. You have got little independence. So God does not interfere with your little independence”.

    • ShutUp says:

      The shit finally hits the fan! Thank you for posting this piece of interview and letting us and the world know, once again, that how full of shit you people are.

      Shit question:
      Did all the souls that were in the spiritual sky fall out of the spiritual sky at once or at different times?

      Shit answer:
      No, there are… Majority, 90%, they are always good. They never fall down.

      Shit question:
      So we’re among the 10%.

      Wait a minute, this Doctor is also assuming that he’s the special one under this divine shit plan. What a loser!

      Hey, doc – eat shit. Or better, eat your own shit and leave other shits alone.

      Alright, here’s the one that nails everything else.

      This dude Srila Prabhupada says:
      You have got little independence. So God does not interfere with your little independence.

      Okay, with such little “un-interefered” independence I feel obliged to say: Eat shit and die.

      I feel pity for these people. I seriously do. I don’t even dislike these people any more. I just feel unbound pity for these pathetic hopeless creatures.

    • Vinajudai says:

      OK…I will read it and I will listen to your teachings about the blessing of Krishna. But, then you will have to visit some homepages that I choose and listen to my teachings about the blessings of alcohol and free porn on the internet….deal?

  132. Incredibly great article. Honestly.

  133. John says:

    Hi everyone,

    After reading all this stuff, I feel inclined to conclude that “Shutup” or whatever his name is, is one of the most desolate and cheerless people I ever known..

    I also feel inclined to know more about that “Krishna Conscience”

    I don’t think the “Hares” are brainwashed. I just think that they have found and recognized the “Real Thing”.


  134. kumar says:

    well bindu, you should be ashamed of the fact that you are an atheist. in that case you are lower than an illiterate villager.
    even an illiterate person believes in god because he knows there is a higher power controlling all the complex phenomenon in this world. just look at your own body. your heart is beating, blood is circulating, enzymes are digesting the food. DO YOU HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER IT? if you say heart please stop.. will it stop? no. its controlled by nature and the nature is controlled by GOD as the scriptures reveal.
    if you cannot understand all this whatever educational qualifications you have achieved is all waste.. you are born, you live, enjoy a bit and suffer a bit and die finally without knowing anything beyond it.

    • bindu says:

      If being an atheist makes me lower than an illiterate villager, I’d like to be lower than everyone… I’d think lower is better…

      Yes of course illiterate people who have no idea of how the world actually works believe that God exists.. they believe that everything is done by God. Some of them may even believe that I’m a reincarnation of God because I’m a helpful person and know some magic tricks. But that does not make them very intelligent does it?

      About me having control over my heart beat ad many of my bodily phenomena, well I’m not a medical doctor so I obviously don’t in the way you mean. But doctors do.. They have saved me from the verge of death a couple of times.

      I’d take frog in the well as a compliment if it means I don’t get to know your spiritual bullshit. Thanks.

  135. Anillina says:

    Yesterday I saw such bald headed foreigner with such tanned robe(like indicated in the picture above) in Tripureshor…..I was observing him for 15 minutes…..I concluded that he was no different than an insane who is marching here and there with lazy moves possesd with something that was making him feel that he is cool and happier with satisfied look,but he was in puzzlement which way to go…..He was a fat man with blown belly and large leg…..One question poped out into my mind,”How could such a sluggish have Krishna consciousness,…even if he had should have some kind of charming personality,,,but way he was behaving like a nut carrying unexpressed laugh.

    As far as I am concerned there teaching doesn’t contain any rational support…..Chanting mantra and believing in Krishna Consciousness is something similar to self hypnosis which make them feel like really satisfied but that will hinder them to know they are really being cheated from inside.

    Making other believe in God is false conduct… and I dont even believe that there is something like God or no God.

  136. kumar says:

    well anillina,
    when you look at someone from externally and draw some conclusions about that person it only tells what your opinion is about that person. it may not be what exactly he is.
    to understand what krishna consciousness is you should approach a bonafide authority and learn it from him. if you are not interested to know what krishna consciousness is and you feel its all bogus then you are not at all qualified to give a comment about krishna consciousness.
    if you are happy being an atheist you can continue to be so but do not speak nonsense about krishna consciousness and flaunt your ignorance.

    • Anillina says:

      No no, do you think that I have not met a person whose external appearance suggest me he is a man of higher consciousness,look when i read books I find when Krishna was there ,then people would automatically gather and surround him CZ his external look changed the whole atmosphere,the power of his consciousness was such…But the man above here is different but as you say with the same consciousness that of Krishna…But why his consciousness seems to behave oppositely…..Or the law changes in this time of Kaliyuga???..No the law of attraction of two charges,gravitational attraction got to be the same and so is the attraction between the consciousness,Aint I???

      You are saying Dont judge the book by its cover,No I never judge a book by its cover…I use the paragraph on the back, it tells you what the book is about.And I was reading the paragraph wasting my 15 minutes…And I drew out the conclusion…

      No I felt like it is a bogus that’s why I have right to make comment in blogs like this.Otherwise I would ignore writing comment unlike you coz I would at least realize that people in this time of Kaliyuga cannot be make understood by givin comments in blogs like this,I would rather prefer going to the swimming pool and hide the clothes of feminine swimmers.

    • bindu says:

      Well I know some of that.. actually most of it.. I know what your Krishna consciousness is.. I’m familiar with Maitrayani Samita of Yajurved, if you know what I mean. If you are a follower of another sakha (branch), don’t tell me yours is better… all were originated from the same…

      So can I comment now?

      Bullshit mantras are good for concentrating and imagining bullshit.. not for anything else… The same level of concentration can be achieved with some nicotine and caffeine, and rather quickly.

      Trance and Hallucinations (which you term as Krishna consciousness) can be achieved with some real strong marijuana or Alcohol or Cocaine or Adrenotrome or Ketamine or LSD or Methadone or Peyote or some brainwave syncing device or even with lack of sleep for a few days or some combination of these.

      Real consciousness requires real knowledge and critical thinking which cannot be achieved with trance and fear of after life.

      Have a good day.

      • >>>>sssss>>> says:

        bullshit hogi teri maa or tera baap jisne tujhe paida kia..tere jaise logo ke baare mai hi bhagvad gita mai likha hai “murkh mandh budhi” hahahahahahahah

  137. kumar says:

    Anillina, people who follow krishna consciousness may not be perfect because they may still be neophytes in spiritual life. that doesnot mean the philosophy or process of krishna consciousness is bogus.
    Example- a doctor may not be perfect in treating his patients illness because he may be inexperienced. that doesnot mean the whole medical science is bogus.
    if you really show some interest and start reading ISKCON books then you ll realize that there is no truth higher than this.

  138. Anillina says:

    Ya agreed with you some extent about your perception of Krishna Consciousness.
    What do you mean by real knowledge?
    Critical thinking (as I have experienced)is an essential way to gain higher consciousness but not the complete.
    It becomes complete when the thinker is totally absent for which you will have to perform spiritual sadhanas.

    ISKCON wont help you,it is what they believe another way or bhakti marga for gaining higher consciouness,as written in their scriptures.

    Why dont you meet Vikashananda now?

    • kumar says:

      you seem to have some knowledge of spiritual practice and has done something practically. And you seem to have followed some guru. But how come you critisise other methods of sadhana and think that only your way is correct? Isnt it a very narrow mindedness?

      Hare Krishna people are not simply singing, dancing without any objective. They too practice all the rules of bhakti marga from authoritative scriptures and are well versed with the knowledge of all scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Srimadh Bhagavatham etc. Its not that they blindly follow something. They too have read all the books which Bindu mentions like origin of species or selfish gene, and they clearly know the differnce between such books (written by humans and bound to contains mistakes because human senses are imperfect and its only hypothesis what they give, where as scriptures are not man made. Its the knowledge came from God Himself) ref:

      And whatever marga(path) you follow, whatever guru you follow their base is the authoritative scriptures only. If someone creates his own philosophy that is false.

    • bindu says:

      Well, why I’ve not met Vikashananda is because I haven’t felt (or “realized” is how you’d put it) the need. You understand that ISKCON won’t help people today because they follow scriptures written by hairy forest dwellers which were written in dinosaur age and modified over time to fit current world by shitty people who do no “real” work but simply put in views based on their perceptions and feelings. I go a step further and reject your Vikashananda for similar reasons.

      You see Anillina, it is really difficult for people to get out of their “bubble” of their own version of spirituality. Try convincing the kumar guy here or try convincing a Christian fanatic or a Muslim extremist and you’ll see. They are so much into their bullshit that they’ll barely get out of it. That is how I see you Anilina.

      The guy here is accusing you of narrow mindedness but thats not because he actually thinks you are narrow minded, he’s just trying to talk you through to accept what he has accepted as the truth of his life. If you do so, he’ll find one more person who thinks that his choice is actually great. He’ll do whatever it takes, telling bullshit stories, lying about his experiences.. whatever it takes… he may well turn into a guru some day and preach his lies to larger audience… and their bullshit will continue.

      I certainly hope the same will not happen with Vikashananda’s followers.

      Have a good day.

    • bindu says:

      And by “Real knowledge”, I mean tested and verifiable knowledge and nothing else.

      I’m sure you will come up with something like “some things are not verifiable”. I can claim that I have a dragon which is only visible to me and I am the only one who has been able to perceive it, and further more I have all the good traits that I have because of the dragon. You cannot disprove me.

      Does that mean that you should waste your time to actually learning or researching about it? You may come up with “look at all the people who are following my version of spirituality and have gotten better like me, no one is there to support your dragon theory and hence it is worthless…”

      But, what if I go to a poor village, spend my money on the poor and make their lives better by treating their diseases and then tell them that it is because of the dragon that I was able to help and since their lives are now better, they must accept my dragon as their lord. Their only way of gratitude towards me, since I would not accept any other, is following the dragon and many of them might do so.

      Does having a lot of followers automatically make it true?

      You are taking the term “critical thinking” rather in a different way than I wanted to put it (at least you are being honest about the fact that that is how “you” see it, and are not driven by some kind of holy spirit.. and I really appreciate that)… it is just to be able to doubt our natural assumptions and our natural limitations…

      That is exactly where any form of spirituality pisses me off. No form of spirituality, at least none I know of, teaches us to doubt ourselves. They focus on “believing in ourselves”, “not doubting our capabilities” however they endorse nothing that helps in understanding our “real” selves.

      Imagine Siddhartha Gautam not ever knowing what death, diseases and suffering were. Imagine him finding one day that his dad was missing and being told that he went away for a long time. Imagine people around him never making him feel alone and sad and always helping him imagining things to explain missing people… He would never know of anything and be happy.. He would probably die one day without ever realizing what death is… He’d die a happy man.. But is that the kind of happiness you want people to have?? what if their bubbles were one day broken before they die?

      Siddhartha Gautam was exposed to reality and he learnt to appreciate it and find happiness in it. 2500 years ago, he was the one to say God does not exist. It is sad that even people who follow him seek happiness without knowledge today.

      We should totally appreciate and respect people and their thoughts even if they are from prehistoric era.. However, now with science and interaction, we have the knowledge and potential than that was ever accessible to Human kind.. we should grasp what we can and start being happy in knowing than in ignorance.

  139. Rajath says:

    oh yeah, why dont you meet Vikashananda? He’ll explain you everythin’ based on scientific facts only. Spirituality is also a science. Jus that people gotta wrong concept about it in mind.

    • bindu says:

      I know what kind of scientific knowledge they have and how they put them (or sometimes even modify them) to illustrate their shitty views about life.

      I know another highly successful spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra (and I think you probably already fact he claims to be behind Michael Jackson, Hillary Clinton etc..the author of highly successful books like “Training the Mind, Healing the Body”, “The Way of The Wizard”.. spiritual fanatics may find them extremely inspiring… coz those are like… the most popular modern books on the subject) whose baseline is science (while he also says modern science is arrogant) and he even relates to the extremely modern topics on quantum physics such as discontinuity due to quantum leaps.

      I’m sure Vikashananda does similar stuff for those who understand it. However, I’m interested in what kind of scientific facts does he relate to while explaining his ideas. I’m sure he totally agrees with Evolution.. actually he proves evolution in a way (troll intended, :p)

      • Anillina says:

        He doesnot believe in Evolution theory though he talks about it in humorous way.I heard him talking about those theories in FMs but it is his tackticks for entertaining the brains of so-called scientific people.

        There have never been any such linear pattern of origin of species…Species are here in existance as a result of their Karmic action.This is what I realized after reading several books and performing some sadhanas…My realizations are in communion with the scriptures of ISCKON’s followers.This again doesnot mean that I am an ISKCON follower(blind).

        Similarly,I have strongly accepted the occurance of re-incarnation(if someone needs its logical explanation then I can try my ideologies but it is based upon my own personal experience) but I have not accepted the existance of God till now coz there is nothing such miraculous happening in me or around me(like we hear from several spiritual gurus and scriptures).
        So there is life after our death,actually we are coming into existance not for the first time,this is what I have found out.

      • bindu says:

        New Note 17

        You said, “So there is life after our death,actually we are coming into existance not for the first time,this is what I have found out.”

        =>Wow what a finding. Thank you for the inspiration. When I looked deep into the consciousness, I could grasp energy and information from around me.

        Equipped with the new realm for knowledge, I discovered that the world is largely controlled by an underground civilization in Saturn. They are constantly observing our actions via the mosquitoes. I found that they have implanted their detectives into our civilization. Mosquitoes are their detectives.. they created them 80 million years ago by modifying a similar creature that was found in our earth already.. they modified them to transmit information onto them.. They also modified it to receive the information, which they are constantly sending from Saturn, encoded in the dark matter which only mosquitoes are capable of decoding.. When mosquitoes bite, they get information about the electrical processes in our body, including what is already in going on in our brains, all the thoughts, desires and plans and transmit it via their antennas. Then they send chemical and electrical signals, via mosquitoes, which are capable of changing our long term thoughts and bodily functions.

        I thought this was just my imagination, but when I looked into the facts, I found that they fit exactly with the findings of modern science. Here they are:
        – The earliest fossil of of modern mosquito was found in a 79-million year old amber. A similar creature with a slightly different species was found in amber that is 90 million years old. Source:
        – There is such a thing as Dark Matter which is not visible and is not affected by gravity and electromagnetic radition. Source:
        – There have been experimentally verified ways to change the affect of Mosquito bites via electrical impulses. So I’m sure it has something to do with the mosquito’s electrical impact on the human body. Source:
        – Mosquitoes have been found to pick up differences from 300-400
        distinct chemical odors. (Source I’m sure the person has these many combinations of human emotions and thoughts, of which only 128 have been listed till date by the experts(Source:
        Scientists have also found that mosquitoes prefer biting). This clearly suggests mosquitoes can know more than Humans know about Human thinking and infact humans smell slightly different in different emotional states (this probably has to do with the changed electrical impulses in the skin around the head in different emotional states)

        Based on these facts, I’m sure that mosquitoes are indeed designed to get information from the earth and human beings… or maybe I’m just a sick fukin’ guy who just invests some of his free time to ridicule people who he thinks are seriously out of their minds… one of the two.. I’m not sure which… I’ll vote for the former though…

  140. sakshi says:

    hmmmmm, man I just want to follow what i want to follow and not read such hatred… i was googling the bombing the hare krishna temple and eneded up here…. ppl who propagate hatred directly cause some innocents death and in that im sure all of you agree with me…. i think i can say i love my religion but i dont think i have any right to say i hate your beliefs…. maybe everyone should just follow what they believe in and leave the others alone…. also keep religion private and like the atheist ppl just mentioned respect and be tolerant, which here with the abusive language they arent being and i wonder why? maybe someone has failed them in thier life….anyways…. live and let live….In the end im not just hindu, christian or muslim or any other religion ,….. IM HUMAN….
    i dont know why i even wrote here but im sad to see such hatred ….. well peace be with you all …

  141. Anillina says:


    I loved reading your scientific information,
    I want to ask you want only one question,sometimes we feel numbness in our feet,or hand or otherpart of body which makes us unable to walk,or do the thing that we intend to….why is so???
    I want to write futhermore bt rt now i am in bz cybercafe…so just answer this one question in standard way.

    • bindu says:

      Everybody knows something about this. It is due to pressure in nerves. I hear this can even be permanent in some cases. But I’m not a doc or a scientist and definitely don’t know the exact type of nerve that is affected.

      Anyways, what do you want to prove?

  142. Anillina says:

    Who’s Vikashalanda???…lol

    I was just hoping that you may put necessary informations to present science behind the occurrence of numbness as you did above to prove that mosquito can also know better than human thinkings and limits.

    But you liked simply disobeying other whether it’s me,or iskcon followers or vikashananda and his followers than search for the true,verified truths of life and convey to normal people…This is what science taught you…
    Science merely can prove something and it is interesting to know that logics which it use to verify something can also disprove it.When you understand things beyond logics then you will realize that logics and gufs(which i used in another blogs are no different things.)
    Whether It’s Darwin’s theory of evolution or
    Whether It’s Einstein theory of General relativity in which he developed such mathematical tool(logic) that can show that space and time are merged together to give a completely new phenomenon called space-time continuum,and again to disprove the laws of gravitations developed by Newtons to he gave idea of curvature of space-time that when gravity is the property in the 4 dimension space-time continuum.And It interesting showed that how the lights coming from distant stars are curved in the field of our sun to be visible by us…And Then you talked about Hawking who attempts to combine quantum mechanics with general relativity to give the trial to know the law of nature precisely.I went to the market to buy his new book “The Grand Design’ but it is not still available in Nepal,the bookseller told me.So I haven’t gone through this book but I have gone through his other world best seller book “The Brief history of time” several times and also tried to translate it in Nepali but when I saw the translated version of this book in Nepali then I stopped translating this book…..I love this book because he has shown the complex imaginary phenomenon of nature in simple and easy words and language…This is the significant of this book but the ridiculous part of the book is its Title”The Brief history of time” The writer thought that time exists and even saw the occurrence of its history…I am sure he put such title to catch the attention of readers.For him time is following in linear pattern since billions of years since the universe came into existence by so called Big Bang theory,a big explosion took place and everything scattered away according to the Hubble’s rule.I believed in this book blindly before my spiritual journey but when my ego began to dissolve when I began realizing that thoughts are apart from me then I realized that I and the universe is there beyond time as well as space(3d).And I saw Dimensions which science use to describe are only creation of their intellect to label something.There is nothing like time and space which our 5 sense organ perceive,But there is something which you understand after the garbages(polluted logical mind )is thrown away and you encounter with the things that is left behind…which is simply your consciousness,just the sense of awareness then you begin to know the things far more better than analytical way…It’s in synthetic way you understand things and you will realize the exact meaning why stars in the sky changes their route,why solar eclipse are being taken place in abnormal way(did you notice when the penumbra shadow of moon marked the Indian peninsula probably one and half year ago),why flood landslide occur in illogical way…somewhat in symbolical way…again,why crows come to crow sitting in the branches of the tree nearby your home,why dogs bark sometime in abnormal way,why the frog stopped croaking now a days in wet paddy field…You will realize that the things that are happening around you are no different than the situation of your level of consciousness or human consciousness.So Human consciousness are responsible to understand the law of nature.But so sorry to Mr. Hawing who was very much ambitious,egoist from his early days as a result of which he suffered a nervous conflicts ALS and for whole lifetime he couldn’t do the things beside sitting in the chair and imagine crazy things of law of nature which make other crazy,make other gafadi.Sorry for my guff.

    Actually I was creating my background to give my ideology to show how re-incarnation is occurred giving you a simple task to find out the meaning of numbness,but you simply liked to disrespect other.I even requested you to watch the video of NUMB by Linking Park in which a lady is shown quite in understandable way,how she is suffering from numbness…why don you actually try to understand her perception of life than flouting me that I have numbness in my brain.I wont lie…I had some years ago and its because Vikashananda and his suggestions I came across from it.

    • bindu says:

      Let me start with this; You are a shithead, and fortunately for you, you are not alone… There are surely a few more sick people like you.

      ALS is caused by genetic disorder (either caused by virus or mutation or exposure to toxins) and not thinking or attitude. If it was due to unnecessary thinking, you would have died due to ALS a long time ago.

      2003 solar eclipse has nothing to do with your insanity. Let me tell you, it (insanity) surely did not start there. A lot of people were (and will be) insane irrespective of them being exposed or hearing about eclipses.

      Finding patterns and relating to them developed as an animal character (including Humans of course) because patterns helped them survive and reproduce. Having this developed ability to think why we think why we think (:)) gives us the power to think rationally and the power to not get carried away by instincts that we have, rather we should be rational. But some choose to be just happy and choose insanity coz reality is/was really difficult for them. Even every concept of God there is was probably originated when people could not make sense of what they could perceive and connect.

      The cause for this is compartmentalization of the mind. You see, humans have a really great capability of thinking. It is our ability of abstraction. Once we understand the details of a thing, we can abstract our thinking and do it without having to think. Like for example, when you just start learning swimming or cycling, you will have to think about several movement. But later, it becomes very easy.

      The same is true for thinking also. This is where problem creeps in. When we are comfortable with a way of thinking, it is easy for us to think that way, and not think otherwise. That is what we do all the time.

      However, the way we think does not start developing when we start understanding better. It starts right away when our life begins. So many stuff have to be thrown out as we grow up.

      But some of the thoughts are really deep seated into us. Mainly the ones that are governed by fear, the strongest emotion. It is strongest because fear is the emotion that has saved more lives of individuals than any other emotion, and hence it was most developed in evolutionary process. However courage, hope and serenity might have saved lives, nothing beats fear, the basic survival mechanisms of all animals as a whole.

      • Anillina says:


        Is it necessary for you to embarrassing words to me telling me shithead???…that shows that you like embarrassing other to make your statements stronger,and why do you compare me with others?Who the hell are you to label me as a sick,…See I am not good at writings and expressing my views in english is difficult for me and I try my best to present them in a way you people find easy to understand…Perhaps my writings are sick,…And you include me in some groups???See I am an individual and I am perfectly alone in my own opinion…As I have told you,I donot belong to any so called gurus,spiritual communities,any philosophical authorities…I am myself and in this world everyone is different and unique in their own way separate from any identification…But my attempt is to learn the truths of life and world or nature and live accordingly.This is how I see people around me,according to the things that happens spontaneously ,as they are.

        Right,ALS is a type of genetic disorder…genes???Genes accumulates Karmic actions and shapes the nervous system of an individual…So I don find any wrong to include it as nervous conflicts…as a result of egoist character…not of this life of Hawking only…Perhaps of some other lives too…Ego???the occurrence of me,myself character…This is the main cause of re-incarnation of a self…But As you get human life and you can think freely unlike other animals and can make a better decision of governing your life in your own way…What is thinking?How does it originates and what is its nature?

        Thought is a reaction to anything,whether your emotions,your feelings guided by the environment around you?Isn’t It so?It is a reaction,not an action.As it is a reaction it should be projected out to perform any actions,…but it is reaction to something…In the spontaneous flow of nature ,who is the reactor and how reaction to be accommodated ? Reactor is nobody but an illusion of me character,there doesn’t exist anything like me character,it is only an illusion(maya),an illusion is thinking so thought is nothing but an illusion in the natural pattern,So long as illusion is not removed it will be accommodating in an illusionary way in natural pattern.Means As long as thought is not removed the ego wont be removed and it is what controlling over you and make you feel that you are subversive and can challenge everything by thinking.Logics,Reasoning,contemplating are types of thought.

        Of course! the nature of thoughts are directly affected by the nature of emotions like fear,anger etc.This is the weak point of thought that it has got no control over owns emotions,…but if thought is pictorial it is called imagination,and you can control your emotions by imagination but that is no different than kind of self hypnosis…This is how thought functions…
        But if you are aware of your thoughts from where it originates beyond response to your emotions then you find that fear begin to dissolve automitically and find out ego is what responsble for all our mental behavior,so if you are able to control your ego deep seated into you then you will get out of your misery cuz you will not find any ego to suffer from them…so in the absence of ego there is something which is your true identity,the non sufferer from any fears or sorrows.This is the contribution of spirituality to know your true happy self.
        You can use anything to embarrass me cuz I dont get embarrassed from them at all cz my ego has been remarkably dissolved from spiritual sadhanas.

      • Anillina says:

        You talked about abstraction of knowledge,how thought shapes our behavior pattern…that is nothing but an evidence that thought is the root cause of karmic action,an indicative that the causes of thought have stored in our consciousness and will be continued in your next life.

        Numbness,this is an abstractive behavior of the lady which is probably initiated due to abnormal thinkings,probably had some shocking incidents in her life,and it wont get vanished unless her behavior is totally changed.And to change her behavior her abstracted habit should be thrown away,but it cannot be thrown away by altering her thinking habit,the abstracted should be thrown away…

        Spirituality helps you to deal with your abstracted habit deep seated into you,not of only this life but your formal lives too…and by checking and witnessing them they can be eradicated,whether good or bad,whether pleasing or unpleasing and your abstraction will turned out be transcendental-true and pure natural.And you will stop habit of accumulating karmic actions by thinking.This is how next life is to be avoided.

    • bindu says:

      Due to large social reformations, we need not be threatned by every stranger we meet or every large object we see anymore, but we haven’t changed much biologically and hence fear still remains the strongest emotion and will certainly continue to be for a long time to come, and it remains the best selling point for Religion/Spirituality or any commercial product for that matter. (If you don’t believe in our God, you are going to hell… if you don’t use our shampoo, your hair will be crap and opposite sex won’t be attracted to you)… However bullshit their story/product may be, they still sell, just because of fear….people have very less control over fear…. and this will be the case for very long time to come… so if you are planning a long term profitable business, it is advisable to base it on fear…. 😀

      We can rationally deal with small fears, but when it comes to questions such as life and death, we are certainly fearful.When we are confronted with fear of not only this life, but multiple lives and/or afterlives, it gets even bigger. However, due to compartmentalization of mind (or abstraction of knowledge), I introduced eariler, religious/spiritual people don’t feel frightened each and every time they talk about their religion. They have most probably done it as a child or sometime eariler in their lives strongly enough to not need any more fear to justify what they think. Most even forget it but still are hesitant to think otherwise. The same is true for victims of child abuses or childhood trauma patients. The same is true for every kind of phobia that there is. The unprofessional way of coping is usually insanely irrational in each and every of these cases. No wonder most psychopaths like Hitler, Stalin, Ted Haggard and your Vikashananda were child abuse victims…most evangelical religious organizations have been uncovered to have been indulging in various forms of child abuse, including sexual… and by the way, how you are putting things also tells something about you…

      • Anillina says:

        You can dissolve your fear completely by spiritual practices,it is not a story but a reality you can die before your death,and know that death is something wrong word people use in their life-root cause of all types of fear,there is nothing like death of self,just know that your self-ego doesn’t exists then no-more fear in your life cz you are dead already.handle the things in subtle way.

        Plz listen this song”Phool ko ankha ma phoolai sansar,kanda ko ankhan ma kandai sansara.”to judge other people.And know that phool and kanda are grown from same seed in their childhood,only thing is they encounterd different circumstances.Some turned out to be Abrahm Lincon,Nelson Mandella,churchill and some Hitler,Stalin.If you consider yourself phool then your vision might have inclined to the former people.

    • bindu says:

      Have you noticed that the more strong belief people claim to have in their religion/spiritual knowledge, the more stupid they are (of course, you would not feel that about yourself, but look at others… look at me from your perspective… I seem to be missing something, isn’t it??). Basically, the more intelligent people think they are, the less intelligent they are… The less intelligent they are, the more superior they think they are to all other humans as a whole. This was illustrated by an experiment done by Dunning and Kruger and hence is known as the D-K effect. Also, the same experiment showed that more intelligent a person is, the more intelligent he thinks others are. It is not that the most intelligent people think that they the dumbest fool in the world, but they think that most others are certainly as intelligent as them or better.

      Most religious/spiritual people think that “their way” of life is the only way of life that is correct and no other actually works. An intellectual person knows that every way of life that works for that person is a correct way of life. Notice the difference.

      • Alex says:

        Bindu, what outrageous emotional generalisations you are making about religious/spiritual people.

        What is your sample size? How was your open minded experiment conducted? You give us no details on how your reached these scientific conclusions. Do you expect us to take your word on faith alone?

        How do you define a ‘correct’ way of life? If it is just a way of life that ‘works for someone’ – please define what this means.

      • Anillina says:

        You dont need to know about D-K effect to know the nature of mind how it works in the process of gaining knowledge or becoming intelligent.Though it helps in the analytical way of judging things.

        As I have told you,Its all ego that is behind,working as impediment to know the true reality of mind and matter.Once you are able to dissolve ego deep seated in you,in your subconscious level,then all the true knowledge in the universe will be attracted into your consciousness as a self realization,you will understand things in synthetic way.The meaning of YOGA is synthesize so you will have to engage in spirituality,cz there is no technique in science to dissolve ego,you cannot dissolve your ego by thinking… Acupuncture helps little bit as it can give shocks to your nerves,but not that deeply.

        Non-egoist way of life is the actual way of living,cuz ego is the main problem of each and everything whether you are intelligent or not,whether you know much of science or spirituality.(non-egoist person is called spiritual person).

    • bindu says:

      I personally know several strong Hindus and Muslims who are perfectly well with their lives. I also know several atheists, naturalists, some form of deist whose lifves works just as well. People are free to choose their way of living and should be allowed to. The differences is what we talk about, that is what we cherish, that is what leads to inventions and complex ideas……..

      BUT, that does not mean that ANY ill psychopath has the right to disturb me in any way in the name of their hallucinogenic experiences… I will not stand any motherfucker (yeah literally too, he/she could be a child abused by a mother, who later may turn into a spiritual shithead… they usually do) who wants me to follow their stupid notion of life and disturb me in my home or any public place for that matter and try to take hard earned money from me or my loved ones in the name of their bull crap….

      Whenever I see evangelical shitheads like you or kumar, I certainly pity you as it was never your fault… but if you come around and start spreading bullshit or start supporting/defending such activities, start disturbing the society and polluting intellectual thinking with your crap, I will certainly take into consideration that it wasn’t my fault either that you are what you are. I will exercise my freedom of speech and tell you to cut the crap and fuck off.

      • Alex says:

        You say “people are free to choose their way of living and should be allowed to.

        What – everyone ‘except’ the Hari Krishnas?

        People are selling you soap every day – disturbing you in your home via advertising, telephone, tv etc. Why do you object so strongly to religious people doing the same?

        Isn’t a lack of tolerance of others beliefs the real problem? Your intolerant attitude towards the Hari Krishnas shows you are actually guilty of the very crimes you accuse them of.

      • Anillina says:

        Whether its Hindu or Muslim,whether its atheist or naturalist whether its Christian or Jain ,whether its American or Russian or French or Spanish.The law of nature works the same for all the people.If you are thinking to live accordingly to it(not choosing the way other people suggest you)then you will be more cherished coz entire universe will help you to be more inventive and to posses complex idea to govern your life more precisely.See the difference…

        In the group of insane people a sane person is recognized to be an insane,so he got to be insane like them to be called sane by them.But that doesnot work upon me coz I will leave their company better to avoid their misconception.By the way why are you so disturbed???If you think your way of life is perfect then there is no way to be disturbed coz you are already satisfied with your life…But the way you are disturbed,the way you are scolding others simply suggest something lacking in you.:)
        Dont worry about your hard-earned money coz no-one will steal them unless you dont take care of them properly.

        Since Child I always wanted to know the law of nature precisely how it works in life and the giant universe around us,and I didnot tell you to follow ISKCON and spread its bullshit like Kumar,I just suggested you to know the the real things in righteous perspective,if your vanishing point doesn’t correspond to your eye level then plz it is not my fault either to make them well vanished just your eye level is bit lower.

        I am an artist and I portray my paintings in righteous perspective and they carry meaning far better than your speech-you parrot,I can
        make your twisted beak straight.

  143. bindu says:


    Let me make this clear first; I DID NOT write offending words to you BECAUSE your English sucks or you can’t express something. I’d not do that. I told you so BECAUSE you said that people get diseases because of their thinking. Does that also apply to a kid that got AIDS from their parents? What about those who are born without hands or legs? What about those who have Down Syndrome?

    Of course you may think that they did something wrong in their past lives which made them like that. I’m fine with whatever crappy thing you can imagine and believe it to be true, but telling a kid, who got AIDS or some disease or some abnormal condition by birth or by accident or by some other way, that they are having those problems because they did something wrong in their past life is rude to say the least.

    Even if your never proven idea of re-incarnation is true, and even if people get ultimately punished, in their afterlives, after they don’t know what they did doesn’t make sense.

    Have you ever heard of insanity plea? If people with mental diseases like dissociative identity disorder commit a crime, they should not be subjected to the same punishment as other people who commit crimes in their right minds.

    I mean to say that if a person does not remember the crimes and have no capability to know that they did something wrong, they should not be held responsible for those crimes.

    Even if a child was born with a disorder because he was Hitler in his past life, the child does not know that and should not be held responsible for mass murdering Jews.

    • Anillina says:

      No I doubted whether you misinterpreted some of my English grammars, well not exactly,yes thought is the one of the main cause of sickness cz it has direct effect in our emotions, thereby in our mental behavior.

      Yes As far as I am concerned,I have supported in the Karmic Actions phenomenon and it tells something that you don believe…like an HIV child…..spirit choose their parents according to their karmic actions…When you understand the mechanisms involving karmic action then you will come up with this realization…The mechanism is extraordinary and it further proves the occurrence of re-incarnation(the mechanism is complex that cannot be flashed here so better respond to or give me your contact)…..So Child donot get Down’s Syndrome when they have disorder in their 21st chromosomes only,but also depend upon how that particular chromosome is made so in what conditions.

      A child is born with disorder-this is already the punishment for him being Hitler in his former lives…but he can me made remembered his past lives and be made feel guilty from his wrong deeds of mass murdering Jews.

      You can remember your past lives if you want,there is technique.I have met with them who have recalled their former lives.Because even if you die(means your body dies)your memories never dies never,it is stored in an unit house of our consciousness and is responsible for holding connection between the beings life after life.

      • bindu says:

        Significant number of cases of full or partial memory loss due to Traumatic Brain Injury is alone sufficient to refute your idea of memory being a “never dying thing”, but I’m sure you have another bull crap made up (or will now make up) to justify what you are saying.

        I wonder why a theory of spirits cannot be flashed here. Can they read it if it is in public and are incapable of finding my password if you send it to my email address? If that is the case, send your emails to

        If I had a kid with deformities and if anyone told them that it was because they did something wrong, I’d literally beat that person up to protect my child’s emotions. Just keep that in mind when you speak of your fantasies.

  144. bindu says:

    Since you believe in spirits but no God, I have to ask you; Who decides the spirits of people who do bad things go into potentially unhealthy wombs and those who do good things go into healthy wombs?

    Do spirits have some sort of democratic system and the ones who have committed crimes are forced to go into such unhealthy environment by spirit cops? 😀 Is there corruption and bribing? I’d really want to know these things. 😀

    Or maybe when they get out of the human body (after death), they realize the crimes they have done and decide to go in the womb which is likely to have complications. So, maybe when Hitler died, he said “Well I have murdered so many people, so let me find an unhealthy woman/man having sex, so that I get what I deserve”.

    But what stopped Hitler’s spirit from thinking, “Well, killing so many people was fun, let me go into a womb, where I’m more likely to be born as a happy murderer again”??

    You said; “Who the hell are you to label me as a sick,”..
    => and you were also talking about yourself having your own opinions.. hmm… it seems your ego isn’t completely gone…. maybe your spirit needs some more washing… Get a better soap from the spiritual market. Hopefully, this time it is “as seen on TV”, in the 2 hour commercial in spritual TV channel…

    • Anillina says:

      Well you should understand the law of nature the law of nature is such in which such things are also possible…The law of nature is not bound in any -isms so there is no politics,there is realistic.

      yes I believe in spirit not only believe but have really suffered and benefited from them.
      What do you mean by spirit???the things left after the death of the body and is unable to take another birth.
      Spirit donot think and plz it is not the matter of logics(thought) so ridicule,and also not a matter to talk on.
      My ego???It is my(not ego) ridicule act to hurt your ego…I love watching AAstha channel but there is no such long commercial break,like in national geographic channel.However,I love that channel too.

  145. bindu says:

    Why don’t you have a look at this video:
    You’ll probably relate pretty well to the woman on the phone.

    And where do you come up with bullshit like genes relating to Karma? Genes will more likely relate to the color of poo rather than Karma bullshit.

    And how come you reason about all kinds of things including reasoning itself and then say that reasoning is bullshit? What you are doing there is just asserting that your reasoning is correct reasoning and every other reasoning is bullshit. But even if I buy your reasoning that reasoning is bullshit, I’d conclude that your reasoning about reasoning is bullshit. Sounds reasonable right??

    You said; “You talked about abstraction of knowledge,how thought shapes our behavior pattern…that is nothing but an evidence that thought is the root cause of karmic action,an indicative that the causes of thought have stored in our consciousness and will be continued in your next life.”
    => No, abstraction of knowlegde does not prove re-incarnation. That conclusion is absurd.
    Abstraction of knowlegde exists proves that abstration of knowlegde exists. It does not prove anything else. But since abstraction makes life easy, it is easy to assume that it was carried upon once something like that originated in a pre-human brain.

    • Anillina says:

      Genes are only superficial phenomenon,I want to take you even deeper in atoms,in subatomic particles,where the distinction between the particles and waves vanishes and it becomes even uncertain to predict even the position and velocity or time and amount of energies of the things there(Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).Have you ever twisted your brain or keep reasoning about that uncertainty principle,we think or you probably everything is made certain or our life have become an ease by the advancement of science but in that subatomic world there lies uncertainty and that uncertainty is ever lasting and out of which we all things and beings have taken this vast alive structure.Have you ever try to question in that principle.I am not saying that reasoning is bullshit,I was saying that reasoning cannot take you to understand those things which cant be made into our observations,you should move ahead to feel that,to witness that and As I did you may see some connection between karmic actions and those uncertain subtle things.And check whether it has something to do with your abstraction,you will find that only when you practice them… Don just read book and collect enormous informations,Dont just browse google or youtube to prove or disprove something ,make self study upon within.

      Well Well,that video just shows that both the caller and the receivers are unable to satisfy one another because both of them are trying to prove or disprove somethings,the caller uses her experiences and the two gentlemen use scientific evidences…both are denying one another…This is what happens when truth is exposed by verbal expressions,so you got to do something like her or there is another methods to have such experience and trust me everyone may have such similar experience cz we all are governed by the same law of nature…only ego-the projections of mind,the gross identifications of self are different.

      • bindu says:

        First off, you have no idea about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, so stop trying to apply it to your life. Events are uncertain not because of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and it was never meant to be applied to karmic bullshit.

        It is rather too materialistic for you and does not apply to larger objects because the interference of tools used to monitor them do not affect them significantly enough to change what would happen otherwise.

        In fact, it does not even apply to sub atomic particles anymore with advancements in modern physics, so shut up already.

  146. bindu says:


    You said: “Spirituality helps you to deal with your abstracted habit deep seated into you,not of only this life but your formal lives too…”
    => No. Except for the former lives bullshit, psychiatry does that. It works better than unproven bullshit of spirituality because psychiatry deals with facts, experiments involving brain functions, study of physical storage of thoughts in the brain and study of how the brain actually functions.

    The notion of spirituality as you have put here sounds like psychotherapy, a part of psychiatry. The only difference is that in spirituality, you are your own therapist. It is never advisable for medical practitioners to treat even their relatives, let alone themselves, even for simple diseases, let alone psychological ones. (references:,

    Medical Ethics strongly discourages treatment of the self or other people close to them. That is because feelings overrule rational procedures. So, stop your own treatment by yourself and go to a doctor.

    • Anillina says:

      Why dont you read some of the books like “Only Love Is Real”,”Many Lives Many Master” by Dr.Brian Weiss.
      He himself a renounced Psychiatrist of US,And check his conclusions….

      • bindu says:

        Ah well, I was waiting for you to name this loon. What about 99.999% of other psychiatrists who think the person is a disgrace to psychiatry and is single handedly giving it a bad name?

        What about all those who know he is making those claims based on personal information and not based on peer reviews, as they should?? What about those who think such claims should be experimentally verifiable under scientific constraints?

        What about all the other psychiatry professionals who have never found such a patient like he once did?

        What about successful induction of unreal facts into human brain (as planned by the experimenter) by using hypnosis or NLP in several test cases?

        People like you find a well known loon who states what you already believe and take that as solid proof… and if you don’t find such a loon, you still stick to your fantasies independently anyways, unless of course you find one.

        If you believe the earth is flat, you will find significant number of people who have every explaination to prove everything else that disagrees with their idea ( That does not change the shape of the earth, unfortunately.

        If you believe that you are somehow being manipulated by others and hence you can never succeed, you will find significant number of theories from Jews controlling the world, to Illuminati, Free Mansons, or reptilian humanoids(, aliens, demons, satan etc doing so. That does not change the real facts.

        If you’ve watched the movie Shutter Island, you would know how this kind of mentally ill people make up their theories in such a way that there is no logical explanation to debunk them and how they try their best to avoid themselves from accepting the facts as true, in order to remain happy in their bubble.

        Unfortunately for you, you are in a similar position.

  147. bindu says:

    You said; “Plz listen this song Phool ko ankha ma phoolai sansar,kanda ko ankhan ma kandai sansara. to judge other people.”
    => Does that mean a police sees all theives as police? So how do they catch theives?
    Does that mean to decide if a person is a murderer, the judge has to be a murderer himself/herself??
    While that song is really soothing and nice and I have heard it a lot many times, I think that kind of thoughts are strongly held by people who know that they are wrong but are still helpless. So, if someone points out to them that they are wrong, they get a chance to say that “Since you are telling me wrong, you are wrong, because ‘kada ko aakha ma kadai sansaar’… If you were right, you’d say I am right and nice and good…” What they are doing is just protecting themselves and supressing/justifying their limitations and wrong doings.
    You need not have Leprosy to think that a person who has similar symptoms as Leprosy has Leprosy. You may need to be a good doctor to say for sure that it is Leprosy or not, but you need not be a doctor or a patient to say that a person who has sudden appearance of numb skin lesions needs to see a doctor. Get the point??

    • Anillina says:

      yes, Wrong Police sees all the thieves as Police and run away from them instead catching them….lol…

      Right Police even can make distinction between false police and thieves.And Right police can even predict whether the thieves who are off from the jail will be thieve again or turned out to be a moral one,or the moral person who has not done any wrong but sees thieves all around will remain as moral person or turn out to be thieve later.Or a thief who sees moral environment everywhere wont remain as a thief later.

      That song is sung by one of a spiritual icon of Nepal,how that become soothing to you??????But I should tell you she is engaged in righteous religion in my perspective,Buddhism,a religionless religion.where the need of god is not discussed but the methods of dissolving your misery is discussed.

      I didnt get the point from your Leprosy.

  148. bindu says:

    Talking about childhood trauma of Abraham Lincoln, it is not comparable to that of Hitler. While they both had traumatic childhood, one had supportive parents while the other had abusive alcoholic father who tried to force him to do things he thought was good. See the difference?

    • Anillina says:


      But both of them are shot dead,one by the stanger and other by himself…..they must have done something wrong in their past lives.

      I choose Gautama Buddha as my main role model,a man who spreaded message of love,peace and happiness all over the world and had his Mahaparinirvana so peacefully.

      you probably Saddam Husein who tried to save Iraq from Americans but found no one to save him in the end.His attempts were also remarkable.

      • bindu says:

        Since none of original writings of Gautam Buddha are in existence, I think that his followers came up with various types of explanations of his teachings and wrote their own understandings.

        We have several histories for the same Buddha. Hindus say he was given knowledge by Brahma. Many others say he was truly atheistic and did not believe in idiocies, while many Buddhism variations have plethora of Gods to choose from. You happen to believe in the one that suits your opinions, and that is no surprise.

        I have no affiliation with Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, like you’d like to believe. If I had to name some inspirational people, I’d take this oppurtunity to name Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Carl Sagan to name a few. Among the living people, I’m inspired by Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sanal Edamaruku etc.

  149. bindu says:


    You said; “As I have told you,Its all ego that is behind,working as impediment to know the true reality of mind and matter.”
    => This is one of the few things that I’ll have to agree with… not just because it serves my current purpose of ridiculing you, but because I think this is true.
    Take yourself as an example; you are a Human being, an intellectual creature, and very egoistic too…. so you don’t want to believe that you are just another animal.. you don’t want to believe that we have evolved out of apes or some other form of unintelligent creatures… not because you don’t have enough physical evidence many people would agree with by sincerely examining, not because they have been open to being proved wrong for 150 years and all discoveries still pointing out to it being true, not because you have any factual evidence or a strong reasoning that you can produce to refute it, even theoritically…. but because you’d like to think that you are better than other animals.

    since you have a crappy life and you know that is it, you don’t want to believe that thats just it… you want to believe there are more lives and if you do good and understand it, you will probably get a great life in your next rebirth…. not because there is any verifyable evidence to support any of that but because that helps your ego…. you don’t have any hope in making your current life better and want to make your imaginary next lives better….

    • Anillina says:

      Spirituality talks about next lives but doesn’t make you hope for next life,if your present life is better and obviously next life will be better,you will born in suitable place in your next life,if you are hoping then you will have hoping condition in next life too.

      As I told you I don believe in anything ,I make self study comparing my situation before and now… I am benefited from the things I have practiced ,how it has served me to know the things in realistic,and when I were like you,a logical science student when I didn’t use to believe in past lives,next lives…I use to put several ideas to disrespect the occurrence of such metaphysical phenomenon before spiritual teachers…..And when I hold my breath and gave a free trial to what they say me to perform,then it not only brought the change but also transformed me.I cant share my experiences cuz you will put them in hallucinations,as done by the TV speakers,and I will not write a book like her expressing her own experiences to make a money and be famous,it was her fault…But what I want to request you is,plz make a trial,ok blind trial to some of the techniques and if they brought some comparable,remarkable changes in you then only accept the things.You are so confident so you should be courageous to perform them.

      • bindu says:

        Yeah, you do your deep breathing shit and have your oxygen hallucination. Of course you’d like to believe it to be something in the like of metaphysical experience. Good for you.

  150. bindu says:


    Your theory of lack of ego is supposedly good for the whole world according to you. That may be better for you because then, no one gets to say how important they are and no one gets to say how crappy you are compared to them. That would obviously be better for you.
    Ego is essentially the realization of self-importance and desire for respect. If you cannot stand for yourself or do not want to, you cannot stand for your family, society, nation or world.
    But that is not the case. You sure respect your opinions, yourself and for sure desire respect. If you had no ego at all, you would not be writing horse crap here to prove how you are right and why your opinions matter.

    I am very egostic and proudly so. I expect acknowledgement for my work and I sometimes demand respect. To be able to do that, I base my activities on factual grounds, even if they are not directly benificial for me, even if facts are discomforting for me. I constantly strive to be a better person, strive to know more… but I don’t do that by simply asserting my prejudices. I try to sincerely find out if they are correct, without taking my side of thinking only, but on factual grounds.. if my prejudices don’t comply with facts, I eliminate them in favor of ideas based on facts. I respect and acknowledge people if they assert truths based on facts, rather than by modifying facts to suit their world views.
    I think this is the path to real knowledge.

    • Anillina says:

      Ego is not just the essentially of the realization of self importance and desire for respect,it is desire for becoming.Desire for becoming is what making species into existence.How can stone become trees if it has not desire to be as trees,how can dog change into human if its faithfulness doesn’t correspond as human. Ego that happens unconsciously is what making existence so mysterious.

      Dont be so much ridiculous about my opinion,ya we need ego for a successful life…but trust me there is something that will make you happy when you dont find ego within you.

      • Anillina says:

        you seems to be polluting your mind…cz you live in more and more conditions…No I dont mean that you are wrong in your way of life but I should suggest you that the law of nature runs in equanimity,in balance….not more not less…..Unless you are not consciously equanimous in your action you are creating miseries,tying knots within you.

      • bindu says:

        Yeah, when I don’t have my ego (as per your definition), I will not give a horse crap about anything others have to say and live a fake righteous shitty life. Thats not my cup of tea unfortunately.

  151. bindu says:


    You asked; “By the way why are you so disturbed???”
    Yes, sure I am disturbed to be investing my precious time lecturing people and defending secular lifestyle rather than based on some form of bullshit faith.
    I am disturbed by people who think it is right to disturb others in the name of their religion.
    I am disturbed by Christians that visit my house to tell me “Have you heard the news?” and speaking about their version of apoclypse as if I have never ever heard it before.
    I am disturbed by same old Christian songs just because they think that they are going to heaven for that.
    I am disturbed by Hare Krishna goons who try our kids that it is wrong to eat meat even though they enjoy it and is a chief source of protein for them, and scare them with their imaginary idea of hell.
    I am disturbed by Muslims who used to wake me up at 4 am because they’d rather say their prayers over a huge mic as if their allah is almost deaf.
    I am disturbed by hearing about fortune tellers who always somehow manage to scam off some of my relatives, while I have to do hard work to earn that much money.
    I am disturbed by Om Shanti evangelists who think it is the right thing to do when they are interrupting me when I am just walking past them to tell their idea of the end of the world and how we should prepare for it.
    I am disturbed by Hindus who want purans and choose to broadcast it loud till the middle of the night.
    I am distubed by shitheads who think it is okay to protest naked in public just because media did not think featuring their bullcrap magic tricks would do their publications any good.
    Basically, I am disturbed by people who have nothing good to say or do or have achieved but want to waste my time and peace, even when I am not willing to, in order to either rip me off or want me to accept their notion of life and be like them and want to tell me bad things will happen to me if I don’t agree with them.

    That is why I am disturbed and am willing to tell them or their defenders to fuck off every oppurtunity that I can.


    • Anillina says:

      Ya Ya you have right to disturb anyone who have disturbed in your peaceful life,in a name to accept some unproven bullshits…some believe system,if and only if you are living in peace and tranquility.
      But that doesn’t mean that you have right to talk anything on them and flash your bullshits before other people who are not living in peace and harmony.

      What does religion means???It is a system that manages happiness among people,whether its a set of belief system or means of some holy practices.But they give some sorts of security among people who are not scientifically aware and educated.

      I am too disturbed with those foreign booksellers of Jesus and flourish their religion spreading their rumors…that Jesus is only one parameshor and will soon be here to save us.But that doesnot mean that I have right to say that their belief system is wrong and they are wrong…I have only right to tell that their actions of disturbing people is wrong…And I find people who are benefited from what they call Enigma of Jesus…one of my relatives who was a cancer sufferer miraculously cured when they engaged in Christianity.

      Ya once in Ratna Park such Hare Rama goons were selling their book and they were spreading some life negations notions…like telling kids we should be old one day and die so why we marry???like…we should live a moral lonely life in the name of god…We should wash out such bullshits and i am here ready to throw them out.

      Talking about Omshanti scandals,ya they are all wrong but their technique Rajyoga is really beneficial,I have taken their class and practices their meditation techniques.Lots and lots of people are really benefited,especially those who are suffered from pains due to nerves.It is miraculous too.Only their neo-bhagwat Gita darshan is wrong.I have an example in my locality in which a lady was dead and came back to her body by the magic of Brahma baba.So there too lies some mystery.So I feel that we shouldn’t blindly criticize other ,they are also spreading love and peace among people in their own way.So what I tell you is Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.

      But I am so surprised you are not still disturbed from our politicians who are fooling people and themselves in the name of New Sambhidan,its already nine time failures and still no new prime minister in Nepal,you are not still disturbed from those kidnappers who kidnap the little kids and ask money from their parents and kill them like in hindi film,and see how the nation is taking actions against them,the medias and publicity are busy flourishing such news and at the same time flourishing the negative hindi movies and now nepali too by which the kidnapper get ideas. The medias can only flash such negative news and threaten the mind of people consuming their precious time,hasnot politics,they are never busy to spread some of good news that are happening in the country by which people can learn something from them…so those naked protest are something to shock medias…not just to spread the popularity of Vikashananda…And you see, a similar lady like you meditated under grounded without food and water for 90 days-what could be another so courageous gut than this,this is rare in the world and taken place in Nepal but medias are unaware of them which was done as a sigh to bring peace back in country.Isnot this a pride for Nepal and I think you should speak in favour of this,…but the way you are judging them doesnot suggest you that.

      So comparing the situation of society,there seems a righteous action necessary to flourish peace and love in Nepal,and there seems the need of righteous movements,righteous spiritual actions which can be rationally accepted.Unless such actions is not well conducted everyone should be disturbed…this is what I need to say.

      Happy Vijaya Dashami.
      Oh Sorry you dont celebrate such religious ceremonies.
      Victory always belongs to the truth.

      • bindu says:

        Well of course, “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. You will take your idea of crap from whoever offers it and disregard everything else that they have to offer. Hence you like some stuff that you already agree with, or something that already agrees with what you believe and take it to confirm your bullshit and take a step further to disregard everything else. Same with Heisenberg, same with Om Shanti and same with everything else.

        Well, about politics and media, since no politician has tried to get me involved in their crap, I don’t bother. They do what they have to do. And of course media will put it in different ways to get people listen to their point of view. Media politics is just another story, but you can avoid it if you don’t want to get involved. Hence, that does not top my lists, obviously.

        As for kidnapping and crimes, they happen all the time, whether you want to get every piece of detail as much as you can or just don’t give a shit about it and watch stunts on TV. However, if you are informed about crimes happening in your society, you are more likely to take precautions and hopefully avoid them from happening to you. That does not guarantee safety but that is the rational way to go.
        “If 3 children were kidnapped on their way to school in the past two weeks, I need to make sure my I wait until bus arrives and make sure s/he gets on inside before I can leave and I need to get back in time to pick him/her up”.
        That is a quite solid way to prevent kidnappings. If all parents did this after hearing about the first kidnappings, that would happen very less often.

        And FYKI, kidnappings did not start happening just after the surge of movie releases, mind you. They have been mentioned in Ramayana, so that is at least 2500 years old. Many movies depict what is/are/might have been happening.. a healthy mind takes care of the issues and learns to be more careful, a dirty mind takes it as an oppurtinty to learn. But those dirty minds do it anyways, so putting up facts only helps those healthy minds if you see in the larger scale, and dirty minds are generally rather discouraged and depicted as outcasts.

        You said; “And you see, a similar lady like you meditated under grounded without food and water for 90 days-what could be another so courageous gut than this,this is rare in the world and taken place in Nepal but medias are unaware of them which was done as a sigh to bring peace back in country.”
        => Well, first things first, I am not a lady, so stop jerking off at my nick name here… and even if I was, I’d be far from being similar to a irrational psychopathic attention craver, with a abusive childhood and a dream of becoming an actress. People like that turn up as a prostitute, if she could find men who think she is okay for a few minutes or otherwise turn into someone like you’ve explained.
        And how come all those “without food and water” claimers are right only unless they are taken up under scientific observation? Everyone that has had such claims is always hesitant to sit in front of the camera 24/7 or manages to get out for enough time to gobble up some (Prahlad Jani, How is it that when India put up considerable amount of research money with a hope that those claims were true (so that they could use the techniques on soldiers and under natural calamities) and could not find one single valid case? It is hardly surprising for me. THEY ARE ALL FAKERS with their own agendas and if media encouraged these shitheads, we will have nothing but more such fakers around.

        If you try to disturb, we will make sure to raise our voice against you and make sure to do whatever it takes, as long as it is legal, to shut you up.


  152. the sudhir says:

    I think the comments were very disgusting especially for an article written on lord Krishna.If these people are so anti-Hindu or anti-ISKCON,then they should shut their mouths.I don’t want to use unparliamentary language because i am not not a slut like these commentators.Even atheist and agonist must have some respect for those who believe in religion.

  153. Anillina says:

    he bindu,

    Why are you yelling for Peace at the end of your comment.
    Poor Guy.
    May God help you to get that!!!

    • bindu says:

      …because that is the right thing to do as an adult. In a communist society like you are envisioning (communist society=some people define what is right and all must somehow follow their bullshit) as a mindless ignorant lost kid, you are a supporter of doing “whatever it takes” including violence and injustice… while as a supporter of a secular system, I oppose that idea and am all for equality and justice and of course….PEACE

      • Anillina says:

        No I am not supporter of any communism.No Marxism no Leninism no Maoism and I dont want to make any -sm after my name in future as did by our national flop hero Prachanda (Prachandapath).And there are some spiritual leader who visualized spiritual communism too as did by the founder of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada ,where the state is not the center of the system,but God is in the middle,all all the citizen of the kingdom revolve around God in the Peripheral to be finally merge with it. Nor I am the follower of any Socialism.But I wish everyone to be in communion with the law of nature whatever -ism they are carrying,whatever system they are supporting.Because I found out that any violence,injustice,brutality,calamities that take place occur only when people are in not in communion with the law of nature.What happens to the fish if it is not in contact with water?You can put it in any kind of ditches or man made aquariums only thing you should manage is availability of water.So you can put people in any belief systems only thing they should learn is to be in communion with the law of nature.

        However what I felt is, the law of nature prefers communism than socialism to be understood its significance by people.That may be one reason why Gautama Buddha made following statements.
        बुद्धं शरणम् गच्छामी
        धम्मं शरणम् गच्छामी
        संघं शरणम् गच्छामी

        Here बुद्धं means all the enlightened people who have mastered and understood the law of nature,धम्मं means-the law of nature,and संघं means community of all those who runs in accordance with the law of nature.
        So now you must understand the importance of communism how it should go hand and hand to make people understand the law of nature.

        But if you take a step further to understand this then you are already a person in communism,cuz you are living with the communion of all the seen and unseen people,their vibes who run with the law of nature.

        And I dont find it surprising why you are deviating away from it as you are addict to socialism and you understand the law of nature collecting theories,philosophies,images developed by the ignorant people of the world,and carry their nonsense notion of equality and justice.

        If you want to be real peaceful whom do you prefer Stephen Hawking or Gautama The Buddha?

  154. Anillina says:

    Dont argue me about Heisenberg Principle(which is the base of quantum mechanics),I just want to tell you that there is an uncertainty in subatomic world,cz light(common sense of observation)disturb to see the things there.And I am not applying to relate with any Karmic actions.

    From that uncertain things(not principle) what we can see is all the life is in existence so being certain about anything doesn’t carry any truth.So being uncertain about anything is what I see the actual perspective.You are an atheist,
    you donot believe that there is god,but you are still carrying a belief system, believing that there is no God. So you want to get secured in your life believing that there is no such thing like God,and you are so much attached with all the scientific discoveries and informations.You are prepared for anything that comes in your life cz you have got sufficient images in your mind to handle situations.Images that program your brain.You are being programmed by your own images and that is what making you feel somewhat happy certainly.You want to be certain of each and everything.But there is an uncertainty in the law of nature.

    So if you want to live according to the law of nature then you should throw away all the belief systems that you have been created in your mind,not being involved in any religions or being an atheist.Living free in uncertainty is actual living,and witnessing things as they are not through any images is actual seeing.Did you get that?However you live in society,in relationships and you have collected sufficient images in your mind to identify things.You have got mother and you are seeing her as your mother,the image of being mother is between you and the actual thing…let me give you another suitable example you see a sun everyday,but you are seeing with an images in your mind that it is a sun,a ball of hot gases,nuclear fission and fusion being taking places,so and so as taught by science.But you are not seeing the sun as it is.Probably you used to see them in righteous way when you are a baby when nobody taught you what this round object is.I am still living in society,aged 20 and have keen interest to know everything from childhood,Probably I was 10 when I was shocked from everything around me in a way and became alert with my life,since then me myself is using own’s intellect and reasoning capacity to know the actual things of life and the world,but they found to be all insufficient before I was introduced to a righteous way to observe things,by cleaning all the images that have been collected in me,refreshing is the better word than cleaning.So you should practice some righteous exercise to refresh your mind.

    Then only you begin to know the mysteries and wonders of this giant living system,whether there is past lives or not,whether there is spirits or not,angels or not,aliens or not,there is actual heaven or they are only imaginary places etc etc.

    Hope you got me.
    And you people comment us of having hallucinatory things,yes they occur in the process of throwing out images(hallucination or maya)

    This is how to see all the religions,above ISKCON followrs,societies,all the crimes that take place here,education system,politics and all the natural and man made things all around the universe,not being bound in any images,freely as they are.

    Actually we are living in a supernatural world only the images that make it perceive as natural.


    • bindu says:

      You said: “Probably you used to see them in righteous way when you are a baby when nobody taught you what this round object is.”
      You also said some other bull crap which has nothing to do with nothing, but anyways, I’d like to comment on the above sentence. That is nonsense. We are social animals and learn from the society. There was a person who lived with monkeys from early childhood and was later found by a person. He completely lived as a monkey. He learnt from the monkey society. We all adapt to our societies and live how others live. Your idea of life is a combination of various thoughts prevalent in the society. You could not have imagined bullshit without having heard about that crap already. The first person that came up with the idea was inspired from something similar he perceived to be happening. Like the monkey guy had completely adapted to live as a monkey, so do you… so does every other primate… so does every other social animal. Our current knowledge in every field is a product of rigorous research in every field in our history. Whatever we ignorantly perceive gives us very less information. While “sun is a hot round ball of fire” is an explanation, so is “sun is a spherical luminous ball of plasma held together by gravity with a diamter 14 lakh kms” is another. We can use any definition depending upon the context or where we want to use the information. So, stop your nonsense “education pollutes the mind” theory and STFU.

      Also, I feel sorry for discussing with you mistaking you with a delusional mindless adult, while you seem to be just a lost kid.


  155. bindu says:

    You know what?.. fuck you and fuck what you think the law of the nature is and you think some form of hallucinogenic experience to have to follow the bullshit and are ready to use any of your bullshit ways of bothering people to those who disagree with your bullshit.

    And about Buddha, first there is no direct evidence that he said any of that shit firsthand, and even if he did, he is no more than a 2500 year old fellow for me, whose thoughts matter less than those of a 5 year old modern kid, who certainly knows more than what Buddha would ever have.

    And if I want real peace, I’d certainly do not want a shitty 2500 year old who has 2500 year old thoughts on why people have grief and stuff….. Stephen Hawkings can’t even talk even if he wanted to… So, technically, it will be him if I wanted real peace…


  156. Anillina says:

    A new scientist named Jenifer Collins have recently studied upon the tooth of Stephen Hawking and surprisingly she found some mysterious tunnels inside the tooth which lead to the gum and finally to the brain of the genius.And while doing psychological interpretation on the brain she discovered that his brain cells cannot form any hallucinating experience cz the eggs of the pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) were found there.Pinworms are actually found in the female vaginal tunnel which give some itching sensation in the delicate part which fulfills some sorts of sexual appetite to the host.As she found in his brain she finally concluded that his brain can give tranquility state to such state which are no different than that of the of the condition after having sexual intercourse.Perhaps you get such kind of peace following his theories…She was so happy of her finding and finally gave the tunnel name as Wormhole…quite similar name Hawking talks in his theory of topological feature of spacetime.

    Thanks to Jenifer for his new finding which lead to a hope that the long lost peace could be achieved if better following Hawkings theory.

    But I donot believe her,or Hawking or you cz I donot live in time as you live.You saw my Buddha 2500 years ago,but I find him here and now,my consciousness just gets his vibes, through which I get message that I will be free from this vicious circle of misery in no time.And this made me feel pity on you that a well educated person like you dont find difficult to use such f*** language which proves that you are not yet qualified and capable to understand the law of nature,you are just bullshits-what kind of moral character your son who is just 5 years old will learn from you???

    • bindu says:

      Yeah, J Collins, The scientist providing evidence for belief, after Hawkings provided evidence for “No God”.. sounds “Hired by Church” to me… but you are always free to use YOUR mind, however useless it is…

      And about morality, unfortunately for you and fortunately for the rest of us, the world does not run under your realm of bullshit morality… Thank God, really…

  157. kickyourass says:

    Wow just listen to these religious shitheads talk!

  158. Kumar says:

    I can understand that Bindu is an atheist and believes that there is no God and all the religions are gateway to war and hatred. But i dont understand what Anillina wants to prove? I dont understand whether he is an atheist or theist? Somewhere he said there is no God, somewhere he is saying there is. And if he is theist i really dont understand why he calls Iskcon teachings as bullshit. Iskcon is tolerant to all religions. They donot force anything upon anyone. They say Krishna, Allah, Christ are all the names of the same supreme Lord. They preach the people about vedic science (its a science) about what is all this life, exitance, suffering, universe, God all about. Its all experimented and proved by ancient Saints. Its higher than science which we cannot percieve through our senses. I wish Anillina clarifies what are his beliefs and write down point wise and say how his beliefs are different from that of Iskcon. I guess he is a Buddhist..

    • Anillina says:

      @ Kumar,
      Ya I am Buddhist,and I love my religion cuz it is the most scientific and most logically understandable religion.In the past several scientists and scholars like Albert Einstein,B.Russel,N.Bohr have shown its magnificence.
      Ya I am theist also and atheist too. Theist in the sense that I have accepted the occurrence of mystic phenomenon like re-incarnation,law of karmas, existence of heaven,hell . Atheist in the sense I have not encountered God till now,ya I read in books that all this giant universe is creation of god,but how can I be sure unless I have experienced it with my understanding,I cannot accept it blindly.As I am a Buddhist we purify our mind and find whether there is God within us.I want to present one story when Buddha himself answered about the occurence of God.

      “It was a sunny morning,as usual Buddha with his monks were making their steps to one village.On the way there was a tree and a man was sitting below it who believed that there is god,he was theist.

      As Buddha was surpassing him he curiously asked Buddha,”People told me that you have become Buddha ,you know the answer of everything.I want to ask one question.I am a theist and i want to be sure of my belief,Is There a God.”

      Buddha smiled at him and replied,”No,there is no god.”

      The man was perplexed and Buddha moved ahead with his monks silently,carefully with full awareness step by step.On the way there was a river and a man was about to cross the small brook.He was an atheist he never believed that there is God.Seeing Buddha coming toward him he was very excited to ask his question.

      He asked,”I know you are a buddha-the master of everything.I have heard that you dont believe in God,so I donot believe either,Is there something like God.”Buddha smiled swiftly and answered him.”Who told you that there is no God.There is God.I have seen him.”The man was put in Dillema.Buddha moved ahead with his monks and crossed the river.

      And again in the way there was a hut and a man was making hay to his cattle.He was neither a theist nor an atheist,but he wanted to be sure of his intellect.As Buddha approached him he asked,”My master,what a day I have today that you the great is making trip to my village,Oh the awakened man…Plz I want to be sure of my intellect,I donot either believe in God or no God,I donot want to waste my time accepting such things just I want to know everything as you.Am I right about my notion?”Seeing his intelligent face Buddha replied with a smile in his face,”Who told that I am master of everything,No I dont know anything as you,I am the most ignorant person.”

      Buddha gave three different answers to all of them making all of them puzzled.But the puzzlement of them was Okay but there was a rapid fire monk Anand,who became even more puzzled hearing three different answers.He quickly asked Buddha why he gave such different answers.Buddha turned him with ugly face made him to keep the mouth shut up and
      move ahead silently.The condition of Anand was not pleasant.
      And they had their rest of the day fine just preaching the mass of people.still Anand was caught in all sorts of doubts and puzzlements.

      At night,after sitting for night meditaion Buddha himself called Anand and answered his dissatisficaion,”Ya on the way I encountered three gentlemen who were so attached with their belief systems.I replied them in such manner just to make them out of their belief system and persuade their own search for the truth further.Truth is uncertain so if we became certain of anything rationally then we cannot make further study,one has to experience all the dualities by his own understandings,one cannot stop their search which will hinder to know them the subtle things within us.So I just made three different answers just to make them puzzled and make further study by themselves through different means to seek the truth.I cannot give them truth,they have to find themselves.”

      So Kumar,I donot believe in god till now cz I have not reached that far in my search.I have only reached to that point when I am pretty much sure that we donot die though our body die.And I think I have got only right to speak on the things which I have experienced with my own understandings only.

      Ya at the same time I read Bhagwat Gita and those Iskcon books where Krishna have spoken him as Paramatma,and all of us should make journey to him.But the Buddhist practices I do now,are more scientific than those you practice.Chanting only mantras,how can I be sure that I will get such giant achievements.So I kinda take your practices are only beneficial for concentration only,not for meditation.Meditation is very different and arduous than concentration.Now I have question for you why do you believe in God,now dont give me the answers written in books,tell me your experiences now and before.But I should say that my life has become a bliss following Buddhism.But still I am making self study to understand the truth.

  159. Kumar says:

    Faith is the first thing we should develop. I have seen Iskcon people following the instructions of Lord Krishna and being in bliss. I have asked lot of questions which everyone asks and have got the most perfect answers. I have seen some people who have seen God.
    Faith is the primary thing. If a child wants to know who is his father he has to simply agree with his mother when she says he is your father. He cannot go and do research say DNA fingerprinting, blood grouping and genetic studies of the whole town to find out who is his father. Our life span in a material body is too short compared to the eternal existance we have. If we try to make research we will only know a part of truth and our life ends and again we accept a new body and start our learning from abcd. So we have to accept the vedic teachings as true coz Vedas are composed by God Himself..
    Buddha ofcouse is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Krishna). There is a specific purpose why he came. There was lot of animal killing in the name of Vedas. So he denied the Vedas. But Vedas are base of everything. Whatever you experience through your Buddhism is alredy mentioned in the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita.

    • Anillina says:

      Yes Faith is the first thing we should develop but if we end in it,it becomes superstition.We should move ahead.We have right to doubt and think.We can put our logics,contemplate on the scriptures.In what way it make us feel better we need to all those things.Until we donot have self realization we got to do all the things we can.Perhaps you are not a science students thats why you can trust anything that are written in scriptures,but that is the way for illiterate people coz they have not gut to questioning than accepting.Buddha people doesnot talk about God which cannot be proved immediately,they talk about the actual thing of life.For example buddha says life is misery,Can you deny this???Thats why you have become an Iskcon follower coz you were internally poor before,right.And Buddha also shows the way by which you can get rid of your misery.They donot say follow me then you will be free from all your difficulties,they make you self dependent and only give you the way by which you can come upto your goal yourself.There is what hidden science.They make you inner scientist who finds out his goal studying the nature of his own mind himself.Actually mind is the problem of everything and getting rid of it is our ultimate destination.We call this state Nirvana(Shunyata),then no more birth to take.However you term achieving this no birth state as God.So God And Nirvana got to be same,right.

      You are talking about Vedas,that it is written by God.Is God a human like you???Did the people whom you said of having met God,say that God has got hands to write,limbs to move?Ok I trust god because I have met with them but I am not being able to dissolve the misery of life.Does that make sense?My situation becomes horrible when I am away from my beloved or when I am with my hatred,I am afraid of dying,diseases they make me poor internally.Encountering these rotten people of societies,I cannot tolerate.But I have immense faith on God.I chant mantras and get relief little bit.But my misery only gets cured when I verbalize mantra.Actually my misery hasnot lost from me.I am cheating myself repetiting matras day and night.I want to get rid of my problemly deep rooted into me,but those mantra(man-mind,tra-contollin)only helps to control my mind,not help to throw my problem.This is what concentration means.But as a scientist makes dissection of outer things we dissect our mind and make analytic study within ourselves and find out the causes of our misery ourselves,and get the solution.This is what science means,making self analytic study of things within with full awareness.And in the end we become able to solve all the problems getting insight knoeledge and can share our things to other being to persuade them.
      Do you know one thing,In Jain scriptures the place for the Krishna is done in their 7th hell,women addict person.Jain scriptures are not older that Vedas,so they got to carry meaning also.What you say???Confusions surround everywhere and we shouldn’t blindly believe in one thing,we should make our self study going through different scriptures and philosophies.This is my way to understanding things.Coz I cannot stay lazy trusting particular holy book.

  160. kumar says:

    tataḥ kalau sampravṛtte sammohāya sura-dviṣām ।
    buddho nāmnāñjana-sutaḥ kīkaṭeṣu bhaviṣyati ॥
    —srimad-bhagavatam 1.3.24
    Translation: Then, in the beginning of Kali-yuga, for the purpose of confusing the enemies of the devas, [he] will become the son of Anjana, Buddha by name, in the Kīkaṭas.[12]
    this is the refernce from srimad bhagavatam which states budha as an incarnation of krishna.

    • Anillina says:

      Buddha was son of Suddodhan not Anjana.And his name was not Buddha at all.His name was Siddhartha.When he lived ascetic life then his name changed to Gautama.And when he became fully enlightened then recognized to be Buddha.Buddha is the name of all the enlighted people not just Siddhartha.Mind you.Probably this srimad bhagavatam was written after the reign of Lord Chaitanya,400 years ago,matching the hierarchy of incarnations of Vishnu.And where is Kalki,the destructor of Kali Yuga?

  161. Kumar says:

    Anillina just read this article. You follow ascending process and the Hare Krishnas the descending process.

    • Anillina says:

      Dr.Frog is certainly applicable to western scientist like Hawking,and his follower like Bindu here.
      Ya I am ascending and you are descending.
      But whatever you follow,our main target is to be able to solve our miseries of life and avoid next birth as soon as possible.This is the teaching of all the religions.
      And whatever religion we are engaged,the core of all of them is to grow in love,compassion and good will to others.
      So lets say,
      Love is the only dharma.

  162. the sudhir says:

    This whole conversation is so ugly.

  163. the sudhir says:

    If you are an atheist no issues but don’t convert others to atheism.I think the only thing about the west in globalization(westernization) is that they want to convert you into atheist and really empty your head of any religious views and then eventually convert you into a Christian.Pure brainwashing.

    • Anillina says:

      I am against westernization and Christianity,and donot want to convert anyone to anything but want to persuade everyone to seek the truth within them.

      • Kumar says:

        The Vedas give you perfect and complete knowledge of how to seek the truth within you and what is beyond this material universe and what is the purpose of life.

  164. grgsazan says:

    just found this blog through mues…OMG there’re so many people involved here…some are just talking bullshit while some make really sense…by the way the comments here looks like post and the post itself has been overshadowed…Annilina really shines here…very logical is what i found the person…lol

  165. Anillina says:

    Thats why people call you shithead as you cant tell your experience rather than presenting books and its content to verify your beliefs,must have collected enormous spiritual informations in your head…

    • kumar says:

      I can only say that your method is cumbersome and it cannot reveal you complete knowledge. You may get only a partial knowledge of truth. But in the vedas everything is mentioned. By following it all the truth will be revealed and experienced in complete.

  166. Anillina says:

    You know ,Have you eaten momo?
    Is it delicious?
    Oh sorry!ISKCONS are vegetarians.Then how will you know its taste?????So if you have to tell other how it tastes then what will you do?????I know what will you do.
    You will buy a book about momo,then you will study how to make it,how to cook it and eat it,and finally you will study about its taste…or you will search someone who have eaten momo and ask him how it tastes…I know you will depend on other to know how it tastes whether it is yummy or hummy,whether it is appetizing or suffocating.And then when somebody ask you,you will either refer him the book in which its taste is given or you will tell the experiences tasted by other.You cant tell your experience coz you have never eaten it.

    But I have eaten it and I know how it tastes.Then Do I need to read that book to know its taste?Do I need to know the taste tasted by others?????
    I can simply tell that Momo I have eaten its really pleasant,scrumptious…..mouth watering……
    That may persuade other to know its taste.But there are people like you in this world who can bargain with me that I should necessarily go through that book to read its taste and know it!!!ha ha…

    Did you get me…Spirituality is for tasting and telling,not for reading and turning out to a shithead.

    • Kumar says:

      You are a shithead, asshole. You talk about spirituality and talk about eating meat which is contadictory. I dont think Buddha ever encouraged this. You dont seem to be following Buddhism either.. God knows what crap research you are doing with your shithead you moron..

      • Anillina says:

        @ bindu and shutup

        See the language of this guy…an example of totally wrong spiritual person…Thats why you people get chance to disrespect spirituality cz here are pple like in this world who doesnot have any sorts of spiritual characters but talks about spirituality…this and that…

        If character is fine then there is no need to leave meat…Why should kill the desire of self…I know kumar doesnot want to have sexual intercourse with anyone cz he is taught so…he is just condemning his desires…As far you are condemning you cannot really be spiritual…..Ya to start a spiritual life pple are suggested to leave all those things cz they give some support to grow in this path of purity little bit…bt that doesnot mean that by leaving those only you can uplift your journey…And this guy doesnot know that the former night Buddha had Mahaparinirvana he was eating pork meat offered by one of his villager.When his monks asked whether it is harmful for him then he answered,”No,whatever offered and eatable we got to eat them,if eaten with purity of heart then no any food will do harm on us,our main intension got to be being detached from the things we have done,so you are not condemned to eat meat”…And he had his Mahaparinirvana so peacefully other day.

        So I eat meat coz I dont feel to leave this to grow in this precious and valuable path of journey.Unlike Kumar who doesnot purify his character but is leaving meat killing his desire to taste,this is just worthless…see the words he used… ahhh he doesnot have any sorts of patience and tolerance…. Cz simply he has got misconception of spirituality…..

        Ya you pple are doing fine to give shocks to those sorts of false shitheads in their way of living….

  167. Kumar says:

    Im just a college student and follower of Hare Krishna. Im not any initated devotee yet. So my policy right now is to deal peace with peace and voilence with voilence. I tried to speak to you in polite words coz you were also following some spiritual practice. But you seem to believe that only your way works and repeatedly use the word shithead. There is no point in further talking politely. So i used such words.

    • Anillina says:

      Shitheads are those who collects lots of information in their head and donot convert them into practice…they are the people with lots of words but not of deeds…and you got to know that spirituality is completely experiencing science…In Bhagwat Gita also Krishna have given so many ways of spiritual practices such as karma yoga,gyan yoga,bhakti yoga etc..these are thngs to be implemented in daily life not to have any theoretical discussion….you are continuously referring books this and that…only shitheads will do that otherwise they will tell their experiences in their life… you are just a college student so you may not have had any chances to be engaged in this field but I am also a college student aged 20,but I have managed to keep myself continuously in the tune with the pure vibrant of spirituality.But even a superficial reader of spirituality will have good character…If someone throws anger in you,present him smile of compassion…you must have learnt those things..that hatred is never solution of hatred,only love can solve this….

      Spirituality without fine character is very dangerous to other and poisonous to the self also…So Kumar make yourself strong and dont give other chance to disrespect the religion you are engaged in…

  168. Kumar says:

    Whatever you are doing is fine. But follow these things..

  169. Kumar says:

    some problem in opening the above page. i ll type again

  170. Krishna's devotee says:

    kumar ,
    Hare Krishna,
    dont discuss anythig with this kind of people ,your simlpy waseting your time ,just prey to Lord Krishna that some day they will understand truth & chant Hare Krishna.

  171. looker says:

    if you take the time to read the words of thier swami he constantly contradicts himself. one time he says chanting har krishna is for all then next he says you should chant niti guranga mantra because you got smart enough to chant the mahamantra. he is was a senile old money grubbing fake. if you take the time to read about HK’s from their own books they tell you to do things that are so unlike the bangali chatani cult and established vishnava religion that anyone that take the time to read and listen to swami prabu frauda will figure out he is a con and ISH-CON. they are just a confused bunch of hope dopers. nothing wrong with genuine vishnavaism, heck their mahamantra is composed to chanting the names of shiva, rama and krishna. they refused to worship ganesh but make a slightly passing pray to him and lack the least bit of understanding of the vedic faith. shin buddhism is the most true and real version of what the hare krishnas claim to be. since buddha amidadeva and Avalokiteśvara and the same deities as hari-hara (shiva,rama, krishna) Shin is asian vishnavaism and it is easy proved. golaka is the western pureland. the teachings of the pureland is the same as the geeta. hinduism is confusion and shinran and shoin taught the truest form of what should be hare krishnaism/vishnaism. their deities all are just deity staues of vishnu. do not waste your time with the hare krishnaor hinduism for the most part. namo amida butsu.

    • Kumar says:

      looker is a idiotic moron who is fully biased in his knowledge of religion and he doesnt know the truth that Bhuddha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.. You are blaspheming a pure devotee of the Lord. Nothing much to say in this regard. Just face the consequences..

  172. Beverly Cobb says:

    Whether you hate the Hare Krishnas, love them, or are indifferent, if you happen to show up to their Sunday feast they will happily feed you and treat you with respect, because you are their guest….without expecting ANYTHING in return. I should know, I am NOT a Hare Krishna, but I have been to these Sunday feasts. So hate them if you want, they will not oblige with the same ill-will, but instead with kindness.

  173. Hiraku says:

    That sounds like my oldest son’s ranting and raving. Ive studied with the hare krishnas before and those were the happiest days of my life. When my son found out, he was horrified. The Hare krishnas have very good intentions and the only faith that was able to explain every one of their views in a logical manner. Unfortunately, I’m not a vegitarian so I have to seek another path. They are not hippies or kooks.

  174. Kin_tu says:

    Try it for at least ten times to get a good result;->

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Ram Hare Ram
    Ram Ram Hare Hare

    i’m trying to find mental satisfaction & peace, if i got so, what i’ll do by checking their earnings?

  175. Kin_tu says:

    Try it for at least ten times to get a good result;->


    i’m trying to find mental satisfaction & peace, if i got so, what i’ll do by checking their earnings?

  176. Forest says:

    I’m not a Hare Krishna. In fact, I have several disagreements with that belief. However, we should be focusing more on the truly dangerous true believers who really harm humankind, such as the Islamists of Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Buddhists, Christians and Hindus are oppressed and killed regularly.

  177. vanessa says:

    i’m not hare krishna but you really need to get off your high horse mate. get your facts straight before you go harping on about shit you don’t understand. you made yourself out to look like a real ignorant wanker here. please, kill yourself.

  178. prakashj03 says:

    I read yesterday how the guru prabhupada singled out scientists as mudhas and (apart from a comment that all mudhas should be killed) the idea that all scientific research is flawed because (I quote):

    ”Because scientists try to understand things by exercising their imperfect senses, their conclusions are always imperfect. ”


    ”we all are born with four defects, we have cheating propensity, we commit mistakes , we have imperfect senses and we are subject to illusion. ”

    I think the reason why prabhupada thought he had the truth is because he accepted the vedas, gita and bhagavatam as truth. What these books says is the truth. The reasons they give to explain are very childish to explain the limitations of biology and also when their version of how the universe is. I also read that prabhupada was a supporter of the caste system and his comments on race.

    I also find it interesting that using this model of the ”four defects” they end up questioning the validity of any argument, counter argument and criticism to their krishna. To validate their krishna, they use the lineage, that the knowledge has been passed down from krishna thousands of years ago and that prabhupada is the representative as we know as what he says is as valid as krishna saying it.

    Therefore anything they say is true and cannot be challenged or questioned because a) krishna said it, and b) prabhupada said it.

    Considering the mass of gurus, messiahs, yogis and avatars that have popped up such as satya sai baba, rev sun myung moon, mata nirmala devi, Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī, sri sri ravi shankar et al, the common thing amongst all of them is that they are a representative of their god, they are perfect (or their family are perfect), they had some sort of revelation, money, luxury and that NO ONE QUESTIONS THEIR AUTHORITY or be dealt with in one way or another.

    I view prabhupada as another one of these ^ . With the deaths of satya sai baba (2011) and rev sun myung moon (2012), the sh*t has hit the fan and more of what goes on is being revealed.

    The circular reasoning of the four defects, binds them to the krishna mentality. If it is not krishna then it is not worth listening to. This is very similar to all other cults for example, the watchtower cult of jehovah witnesses, anything that is not published by them is not read by the jehovah witnesses. I will not go on about the abuses of the watchtower cult but you can find out for yourself.

    The problem with that is when I read how krishna will become an avatar to protect his devotees, yet the scandals happening in hare krishna ashrams, what are they about? Never mind the biblical jehovah and koranic allah, who if someone actually read it, are jealous and demand the killing of non believers, not cherry picking or trying to link to krishna what sounds good, as the believers of the bible and koran, consider their book as only valid scripture.

    The next thing I will mention would be the whole issue of the moon and how life can only come from life. The progression of science and technology means more research and more advances and I think if prabhupada was preaching in 1990’s to 2012, he wouldn’t be able to stand a chance.
    He will repeat the whole ‘create a life in a lab’ thing, show evidence of the moon that doesn’t involve lasers and mirrors, because that was the meme of conspiracy theorists . He will assert his vedic scripture as truth no matter who debunks him and the vedas. His only explaination of the validity is ‘the source’, which is krishna to him, disciple based lineage. prabhupada and other (hindu) gurus that are on youtube will talk about atheistic scientific demons being proud like hiranykashipu and ravana going to different planets, anti evolution, yoga curing all diseases, conspiracies and other B.S because it is not in their scriptures and they think what their scriptures say is the absolute truth.

  179. MrsBoss says:

    fuck you man. fuck you.
    i read the shit you been posting around. it aint cute. It’s fucked up like your mom’s crack full of weed.
    you mst be a real sicko moron piece of useless dog crap to write this article in the first place. fuck you.

  180. Mr Prakashj03,
    The vedic knowledge is not simply a belief. It is time tested and found to be true even by the great scientists. The vedic knowledge is nothing but science. The theorey of “4 defects’ of humans is very much true and we can practically feel in our life. We being envious of the position of Krishna and overpowered by lust through senses, we become ignorant of our constitutional position as part and parcel of Krishna (God), and forget our loving relationship with Him. This is the root cause of all our miseries in life.. Many a imes we wonder why im suffering? why this happened to me? why me? why only me? what have i done? Everyone at one or other time in their life or different lifetimes will encounter this question.. We think this has no answer. The sceintists have no answer. They may explain you the immediate cause. For eg if a person gets lung cancer, if he is a non smoker, he may wonder, why this happened to me? im not a smoker.. there are so many smokers who are healthy inspite of smoking for years. but why this happened to me? the scientists and doctors will give an explaination like this kind of rare cancers will happen one in ten thousands, adenocarcinoma of lung, by mutation of c-kit, ras genes blah blah.. But even if its one in ten thousand why it should be me? why not some other? he may wonder..

    The vedic knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatham gives explaination right from the begining how the universe is created? what are the layers of universe? who are we? are we just this material bodies or something else? who is GOD? what is our relationship with Him? where is GOD? if God is there why is He not visible? Where were we before this birth? what happens to us after death? why are we suffering? is there any way out of it? what is the process? etc.. everything is clearly explained. We should start enquiring. We have got human life now.. Athatho Brahma Jijnasa.. start enuiring…

  181. harekrishna death culture says:

    It’s from The Book of Wisdom or The Wisdom of Solomon from the Bible
    1:12 Seek not death in the error of your life: and pull not upon yourselves destruction with the works of your hands.
    1:13 For God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.
    1:14 For he created all things, that they might have their being: and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth:
    1:15 (For righteousness is immortal:)
    2:23 For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity.
    2:24 Nevertheless through envy of the devil came death into the world: and they that do hold of his side do find it.
    and look at krishna’s words….
    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 10.29
    Of the many-hooded Nāgas I am Ananta, and among the aquatics I am the demigod Varuṇa. Of departed ancestors I am Aryamā, and among the dispensers of law I am Yama, the lord of death.
    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 10.34
    I am all-devouring death, and I am the generating principle of all that is yet to be. Among women I am fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and patience.
    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 11.32: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pāṇḍavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.
    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 10.36
    I am also the gambling of cheats, and of the splendid I am the splendor. I am victory, I am adventure, and I am the strength of the strong.
    There are many kinds of cheaters all over the universe. Of all cheating processes, gambling stands supreme and therefore represents Kṛṣṇa. As the Supreme, Kṛṣṇa can be more deceitful than any mere man. If Kṛṣṇa chooses to deceive a person, no one can surpass Him in His deceit. His greatness is not simply one-sided — it is all-sided.
    BIBLE JOHN 8:44
    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  182. jei says:

    hey all.i wanted to say something myself as well.

  183. jei says:

    didn’t get the chance properly yet,pressed return when I shouldn’t have.Anyway heres where im at about hare krsna after 15 years hardcore following, if I do say so myself,honestly .God is actually God/Devil.All the evil in existence has its source in God/Devil as well as of course all the much as you say our karma is the cause I can say the one who says sva karma phala bhuk or in other words the one who gives us our karma phala(fruit of our actions) is at least also the cause of our one can force the unlimitedly powerful to allow his dependents into the material world,neither can anyone inspire another to eat pig stool in the miserable worlds instead of maha Prasad(well nice food) in vaikuntha.Impossible,clearly plainly ans simply,no one gives up maha Prasad for stool.So according to krsna philosophy while we exist in this material world,lifes a ‘bitch’ cause of krsna and then he kills you in the end an’all.So just SOMEHOW OR OTHER try to find some PEACE in your life and remember that YOU were in the center of YOUR happiness and distress concerning the happiness and distress of OTHERS,respectively.stay the same and help others when it doesn’t mess you up at all because again,from a different angle of vision,remove yourself completely from the equation of your compassion and see if any compassion for others remains in you.’Chant hare krsna and be happy’,yeh right,only if this God (who isn’t visible,nor is he visibly the emperor of the world, nicely advancing all the citizens’back’ to Godhead)decides to let the chant get you the same results as regular exercise and a regulated diet.Nice God or CRUEL DEVIL,if he even exists,was down to what tckled his fancy at any given moment,simply his whims.SOMEHOW OR OTHER, EVERYONE GET SOME SATISFACTION OUT OF YOUR LIFE,WHILE YOU STILL CAN.PEACE,BLISS AND LOVE FROM JEI.

  184. jei says:

    so now some of you bhaktas will be crying because I so clearly dismantled the illusion that Krsna has nothing to do with our suffering.if it makes you feel any better ,I believe I can explain a good reason which will wash to some degree with everyone.Watch a bruce lee movie,and tell me honestly whether you didn’t appreciate his spirit and his expertise in the martial arts.God knows everything so he knows just how much pleasure is involved in being a very expert martial artist and whiplashing ‘the bad’ with his nunchux.As a living entity and not just God how long can he go on tolerating not getting to act like bruce,not forever is the that’s why we see God the Devil and not just God the greatest nice person.jei!

  185. jei says:

    another comment,a book entitled Ananda vrndavana campu by srila kavi karnapur,a hare krsna book you will be able to find through an iskcon temple.Is a POETIC MASTERPIECE,even I am saying and krsnas been beating me for my whole life.i say it is a must read for the whole of living kind.all that maybe required is for us to give up our grudge against bruce lee krsna(see above) at least while we are reading it so we can fully relish it,however it is STILL SO pleasing to read ,even with the grudge.please everyone who is healthy enough to read ,even for a couple of minutes ,get this will drown you in an ocean of peace bliss and love.religious or not youll love this book.peace bliss and love from the bruce lee stuff as found above will wash at least somewhat with even the most stubbornly grudging atheists who can appreciate,world heavy weight boxing matches,the ufc and my favourite bruce lee.if not go eazy on them ,one too many licks from the KRSNA fists and anyone and everyone loses the religious plot.obviously.thats it from me for the time being.

  186. Oscar says:

    If Krishna is the devil, then Christ must be to, because the word Christ comes from the Word Krishna, the all attractive. God is all attractive. I rather belief in Krishna who is incredibly beautiful, a festival for the eyes as God, then a horned hoofed goat faced aberration, clearly invented to strike fear into gullible people by the early church to extract money for letting people of their sins. A business with other words and that has nothing to do with religion. As a result we have millions of fearful people who are afraid of the devil, who is just an imagination an illusion. The Supreme Lord in competition with a goat face hahaha, people are cracking up. To believe in such a horned creature as being incredibly powerful, means they have no faith in God. The devil is the evil person the cheater ,the liar, the murderer, such people who represent evil, but there is no such entity like a powerful devil with horns hooves and a goat face. Only people who believe anything can believe that nonsense.

  187. goint says:

    Jei god alone knows wstbu want to say.. All I want to say is if u love god u r in right track.. Otherwise time will devour u..

  188. sandip sen says:

    hare krishna hare krishna vagaban mere pitha hai radha mata mere apna maa hai aur mey unka santan hu hey bhaiyo hare krirshna om tat sat om

  189. sandip sen says:

    hey bhaiyo pitha mere saathai mere passhai mey anuvov karsakta hu

  190. Kumar says:

    Mrtyuh sarva-haras caham [Bg. 10.34]. Those who are not believing in God, to them God will come one day as death, “Now believe Me. Get out!” Finished. All your pride finished. Your pride, your property, your family, your bank balance, your skyscraper building — all taken away. “Finished. Get out.” This is God. Now understand God? To believe or not believe, God will come one day. He will take you, take your everything, and “Get out!” That is God. You believe or not believe. It doesn’t matter. The same example, the tenant may not believe the landlord, but when the landlord will come with court’s order, “Get out,” then you have to go out. That’s all. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita, that “Those who are not believer in God, to them I come as death and take away everything, finished.” That one has to believe, “Yes, as sure as death.” Then God is sure. You may challenge so long you have got little life for a few years, (laughter) but God will come and drive you away from your present pride, prestigious position, “Get out.” So unless one is madman, he cannot say, “There is no God.” Anyone who denies the existence of God, he is a madman.
    – Source: SPL- June25, 1975

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