Nepali Democracy in Pictures: Fotobook

It’s really really really worth a gander.

Himalmedia is offering FREE downloads of 104-page Photobook that’s been described as “presenting Nepali democracy in pictures”.

Please feel free to share/forward this message to others in your networks who care about Nepal, democracy and photography . . . preferably in that order!

Download Link
(15.4 mb size)

While you are at it, here are some really interesting pics from the photobook:

1. Queen making/serving tea (or coffee whatever) to the “royal” guests. Can anyone imagine that?

King Gyanendra, Queek Komal, Prince Parash

2. Prashant Tamaga – hero of Nepali world re.. fuck that. I didn’t expect it in Himal, riding the wave of popularity for the sake of it. What’s it got to do with “Nepal, democracy and photography” ? It’s insulting for those Nepali people who didn’t vote, didn’t watch and who didn’t care.

3. Dismantling Prithivi Narayan Shah

Dismantling Prithivi Narayan Shah

4. Wire Bridge – Tuiin

Crossing by a wire


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