Stripped, Ripped and Burnt – II

May 30, 2008

Well, not exactly – the Shah-dynasty flag was not stripped ripped or burnt. Nevertheless, the flag was indeed pulled down – quietly and swiftly. The Nepali national flag, now, proudly flutters instead, as the new wave of Democratic Republic of Nepal gently blows all over the Narayanhiti Palace.

15 days is what he has. There’s no time for repent, there’s no time for reminiscence, “I should have done this – I should have done that”. No, there’s no time for atonement and there’s no time for ablution. “Ex-King” Gyanendra Shah should be starting to pack up and vacate the palace right about now. He should be happy that there’s no bloodshed or exile.

And then a public statement would be nice too –

“Hamra Sarkaar Le, yesh Narayanhiti Durbar Chodney Nirnaya Gari Bak’seka Chau”
(sic, hehe)

People want the Narayanhiti Palace be turned into a national museum, wouldn’t that be nice? It would be quite thrilling to take a “tour de Palais“.

The tour – through the chambers reeking corruption, conspiracy, slavery, atrocities; through the shady rooms where royal ghosts remain trapped, their voices subdued; through the blood stained corridors; through the lavish halls that are testimony of opulence, glorious greed and majestic indulgence of monarchs.

Yes, the tour would be thrilling.


Nepalnews: Finally, national flag flies at Narayanhiti


Nepali Tyam, Gazzab Cha!

May 27, 2008

Even though the parliament secretariat’s statement said that the “oath-swearing in” ceremony for the members of the Constituent Assembly will begin at 1.00 PM at Birendra International Convention Center, New Baneshwor today, it’s already 2.30 PM and half of the hall is still empty.

Sadhai Nepali Tyam.

There’s one saying – “Casting nai jhuur bhaye pachi, filim ke ramro hola ra?”

Sadhai Nepali Tyam.

If this is the prelude to the historic Constituent Assembly, imagine the real picture for the coming two years. It would be a celestial miracle if these CA members could finish drafting the new constitution for Nepal in 24 months.

Strip, Rip and Burn – I

May 26, 2008

Royal Flag

Mocking the very consciousness of Republican, the royal monarchist flag is fluttering in Narayanhiti palace. That blood-smeared flag is a symbol of atrocities and oppression. That is a symbol of dynasty-ism, caste-ism, discrimination, division, darkness and superstition. That is a symbol of suppression, slavery, slaughter and plunder.

Hence, on May 28, when the republic is declared from the International Convention Center, that flag should be stripped down, ripped apart and burnt.

The question remains – will the true steps to institutionalize the ubiquitous feeling of republican begin on May 28?

By: Khagendra Sangraula
(Translated from the NayaPatrika – Monday May 26,2008.)

Sadness befalls Living Goddess

May 25, 2008


Kumari of Patan “displayed” during this year’s Nariwell Jatra of Rato Machindra Nath.

People were religiously touching her feet, bowing to her.. while she, the Living Goddess, remained lifeless.. sad.. and silent.

How can such glance, which is believed to bring good luck, confer anything but sadness?

She was made Goddess when she was 5. Now, almost 13 years old, she is awaiting her first menstruation – in other words, to be “sacked” from the divine designation as she becomes impure and sinned. Soon she will just be a former-goddess, soon she will have to start all over her normal life – soon she will be ostracized.

Her childhood, now all but a cruel memory intricate with seclusion and silence, sacrificed in the name of tradition. While other children played, cried, went to school and ran on the streets – she, the chosen one, sat inside her temple being trained not to speak, not to smile and not to cry.

All for the glory of “Shakya” family, all for the glory of Hinduism!

She never asked for this.

Baker Museum: He Slept on Pillow of Leopard Skin

May 24, 2008

Police recover huge cache of illegal artifacts hoarded by American explorer

Nepal Police on Friday said it confiscated vast range of illegally possessed ancient idols, artifacts and woodcrafts of archaeological importance including skins and bones of endangered wildlife from the rented apartments of an American national and famous explorer Ian Baker in the capital city.

Interestingly Ian Baker, 41, who has been reportedly staying in the country since many years, is a world-renowned explorer, novelist and a contributor for the National Geographic and several other magazines.

Details –

More on Ian Baker

According to a press released by Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu on May 23, 2008 – the police have confiscated over 100 different items of such rare artifacts, hides and bones from two of the houses Baker rented in Naxal and Baluwataar.

Here are some pictures of “Ian Baker Museum”, taken by Dipesh Shrestha.

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Ian Baker Museum

Stink Tsunami on Himal SouthAsian

May 24, 2008


This stinking article gets gloriously featured on May issue of the

HIMAL SOUTHASIAN’s Voices Section.

Jai Stink, Jai Glory

🙂 🙂 🙂

Never Ending Atrocities

May 22, 2008

May 21, 2008. Kathmandu.

It’s a Kathmandu valley bandh today. People are shouting “Prachanda chor – desh chod”, “Laash dey ki ta Saash dey”, “Maobadi murdabad”, “Hatyaara lai faashi dey” and so on.

The reason: A Koteshwor (Kathmandu) based businessman and social worker named Ramhari Shrestha was first abducted by Maoists’ People’s Liberation Army commanders, was taken to PLA camp in Chitawan and brutally beaten to death, then his dead body was thrown into the river. A different version of the story surfaced that Shrestha had already passed away in Birtamod hospital, two days earlier the PLA notified of his death.
(For details)

Raman Shrestha, Ramhari Shrestha

[Pic 1: Raman, son of Ramhari Shrestha speaking in Ratnapark -“If one can get away with the murder of my father with 10 lakh rupees, I want to kill the killer of my father and give 10 lakh instead.”]

Family of Ramhari Shrestha

[Pic 2: From left, elder sister, mother, daughter and wife of Ramhari Shrestha – at Reporters Club]

In protest of the murder and demanding the formation of a high level commission to probe into the incident and bring the guilty ones to the doors of justice, family members, relatives of Ramhari Shrestha along with the locals of Koteshwor called a valley bandh today.

And people of the Kathmandu, it seems, supported the cause. Normal activities were significantly cut down, business and shops remained closed and transportation was almost completely halted in the capital.

May the justice prevail and may the reign of impunity be shattered. Even though, time and again, this sort of excessively optimism has only brought equally excessive disappointment; may the guilty ones get swiftly and justly punished – because NO sort of financial compensation to the Shrestha family would justify this heinous crime.


In the mean time, however, burning tyres in the streets is NOT a solution!

A common scene during demonstration: foul black clouds of suffocating smoke – erupting out from the burning rubber tyres in the middle of the roads. The stench of carbon mono oxide makes it harder to breathe for several days to come; the black dust of burnt rubber troubles any one walking or driving through the road.

This must stop!

And, vandalism of public/private properties is NOT a solution, either.

How many times had we not witnessed a “peaceful” demonstration turning into an ugly episode of devilish destructions?

Vandalism and gunda-gardi/dada-giri by sneaky opportunists, spineless revenge-seeking cowards and a bunch of lunatic demolition mob – ecstatic in senseless destruction!

This must stop.

Burning Tyre

[Pic 3: The tyres emitting hazardous smoke at New Baneswhor]

Dada giri

[Pic 4: Dada-giri]

Black Soot

Black Soot

[Pic 5,6: Street of Koteshwor later in the evening, covered with the remains of burnt tyres.]

[Pics 1, 2, 3 and 4 – by Dipesh Shrestha. Pic 5, 6 – by Shut Up]