Our Pundit Bajey Rocks

Father’s death anniversary – “Sha-raa-d’dey” ceremony in Nepali:

Being the eldest son, I had been doing it for years. We have had 3 different “Guru ji” (Hindu Priest) till now. The first one, he used to take around 4 and half hours to finish the whole proceedings and rituals, puja reading aloud the Garud-Puran. He died.

The second one, the son of the first one, used to take around 3 hours.
I noticed he did not make me do some of the rituals.
He said – modification.
Oh yeah. “Jaso Jaso Bahun, tesho tesho swaha”
Ok, I was not going to protest.
Not until, he wanted me to bow to him and touch his feet.
Wait a minute, I was not going to do that.
No – I said. I am not going to touch your feet.
My mom – guru ji ko khutta dhogi de na ta!
No – I said. I do not want to earn dharma.

The third one, quite younger than the second one, he coughs intermittently, sometimes hard but he is ok with all those incense and smoke.

He takes not more than 2 hours.
He says – I have my own methods. There are also some short-cuts.
He says he can skip some redundant verses. Fewer Sanskrit mumbo-jumbo and the ordeal is over in just 2 hours.
This priest rocks.

This year:
I had my younger brother do it for me. I asked “guru-ji” to bend the rule just this once and he said “Sure, it can be done”.

What can a bahun, a priest NOT do – that is my question?

Jaso Jaso Bahun, tesho tesho swaha – meaning, a Puret bajey (or Pundit bajey, Guru ji – all different names for a Hindu priest) can change/twist/bend/modify/update the rules of the Hindu scriptures as per his wish. The rites, rituals, ceremony are differed, accommodated and arranged depending on the caste, last name, social status, community and ultimately the amount of “dakchhina” – you know, the money the priest gets for his service. How fantastic!

So, every bahun (priest) seems to have his own set of standards, his own Veda – and who are we to complain. Everyone is happy.

I do not know what a purest, a hardcore Hindu Priest would say to this – but who cares. And, I do not know how many Hindu people get pissed at this but this is the Hinduism we like.

Shit, I hope the Bahun-community won’t be after me to fry my ass.


4 Responses to Our Pundit Bajey Rocks

  1. Basanta says:

    Nice posting! I have similar experience.

  2. Arati says:

    “Jaso Jaso Bahun tesho tesho swaha ” very funny

  3. ShutUp says:

    @ Basanta
    Could you kindly elaborate your experience? It would be nice to know your story.

  4. aAkaR says:

    it is happening everyday…..

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