Royal Koirala Dynasty

Not only it is the Shah dynasty that is facing the deserving fate of extinction, it seems like the Koirala dynasty too is heading towards the same direction.

The recent display of incredible greed for power is nothing but an impending omen of disgraceful exit from Nepali politics.

The party is still reeling badly from the defeat in the Constituent Assembly elections. However, it’s time to get over it – accept the people’s verdict and LEAVE the government for good. But, instead of looking forward, these days the party is busy in central committee meetings discussing on how the hell Nepali Congress lost the elections with such a freaking landslide. And the central committee leaders are saying Nepali Congress should still head the next coalition government.

What nonsense!

On top of that, president of the party Koirala Giriaj rejected the resignation of Koirala Sushil from the party’s post of acting president. Koirala Sujata (who also lost in the elections) should have resigned from her post of Minister without Portfolio, but she hasn’t done it yet. But it’s pretty evident, Koirala Girija “neo dictator” would not have accepted her resignation either.

Koirala Girija must be in an awkard state of quandary – which Koirala is going to lead Nepali Congress? His brother Koirala Sushil or his daughter Koirala Sujata, or his nephew Koirala Sekhar or his relative Koirala Ashok? All voted out, all rejected by the people.

Nepali Congress is hopeless now. Koirala Shasank (son of BP Koirala and now an elected member of the Constituent Assembly) alone can not lead the party which his father had co-founded. It’s too late. Nepali Congress has almost plunged into the stinking gorge full of Koirala filth.

With a hopeless hope, I hope that Gagan Thapa gets nominated in the Proportional Representation system – but if the party decides to leave him out – Nepali Congress is doomed.

It’s time the Koiralas quit the party – before Supremo Koirala breathes his last –  selflessly and with respect intact, handing it over to the younger generations of the leaders. The country could then breathe a sigh a relief instead.


8 Responses to Royal Koirala Dynasty

  1. aAkaR says:

    that’s Why it is NC.

  2. absek says:

    Its the time for Gagan Thapa.

  3. ShutUp says:

    Gagan Thapa has been nominated as the member of Constituent Assembly from the Proportional Representation category.

  4. Love says:

    Yeah Its time for Gagan thapa.

    He can give u lectures on any problem for hours. In talking ideology he is perfect. That’s how he is a leader. Articulation and hollow ideology are two things that are keeping him in politics. Or else he would have been dumped to dustbin by now.

    The real character of people as articulate as Gagan, as elusive as him, as corrupt and ideal (at the same time, though nobody sees his corruption ) as him can be judged only when they reach power from where they cannot hide their character by loud speeches and hollow ideals. Don’t you agree? He would not have been a leader if he had not possessed these ‘talents’ to make everybody fool.
    The money he gobbled up while he was a student union president at Tri-Chandra college, the money he gets in kickbacks from businessmen, the mafia style of his politics. teh money he gets from diplomatic missio0ns for being their agent are only some aspects of his real character, though no media has explored these issues so far. Why would they do it? After all he knows how to silence them — talk loudly, talk ideals, and ocassionally stage drama like donating wedding party costs to a hospital. A perfect leader!!!!!!!!!

    And there is a whole lot of hypocrites and media to make him hero. Why would he not do it?

  5. ShutUp says:

    Well, then, that’s the test – both for Gagan Thapa and for the Nepali youth who are apparently motivated by him.

    In a Constituent Assembly where “most-wanted criminal” personality like Babbal Singh gets to represent, where the same old asshole corrupt politicians get to slap on the tables, where the two-face Indian pimps can raise chaos in Hindi – I think, I will let Gagan Thapa have the benefit of doubt and hope for improvements.

    Tarnished, in the views of some people like you – but for others, Gagan Thapa is a flicker of hope – one which could die out easily or raise a massive inferno. I think, I will hope for better.

  6. ushutup says:

    Yes a CIA agent giving ideal lectures. A flicker of hope. When did i denied that? All of we Nepalis know only to hope. We don’t do anything and hope for magics to happen. We dream and only dream, but never make the dream come true. So what bin laden has also been raising inferno across the world? I say its exploitation of expectations, dreams and hope. Rest is up to you to analyse.

  7. ShutUp says:

    Gagan Thapa, a CIA agent. Wow! It’s amazing.

  8. sudip says:

    ushutup, your thought is like of pussy

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