Snake Burns Down Houses

Even though this is a really tragic incident, I could not stop rolling over the floor and laugh my freaking guts out.

Three Houses Gutted

Dhangadhi, May 9: Three houses were gutted when fire spread from “a cloth burnt to divert” snakes at Gaidakheda in Ward No 4 of Ramshikharjhala VDC of Kailali yesterday. It is believed that the smoke of a cloth diverts snakes.

The fire destroyed the houses and goods inside them of Harka Budha, Khagendra Budha and Prem Budha. Police estimated the damage to be at around Rs 700,000. Police and locals doused the fire later.

Source: Rastriya Samachar Samiti

But of course, those poor people – they could have just pelted the damn snake.


2 Responses to Snake Burns Down Houses

  1. Thank you for letting me know about this post. That is too bad that those people lost everything. It made me sad. But like you it is funny that they burned cloth to get rid of the snake and instead got rid of the houses. Oh dear. 🙂

    I also wondered if the smoke really works. Do you know? I know when I lived in Australia they burned the sugar cane before harvesting it to drive out all the rats, which can carry the plague. the burning also drove out the snakes. But I always thought it was the heat from the fire. But it sounds like you are saying that it is the smoke. Now you’ve made me very curious and I am going to have to learn more about the relationship between smoke and snakes. I know it subdues bees. Are the snakes poinsonous where you are?

    Thank you again. I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. ShutUp says:

    Well, my mother used to burn lots of incense whenever we had snakes into our house. She really believed if you respect the snakes (doing puja the Hindu way), the snake will eventually leave the house. And, surprisingly, many a times, snakes did leave the house.

    Those incidents were like 15 years ago where there were not much houses and people in the area. Now, with the jungle of concrete, we rarely see snakes these days. We might be lucky to spot a few ones in the summer and rainy seasons.

    The place we live in (Kathmandu Valley), there are not much poisonous snakes but down into the Terai plane where it’s hotter, there are some really poisonous species of snakes like Cobra. Many people lose their lives down there because of snake bites.

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