‘Free Tibet’ flags made in China

Kya ramailo!

Free Tibet Flags made in China


2 Responses to ‘Free Tibet’ flags made in China

  1. Travis says:

    China = world’s 3rd world country shithole with the worst human right status. Simply the worst place to live on the earth with their pathetic and poor lifestyle.

    China deserves 2nd 3rd 4th rape of NanQuing more womens need to be raped, tortured, and killed in order to systematically decrease their population below 10 Million. Nuking could be a good option to get rid of them. also these Chinks lurking in the United States aka Chinatown need to be bombed, send all these Chinese slaves back to their motherland.

    Free Tibet.

    China deserves more rape of nanquing and human experiments on them, since they got so many pathetic people counts anyway.

    Fuck China.

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