Seto Sari – Rato Gadi

Khagendra Sangraula
(File photo: Khagendra Sangraula)

Date: April 28
Location: Garden of Dreams
Occassion: A friend’s wedding reception party

“Ma jasto 50 kg ko fistey bahun le kaha dhaalna sakcha ra Bidhya Bhandari lai? Malai kina yesto na chahiney dosh lagako hola?” (How can a mere 50 kg, thin and feeble Bahun like me topple Bidhya Bhandari?)

Said Khagendra Sangraula, with a smirk – may be even deriding the negativism lashed on to him lately in media because of his rather infamous article(1) on Bidya Bhandari, the widow of late Madan Bhandari (CPN UML leader).

Bidyadevi Bhandari

(Bidyadevi Bhandari during her door to door election campaign in Kathmandu)

I have become his fan lately though, and getting to spend some 5 minutes with him at this party was an exhilarating experience.

“I can’t ever forget your line – seto sari, rato gadi – that was an awesome article,” I told him. His jeering smirk continued as we both sipped whiskey together.

“What ever happened to Bidhya Bhandari was inevitable, my article had nothing to do with her defeat in the CA elections”, Sangraula tried to convince me. I wanted to believe him but his sparkling eyes through his thick specs gave it away. Those mocking eyes.

“Bhai sanga salai cha?” Nope, I said I don’t smoke. Then the small frail figure of Khagendra Sangraula idled away – the wedding party continued… sarangi, flute, whiskey and a cool ambiance.


(1) The Article on eKantipur

In the article, Khagendra Sangraula basically writes about how CPN UML party used a naive Bidhya Bhandari, widow of their influential leader Madhan Bhandari, as a stepping stone for the party. And how the “white sari” wearing woman transformed into a stoic politician cruising on a “red Prado”. Many were pissed off with Sangraula’s use of cruel satire, deemed as targeting the character of an innocent woman but I loved it.


11 Responses to Seto Sari – Rato Gadi

  1. ametya says:

    ha………you liked that article.. rato sari and seto gadi ??? By reading that articel i started to hate him…..Kati samma tal jharna sakeko…khagendra ji…… यस्ता लेखको म शिर्षक नै भेटदिन bhani article lekhna pani vyaye maile ta…….

  2. ShutUp says:

    Do you hate Sangraula for his writing style OR for the truth he dared to speak out?

    Truth is always bitter my friend.

    Who cares about Bidya Bhandari’s personal woe – every one is suffering from their personal problems – and why should she get the benefit of doubt just because she is a woman. Why sympathize her !

    Fact is fact – she never did nothing even after she came to the power, she just illuminated on her dead husband’s radiance. Women praised her because she was a widow – not because she was a charismatic leader.

    Yes, Sangraula could have spewed his attack unto any other politician but what gives Bidya Bhandari any privilege that she can stay out of any public criticism?

  3. in writting one must be neutral..n he hasn’t obeyed i started to hate n also because of his too low standard words toward anyone….”Ma Fagat Ganatantric” vanne manche le “Ma Fagat Maowadi” kina vanna sakdaina ??? ani feri chunav ko mukh ma nai uhalai truthness okalna audo rahecha ?? aru bela chai kaha gaye ni unaka satya bolne kalam ??

    ekchoti vetna paye ma prasna garne thiye ti pilandhare bahun lai ………ani umesh ji i think you love straightness …do u think sangraula has done that ????

  4. ShutUp says:

    Your understanding has a basic flaw – there is a landmark difference between an OPINION COLUMN and a NEWS REPORTING.

    Khagendra Sangraula is NOT A NEWS REPORTER so he does not have to abide by the conventions of Journalism – to be impartial, to be neutral and to report the fact without adding “adjectives” and “literary expressions”.

    He is writing on an OPINION column – which means, he can write HIS OPINION. He does not have to be neutral, he does not have to be fair at all.

    “Bela Ko Boli” is Sangraula’s personal BLOG where he can use hyperbola, exaggerated expressions, metaphors, symbols, etc and take sides, criticize, rant, spank, backlash, reprimand and spit!

    There might be hundred of reasons why people (and you) have started hating Sangraula and one of them reasons is certainly this – while his personal opinion is being printed out in the National daily with a grand , your’s is not.

    And lastly, dear Ametya – if you have started hating Sangraula, you are not being NEUTRAL to Sangraula, are you?

    Opinions are different, everyone has got opinions. So that leaves a question – CAN YOU BE NEUTRAL when you express your OPINIONS?

  5. ametya says:

    Opinion ???? I don’t think he is expressing his opinion like other in the BICHAR BIBID page. He is just doing a great CAPLUSI to Maoist. HE is a AWASARWADI. I think you haven’t read him clearlly . In his each writting he downs other party and praise Maoist principle and activities….What wiill you say in this ???


    Ya i have basic flaw but not in that low manner that i couldn’t find what is Sangraula……..HE is totally AWASARWADI and DISGUSTING. I will never read his book unless n until he start to write in equal manner… all political parties……..I will eagerly waiting that article where he do criticise maoist fully………..then only i think i wll be his reader………

  6. ShutUp says:

    See, you are expressing your “opinion” which is full of your negative slamming to Sangraula.

    In other words, you are behaving just like he does (according to your own definitions).

    And, Ametya, I am not saying you have basic flaw – I was saying that your understanding of “news vs opinion column” has.

    You have rights to hate Sangraula.

    However, please don’t be confused about the issue here.

  7. ametya says:

    nice discussion over here……i m doing fun with it…….umesh ji, thnks for this…….

    Umesh ji, i m doing comment here so i have nt only 100 but 1000 % right to slap or give slam to him But in while artilcle i shouldn’t do that. If you read my “Yasta LEkha ko ma sirshak nai bhetdina” again then you ll find that even after i do hate sangraulla i have made a true judgement to him in writting. I haven’t used any kind of rubbish words against him while writting. I was expecting the same from him while writting abt BIDHYA BHANDARI and unfortunately he failed.

    AND i am expecting the same from your side too….means don’t use too low words that one may find too hurty while reading..since you write in straight manner.

    In commenting one can give his opinion fully unless n until it is related with article. If you also have some comment then you can give to ametya unless n until it is related with ametya nt with amit…..dont’ take it in -ve way , just an example only…..

  8. ShutUp says:

    How do you define “TRUE JUDGEMENT” who are you to JUDGE?

    Why should readers EXPECT how/which manner a writer writes?

    Your understanding SUCKS !

  9. ametya says:

    Why a writer writes ???? He writes for reader and if the writer can not feel what a reader do feel, then he doesn’t have any right to write…

    I am a reader ……and i have full right to judge a writer… Forward this message to Khagendra Sangarulla…………..

  10. pranjal says:

    JUDGING and MAKING AN OPINION are two different things my friend. aru ta ke vanu.

    By the way, what do you mean by ‘if the writer can not feel what a reader do feel’? there are 27000000 people in Nepal. Need I say more?

    anyway, I like Sangraula. I dont agree with his opinions all the time but most of the time, I do think he is correct.
    One thing that surprises me is the fact that Kantipur publishes his articles. achamma hai haha Kantipur Editor le pani man nalaagi nalaagi chapchha hola unko articles…hehehe.

  11. ShutUp says:

    Seems like YOU are the only one reader of K.S. and YOU are the only one who can “truly” judge K.S.

    A writer does not write for the readers – a writer writes for oneself (except if it’s the news) and some readers like it and some readers do not. That’s the ultimate truth. You can go on judging anyone, be it K.S. or who ever, but be assured dude, they won’t write for you.

    This conversation is getting really boring.

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