Stick Death

This is one of my favourite flash sites – it’s totally babbal – sick, sadistic and purely fun. I came across this site some 5 or 6 years ago and since then, I have been a great fan of this one. Awe-freaking-some stick animations – blood, blood and more blood. Rob Lewis is a genius mofo.

Old school Metallica fans, DO NOT skip the intro flash.

You might also wanna start with this: Mafia Bloopers

And then, the classic one – The Martyr Machine.

Stick Death

Previously, it used to be synced with live version of Slipknot song “New Abortion” but now Mr. Rob Lewis has done it with Lamb of God’s song – Black Label (live version from Hellfest concert). It’s not the Wall of Death this time, it’s total blood. Awesome.

If only Hollywood makes a stick-men animation movie – the gore-est of them all.


2 Responses to Stick Death

  1. americandust says:

    Nice page… check out my fakenewsblog if you get a chance, just click on my name. And yes, I know this is a shameless self-plug, but I’m honest.

    P.S. I must have played stickdeath’s “escape from greenville” for three years.

  2. (will not say) says:

    I absolutely love stickdeath, it has just blood and violence. I suggest it to EVERYONE, plus it has games and vidoes. Freakin’ awesome site. I go there daily, if not, every other day.

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