The Downfall of MKN

The most successful Smear Campaign in the history of Nepali election – the CPN Maoists stuck these posters over night, all over Kathmandu constituency 2, where UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal was contesting the CA elections from. The outcome – MKN getting asskicked in the election by CPN Maoists candidate Jhaku Prasad Subedi by a freaking landslide.

(The Photo speaks for itself: Madhav Kumar Nepal, general secretary of CPN Unified Marxist Leninist, on June 04, 2001 presents himself in front of the then-newly elected King Gyanendra as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the government. Thus with this picture made public, the CPN Maoists have been able to accuse MKN as a royalist from deep inside. )

It’s funny how dear old MKN vehemently denied that he stooped before King Gyanedra – he said during a Kantipur TV program – “Bartaman Paripekcha ma, I went there to demand the post of Prime Minister from the King – not to beg”.

Well, if that’s the way to “demand the rights” then, let it be – I might as well keep a Gold Coin handy in my wallet and learn to “stoop” properly.

But that cost him the membership of the Constituent Assembly and a historic opportunity to be a part of drafting the constitution of the New Nepal.


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